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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Parents and Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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- Oh no.

Do you perform oral sex on Dad?

- Only when you're home.

- Oh my God!


("Eine Kleine Nachtmusik") - I'm Ilea,

and this is my stepmom, Julie.

- I'm Julie, and this is my,

my oldest stepdaughter, Ilea.

Yes, maybe take a little.

Need to loosen up a little bit.

- Mmm.

- I think this is the first time that

we've actually sat down and drank together.

- Well then, to us.

- Yeah.

To us.

- You.

- When did you lose your virginity?

- A year and a half ago,

when I was 20.

- Did you use protection?

- No.

- Why?

- Because, I don't know.

It's complicated.

We were, I don't know, a little tipsy.

It was Christmas.

I don't know.

Just happened.

Why're you looking at me like that?

You're just staring into my soul.

(Julie laughs)

I'm excited to ask you questions.

Who's the best lover that you've ever had?

And feel like it should be Dad,

because you're married to him, but (laughs).

- I think it's your dad.

- You think it's,

you think it's Dad? - Well,

I was there in the beginning. - Are you sure?

- I was there one time,

and then we let some, - Was he consistent?

- We let some time - No, no I don't

- go past. - wanna know that.

- And now, we're back there again,

and so I'm hoping that it's,

that he's,

he better damn well be the,

the best one (laughs).

We've only been married for two years,

but I have known her father,

- Since--

- Before she was born.

- They had my brother when they were in college.

- Mm-hmm.

We may want to take a shot for this one.

- Okay, okay.

Hit me with it.

- Do you like me, or your father, or mother better?

- Yeah.

Not answering that.

Oh gosh, this is a little big.

I would be very surprised if you

knew the answer to this question.

What position was I conceived in? (laughs)

I really hope you don't know that.

Just do a shot.

- Eh, I think I need a shot for that one.

Do you send nude images to people you're dating?

- No.

I do not.

Well, like,

a little tease type thing.

- What is a tease?

What's teasing for you?

- Can I take a shot and not get asked these quest-

these followup questions anymore?

(they laugh)

- I'm lookin' into your soul?

- Yes, you're very intimidating.

Have you ever been arrested?

- I've been close to being arrested.

I was dating this guy that lived down

in San Diego, that was in the service.

And I thought, "Hmm, I'll stay in

"in the barracks--"

- No.

"with him."

- Okay.

- And the fire alarm went off,

and everybody had to run out,

and I was the only girl. (laughs)

- Oh my God!

- I got handcuffed, and taken down to the police station.

- I did not know that.

- And did not get arrested.

What's your favorite sexual position?

- See, mmm, I knew,

thought that it was coming up.

Let's just say, I don't have enough experience

to determine that yet.

- What positions have you done?

That you've liked? (laughs)

- No thanks.

What is your favorite sexual position?

I don't know if I want to know this question, though.

(they laugh)

Yeah, it looks pretty good, doesn't it?

- When I get old, will you let me live with you

or will you put me in a home?

- I'll let you live with me.

- You will?

- Mm-hmm.

You're gonna be like one of those crazy

old ladies who's just like, super fun.

- I'm glad you're not gonna put me in a home.

- Nah.

You and Dad can both live with me.

Be fun.

You guys can do wheelchair races down the driveway.

(they laugh)

- Have you ever been in love?

- Yes, I have.

Fuck you.

- Yeah.

- I do, and that would be really great,

but it's fine.

I'm okay.

If I was never born, what do you think

your life would be like?

- I think I would have a hard time,

'cause you are, you're like my rock in the family.

- Don't get teary.

- I know.

It's true.

- That's so cute.


- Yeah.

- Is it bad if I say no?

I think it just enhanced what we already had.

Do you love me?

- Yes.

Do you love me?

- Of course I love you.

I took quite a few shots.

- Aww.

- You're so great.

Love you so much.

- [Julie] Aww.

- [Ilea] Eh.

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