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Okay, so there's this one time really long ago where Daniel made this terrible video and then we lost half our subscribers

I think it's this video too

NOOOO [Laughing]

That is so scary

Jumpscares there's this really short scary story that when I was a kid and I heard this and it freaked me out so much

They couldn't look into the mirror for so long. So I walked into the washroom, and I looked into the mirror

I would be really scared if I looked in the mirror if I were you too >:D


I looked in the mirror - dUhDuH


Okay, I looked in the mirror and I and I played rock paper scissors with the mirror and then I lost

What the hEcK



You're the only one who can play with themselves and lose Daniel

Double-entendre, all right, that was terrible. Hosuh, What's yours? Hopefully, it's better.

I don't have one :'( [Giggling]

Exactly. That's worse

Daniel, you win by default.

I got a another really short stupid one.

You're the last man on earth and you're sitting in a room and somebody knocks on the door

Thats it?

What the hell

What the hell.

Daniel Daniel, I've had poops that were scarier than that

Okay, I'll actually try this time because there's one that I've heard over and over and I used to tell all the time to my

kids not my kids kids. Yeah, I

i dont i- i dont have kids-

I don't have kids. Hey there little kid you want to hear a ScArY StOrY?

This is a story

I heard when I was back in Korea right my grandparents used to live in a-

-NoT iMpOrTaNt!

and I used to visit them all the time...

this is important and-

There used to be a mountain at the backside of our where they lived and there was this like really old shack up there

Right, so me and bunch

of my friends we went up there once and it was getting dark so we decided to spend the night in the shack

So we went into the shack and we unpacked things and then we had like little umm

[Daniel.exe has stopped working]

uuuh- h-ha-hand lights? hand flash? hand- flashlights? flashlights!

Are you like ET or something?

It was really dark we get we got into the shack there wasn't any lights in the shack

We we play around with the flashlights. There was a bunch of like photos of like old

Grandparents like all around the wall was plastered

So we used to be like flash at the old people's faces and like make fun of it like

"ah that guy looks really old and ugly"

Then we did that and like we went to bed and I always wake up super late

So I woke up but then one of the friends already went down and the other one was almost I'd say

Unconscious he was kind of traumatized

He didn't know what to think and I was trying to ask him like "what's-what's wrong what's going on?"

And he wouldn't say anything. So I got up and I looked around and I realized that there weren't any pictures up

It was just a bunch of windows


ooh! oOOH! AHhHhHH


That gave me the chills

Okay, that was good

Okay. How about this one? It was October 31st Halloween.

[Breaks Character] Oooh ooh. I like this start already, see that? I'm building tension

Even when you build tension you don't say that, but okay

So I remember this cause I also went "Halloweening" that year- or trick or treating they call it,

I don't remember what i was

I was I was like a Reaper or something Grim Reaper or like death?

I was death that year and me and my brothers went trick-or-treating trick-or-treat

"Trick or treat!"

"Hey kids, what's happening" uh we got our candy as usual bwablabwabla blah. Nothing exciting happened.. until the third house

They didn't give us any candy, you know what we did?

We egged their house

That was my first time egging anyone's house and then the guy

Runs out and like- not really runs but like goes in front like

"Hey what are you kids doing?"

And we book it and then in the distance

I hear the guy saying "You damn kids! Candy's bad for your teeth have something better instead!!"

I was like like what's what's that mean? I don't doesn't matter. But cause we just kept booking it

We didn't pay any attention to the guy and we actually ended up trick-or-treating a couple

Streets over just because we didn't want to see him again when we're going home pretty normal. Nothing happened

We didn't think anything of the guy anymore

But when we empty our bags to compare our hauls there was something really strange with it

All our candy had turned into



You got us, you got us

Soo scaryyyy

It was the curse! It was the curse. I know it was the old guy, okay

Well, the campfire died. did it? and so did our dreams and hopes and everything that matters in our lives

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