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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk all about how to grow

ginseng an herb that has been around for a long long time that has just been taken America

by storm recently because we have realized it has so many medicinal purposes. It's a

number one herb for your body as far as it is great to take you can either make it into

a powdered form or even just eat a little piece of ginseng and it just boosts your immune

system and makes you a lot stronger so that you can resist any type of colds or flus this

is a plant that really makes you healthy. Ginseng is found mostly in China but there's

a American variety of ginseng that is even stronger and even more valuable in fact the

ginseng that grows wild in Wisconsin it sells for more than a hundred and fifty dollars

a pound because it is found in the wild and they have to harvest the roots and there is

not many left in the wild. It can be grown in your garden as well but it has to be grown

in an area that is similar to its natural environment. Now ginseng is found in woods

it grows just like a trillium so anywhere a trillium will grow it will grow so it likes

deep canopies of forests so lots of big pine trees and a lot of lush underneath a lot of

pine needles and leaves a lot of organic material and it will come up with three or four leaves

on it and just like a trillium and in the center in the fall it will have little red

berries and in those berries is the seeds, so most of the ginseng is started by seed

and they just take the seeds off of the ginseng plant in the fall and they are just little

red berries and you plant them in the fall right after they are done going to seed immediately

just like they would in nature and you just barely put them underneath the layer of compost

that naturally occurs on the ground in the forest and it will come up and grow the next

spring. Now it makes a huge set of roots like Dahlia roots and the roots are actually dried

or eaten fresh and they just use them for many different reasons and different purposes

they can be cut up and used in all types of food dishes or they put them into pills too

or into tea so there is many different uses and it takes up to seven years for one ginseng

plant to be ready for harvest it so they make a big set of roots and so those roots are

worth a lot of money and when you grow them you always have to worry about the risk they

might get stolen because they are worth so much. So don't tell everybody that you have

them and grow them in a nice area of your woods and just plant them and leave them alone

for about seven years you don't water them you don't fertilize them you don't do anything

to them, you just check on them and they will come back every year and grow bigger and bigger

and bigger and by the seventh year they will be ready to harvest you just dig up the roots

and separate them back and you can always put some of the roots back into the ground

to start some new plants again.

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