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previously on escape the night I thought

I had defeated the evil for good this

time I thought I was going home I was

wrong I died and my soul went to the

world between worlds

I have a way for you to get back but

your friends will need to die

this contract binds you to ever lock

save the town and you will return to the

living fail and be lost among the dead



my friends I'm going on an extraordinary

adventure and I'm a need of your help

and so are hundreds of others


have a letter for you bitch where's my

burger I did not order this my friends

I'm going on an extraordinary adventure

and I'm in need of your help and so are

hundreds of others Oh bitch what this is

not an invitation to a ball or a dinner

party it's an invitation to embark on a

dangerous mission okay that's me it may

sound impossible but there's a town

trapped in the 1970s and very soon

everyone in it will be dead unless we do

something about it

there's a dark seance that will take us

back in time but for it to work you must

choose a personality reminiscent of that

era and dressed like them remember

nothing from the modern world can come

with you can I bring my clothes don't

the people of ever lock will know their

role in their place but you will be

operating without knowledge or

understanding of what's to come

this Friday the 13th the doorway to ever

lock will be open and we will only have

that one night to complete our mission

Joey don't worry Joey I'm on the way








where's Joey

I haven't seen him in a while like a

couple what we're in like the middle of

nowhere and it's dark and we're living

by a fire we were waiting for if like

five hours here and I'm like honey

like that's just bad host I thought this

is just a collab like I thought this was

like I thought a mission in the 70s was

just like a really cool YouTube video

idea I didn't realize it was like a

full-on mission in the 70s here is this

the town this is really not the town the

letter from Joey said that there was a

town stuck in the 1970s that we had to

save now I love the 1970s I'm just here

to see you know like can we actually

time travel I think we've waited long

enough about you thank you so tell us

about this town yeah so I need your help

I really don't know much about how we

get there but I was given this and we

need to save this town so I have a

mission I need to save this town if I

want to come back to life and if that

requires my friends possibly putting

themselves into danger it's what I have

to do apparently there's stuff in here

that's gonna help us get into the town

oh my god what is that I've got the

instructions it says those who desire to

go back in time and enter the town of

ever lock must be inhabited by a spirit

that once lived there hold up oh all

this hoodoo voodoo witchcraft nonsense

not up my alley I was like you know like

I kind of tapeworm I've had things

living at me before it's not that bad so

basically it says that we have to make a

circle of salt and then put these five

crystals at the head of the circle hold

hands and chant something from across

the veil of death I request your

presence so I might make wrong things

right enter into that I might see the

doorway to ever lock


wasn't bad it was it was warm and tingly

guys look over there so in the distance

we see this bridge and an arch that says

town of ever lock so that seems like

where we should go I can do with

vampires I can do with werewolves and

all sorts of other things but clouds why

is it gotta be clowns are clowns

anyone's thing like no one likes clowns

I find clowns delightful we have a

strongman a snake woman dolls with

knives we won't be friends soon I've got

a good feeling about that thank you

did she say dolls with knives curtains

open and I'm seeing a cute retro





where are you going tonight huh

so some home boy approached us aka

approached me I'm like oh my god like

you're kind of like everything I do I'm

Mortimer he's lying why don't you just

play some games and have a good time

before my mom shows up you know are you

a mama's boy

my mom is the man oh okay okay he's cute

but he starts talking to us and we're

like we don't know you know know

anything here guys free popcorn over

here we're right over his free food just

free games I settle down you know

problems will come to us we're fine


everyone's happy everyone's normal

they're all having a great time


yeah he's Blanche Blanche she belongs to


yeah thank you so the guy seems

extremely happy like I would say like

questionably happy so we're here now

what a minute

does this town need saving

Iowa you you need saving

I feel bad that I'm keeping a secret

about my mission but at the same time

I'm kind of relieved because it doesn't

seem like there's any danger in this

town we're here to save the town how can

we use our talents to help because like

as a dancer I don't know how much I can

do it I can mix things

yeah like have you ever done spy work

before this is our job

so we're screws let's use my social

skills as a jet setter and see what's

going on here this is art you just

thought about the stars again no start

talking to me so what are they saying

are they friendship secrets they

lighthearted secret dark secrets dark

serious he's just talking about the

stars or someone's coming he's coming

who's coming he's coming

you can have it a dog that's blueberry I

don't know what she's talking about but

this girl is crazy and I want nothing to

do with her I'm a roller coaster

enthusiasts sign me up for any sort of

Carnival Ride

I am there front and center I cannot

remember the last time I've been on a

ferris wheel they are adorable we get on

the ferris wheel there's an adorable

little blanket so we give comfy and then

we discover there's something underneath

the blanket a newspaper the clown's here


no the killer Klown clan strikes again

much to no one's surprise for major

players of the clan shown here be warned

the clown who welcomed us into ever lock

front page news for being a murderous



hey guys how's the new don't trust the

clouds what we realize we are not having

fun we're in trouble and the ride stops

we're stuck on the ride we're trying to

warn our friends they can't hear us

and if you move it off oh okay don't

lean forward I totally think the crazy

lady was responsible because she was

doing this and she was looking at the

ferris wheel so I'm pretty sure she has

some kind of psychic power you know so

the creepy con woman who welcomed us to

town is like hey I have a fun game for

you and I was like okay hi Joey

so she's like here take this ball throw

it up these cans and you win a prize

oh I want the big pony if I get it can I

get the big pony please me instead of

the pony

I thought I was gonna get like it an

even bigger stuffed animal I didn't I

got a box I've been saving this for a

very special occasion only someone with

your unique gift get open the box and

let the real carnival come out to play

oh my god

don't open it just yeah

don't just yet got it thank you

this box could be a jack-in-the-box or

it could just be a box with stars on it

guys we got a gift she gave us a box so

we're all kind of gathering around

because Joey gets this box some people

saying not to open and their speedos

ain't open it he's trying to decide

whether what to do and all senators old

enough to be his mom Mortimer's mom

comes out on the little patio and I'm

like oh my god Mortimer already

introducing me to your mom like this is

a really big step I think you mean it's

sucking our blood what's the spell won't

last forever and then you know who is

coming back I'm like we don't know who

but doesn't sound good I wouldn't listen

to her words we're here to help you

thank you

avoid this woman and her nonsense she's

gypsy trash who lives on the out never

willing to join us she's not to be


where did you get that I want it come on

not today Janet Janet you better do you

know what that is it's a toy no that is

one of the carnival masters working

artifacts this box apparently is some

weird artifact that I shouldn't open but

at the same time I kind of want to open

it it's a harmless carnival prize yeah

please just open it and put this woman's

hysteria to pass okay I'm gonna open it


as soon as the box opens and I see that

Jack with the knife in its head I'm like

yeah we probably just unleashed

something evil nothing happened

everything is you heard screams

just enjoy the carnival oh my god

how's our my biggest fear and all of a

sudden there are like hundreds of clowns

it's pandemonium honestly we're like




some Mortimer is ushering everyone into

the arcade and I'm just making sure

everyone's in before me and that was my

biggest mistake


hey they're taking them to the murder

van Joey they got Joey Joey oh this is

terrible I'm going I'm going

who Joey who the carnival master will be

released at sunrise in this hole here we

go again

I don't we try to distract the clione so

they can get out of the van idea I mean

what do you think are you pretty

impressed throw something to distract

him throw your horse do you all do it I

will buy blueberries our cart is slowly

coming to the ground and she is dead

center waiting for us I've got an

experience from my detective training

not afraid of conflict maybe a little

bit oh oh I'm having a really hard time

getting out of here oh this is so hard

huge bitch ROH okay I think we're good

oh my gosh thank you so much yeah

I'm locked in are you locked in it yeah

what kind of do you have like no hurry

type numbers how many four I have four

also how about you Joey where do you see

numbers I have numbers are you so you

need a key

yeah I need the key there's a calendar

and it has numbers on it that are

circled there's a magazine behind me

that's there's numbers circled so I know

this means something but none of it

makes sense

okay this isn't working we almost know

something above me what is it I don't

know reach it

I can try with my flip so I realize I

don't have the flexibility to be able to

read this note so I pass it over to

Colleen yes what does it say lock 1

October soda smoke October so that's 13

soda smoke oh so there's a soda can

right here there's soda behind you as

well how many sodas are there five oh

okay I got it I am determined to get out

of this RV

okay so 13 six and then smoke smoke

smoke all candles candles candles kennel

wicks one two three one oh there's

cigarettes up here

maybe it's the cigarette okay what

nominee who three four five six seven

there seven Caitlyn laughs it's not

working I'm coming to help you either

one okay milk light delicate milk

Virginia yes three three all right okay

three and in life is this magazine

seventeen okay dalek delicates do we

have anything delicate and now I'm a

lady I know what that means there's

panties somewhere on this bus right

check over where you were I found some

underwear Oh Minnie there's two of them

okay to try to 317 two didn't work what

no am I crazy what's going on there

might be more also must you really in

those 70s right now keep looking for the

panties Roy I notice that the panties

were wearing Oh

we're wearing

no I'm not you're not no try3 no it's

not working

no maybe there's a 400 guys got it

there's so much more oh my god okay fine

help me please

so once I'm unlocked Bob and I start

running around trying to find the key to

unlock Joey you finally find this box

and there's a sticky note on it that

says remember to renew your subscription

so we look at the magazine we look at

the calendar we combine the numbers we

unlock the box we find the key and the

day is saved

oh except for the fact that we're stuck

inside of an RV that's surrounded by

killer Klowns yeah

half of our group is split up and I

don't know what to do your mother's cut

are you okay is she

they got your friends huh but what about

your mom I'm a super spy and one of our

number one rules is don't trust anyone I

mean my mom was a fighter she wouldn't

want me to give up now okay what I don't

know whatever this is this thing is one

of the carnival masters artifacts I

didn't realize until you opened it but

he's been using them to corrupt this

town for years

my mom always pretended it wasn't

happening do you know how we can save

our friends I mean Mortimer saying that

this is the clown's hangout so I'm

hopeful that there's something in this

room that's gonna help us defeat them we

all find a box that has the letters RBG

and wild red green yellow okay so we

have to get into it RGB Y RGB Y okay

wait what yeah I don't know what this

are dgy like I looking for on the room

like like how do we get this machine on

where do we go so I look over at the

cork board oh we see this power says of

course grace at the end of the day we're

like why don't we erase everything and

see what's left so we start erasing

everything 3 3 we start erasing them and

there's a little like piece left on

every single

scoreboard and we're like living the

whole like solving clue fantasy time

taught time I realized that all of the

chalkboard letters together read tap six

times on glass four five six Oh


I'm Chuck honestly what these random

people might not know about me is that I

love games I got it I don't play pinball

often but when I do I try to get a clue

there we go I get a letter a little like

luck with an open so like oh my god okay


we were filing down to the last moment

and it was literally so hard no one was

getting it so when this box unlocked

that was a gear and there was a note

that said there was four missing parts

that we had to replace from the Jackman

box in order for the clowns to hoping go


we rush into this tent still holding the

blanket and the newspaper on this

newspaper there's these weird gesture

symbols Joker hats Joker hat so what

what would that mean maybe around here

I'm looking around this tent and there's

tons of boxes there's a toilet it's very

odd wait yeah I got I got one symbol so

it's not actually a hat it's a symbol

Rho finds a pinata it's larger than

herself here yeah let's do this there's

a bat

Rose got some repressed rage floating

stuck in the ferris wheel I'd watch out

good swing do one for your dog yeah do

it for your dog and find a small wooden

piece that tells me that we need to look

inside of the objects it's really

satisfying actually wait wait wait wait

wait wait yes yeah we find our second

piece of whatever this thing is yeah

yeah frame there's this mysterious

mirror off to one side of the tent and

we see that there are certain sections

that are missing in the design so we

start placing them and lights start to

illuminate over the top of the mirror

you see the light okay that's - it's

inside oh here it is wait did you want

another one

also great work nothing at all we're

looking for the last piece and there's

one place that we haven't checked Oh

have we seen anything in the toilet Oh

poo poo pew pew this thing is rank

oh there's ow oh I'll keep watch oh yeah

oh yeah now you're gonna keep watch sure

so finally we're all unlocked we're all

free and we find this terrifying note

when the Sun rises my summoning ritual

will be complete and the sacrifices I

have made will have been worth it the

corrupted artifacts have given the power

I needed to conform the people of this

town to vessels worthy of being consumed

the artifacts one of the artifacts was

the jack-in-the-box okay so if we can

collect all the artifacts maybe we can

stop this from happening that basically

says you need to find these artifacts

you're all gonna die by Sunrise so oh

we're dealing with curses this time I

see so the things we have to replace are

this spring yes this turn thing these

little keys and I think also the guy who

lives inside Jack we have to replace the

evil parts inside of it with new ones

and that will somehow destroy the

clown's or no I think we need to leave

this arcade so that's good yeah

everything's going fantastic just hold

on to this and I'll hold on to this for

you guys okay okay okay great

it does but well we both do it really

together I really wanted to share this

crappy task and be a team player I can

get dirty okay here we go oh okay

I am gagging this is teamwork one two

three well the clues have been inside

things maybe I need to start like

squeezing the turds oh I got it I got it

bless you child no problem we got our

four pieces that's the last light

I don't know if the light wants to be

installed this way sorry it was totally

not a purpose she had a little fit about

it but you know while she was distracted

with that I was able to complete them I

mean I guess we could have found a stick

or something but you know yeah in

retrospect we could have found a stick

guys we need to make an escape we have

to get up and fight we can fight them oh

so I'm freaking out I've never hit

someone with a bat but I've always

wanted to Joey and Roy are you serious

okay wait wait you have to save them we

decide it's it's time to get out of this

arcade so you have to make a run for it


as soon as we get out the doors the

clowns just overtake us except for

Mortimer who inconspicuously yet

conspicuously disappears you're good

your butt is clean





I'm racking my brain to figure out like

how can we not be killed by these clowns

right now and I've got nothing it's it's

terrifying you know we're gonna get


we want our box back

you filthy cretin well we don't have it

you stole it from the dog moremore

number has it we're gonna roll our dice

of death and whoever's number comes up I

got him I got him right here in front of

your friends Luke rolls I'm like please

roll Tom please lose off like freaking

out freaking out

do you feel lucky


this is it one of us is going to die

right here right now there's no justice

here I'm not fighting okay they want us

to be against each other you don't

figure this out before sunrise we are

all going to die what the actual hell is

going on if they find out my secret I'm






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