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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SOUREST DIY GIANT GUMMY WORM IN THE WORLD CHALLENGE! *Warheads Sour Candy* Gummy Food vs. Real Food

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whats up you guys

now i love gummy food

and we got giant gummy food

and as you guys know

hate relationships

with sour food

and today

it is my friend karina garcia

and we gonna be making the first ever

worlds largest gummy worm

*beep* What's up you guys!! Now, I love gummy foods and we got a giant gummy worm right here. And as you guys know I got a love/hate relationship with sour foods. And today I got my friend Karina Garcia here And we are going to be making the first ever world's largest sour gummy worm. It's going to be crazy And we're kicking this off right now with some toxic waste

So Karina have you ever had Toxic Waste before?

No I haven't I'm scared

Yeah don't worry nothing to be scared about this stuff is like not not to be worried about at all (be worried)

W e're first going to eat it and then just kinda like see how it tastes

and then we're gonna like DIY add it to the gummy worm

You ready for this?

Yes I'm ready!

wanna give it a little, they're kinda stuck to my hand, high five?


It's so gross, alright here we go


good luck




oh my god



it's so sour

are you Ok?


There we go

We've now added the toxic waste to the gummy worm

I am not looking forward to taking a bite of this

Karina: Me either, honestly

what's the next item you want to go for?

hmm I think we should go for head oh no

that's what goes in toxic waste which is

horrible to warheads which are like

just as bad oh my gosh I'm not excited

about this my hands are so sticky

remember with you guys fun back you feel

like this little like weird coating it

has on it that's malic acid this is the

most intense part of this entire thing

punishing this off this yummy worms with

the malic acid so this kind of like I

guess I first tasted it so here we go

we're about the easiest but first I've

got a challenge I want to see if you can

subscribe to this channel turn on the

channel post notifications and give it

video a thumbs up in 7 seconds here we

go you ready for this 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 done

if you can do that comment down below

keeper squad right now I'll be replying

to people who are able to do all three

of those things in seven seconds but

right now ready

I was the topper topper today and then

we'll go for the whole handful Matt okay


you ready three two one oh I got you

what about my letting this fight be here

you're free and go for the whole ample

tier one oh my god you get good yeah

forget the little salad movie I'm just

trying to get on like drina's level when

it comes to DIY because earth life hacks

and like Ursulines videos are insane Inc

so I don't know why but a ton of you

guys suggested present with these super

sour warhead drops of w1 they're

horrible I think I kinda do so bad you

wanna hold it one yeah here we go

oh oh three two one would make it better


all right Oh No go to the next one I

look so I'm kind of at a loss for what

to do next but you guys really wanted us

to try out this up here sweet tart I

chew sour all right so hold out your

hand so I will I will dispense them to

you I'm like a PEZ dispenser right but

how much are they worth

well these could be sweet they could be

sour cards they could take like enough

swearing yo what

never happy before about my comic is it

nice so now our element and unaccepted

of solids thank you yeah

these are killing a steel in a way yeah

there is nothing sweet about those sour

cars Audrina

what do you feeling like I don't even

know anymore goes well patch kids sour

patch kids all right do you like our

festival of our questions Bellamy's

right one at a time so no house to them

oh yeah just kind of doing all one and

yes I got to give it up right of it

Karina's first time ever doing like a

sour video and she's crushing it thank

you going 41 I'm separating lady I know

it's a three to Silicon elated 100 one

who choked my tongue burns that's the

same and feel that you feel like

lacerated is that a second flat for

anyone get to the video okay condemn it

so great I have a question for you huh

you're not a crime age right no singing

nearby except what I have to eat there's

a hair on it that throat you know just

it's a white hair thumb just like an old

lady here that's not your hair your hair

is luscious this is not cheerful young

another time no no no alright next I

want to choose my baby bubble gum bubble

gum like that wouldn't be summer all

right is it bad that I'm Marty's

carrying out I had these one time they

were the worst out of the end lane leave

will mess up your whole life I stay with

you three

I don't want to die looks bad are you


3 2 1

these are the worst so we're gonna pop

these on right now I thought that would

be like regular them but they are

terrible no these are as old sour these

are the worst because the sour coating

on the outside is like the first like ah

I think it in the inside of you like ah

for this next one I kind of want to go I

don't know what to do because my taste

buds my mouth is just so destroyed I've

never actually had this before it's a

sour spray rain I'm gonna do as many as

I have it by second and I think you

should do as many as you can in my

second so let's see who wins

okay five four three two one done okay

in my nose little oh that was horrible

right whether we're getting one of the

ones with one final coating I gotta say

I think she got more and more more in

than I did that's for sure so now we're

coming down to a guide we're almost at

the final round but first we got some

soda next is like a little piece of

malic acid in my throat that's like like

beating my throat up right now you heard

me like sour soda so I got this sour

green apple

I got sour cherry called Jeff Valley

this one's too Jelly Belly this one

looks good you might get called Death

Valley look at it Valley it's like these

like bending Cowboys on the horse it's


you're the delicious mine was like like

some guy was like a death sounds like

money trying to drink this out no no

it's like smoking the cowboy for years

our mom's nothing right and I didn't


alright Cheers carry my gun if I could

describe that experience imagine my

problem is the desert cracked and broken

oh and imagine this is a hot lava oh

well crack and scorched me man

oh no this was good it was sweet I'm

having it you want it yeah you didn't

want to drizzle yours on my side I think

mines already got enough all a smidge

more that sounds anthem I assume heart

does not sound funny all right

this here is the final one without the

ads the malic acid and then take a bite

of it so I'm going to grab a spoonful to

malic acid oh my god for what I said

it's like sugar for people who love sour

things basically it's like it's the

decor ingredient of just about every

sour candies or about to take a giant

spoonful of this but make sure the

moment this video and go like the video

that we got a kareena channel we made

the multiplying I've ever seen in my

entire life

and make sure you go subscribe to her

channel she's been an absolute trooper

for doing this video here we go I'm

about to go forward ready three two I

think we have to eat this little snake

filled all stuff one

oh come on come on

why Oh

robots they can bottle it but if you

want the featured in the next video

comment down below what's the real food

you wanted to turn into a giant gummy

but right now you got your aim

I'll grab my and here we go I'm trying

to get your biggest oh my gosh your

thing is stuck bro this is horrible

three here we go Oh God we're good we're


it's so bad I can't do this this is

torture this stuff is actual axis I'm

drawing all that I forgot I literally

forgot how pair of ourself is you are

fear I forgot this shouldn't even be

like safety oh my god isn't Celeste no

he'll make the guys you guys go check

our video right now like oh you got to

show us a moment she went from so much

fun check out her video now

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