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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cookin' With Coolio - Fork Steak & Ghetallian Garlic Bread

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-Today, we gonna do some charity work, OK?

We gonna find a college student, a hungry, broke-ass,

malnutritioned, Top Ramen-eating motherfucker.

And we're gonna teach him how to cook a

healthy, inexpensive meal.

Hey, there's one right there.

He looks hungry.

Hey, dude, are you hungry?

Let me holler at you for a second.

-Shit, ah, ah, ah, ah.

-Come on, come on, man.

-We're trying to help you, man.

We're trying to help you.


-Get in there.

Get in there.

-I'm a white guy.

-Are you hungry?

-Get your ass in here.

-Help, anybody.


-Welcome to another episode of "Cooking with Coolio." I am

Coolio with the flow, the ghetto gourmet.

These are my sauce girls.

And that's my AC Jarez.


Oh, shit.

Ah, ah.


-Shut up.

Be still.

Stand up.


-What's your name, man?



-Holy shit, you're Coolio.

-Calm down, Josh.

Calm down.

Calm down.


-Josh, this here is steak.

This is not a prime cut of beef.

It's not a choice cut of beef.

It's not Kobe steak.

This is some bullshit.

What I'ma do, though, is I'ma make this steak so tender that

you can eat it with a fork.

I'm not gonna put no fake-ass tenderizer on it or nothing.

I'm not even gonna use a knife--


--to cut this steak when it's done.

I'ma show you how to do that.

The first thing I'ma do--

pay attention.

We gonna take a little garlic.


-And you rub it in.

-You rub it in.

-You rub it in.


-OK, after you rub that in, then you take your dime bag of

seasoning salt right here.

-So, can I get that on any street corner?

-And I'ma liberally--


--spread that on top of that.

Half a dime bag of pepper, half a dime bag of pepper.


-What's that?

That's about--

-It's a nickel bag.

-A nickel bag, a teaspoon of pepper.

And we're gonna do it just like that.

Then we gonna flip him over.

-Flip him over.

-We gonna flip him over.

-Flip him.

-And we gonna liberally sprinkle it on that side.

You paying attention, Josh?

-Yes, sir, I'm paying attention.

-Hit him in the head.

He's not paying attention.

-Oh, God, please don't hurt me.


-OK, there you go.

If you miss anything, remember, you can always go to

My Damn Channel and check it out, get

the recipe over again.

It's always posted, baby, 24/7, 365, sometimes 366.

About a quarter cup of balsamic vinegar and you just

rub that on--


-Hey, listen, man, you gonna have to be still, because if I

get some of this balsamic vinegar on my nice Flamingo

shirt, homie, you're gonna have a problem.

I'ma hit it with those onions.




Onions and meat.


-You know what I'm saying?

If you don't like onions, you don't have to use onions.

-Don't use it.

-I'ma put about a 1/4 cup of beer on there, Josh.

And then I'ma have a drink.

-Can-- can I have a sip of that too?

-I don't think so.

You look under 21.

-I got a fake ID.

-Beer's for me.

Now, Josh, what I'ma do is I'ma take some mushrooms.

I'ma put a mushroom in that corner.


I like mushrooms.

-And I'ma put a mushroom in that corner.

-That corner.

-And I'ma put a mushroom in that corner.

-That corner.

-And I'ma put another one in that corner.

-That corner.

-I'ma put one on the side.


-I'ma put one on this side.

-Watch it.

-Give me some cutters over there.

All right.

Now, while Jarez is cutting up those bell peppers, I'ma hit

you with this garlic bread.

Do you know what Ghettalian is?

-No, sir, I don't.

-That's ghetto Italian.

-I like the sound of that.

-I'm just gonna cut through him like that.

You gotta be careful.

-Don't be scared, dog.

Don't be scared.

-If you cut yourself, you know you

ain't got no damn insurance.

This here is mayonnaise.

We gonna just shoot some mayonnaise in there.

Look, let's be liberal with it.

Just go on and get up in there.

You know what I'm saying?

Go on and slush it all out.

Now we gonna just drop some cheese in there.

Look at that.

Don't be-- don't be scared.

Throw the cheese in there.

Now, I'ma take--

that's a whole stick of butter.

Now, I asked him to melt it for 10 seconds.

It wasn't supposed to be all the way melted.

It was supposed to be half-melted.

But he left it in there for the whole 30 seconds, so we

gonna have to deal with it.

I'ma put a whole half a cup of garlic in that motherfucker.


Fuck you did.

Oh, shit.

-You see what I did?

Did you see that?

-That's a lot of garlic in there.

-Now, guess what I'ma do next.

The hot sauce is for color.

I'ma use a spoon.

And you spoon it on there.

Hey, put that shit on here.

Don't be no cheap motherfucker, man.

Cheese and butter and mayonnaise is cheap.

I got that spread looking right.

Guess what I'ma do now.


-I'ma hand that to you, and you gonna

stick that in the oven.

Now, we got our oven pre-heated at 400 degrees,

because we're gonna cook bread and meat in the same oven.

I need them peppers, bro.

Come on now.

-Yeah, come on.

-Come, on.

Come on, Cletus.

Come on.

-Please, don't hit me.

-Shut up.

-What you want to do with these peppers, you want to get

them colors in there, because you know it's all about


If it look good, it taste good, and it smell good, then

what is it?

-It's good.

-It is good.

You are damn right.

There you go, baby.

It's not even cooked yet.

Do you see how?

Look, it's already pretty.

Put some aluminum foil on that and slap that in the oven.

Hey, you at Coolio's Cafe.

I am the ghetto gourmet.

Of course we're ghetto.

We don't have no top for our Pyrex dish, so we gonna use

some aluminum foil.

And a lot of people do that.

Get him outta here.


-And bring him back later.


Thank you, Coolio.

-When we come back, we gonna show you how

it all looks together.

It's time.

I want you all to see me clearly.

Now, I told you a second ago, when this steak was done I was

gonna cut it with a fork.

Watch this.

Fork steak, ladies and gentlemen.

God damn.

That taste better than your momma's titty.

Ha, ha, ha.

Try this, Josh.

Of course I can't feed you here,.

One of y'all feed him.

-Ah, yeah, ah.

Damn, Coolio, that's good.

-Hey, I want to fork you right on up.

I wanna fork you right on up.

-Say what?

-Peace out.

I'll see you next week, bitches.

-Yeah, bitches.

-Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Come on, get out, get out, get out.

-Just get my backpack?

Thank you, Coolio.

-Peace out.


-Peace out, man.

Thanks for your help, young man.

-Thank you, sir.

-Go to class, jackass.

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And I'll tell you what to do with it later.



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