Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Life After Covid Lockdown. Rebellion against inequality

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what is the first thing you're going to do after quarantine definitely jet on

a plane and go home home I'm in Greece but also I need to go to the UK because

I need to see my dad and my mom and my sisters so maybe plan a trip for my

entire family and we all go home to Greece that's definitely what I'm gonna

do because I was supposed to be in Greece in June I was also supposed to go

to Amsterdam for a trip in March that was canceled I was pissed I am so pissed

and I was supposed to go to Nigeria with my father in the summer basically August

pissed that's not happening I was supposed to be in a beautiful state of

mind traveling having great time at music festival

that's canceled too so what would I do once we're allowed to actually I mean so

my intellectual brain understand that this is not happening this year like

2020 is a year of rest and recuperation and writing and reading poetry and doing

all of that things so I've been doing that I've been writing a lot I might come out

of this publish in a poetry book I might not but we never know because you know

I've been writing a law so it depends on finding people to do that work with me

but also there's a lot of things going on that I've been doing so I'm doing a

lot of introspective work and that has been incredibly amazing but I miss

traveling I just do I miss being in by the beach I miss feed by the Sun I miss

being in Greece I miss talking to my friends in Greece and just hanging out

at the beach every day so that's one thing I'll do definitely I think the

first thing will be get on a Eurostar go home see my family hug my dad

hug my mom hug my sisters get do something for my sister's graduation

that is not gonna happen because covid but the next thing will be get

on Aegean flights the first Aegean flight that goes to Athens get to Athens

and be by the beach in Greece so I would love to hear from you I would love to

hear your thoughts on COVID 19 how it has changed your life

I would love to hear what you will do once way

to be outside but also I would like to inform you that we might not be able to

go back to whatever that normally used to be and also that was not that was

never normal because there were so many inequalities and just injustice in that

reality that we had before so capitalism is literally failing and has failed us

multiple times so I encourage us all to rebel against the status quo and find a

way to do better find a way to build an alternative society that is community

center there is human centered that works for us humans but also for the

planet so boom boom boom that's it I'm done and check out like if you want you

can follow me and I do like that Naomi I am ideale Naomi I am the founder of the

Distinguished diva have a wonderful day

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