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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Things Only PS1 Owners Will Understand

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The original PlayStation happened a long time ago and we all have memories about

it that are sometimes interesting to go back to. Hi folks, it's Falcon and today on

Gameranx 10 things only PlayStation 1 owners will understand. #10 Is

hearing that start screen on Christmas morning when you first get a PlayStation

or let's say a couple Christmas mornings in when you get some games that sound on

Christmas meant a new adventure, a plunge to be taken and it's such an appropriate

sound for's sort of a mirage type sound of hey you're entering

another world message and there's also just something about Christmas Day

itself that I think just works with video games you're out of school, you're

allowed to do whatever you want, you feel free in a way you don't and again

whether you were getting a PlayStation booting it up for the first time or

getting a game after owning one for a while it was your gateway to a new place...

a new world, a new adventure and you didn't have to think about homework.

#9 Turning the PlayStation upside down to get it to work. Now, you'll

find a large number of reasons why people do this, some people will tell you

it helps with scratch disks some will say it makes CDs that the inside plastic

ring is worn on and it may very well actually help those things. But the real

reason why it works is because the original model PlayStation had a plastic

slide that was reading the data overtime that slide would wear. A. it was very

near the power source and conducted heat and the heated up plastic was more

susceptible to wearing out because even if ever so slightly it was just a bit

more malleable than if it had not been hot the reason this would cause it not

to work is because part of the lens would actually tilt away from the CD

which even if it happens ever so slightly is something that stops it from

being able to work if you're not reading the data you're not reading the data

it's that simple. Turning the PlayStation upside down

would realign that lens and allow it to read the data. Now, Sony eventually fix

this in a later PlayStation model where they made the part out of metal rather

than plastic and put it a little bit further away from the power supply that

doesn't mean that it doesn't work with the other problems that people use

turning Playstations upside down to fix because I could very well see it

actually helping if the inner ring of a CD is worn but now you know the official

reason and if that's the first time you've ever heard this and you've had a

playstation sitting around for years that doesn't work go turn that thing

upside down and give it a shot. #8 Hey remember memory cards remember

having to figure out which save file you're gonna sacrifice to go through the

new game or asking yourself the question can I really leave the PlayStation on

all night. The answer is, of course, yes you can. Leaving it on all night will

preserve your position in the game...of course! WHY NOT?!?

Then there's always just playing the whole game in one sitting which you

might die if you tried to do some PlayStation JRPGs in one sitting or you

could just be like...EH I'm not gonna play that one...I like it I know I want to beat it but

maybe I can just start from the beginning some other time? This game is

more important to me and then you delete it and then you feel guilty about it me

like I kind of just left it on all night or played the game in one sitting.

#7 The official PlayStation CD case do you remember this there were

actually a couple of these created in different regions and you could buy them

alone and there were some bundles that came with them alone you bought it and

kind of just a bit of an awkward box that had a picture of the case on the

box which it's a box that holds a thing that holds things. It had like a

see-through compartment...a little triangle where you could see through to

the material just to like I guess to make sure that they weren't ripping you

off. Oh yes...Yes definitely that plastic nylon

stuff that they use for literally everything like this from CD cases to

even like backpacks up to this day. Yes that's very good stuff right there...YES!

#6 All of the talk that there was a nude code for Tomb Raider like

let's be completely clear here the 1990s was a time when a lot of people were

growing up and Tomb Raider is a game featuring well let's just say some stuff

that adolescent boys might like. It's really not exclusive to boys? Girls

and whatever else?!? I'm sure work. We're kinda like okay yeah yeah...those both of them.

Hi. Different strokes for different folks. Right?!?

I remember the 1990s I remember the response to Lara Croft people really

wanted there to be a nude code let's just let's just go ahead and say like

how much people wanted that. They wanted it so much that concerned parents kind

of thought it was there. People talked about it so much and there was always a

bunch of outrage about it and they continued to publish the games.

Eventually made ads that said...hey, still no nude code! Like yeah, we know that's a

thing that people talk about but it's not in the game. How many ads nowadays

can you remember where it's advertising that the feature that a lot of people

request isn't in the game and isn't going to be? I can't remember any other

ads like that for anything not just games. #5 this is just the

awesome game lineup which I'm gonna go ahead and say that gets number one for

most obvious. But seriously, some of the games on PlayStation are just absolutely

amazing and continue to define games as they are

today like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Legacy of Kain, Odd world. I mean HELL

more obvious games like Rayman and Crash Bandicoot.

I mean Medal of Honor came out in 1999... that's kind of the thing Call of Duty

spawned out of. You had Gran Turismo, you had Wipeout, Spyro, Tenku Stealth Assassin

and like Final Fantasy 7. There's so much you could say about the lineup of games

in the PlayStation...there's just a barrage of endless amazing all the time it's

probably the easiest thing to remember... that people who didn't have a

Playstation can't really remember. #4 There was a thing called the

"Pocket Station" the implication is a PlayStation that fits in your pocket that is not

what a Pocket Station is. A Pocket Station is a Dreamcast VMU for the

PlayStation. Allow me to explain, in Japan the Dreamcast came out on November 27th,

1998 and they had a novel idea of making a so there memory card had a screen and its

own controls and Sony was like yeah you're not gonna get that over us now

well the memory card on the Dreamcast went into the controller itself in the

then technically functioned on the controller. PlayStation wasn't designed

with that kind of functionality in mind. So, they made the Pocket Station into a

memory card that you could take the screen off of and plug it in to the

normal PlayStation memory card slot. Now, the Pocket Station had quite a few of

its own interesting little quirks. It had its own games for instance but bigger

games like Final Fantasy 8 had minigames that would function with the Pocket

Station and you could use them to collect items that you would use in the

real game. Again, basically the dreamcast VMU. Keep in mind they hit market

before the Dreamcast VMU. But they only hit market in Japan.

You could never officially buy this thing in North America and I think

that's part of its luster so to speak. We all heard about it we all saw it in

magazines and stuff like that but it was the Dreamcast that actually

launched in America. So, it kind of won in that respect but not really because of

what happened to the Dreamcast and really just Sega in general I mean I'm

not trying to knock the Dreamcast as great system but let's just say Sony

kind of had the last laugh there. #3 Hoping to use the system link. Yes

the "System Link." A means to link systems that almost no games ever utilized. I

mean don't get me wrong some pretty awesome games did support it like DOOM,

Descent, the Command & Conquers, the Wipeouts, Twisted Metal 3. It was pretty

heavy on the racing nothing against that that's actually great.

There's a lot of games that I think probably could have benefitted from it

that they didn't even really try. I mean the list of games it's compatible with

are certainly longer than what I've said here. But, I promise you, I wouldn't have

played most of it and to be completely honest the games that I would have

played I didn't because I would most of the time be the one that bought those

games. It was a weird time in gaming there's like people who really liked

cutesy games and people who really liked not cutesy games. I liked both but YEAAAH.

If I remember right I only actually ever got to use it a couple times and it was

with doom which to be fair was awesome. #2 the thing you know the thing

the thing put that plug in the thing we got to get everybody on to the

yeah yeah. The thing is obviously a four controller adapter. I'm just dramatisizing

the situation that's pretty much how everybody referred to it though just

plugging the thing. The thing reminds me very much of a time when playing games

together meant sitting on a couch together, having a pizza, roasting some

chicken nuggets or eating a bag of Oreos or some really unhealthy food but

together like it was just a different time when that type of thing I just had

more fun with don't get me wrong I love online multiplayer but the thing

definitely reminds me of a time I wish would maybe come back and finally the

long load times. Now, all of the first CD based consoles were really load heavy.

The speed of the discs was not really super high and they were definitely

trying as hard as they could to demonstrate the difference graphically

between the 32-bit consoles in the previous 16-bit ones that meant get

those FMVs rolling. High resolution backgrounds don't compress that don't

compress that CD quality music that doesn't mean mp3s that means .wave files but

that's how things are when they're developing tech still if you can recall

the difference between playing Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo and

playing Chrono Trigger on the PlayStation. OOF.

That load time is brutal. What things do you remember from the PlayStation?!? that

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