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if you want to enjoy summer barbecue with your friends or family who are not

vegan but you still want to socialize this recipes for you

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suggest this video to more people this video is first from the series of

videos where I'll be making vegan plant-based versions of things that you

usually bake on the grill when you will get together for a barbecue or grill

party whatever we had enough time of lockdown so let's do it I'll be making

two variations of burgers and if the cats are not running all the time you

may have a clear-out you but what can I do I'll be making two different types of

burgers depending on what you like the first one will be more meat like and the

second one will be more like a falafel kind of thing for both recipes I'll be

using food processor super easy you just dump everything in blend it up form your

patties and you're good to go let's do it for the first variation of our burger

you'll need 1 cup of TVP or textured vegetable protein I'm using

a soy protein here put it in a bowl to that I'm going to add 1 cup of boiling water

stir it up and let it soak for a couple minutes to our food processor I'm going

to add one cup of canned chickpeas also known as garbanzo beans 1/2 a cup of

cooked lentils 1/3 of a cup of barbecue sauce 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds

and I'm going to add 6 tablespoons of water to this it will gel up and this

will be our binder you can also use chia seeds but the flax seeds are cheaper and

they do the same job so quarter of a cup of soy flour also known as gram flour

you can also use all-purpose flour or oat flour we just need some kind of

flour to soak in the excess moisture from the burgers one tablespoon of

ground cumin half a teaspoon of ground white pepper I'm using white paper

because the is more mild than the black pepper half

a teaspoon of garlic powder and 2 tablespoons of burgers seasoning mix or

meatballs mix whatever spice mix you can find in the store the one that I'm using

is from a German brand called Wurzteufel and the name of the spice mix is frikadelenzauder

that's basically mix the spices that's all

adding the rehydrated TVP now we need to post it a couple times in the food

processor this is the consistency that we are going for once everything is

blended up you see super easy so far it took only 5 minutes to put everything in

the blender and pulse it in now all we need to do is just form our burger

patties and you can grill them pan fry them you can freeze them if you want to

keep them for later for our second burgers I'll use bunch of parsley the

recipe is pretty realistic you just put a bunch of stuff in a food processor

blend that up and that's it let's blend the parsley first and you want to

process this really fine so you don't get big chunks of leaves in your patty

everything is finely chopped and now let's add the rest of the ingredients 1

cup of canned chickpeas or garbanzo beans 1 cup of cooked lentils 1/3 of a

cup of soy flour again you can use oat flour all-purpose flour

any flour you have 2 tablespoons of tahini I'm using whole grain tahini

paste but you can use whatever Tajin you have on hand and 1 tablespoon of ground

cumin and to finish it off I'll use 2 tablespoons of grilled steak seasoning

mix again whatever grill steak seasoning mix you can find in your local grocery

store with you the one that I'm using is from the same German company Wurzteufel

it's a grill steak seasoning mix close it up and blend it and this is the

consistency of our second batch all right on my burger bases are all done

now let's form the patties and cook them up and this is how my burger

Patties look before I grilled them or pan-fried them whatever you want to do

with them it doesn't matter how you cook them they will turn out good every time

I'll fry four of the burger patties in a pan and the other four I'll make on a

griddle or so that you see how they all turn out depending on how you cook them

I don't have a grill outdoors and everything but griddler and a pan would

do the same job let's flip them up I'm not using any oil for this recipe but if

you want you can fry them in some vegetable oil I mean do your thing I

just want to keep the recipe oil-free at some point you may want to take off your

clothes on a beach or a pool party and

so it's better to keep the oils out of the recipe

and now let's grill the other four patties on the griddler I'm not going to

keep it close through the entire time in just in the beginning to give it a

little initial push and now you can flip the burgers when they can easily slide

from side to side on the griddler like that slide left right right

so far as you can see the recipe is pretty fast it takes only 5 minutes to

blend everything in and 5 to 10 minutes to grill it or to pan fry it and you are

done easy as that so it's pretty realistic recipe I mean anyone can do it

the ingredients are pretty accessible cheap and also everything is oil free

fat free it's fast it's cheap it's simple it's a good deal all around and

these are my patties you can see these are the ones that I've made on the

griddler and here are the ones that I pan fry they all look nice and ready to

be built into a burger and now we are ready to build our burgers with some

lettuce tomatoes pickles onions barbecue sauce and some mustard

and this is our final product they look just amazing there you have it you can

have a social event like barbecue or grill still having burgers without

killing or torturing anything so how good is that it's a win-win situation

for everyone but now let's taste it I mean that's important yeah

the flavor the flavors there let's see the other one that looks more like a

falafel kind of thing I mean I don't know what to tell you

give this one a try you won't be sorry and now I'm going to finish these two

but you don't want to see that I guarantee if you want to see the rest of

the barbecue item that I'm going to prepare on this channel make sure you

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