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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 안락사 위기에 처한 고양이 데려왔습니다...

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Cat abandoned on the way because of bad guy

Found by a good man, but could not provide temporary protection, so I tried to leave it to the hospital. But the hospital said it should send a shelter.

Stomatitis herpes severe cat If you send a shelter, you will not be able to get treatment properly.Euthanasia after a certain period

It was irreversible and brought it home.

Cat who fell tired and fell asleep

Heart bug stomatitis received antibiotics.

I'm worried about the epidemic.I came to a big hospital

Estimated age 7 months to 1 year old weight 1.8KG High inflammation levels Fortunately, I do not suspect the epidemic

Check your status within a week I received hospital medicine and eye drops for a week.

The tail is very short

It hurts just to see Why the hell ...

Cute cat happy to touch

I used a can because I had stomatitis

I have a bad cold and bad breath

I'm glad to eat well though. Eat a lot and get well soon

The Description of 안락사 위기에 처한 고양이 데려왔습니다...