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John had a daughter I didn't just draw up my life man I screwed up everybody's

lives and apparently everybody's lives in the future

I felt like when these aliens got here that finally something could happen I

didn't cause him maybe I could make up for everything I've done to everybody

for that I think we should be able to open up with everybody we gotta tell him

we're going up against a bunch of aliens and you want to tell people that their

lives might have been affected by time-travel one side five problem at a

time I made a mistake Barry it's part of the job we can't deal

with it today

what is good YouTube Warstu Here the video on the flash season the for

now this is going to be a theory video which is going to date back to a season

three of the flash during and the crossover when there was two 2056 Barry

Allen message that Jefferson and Stein got when they said there is war a war is

coming Barry Allen will be called back to Central City it's the message that

rip hunter sent to rip hunter and he wanted to pick up secret well a lot of

people thought this was about avatar and I on my channel

said it couldn't be because there was no war savat are wasn't much of a war but I

suppose in a little bit could have been about that but what I'm going to suggest

is that the 2056 message was actually about crisis on Earth X now why do I say

this because this is a war I know let that

sink in a minute it's a war so why do I think this because the message said a

war is coming and you're gonna be called back to Central City

now I know what you're gonna say he's already back in Central City but

indirectly he was called back to Central City because of the thinker the thinker

somehow helped Cisco develop that kind of severe ball to trip the Speed Force

and I also think that the Speed Force is going to realize that Barry Allen isn't

inside that and it's going to be some ramifications happening inside the Speed

Force this video is very theory centric so let's get into it so I think that

everyone should know by the end of episode 2 of the flash that we've

already had when we've had we already have one metahuman in iron Heights it

appears that the mechanic and the thinker wants at least 12 metahuman

metahumans to be in there now there's many theories going around there's

theories like he's trying to spill its peak to steal Barry Allen's speed and

stuff like that but I think it's clear that the thinker isn't going to kill

Barry Allen he wants knowledge he wants to gain something from Barry's time

inside the Speed Force now I

indirectly the thinker is going to create the crisis on earth X but what I

can't get my head around is why is this kind of we see from elite images behind

the scenes kind of stuff that it appears that they're going to attack when iris

and Barry Allen are just about to get married now why would they do it this is

Zack point of time guys comment down below I cannot think why would they

attack when Barry and iris are just about to get married so let's go back

so the message said a war is coming you're going to be called back to

Central City now during this crossover literally everyone's going to be there

I don't think rip hunter is going to be there but literally everyone's going to

be there and it's dubbed as the kind of the good versus the evil we know there's

a bit of a war so this is the first war we've had inside the flash in my opinion

now yes I know there's some flaws to this theory but it's a lot stronger than

saying the 2056 message was about sabotage when sabotage one person a war

usually suggests there's multiple people taking on multiple people and there's

casualties we know during the crossover someone is going to perish I mean we can

all tell who that is but I'm not going to ruin of people don't know no I mean

you could say the series very weak but I think the thinker is going to create a

metahuman army to do something against Barry Allen but that's not to do with

why I think the thinker indirectly is going to cause crisis on earth X now

guys there's gonna be a brief theory but let me know do you think the thinker

actually caused the crisis on earth X why are these people from Earth X which

are suppose for you go by room and Roman numbers will be earth ten why would they

decide to attack during episode eight when they're just about to get married

it's a really strange time to pinpoint where they're going to be now is to

think from the future yes I think that the thinker is actually from the future

because a lot of things he's doing in Sydney way

he's seen the future and the whole scene when he said I'm thinking I think that

was just to clarify that he's called the thinker because people are called and

Clifford DeVoe but he's not actually the manic annex not referred to in us

Clifford DeVoe there's been no conversation that says I

am DeVoe I am the thinker he's thinking he wants all the metahumans inside iron

Heights for some reason and I think that he will cause crisis on earth X because

it's all going to be correlate to the main story arc post crossover now I know

what you're gonna say guys the crossover is never a link to the main narrative of

the storyline because it's a crossover over four shows and the S guys I totally

understand well they actually posted a similar video to this months ago I've it

literally was months ago it was back in July when I said did Barry 2056 actually

Warner's about the thinker in crisis that info like basically warnings about

the thinker and I think he was referring to the thinker but I also think somehow

they are going to tie the thinker to this crisis on earth X and I think it

would be pretty clever if they did somehow correlate this whole thing to

the thinker created crisis on earth X because he needs Barry to be away he

needs to do something with these metahumans whilst the crisis on earth X

is happening but at the same time most his storyline is actually going to be

happening on earth or on them because I don't think they've got the budget to

create a complete new earth set because if you look at earth 3 we very rarely

see earth 3 we've seen earth 3 briefly when we had the trickster and we had Jay

Garrick going to each other that bank robbery kind of scene so anyway guys let

me know what you think about his theory it's not the strongest one but I think

the 2056 message was actually Warner's a either the metahuman war coming to

Central City with the thinker's army or it was warning us about crisis on sex so

there's two theories inside it let me know in the comment below I also wanna

know why does this kind of by overkill evil Prometheus Blitzen but it looks

more like we're getting a reverse-flash from our facts and like them kind of

people why are they going to attack during irises wedding it just makes no

sense why didn't they pick it beforehand I know for Mike as an illogical point of

view they have to do the cross favor towards the end of the first half of the

season but it doesn't make sense why they pinpoint that actual time so guys

please like subscribe and comment and that'll be awesome if you want to let me

know what you think about the video any ideas of Weiss's or going on I'm so

absolutely hyped for the crossover this year after the very disappointing

Dominator invasion that was very disappointing in many many ways but at

the moment this crossovers looking amazing asset for the mass that kind of

a bit dodgy but I guess they're doing that for budgeting reason and also to

keep the identity of who's behind the mask a secret I don't really think they

need to reveal who's behind like Prometheus mask a lot of people saying

it's going to be Colleen darling aka tomerlin because he was filming for ten

hours I don't really think that's going to be the case but I'm quite looking

forward to it and I understand why they used in Tom Cavanagh Harrison wells

instead of Barry because everyone didn't like the evil Barry storyline last year

but I just think it would have been received a lot better if they just

revealed it's avatar earlier but like I didn't know there was a lot of plot

holes that storyline I mean the whole timer net thing would have made more

sense if it was a zoom the kind of timer and they're very crated when when he

defeated zoom I would think that would have made more sense but let's not get

into a conversation about avatar anyway guys let me know if you think I'm right

about 2050 she's being about crisis on Earth X or about a metahuman army coming

to Central City but I think we're going to get

week we know we've got what so I can t remember now we know we've got the the

lady that tricked not tricks though the lady that can the luck

it looked be a lady Carmen my name but the person that crates good bad luck

anyway guys for his likes foreign currency and later goodbye

catch you later bye

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