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[Knowledge Know-How] Cooking Oil Recipe2

Canola oil Oil made by refining rapeseed seeds.

More than 90% unsaturated fatty acids, rich in omega-3s.

It is used as a raw material for mayonnaise and margarine because it is strong in heat, light and cold.

Smoke point is used a lot in fried foods 240 degrees.

Grapeseed oil The smoke point is high at 250 degrees.

The taste is fresh and light.

It is easy to store due to the low rate of rancidity.

It is used not only for frying but also for various high-temperature dishes.

Sunflower seeds It is rich in lecithin, a cell component, which is good for preventing aging.

It is characterized by its soft taste and high smoke point.

Pressed sunflower seeds are also used as a dressing.

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