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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Inappropriate Images In Disney Films

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Disney films have always been rich territory for conspiracy theorists. Ranging in legitimacy

from baseless accusations to full-on proof, fans and critics love to discuss their new

findings with every new release. Talk of subliminal messaging continues to sweep the internet,

ruffling the feathers of anxious parents everywhere. Some are right in your face, others need some

freeze framing to findYou might have seen our other video entitled 10 Inappropriate

Scenes In Disney Films where we covered a similar topic, but if you havent, stick

around until the end for a link to it! Here is more of Screen Rants Dirty Disney: 10

Inappropriate Images in Disney Films.

The Rescuers

While on assignment in New York City, Bernard and Bianca scour the city for clues. The two

travel by albatross as they soar through the maze of NYC high-rise buildings. However,

some more astute viewers noticed something a little extra in the background. In one of

the apartment windows, a topless woman faces the audience. When played at normal speed,

its almost impossible to see. But if you slow it down, shes clearly visibleDisney

issued a recall of the home videos in 1999, but by that time, most of the tapes were probably

worn out in that spot anyway.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

After being locked in the bell tower by Frollo his whole life, Quasimodo has a very personal

stake in his demise. Life isnt all bad for Quasimodo, though. His friend Esméralda

is a smart, beautiful gypsy who doesnt take crap from anyone. And she proves herself

to be a good friend, too. One of her scenes made some parents take notice though. While

performing a dance in the flames, some argue that her body is unnecessarily top-heavy.

While others contend that her dress becomes a little too invisible, and leaves nothing

to the imagination.

The Lion King

The tale of Simbas life from cub to king is sure to tug on viewers heart-strings. But

theres one noteworthy scene that makes some people do a double-take. As Simba lays

down on a cliffs edge, he stirs up a cloud of dust that dissipates in the air. Where

most saw dust drifting into the night sky, some hyper-vigilant parents claim that Disneys

animators had a more sinister motive. If you look closely, you can almost make out a naughty

word hovering in the sky. When they say love is written in the stars, we dont think

this is what they meant. This was at the center of a controversy in the 90s and has never

been confirmed by Disney, other people say it says SFX as in Special Effectswell

let you decide if its real or not!


First impressions are important, and frankly, the titular character from Tarzan makes a

bad one. Raised under the watchful eye of a gorilla named Kala, he has some interesting

social quirks that come out when in the company of other humansWhen he and Jane meet for

the first time, he crosses the line in more ways than one. Tarzan awkwardly fondles her

foot, peeks up her skirt, and buries his face in Janes chest. Whats worse, shes

clearly uncomfortable. His intentions may be pure, but the whole exchange is kind of


The Little Mermaid

Given the meticulous nature of animation, its pretty amazing that some of these other

scenes made it through dozens of rounds of editing. But this image from the 1989 Disney

classic was found in the films cover art. Just like an optical illusion, some people

see it right away, whereas others need a little more time to figure out whatsUP with

Tritons castle. Apparently, the artist completed the picture at 4 in the morning,

and didn't even notice the resemblance until a friend mentioned the controversy months


Toy Story

A benefit of using toys for characters is that storytellers and animators can push the

envelope a little farther, and probably get away with it too. In fact, theres a whole

character built on a mature play on words. The Hooker is a mash-up of sexy lady legs,

and a hook mechanism hanging off a long arm. Toy Story 2 has its share of innuendo,

and shows Buzz Lightyears wings springing to attention after Jesse, the new girl in

town, executes an impressive feat of acrobatics.


Cinderella wouldnt have gotten her happy ending if it wasn't for her backup: a fairy

godmother, some birds, and a few mice were her keys to salvation. Occasionally, the mice

have to do some lousy tasks in the name of friendship, including threading beads onto

Gustail. But as soon as one fan paused the image at just the right moment, one of

the funniest, most adult images ever to appear in a Disney movie was captured forever.

A Goofy Movie

Toy Story isn't the only franchise incorporating visual puns into its repertoire, A Goofy

Movie gets in on the fun as well. At one point during the fishing trip, the fellas catch

Bigfoot. Luckily for them, his rage fades and he quickly becomes distracted by some

knick-knacks in a box. He emerges from the rubble with underwear covering his head, only

part of his face visible. He holds open a gap in the briefs and peers out, while adults

are chuckling about the literal one-eyed monster being depicted on screen.


While exploring the snowy woods one day, Bambi and Thumper take to the ice. Swirling and

skating, the rabbit is clearly having a better time than Bambi, who can barely stay upright.

Like any good friend would, little Thumper helps get his friend back on his feet. More

than once, we see him move around behind Bambi and start by lifting his back end off the

ice, his legs following after. The positioning is a little unsavory in certain frames. If

you watch with a skeptical eye, were confident youll understand what we mean. We get that

its not obvious to animate such an action, but we have to ask ourselveswhy is Bambi

in THAT position and not another?!” Thats why you should never pause a Disney movie

Cars 2

Champion race car Lightning McQueen is on a hot streak and headed to the World Grand

Prix with his partner in crime, Mater. Accidentally embroiled in an undercover plot, Mater meets

some real nasty old guys. Referred to aslemonsthe old, broken-down cars get together for

a party, and the lemon-themed decor has conspiracy theorists drawing some pretty graphic parallels

- since a "lemon party" is also the term for a... slippery fetishDo yourself a favor

and DONT Google that!

So, what do you think of our list? Did we miss any inappropriate images from Disney

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