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Welcome to 'The Snap': the segment where we answer frequently asked questions at a very rapid fire format.

So let's get right into it!

On this 'Snap', we're gonna be discussing how to take care of your VonG midsection, whether it be a body or stem.

You need two things: DynaWax and a midsection.

Right here I have a darkwood stem

and to take care of it you'll see that it's actually quite dry.

And so it just needs a little bit of TLC to get back into tip-top shape.

And this will prevent it from cracking, just like if you've ever cooked or prepared food with a wooden cutting board.

It needs moisturization: same with leather or any sort of organic material that is a surface.

And so the DinaWax helps rehydrate the wood and prevents it from cracking and

will protect it and keep it in good shape for much longer.

So you just take a little bit of wax, apply it over the top and you can do a very liberal application.

You'll spread this over the entire exterior surface of the stem.

And after a while, give it a couple of hours for that DinaWax to really soak into the wood.

Then you can simply wipe away any excess DinaWax that wasn't absorbed into the wood.

When it's all finished, you can use it: reassemble and it'll be in much better shape.

That has been 'The Snap'. Now be sure to check out our other videos here and here;

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