Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【ENG SUB】《你怎么这么好看》第6期 完整版 母亲离开女孩勇敢走出阴霾 昆凌学说长沙普通话 You are so beautiful【芒果TV生活风尚频道】

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We are in my second hometown - Changsha.

Please recommend delicious food in Changsha to us.


stinky tofu,

sticky rice cake with syrup.

Of course,

there is also Olay body lotion

which I always carry with me wherever I go.

Because wherever I go,

I always have to apply this body lotion

to make the whole body's skin tone bright,

make myself beautiful.



I especially recommend Changsha to everyone

because there are a lot of delicacies, places of entertainment.


Let's see which features

today's main character will have.


She herself cut her 10-year-nourished hair.

When girls suddenly cut their hair,

it means they're having big problems, doesn't it?

Not said a word for a week.

Feel as if

there isn't any friend at all.

Gained 15 kg in a year.



Never buying clothes for herself before 27 years old.

Everyone always buys clothes for themselves, more or less.


A matter of course.

Or she is a child whose everything was arranged.

It means her parents

arranged everything for her.

It's possible.

Cutting hair, no talking,

no buying clothes and becoming fat.

I feel the information points

are a little confused.

Feel as if a part

hasn't been in contact with the outside world

for a long time.

Feel as if it was sealed off.


Let's watch the clip, OK?


Hi, "The beautiful group". Hello.

It's still long hair.

I'm Ou Yang.

I want to register for my best friend,

Peng Rujing.

She and I have known each other for 10 years.

In the past, Peng Rujing was

a very vivacious and outgoing girl.

But from a year ago after her mother passed away,

she became taciturn, silent.

In the past, when my mother was still alive,

she always took care of basic necessities of life for me.

When I got off work or finished classes, she always went to pick me up.

But as for now, there is only myself left.

When being alone

or seeing things related to my mother,

my tears can't help rolling down.

I don't want to immerse myself

in this sorrowful feeling,

so I took part in this show because I want to solve

this problem.

Being her friend, I'm very worried for her.

Hope everyone can help her,

help her go through the dark,

be able to have a new life in this new year.

How serious!

Because her mother passed away,

she can't walk out of this gloomy circumstance.

So, in whatever aspect,

she changed.

Actually, her friend registered for her,

together with our five pieces of information,

they're enough to prove

it affected her daily life.


Feel as if there was a close attachment

between her and her mother.

Peng Rujing experienced her mother's sudden death,

I feel she can't walk out of the dark, which is very normal.

Because as for everyone,

this is a very difficult thing.

I'm completely stunned.

I don't know how I

or our members

should do to help her.

This week is really very difficult.

The level of difficulty of this week is extremely difficult.

Very difficult to grasp it.


When we talk to her,

is there anything that we need to notice

to make her not hurt?

We just consider ourselves five best friends

to talk to her.

Just talk about what she wants to talk about.

Now, let's set out.

Actually, I feel it's very difficult for Chinese people

to face death.

Actually, Kevin Tsai regularly talks to us about these things.

He feels in our culture,

it lacks this piece.

How to face

life and death properly.

I feel that today, after finishing this week,

it's also a lesson for us.

In a while, after we pick her up,

we can observe her slightly.


See what her mood is.

Actually, I feel we should understand her first.


We just talk to her normally,

don't create an environment or atmosphere

which makes her different from everyone.

If we talk to her carefully and cautiously,

she may be careful too.

She's definitely a sensitive girl.

She's also afraid that her negative mood

will be suddenly revealed,

everyone can see it,

which will affect others' moods.

Actually, she's also...

Actually, now we are planning,

at this moment,

she may be doing it while waiting for us.


Is she the person wearing the black down coat?

That person with the fur collar.

It's her.


It's her.

Peng Rujing.

Hello, are you Peng Rujing?


Peng Rujing.

Hurry up.

Hello, Peng Rujing.



Get in.


Don't be nervous.

The first time I saw that girl,

my heart skipped a beat.

Although she pretended to keep calm,

her hands kept holding each other tightly,

which meant she was very nervous.

I felt what we should do

to make her feel that we are her friends.

Have you just got off work?


Changed with my colleague.



What is "spent"?


Changed the shift.

Using a way of singing to say

is Changsha's ordinary accent.

Teach Hannah how to say the sentence

"Have you eaten yet?".

Have you eaten yet?

That's good.

It's very cold today.

That's good.

How old are you?

We all don't know how old you are.

I was born in 1991.


Talking like this isn't good.


I was born in 1995.

All are post-90s, right?

Don't joke anymore.

Vila Fan suddenly turned her head and glowered.

Do you feel that we were very noisy?



I'm very afraid that you would feel we were very noisy

because normally, I feel they were very noisy.

I felt that they

seemed to take care of me,

feel that my mood would be grim, heart-broken.

Maybe they were also a little careful, cautious.

I could feel it.

Peng Rujing, do you nourish any pets?

I'm nourishing a dog.

What is its name?



What does money mean?


What do you normally do at home?

My way of relaxing my mood

can be putting things in order.


Do the cleaning.

So, if now we go to your house,

for example, we will start to make some changes to your house

or something like that, is it okay?

In your opinion.

I feel that since I took part in this show,

it will be OK.


You've already prepared for everything?

So, what do you like to change the most?

The thing that I want to change the most

may be my psychology.

I want my psychology...

I myself can walk out

but I can't find any good ways.

Could feel her strong aspiration

for entreating help.

She also didn't hope that

she fell into misery.

She hoped she could be happy.

Let's have a try.

Yes, now more five people are listening to you.

Here we are.


The house is so clean.

Your house is so clean.

Do you know that if there is a pet in such a clean house,

it's very difficult?

Also, there are no peculiar smells of pets.

Is this your room?


My room.

Look, there are a lot of cosmetics on her dressing table,

but they all are so clean.

How tidy!

How clean!

Her house is so well-ordered.

Using "there is no particle of dust" to imagine

isn't exaggerated at all.

There are no unnecessary things.

Normally, these flowers...

Is your hobby floral design?

This one was bought by my mother.

She liked dry flowers.

There is also a piano.

Do you usually play the piano?

In the past, I would play.

Now, you don't play anymore?

Why do you not play anymore now?

There is no mood.

Feel that it was covered a long time ago.

My mother also bought this piano for me.

Also, at that time, she said...

When buying, she also said

it was considered as a dowry.

Yes, it would go with me,

go to my husband's house with me.

This is the photo of the whole family.


Are they your paternal grandparents?

They are my maternal grandparents.

Your maternal grandparents.

This is a family of three.

Look, does she...

Just look carefully.

She really takes after her parents.

So cute.

Let's split up to start now.

There is nothing at all.

There is really nothing at all.

Because my father isn't usually at home.

I'm not in the mood to cook.

I often order food delivery

or eat out.

In the past, it was my mother

who prepared three meals a day for me,

she would prepare everything for me.


So, since you don't cook at home now,

how does your father eat when being alone?

He eats out too.

Sometimes... there is a canteen in his company,

he will eat in the canteen.

There is enough furniture.

There is everything.


it was my mother who prepared everything.

It was your mother who prepared everything?


I've never changed anything.

Actually, the furniture in this house is old already.

It's been used for many years.

Right, look!

You definitely don't know how to use

the meat-stewing pressure cooker.


These things are the ones that my mother used.

In the past, when my mother cooked,

maybe I would stand next to her to have a look.

But I thought

I had my mother cook

so it'd be okay if I didn't cook.

I had my mother cook, anyway.


Her mother is her whole world.

As for each thing,

she could talk about her mother.

Each thing is related to her mother.

It's very difficult not to love her.

What could she cook the best?

I really like to eat it

and don't get tired of eating it,

it's "Sweet and sour ribbon-fish" that my mother cooked.

"Sweet and sour ribbon-fish" isn't like a Hunan's dish.


So, I feel

my mother could cook this dish,

also, it really suited me.

Your taste, right?

So, you like to eat "Sweet and sour ribbon-fish", don't you?


How about this?

So, we'll learn how to cook "Sweet and sour ribbon-fish".

How about it?


We cook this dish,

when missing her mother, she can cook it

to share this memory with her mother.

I think she was very happy,

she said it was OK.

It was that she wanted...

It was a big motivation for wanting to change.

What else?

Do you have any demands?

Do you want to learn anything?

I really want to have a meal

which is a little formal...

Home-style cooking?


"Shredded potatoes".

I feel that so many native people of Changsha

like to eat "Shredded potatoes".

"Shredded potatoes", right?

It is "Sour and spicy shredded potatoes"?


I feel if you like it,

you can cook a little every day.

I can teach you

how to make your mother's taste.

You can eat it every day.

That will be very happy, right?



Very good.

Take us to see your shoes.

How tidy!


there are names on it.


When arranging,

my mother stuck them on it.

It is obvious that you didn't buy this pair of high heels.

This pair...

My mother bought this pair for me.

At that time, she told me

this pair was bought for me to wear

while proposing a toast on my wedding day.

This pair definitely can't be lost.

You'll wear it when getting married.

Let me have a look.

How tidy!

How clean!

I folded all of them, right?

I folded them myself.

There is no dust.

It's like my house.

My house is like this.

I'll wipe every corner clean.

Very clean.

These colors are very bright,

these ones.

My mother bought

the bright-colored clothes for me.

This one was made by my mother.

This one is very special.

It was made?


This one isn't like clothes which are bought.

I know.

This is a kind of hook-knitting one, right?

Yes, a hook-knitting one.

My mother knows how to make this too.

Your mother made it herself, didn't she?


My mother really liked,

really liked...

My mother hooked this one for me too.



I always carry it with me.

My mother knows how to knit a sweater or something like that too.

So pretty.

My mother made this one too.

Your mother made this one too?

Yes, my mother liked to make clothes for me.

How was it made?

She could make overcoats too?


How awesome

she is!

Did your mother make this one too?


My mother really liked

to make red and bright-colored clothes for me.

What did your mother do?

She was an accountant.

But this was her hobby.

Sometimes, she watched fashion programs,

then she said she could make those sets of clothes

as soon as she had a look.

A craftsperson.

How awesome!

Besides, my mother also knew

how to make zippers and buttons.

Actually, I was very surprised

her mother could make an overcoat

and hook

a very popular cardigan at the present.

You can imagine that

her mother was a skillful person,

really liked beauty.

Did she also buy this one?


What her mother bought for her are bright-colored.

Very fashionable.

You like them again?

So pretty.

Orfila wants to plant glass again.

In the past, my mother

bought all the clothes for me.

So, have you ever bought clothes?

I've already bought them too.

Like the dark-colored clothes here.

Also, there are some clothes that I bought, but they don't fit me.

Afterward, there are some clothes that I've never worn too.

Why do they not fit you after you bought them?

Because I shopped online,

I didn't know my measurements, either.

I saw them online, saw that models wore them beautifully

so maybe I could wear them too.

Afterward, I bought them.

After buying, I discovered that it wasn't so.

It wasn't so.

Therefore, she doesn't know her size.

All of her clothes are bought by her mother.

She can't even choose her own size rightly.

I think she has

an indulgent mother.

That leads to her situation now.

Situation and state are hard to separate

Super tidy

This is where I store my cosmetics

and my daily accessories.

Let me see.





Many of them

were prepared by my mother for me.

You have full set.

So you know how to make up, don't you?

Yes, I do.

Your mother knew how to make up too?

My mother always made up

She even asked me to make up before going out.

So why didn't you make up that today?

I haven't done that for a long time.

How long?

After my mother passed away

I haven't made up since.

But I have a secret place

That is

About one month ago,

I had a dream of my little sister and I

we hung out with my mom.

My little sister and I were changing clothes in my room.

When I went out

my mom said

She said

My daughter is so beautiful.

You had a dream

In that dream your mother talked to you.


She told me

My daughter is so beautiful.

At that time, I felt strange.

Why did I suddenly dream about that kind of thing

Because before I dream about my mom

She hadn't talked to me

When I dreamt that dream

I was so happy waking up

Your mother used other mean

to be by your side and take care of you just like before

Because to her, picking clothes

choosing shoes,

even the cosmetics

Your mother always hopes that her daughter

can be happy and beautiful.

That's right.

Did you tell this

to your friends?

I didn't.

I'm afraid that

I can't control myself.

Like I've just told you.

If I hadn't talked about that, I wouldn't have been like this.

I can see that she might have

accepted this.

But on the emotional perspective

she hasn't completely accepted this situation.

To be honest, I really want to

to be free from this situation.

I think, for a year

I have had enough of my quiet time.

So, how about this

We have already decided

to bravely move forward.

Have you had any thought to yourself?

Maybe I want to

make a huge difference compares to the past.

I've always wanted to become a cool girl.

You really want to be a cool girl?

But I've just taken a look at your clothes

I think that your mother wanted you

to become a sweet and beautiful girl.

Won't we fulfill her wish?

It's okay.

"Okay" because

I want to

Since my mother

my mother's dream daughter

should have that style.

I'm really not a person

who is confident in her own style.

This matter maybe

the one that I have to decide carefully.

The truth is when her mother was still alive, Peng Rujing

was taken care of carefully.

She never had to tend

and fend for her own life.

Even the most basic thing as her own size is unknown to her.

That's why

From this moment, Peng Rujing

should learn how to be mature.


Seems like I've heard a bark of a dog.

That's right.

Is this your room?


Is this terrace your little puppy's area?

You're right.

Quite spacious, I must say.

Oh, there are many flowers here, too.

Do you normally plant any kind of flowers or trees?

No, I don't.

But I like to buy them.

Because my mother liked them.

Whenever on holiday


my mom's birthday,

I always bought flowers as present for her.

She would be very happy.

Your mother loved the flora, didn't she?

That's right.

Then, what was her favorite?

My mother loved roses.

I always gave her roses

She usually brought them to this terrace.


Because on my terrace

there is light shines down here.

Oh, the light, this place does receive the light quite well.

That's right.

My mom would sunbathing here sometimes.

She would lie down over there.

This puppy was close to her.

This puppy?

Yes, because her mother had a dog.

That's right.

Do you want us to help you remake this place for money?

Because my mother used to like this place so much.


So I want to keep this place as one of my mother's remembrance

and place some of her things here.

When I miss mom,

I can stay here all alone

with her private space.

I got it.


He likes to be here, too.

Give him to me.

Money, can you go to the living room?

We'll be there for a small talk.

Money, sit there.


I leave space for you here.

Come on.

I just want to stroke him right away.

Back then, your mom took care this living room

as well as other rooms for her.

Cleaned up.

That's right.

Clean up.

So you keep dong mom's habit.

I also enjoy tiding up.

But I think

the interior decoration's rather...

Cause it has never been changed.

For how many years?

Maybe 20 years.

20 years.

Those were all chosen by her back then?


Every detail

of the furniture

was decided by my mom as I remember.

Do you mind if I change

all of those furniture?

About this.

I don't mind.

Under her perspective,

I think she would agree.

Of course, we won't say goodbye to

all of those furniture.

Not all of them.

We'll keep some as remembrance.


I don't hope she completely forgets

or lets go of her mom.

I do hope the motherhood

engraved on her heart.

Then she can have the best state of mind

to face with her own life in the future.

What kind of person

do you think mom wanted you to be?

I think

just like back then.

Be open-minded

and happy just like a puppy.

That puppy was also like me back then.

His spirits sank a lot.


Also wandered around.

Back then, when photos

of mom

were shown,

he even looked at them.

I can feel something in his eyes.

Something different.

He ran here and there finding something.

I think it was difficult

for both you and money to get through.


I never thought mom's poor health condition

could transform that quick.

My family couldn't anticipate this.

Even mom.

Everything occurred all of a sudden back then.

My biggest regret is I didn't have time to goodbye her.

She didn't neither.

Very sudden.


It was painful.

I think she'd better share her feelings.

That's how she can feel relieved from the inside.

That's how she can let go of the sorrow.

I think she's holding her sadness back.

She hasn't let go

of her mom.

Everything came up suddenly.

So regretful.

No time for saying goodbye.

This story is...

That's right.

I currently think

up till now, Peng Rujing

hasn't accepted that her mom's gone.

She thinks mom's always beside her

in everything in her life.

Rationally, I think

she knows her mom's gone.

But her heart doesn't accept it.

So, what

is an actual goodbye?

That's right.

Saying goodbye.

For her.

Whether she should keep

an inner recess of her mind or not.


Turn her whole world

into a small ball.

Then hold it deepest in her heart.

This week's mission of Quinlivan is pretty hard.

Your role is very important.

When talking to her,

I feel that she can adapt to changes.

She also wants to make a step forward

through this chance.

Her willing is so strong.

One thing makes me really moved.

She told she wanted to share

her own story

to help those in similar situations

know how to overcome all.

That's right.

How to face with their life in the future.

I think those with the courage to move on

are really wonderful.

So we must treat her well.

She also mentioned another thing with me.

She told she still remembered having meals with family

inside her heart.

When I asked what was her favorite dish,

she told she wanted to eat regular dishes.

Coincidentally, this is New Year time.

Why don't we start with "New Year's Eve dinner"?

Okay, everyone.

Let's try our best.

Do you have any idea?

I want to get a haircut like Liu Hai's.

My hair now is shoulder-length.

So I wanna change a bit.


Then I will try to cut a hairstyle

that looks smart.

You will look a bit more agile.

I will cut this layer of yours relatively high.

Well, alright.

We should start now.

Because Asian people usually like

trimming the end in the shape of a leaf.

The larger the above, the narrower the bottom.

So this time, I will change your hairstyle

into the one that everyone loves,

but they don't dare to have it.

This is the high-layered medium-long hair.

When I finish cutting,

this hairstyle will flatter

all your beauty.

Since it has a diamond shape,

the whole person seems slimmer.

Is there anything that needs to give greater attention while you're blow-drying like this?

If you take a closer look, you will see the hair on the bottom is going out naturally.

Going out.


A crucial method

is to blow-dry her hair thoroughly.

You mustn't let it wet.

Water has tension,

so the hair's surface scale

will be opened.

That's why I say the hair must be blown until it's completely dry,

so that the scales can be closed.

On the contrary, if the hair is still wet,

after it is naturally dry,

the hair will look stretched as the scales are united.

You'll look quite slovenly.

Therefore, the most important point is

to blow-dry your hair thoroughly

to keep it glossy.

When my hair is blown, I already like it.

It's the feeling that I want.

Welcome, teacher Shu Hao.

Hello, everyone.

I'm Shu Hao.

Hi, teacher Shu Hao.

This is Peng Rujing.

Now I can see her eyes and eyelids

are quite swollen.

Before putting makeup on her, it will be necessary to

help her deal with them.

It'll look better if we do it a little bit.


Let's get started.


Peng Rujing's skin is oily.

In terms of your skin situation,

I have a secret weapon.

It's our beauty instrument, UFO,

which can provide the spectrum of care within 90 seconds.

Using essence ingredients like the blue light and green leaves

can help you control your oily skin and keep it moisturized.

When you make up,

the makeup will be more natural and long-lasting.

It's over 90 seconds now.

Everyone, look at Peng Rujing's skin.

Compared with her skin before,

it's smoother.

Moreover, her face's skin is becoming

slightly tighter.

I know

my weaknesses myself.

Eye tuck, eye shadow.

These are all serious issues.

How many steps to do

if we want to hide her eye tuck and eye shadow?

Firstly, you need to choose the skin-color powder

1. Use a foundation color and blend your skin tone

on the eye area.

Secondly, you need to choose

a foundation color that suits you.

2. Apply gently


you need a highlighter,

apply them in spots.

3. Use highlighter on the dark eye bags.

Then spread it out.

In just 3 steps,

your eye bags will disappear.


Now let's help Peng Rujing

with her foundation.

Today, when we help Peng Rujing

with her eye makeup,

we will use

Green Alasko's 12-color glittery eye shadow box.

Now we'll choose

the most classic brown eye shadow.

Do you usually do your eye makeup by yourself?

I do.

I usually use one color.

A black line on your eyelids

will make your double lids more pronounce.

The coffee color is quite


Teacher, we're drawing her

smiling lips today,


Yes, the corners of her mouth

actually already curve up.

We only need to draw

a smiling shape here.

I was actually pretty surprised.

I've never heard of a "smiling-lips' makeup style.

Actually, I can understand

its meaning.

It's hoping that I'm always happy.

Just hearing the name made me want to smile.

Actually, I think in this applying blush step,

we can do it a bit lighter.


So beautiful.

Can I come in?

Come in.


Do you think the lips shape I drew is pretty?


You covered all her eye bags.

Are you ready?

I will turn you, alright?

I'm ready.

OK, now.




So lively.

How is it?

This me and the me in the morning are not the same person.

Truly beautiful.

And very sweet.

It makes me feel

a sweetness in my heart.

It brings back the happy girl in me.

I can feel myself become happy again,

ready to face the future.

Do you like it?

I do.

I want to look at me some more.

Actually, today's show

is not like the previous episodes.

Peng Rujing's situation is special.

All her previous styles are

Mom made it.


Actually, my mom

bought all the clothes for me.

I don't know my size.

So today

we begin by identifying yourself.

This is called "white paper test".

It's to test whether you're more comfortable with

cool or warm colors.

You see now on both sides of the white paper,

Peng Rujing is noticeably fairer.

How can it be?


Cameras don't lie.

Really, everybody see that?

In fact, the skin color of each of us

is divided into cold skin,

and warm skin.

Now look at Peng Rujing.

Her face's skin is fair.

Her skin is fair.

Look at her neck.

She looks pink in many places.


So what's pink is cold skin.

Now look at Orfia Wu.

It's yellow.

I disagree.

I have fair skin.

Peng Rujing, look at her.


But I admit she is really fair.


We have a color plate here.

You see, it's actually warmer now.

From this line,

this side is more suitable for Orfila Wu.

Look what you're wearing today.

Fried rice with egg and tomato.

All here.


But these colors are for Peng Rujing.

So if you

buy clothes in the future,

you can try to choose among them.

Among these colors in this range.

Will suit you better.


It makes you more temperamental

and have prettier skin.

Then let's try the first outfit.

We got a news today.

She wants to be a cool girl.

I'm more of

a cool girl myself.

You want to be cool?


Make her dream comes true first.

In the first set I picked out for you,

I chose a heart-shaped collar,

and your neck will look long.

It just looks cool.

Have you ever worn a fur coat?



And then underneath it is

this pleated skirt.

Which has to be pulled up to the line,

showing off your smallest ankles

and part of your

lower legs.

Then put on those pointed heels.

Cool and nice.


Okay, come.

Give it a try.

Transform into cool girl.


Peng Rujing, are you ready?


Welcome Peng Rujing.

Is she cool?

I'll give you another small weapon.

This is not bad.

I love this blue color.

The whole body is covered in this blue color.

And this cool black color.

And then use this sky blue

to go with it.

Then this one is equipped

with a small handbag,

I chose a white handbag.

This whole set is...

You'll think of it as a whole

and not a mess at all.


When I put it on,

I felt like

I was wearing an armor.

Immediately I thought

I was really cool.

That's what I'm talking about.


I feel like I've made a

breakthrough in this dress.

Actually, the next set

is worthy of Orfila Wu's makeup.

Is it good?

This outfit is beautiful, too.

It will make you look thinner.

Can I handle clothes like this?

Yes you can.

When it came out,

I felt its aura was very strong.

You're wearing this now.

You don't have to worry about this one.

This is a little fresher.


I can give it a try.

Let's go.

Let's welcome our heroine.

Show time.

So pretty.

White makes you look fat.

So I wouldn't normally go for white.

But when I put the white one on,

I really felt like

opening a

new window.

I mean I think

I really look good in white.

Now you are very temperamental.

Look at the detail in her shirt.

And I've been trying to expose her collarbone.

Actually, I want to

change my hair style.

I wonder if I should

tie it up halfway.

I will give you a try.

It's good.

Very good.

How are you feeling now?

Look at it yourself.

This change is so big.

The color of this dress is really...

It just suits me right now.

But I never thought about it before.

It will show that you really

have vitality and temperament.

Just like before...

Even now, it's completely different from

those black clothes I often wear.

It's nice.

So beautiful.

Now, Orfila Wu, teach her three poses.

So she can burst shooting.

Just do it casually.

You feel like you're being photographed.

Then you can scratch your head like this.

If you don't feel comfortable,

you can pretend to look back like this.

Who are calling me?

Cute and cool at the same time.

Great, Orfila Wu, amazing.

Thank you.

It's too successful, for real.


Next set, please.

This is our next outfit.

Because we didn't

go through the floral.


Let's give it a try.


That's forest girl's style.

Okay, I trust you.

She trusts me now.

Orfila Wu.

I will think of some poses for her.

Come on, Peng Rujing.


Isn't that cute?

This is probably more in my favor.

It's the most comfortable one.

It suits you well.

It makes me

feel so good.

I think I just wanted to dance

by the time I

walked out earlier.

Do it.

I want to dance when walking out.

I just hope to be able

to use my way

to let her

learn a posture

or make her happy

at this moment.

She slowly regained

a slightly more confident self.

Then she

began to smile.

I think it's all worth it.

I've let myself go.

Actually we put on

some clothes for you today.

Then our biggest intention is

to hope that

your life can be

more color like

those clothes today we gave you.

And you can do

more things independently,

face life bravely.

This is a gift from us.

Here is your size chart.

Thank you.

Because with it, you can

know yourself better.


Thank you.

I didn't really think about it at first.


from the first set, we are still a bit restrained,

to the last set, letting ourselves go,

smiling a lot,

and really happy from the heart.

I mean...

While experiencing this process,

I personally feel that

our proposal today

is really very successful.

And we let Peng Rujing

be able to laugh so much from the heart.

Hope that happiness will continue

into her future life.

I am the best.

Today is probably

the most memorable day of this year of mine.

The first set is cool.

The second set will

make me think I'm pretty.

The third set is what makes me most comfortable.

And if I had to

choose my own clothes,

that set will be the one that I feel confident the most.

And it suits me well.

It's not only give me a beautiful look,

but also drives me more

and makes me


Not being able to say goodbye properly

to Peng Rujing's mom

has been a knot in her heart.

So we want to see

if we can help Peng Rujing

make up for some regrets

in other ways.

You changed your hair style.

My hair should be the same as yours.


I think you're officially saying goodbye

to the "old you".

And saying hi to the "new you".


Yes, I have changed my appearance.

Yes, you did.

It looks different now.

You tied your hair.

Don't you feel very energetic?

Yeah, and cute too.


Just like our 90s,

fresh and cute.

Yesterday I sensed that

you were really trying to

move on to a new life.



I know everyone still has

that attachment to their mothers.


I think you're kind of

struggling inside, aren't you?

In fact, when my mother was sick,

I was still...

How can I say it.

I still pretended to be strong,

to be cheerful in front of her.

In fact,

every time after chemotherapy from the hospital,

my mom's condition was very bad.

The next time we went to the hospital,

the doctor would give me

one of those critical notes

and said if it doesn't work,

you had to be ready.

So when she had chemotherapy the first time,

it was really scary.

But my mom

made it every time.

The situation improved and we went home.

So in fact,

at the last time,

I never thought about it.

Neither my mom.

A second ago she still told me that

this thing can't be eaten anymore,

put it away,

then in the next second,

she was completely unconscious.

Because I feel that

in that period of time,

you hid your sadness

and bitterness deep down in your heart.

You held them back.

Have you ever done anything

to let yourself vent them out,

let go of these pressures,

and unpleasant?

Come to think of it,

I don't think I've ever done anything

to allow myself

to vent emotions,

I was kind of hide them inside.

Actually, I brought you here

for a talk today

because I hope

I can help you more professionally.

So I invited a psychologist.

Just now, during our conversation,

she was actually in sync

with your information.

Would you like to hear some of her ideas?

I think

I'd like to hear what people

think of me,

and what they see,

and I think I'd know more

about what the solution is.

Yes, I think you're really working too hard.

Teacher Bai.

This is Peng Rujing.

Peng Rujing, hello.

I heard the conversation

between you just now.

I don't think

the window on this thing

would have

closed if we hadn't

said goodbye.

If it doesn't,

you're in a state

of sadness.

So we're going to

say goodbye today.


Because in her heart,

for her mother's departure,

she did not complete

such a ritualized process.

So we used

this technique of

an empty chair in gestalt

to get her

to make a

ritualized farewell to her mother.

Only when her feelings

are truly revealed

can she achieve

an acceptance of

the external reality.

No matter how she felt

about herself

or the fact that

it had happened.

She is the one who has truly

completed the process of acceptance.

Peng Rujing, if this is a restaurant,

if you eat with your mom,

which position do you think

your mom usually chooses?

It should be these two seats, next to each other.

Which side will she sit on?

She should be sitting here.

Let's sit down, shall we?


Sit down.

Your mom is sitting on

the opposite chair.

If there are some words that haven't been said before,

go and tell

your mom.

A year has passed.

This year may be

sad at the beginning,

I think I may not have

accepted it at that time.

But now I will be

willing to try to...

let myself

try not to think of you

with such a very sad emotion.

I haven't

dreamed about you for a long time.

I recently

had an amazing dream.

Dream that

you are still pushing me

to school as before.

You were the same as you were

when you were young.

I thought it was

a new you.

I think

you have become a new mom,

I think

I can become

a new me, too.

Because it rained a little bit

on the day you left,

so actually

I think

I should be in a better mood

when the sun comes out,

but when it rains,

I may be in a bad mood again.

If you're

thinking about me,

and you want me to know,

just make a

sunny weather for me.

She is like sunshine.

Will shine on you.

She will nourish you like rain.

Her love is always in your heart,

accompany you.

You will never lose her.

That's right.

Could say what I kept deeply in my heart

but always wanted to tell my mom.

And said it

in a very brave way.

Didn't say it to the outsiders

about "my mom was like this, like that",


"mommy, you're like this, like that".

I found out that I really had a lot of things

that I wanted to say to my mom.

I think I've already

taken a big step.

Very brave.

I'll be fine.

I think my mom would definitely hope that

I'll be fine.

My first feeling when I came to her house is

that daylight

in her house

was very poor,

very limited.

Therefore, firstly we needed to make her house warmer,

to create more eating space.

I also considered what she told me

about hoping she could go back to the time her mom was there,

that kind of warming atmosphere when having a meal.

About interior equipment,

I wanted to help her change some.

We also changed a layout in the room.

I separated the whole area clearly.

We merged

many functions.

The balcony wall now has some shedding,

we need to clean it up

and redo it.

Balcony lighting is the best.

I want to leave her and her mother

a place full of sunshine and vitality.

Have you felt like

New Year vibes are already here, haven't you?

Yes, I have.

I haven't come to the supermarket for a long time.

I tell you, you should definitely buy flowers.

As long as there are flowers in the house, your mood will be better.

It's true.

She keeps saying that her home is desolate

and she likes our bustling activities.

If one wants to start with every bit of life,

he or she needs to feel human's ordinary life.

Therefore, the best place to do it is the supermarket.

Besides, New Year is coming,

we need to buy some New Year's products.

This is pretty good.

Its flavor is better.

I think this type is very good,

especially tasty.

Let's buy one for each person.

Happiness word brings us happiness.

Golden color is very good,

and there's fish as well.

Fish also has golden color.

This is very good.

Happiness comes to my home.

OK. Then we take it.

Peng Rujing prefers that.

Luckiness and peace.

Wow, so cool.

Write it yourself.

Let me try one, OK?

You guys should also try it, there are some pens.

Why did you write her name there?

Jing awaits for every peach blossom to bloom.

Help Peng Rujing ask for a peach blossom.

Look, Hannah's handwriting is so good.


Very good.

My first line of a couplet is

Wealth and peace come to my home.

Jing awaits for every peach blossom to bloom.

Horizontal scroll is

I'm the most beautiful one.


I miss Jing Jing.

I heard that when you're having a make up yesterday,

the coach recommended an

UFO smart mask treatment device.

That's true.

He used it before making up for me,

it's a very cute little round thing.

I suddenly felt so amazing.

In fact FOREO is a Swedish brand,

its hot products are LUNA facial cleansers.


may I ask whether you come here to

see our leading products UFO?

This is my good friend, Peng Rujing.

She has combination skin.

You can help her experience your products.

OK. This way, please.

Combination skin care requires more exquisite care.

Only one time care is not enough

to solve all problems.

I recommend that you use this UFO smart mask treatment device

to repair your skin deeply.

Firstly, try it on your hand to see the result.

The most important thing is being hydrated in the winter.

Then using our brand's

different ingredients like roses, peach blossoms, green tea

to direct against your sunburn skin.

And to make one customized combination,

for a more precise repair.

You can see it, touch it.

I think it's really suitable for me.

After listening to your introduction,

I want to buy one set to give it to her.

Give it to her? As a New Year's gift?

Yes, that's right.

Here's a gift for you.

Thank you.

Thank you, Frankie Han.

Be more beautiful in the new year.


Don't know what it looks like inside.


Who's that?

Peng Rujing.

It's Peng Rujing.

Welcome home!

This house

is so beautiful.

It's really so beautiful.

Is this the same place that

we came on the first day?

Now that you're here,

you see the whole layout has changed.

This area is eating space.

This area is the living room.

But you don't feel that

the space of your living room is small.

How's that?

Let me calm down first.

My first feeling when I opened the door is

that this is totally not my home.

It really brightened my eyes.

There are many

cute, delicate little


In the past our house didn't have stuff

with the designs like this.

I really like it.

Huang Ji.

I think you're so awesome at making use if this,

it's originally considered useless.

There was nothing, nothing was there.

No eating room.

What was it for in the past?

It was an

empty corner.

Besides, the painting you put here has a good taste.

The room has also been changed.

I keep the original blue color in your room.


This is so beautiful.

The dolphin is super beautiful.

All girls like this type.

This area

you can develop it yourself later.

Put a small carpet,

do yoga,

do a simple exercise.

I've never thought about having a

a space that I could live alone like this.

Did Frankie Han prepare this for you?

Yes, he did.

It's all colors that you told me yesterday.

Yesterday, I and Sis Orfila helped her make a test.

Light colors are suitable for her.

Those colors that you chose today

are all suitable for her.

Have a look at the balcony.

We changed your

balcony a little bit.

This side is the space for cabinet.

That's right.

Put all of the beautiful memories between you and

your mom on display in there.

And I helped you prepare a lot of green plants.

Because I know that your mom liked green plants when she's alive.

Yes, that's right.

She liked growing these


My mom loved the red roses the most.

It's like a symbol that your mom's still here,

warmly accompanies you.

All of your space,

I don't want to fill it full for you.


I hope that you can not only

remember your mom in this space

with a lot of beautiful memories,

but also have more spare space

to fill up this space yourself.

Then you can put your beautiful stuff

over here as well.

That's right.

I'll definitely enrich these stuff

in the future.

I like the balcony very much.

Then I'll definitely enrich it.

I'll put my memories with my mom

in there.

Now when she's talking to us, we can see her smiling expression.

It's different from when we first met her.

The way my house looks now

is really what I want.

Open the door, a familiar home with this warm

and comfort feeling just blow on my face.

I feel really grateful to Master Huang Ji.

What are these?

These are what we wrote at the supermarket.

That's right.

That's why now we need to...

Do you think that her house is short of New Year feeling?

Can you guess who wrote what?

Hannah's handwriting is round.

And your handwriting is unyielding.

OK. Let's do it.

A bit higher.

A bit higher on the right.

A bit higher.

A little bit higher.


It suddenly has the New Year feeling.

Because when I was

talking to Peng Rujing


She told me that actually

the dish that she misses the most

is sweet and sour fish dish that her mom made.

By the way, you guys wrap dumplings.

Right. We still need to work later.

By the way.

By the way listen for awhile.

I'm going to show the ingredients to everyone here.

We already cut the belt fish into pieces.

These are already marinated.

Here's the important thing.

The very important point is seasoning.

Because we need to make the taste with the proportion

which is similar with the taste of the food

that your mom cooked.


Mature vinegar.

Soy sauce.

Need to put in more sugar for sweet and sour dish.

Normally I put in more than 3 spoons.

Ketchup will make the sauce

a bit thicker.

It will be a bit thicker.

That's right.

Very delicious.

Do you know it now?

Why did this teacher

use her hand on her?

Very delicious.

You think this tastes good, right?

Very good.

Let's go inside and cook it.

So you guys stay here to wrap dumplings.

We're going inside to cook delicious food,

we'll be back soon.


Come. Come over here to use the knife together with me.

The way you hold the knife is not correct.

Look, put your hand like this and hold it against here,


Hold it against here.

Then use your index finger to hold it.

That's right.

If you cut food like this,

there will be more force,

and it won't cut your hand.


Turn the piece sideways and make 2 cuts.

A bit difficult to cut.

No, you need to cut it to the side.

Use this hand to block it.

And do it like this.

You see, I teach you the force when using knife is like this.

Cut into it.

Isn't it different, is it?

Feels like I don't need to use any force.

That's true. You don't need to use too much force.

That's right.

Good. Very good.

Add oil.

Add a little bit more.

But you need to do it fast.

Put it down from the side of the pan.

That's right. Don't be too afraid.

Isn't that right?

That's right.

OK. Come.

I think if your mom sees you like this,

she will definitely be happy.

That's right.

It's true, isn't it?

You've learned how to cook it yourself.

Besides, I'm learning to cook the dish that she liked to cook for me.

We're going to put the prepared ingredients like onion slices,

ginger slices in the pan.

Like this, the dish will be less fishy.

The good smell will come out soon.


It smells good,

doesn't it?

Yes, it does.

Then we pour the sauce we made just now

in the pan.

That's right, pour it.


After stirring it,

you will find out that its flavor is a bit different.

I have my appetite

by looking at this color.

Isn't it true?

So did

your mom make this color too?

Yes, she did.

It was this color.

Belt fish.


Look, it all bubbles up together,

which means its flavor is here.

You try it.

Do you think this is the flavor?

Do you want to add more sugar?


Add a bit sugar.

Add a bit sugar, right!

That's why I told you,

actually when you cook it,

you'll find out that the flavor is different.

No problem adding sugar.

Just a bit sweeter.

In fact, it's not difficult.

It's not difficult at all.

Just need a recipe to do it.

It's OK like this.

Its color is more beautiful now.

That's right.


It's done.

It's coming, sisters.

Sweet and sour belt fish is coming.

Looks so good.

It smells so good.

Come on.

Let's taste it,



Then I will make myself at home.

Come on.

It's so tasty.

I'm not modest at all.

The food which Vila Fan made is perfect.

It smells so good. Sweet and sour.

Be careful of small bones.


at the end we had to adjust the seasoned sauce

to the flavor that she likes.

I think, about the proportion of sugar and vinegar,

each person has different requirement.

So delicious.

What do you think?


Is this the flavor that you've imagined?

Yes, it is the flavor that I've imagined.

Just now we added more sugar a few times.

Its flavor is more neutralize now.

You're awesome now.

Finally I can eat the sweet and sour belt fish dish

which has a similar flavor like my mom cooked again.

It makes me feel the existence of my mom.

Well, so

we're going to prepare for New Year's Eve family dinner, OK?

In fact, from the bottom of her heart, she really misses

the feeling of the whole family having meals together.

So I think, it's almost new year now.

Let's start from this New Year's Eve family dinner.

The dishes are coming.

The dishes are here.

Let's start eating.

Thank you all so much for making a table full

of food for me.

Because I haven't seen so many dishes

in front of my eyes for a long time.

Very bustling.

Thank you, everyone.

You guys have been working hard.

No, we haven't.

Happy New Year.

The big river flows to the east.

Happy New Year.

Let's start eating.

So delicious.

This chicken egg is so tasty.

So delicious.

Do you feel happy being together with us these two days?

Very happy.

Super happy.

Do you think that we are noisy?

No, I don't.

I really like this kind of atmosphere.

Do you?

In fact, each one of us

prepared a little gift for Peng Rujing today.


Who will go first?

Huang Ji.

Let's start with me first.

Huang Ji will go first.

This bag.

Right. It's written "Smooth fortune" here,

which means I hope that everything

is as Peng Rujing wishes.

And then there is a handbook inside.

I like Snoopy.

Do you?

Do you like Snoopy?

I like Snoopy.

The thing is I drew our

group members in here.

This is Hannah.

And this is Orfila.

And this is Vila Fan.

This is Franki Han.

And this is me.

And this is us watching around Peng Rujing.

Then there's Man Ni up there.

Moreover, I hope that this handbook can accompany you.

Just like you write all of your happiness, unhappiness,

worth as memories,

every points in here.

Besides, I also drew a small lantern

of today atmosphere for you

in the back of this handbook.

From today on,

you start your more beautiful life.

That's good. Thank you.

So cool. It's really cool.

Just a little gift.

Very considerate.

So cute.

Do you want to sign your name there as well?

Your handwriting is so pretty.

So cool.

Thank you.

Thank you Master Huang Ji.

My pleasure.

Speaking of my gift,

actually I prepared a small GoPro action camera.

That's right.

I hope this GoPro

can accompany you and record your beauty.

You will be more beautiful in the future.

More and more beautiful.

This is our first recording.

Let's do it.



Happy New Year.

I've never thought that I could

record these things about living alone.

Since I decided to develop from the bright side,

I'm willing to record every bit of my own life.

Recording it is the most precious thing.

What I want to give you as a gift is...

I hope in this new year

you can...

This is a peach blossom bracelet.

Peach blossoms bloom

then have good luck.

That's right.

And there is a little mouse on it.

Because I hope your heart will be with someone.

Thank you.

The year of the rat is coming.

Let me help you wear it first.

Borrow some luck from you.


Let me rub it for a while.


Besides, Peng Rujing is so white.

So beautiful.

Red rope

is very good for new year.

That's right.

It'll be my turn now.

Actually I'm

going to give you some practical things

which I think that you're going to use it daily.

Firstly, the thing I like the most is

thermos cup.

Then using thermos cup everyday, pay attention to your health.

Soak some tea bags in, something like that.

That's right.

Very practical.

And this is an electric toothbrush.

These are eye masks.

This is

a type of sugar.

These all are small things.

There's one

important thing here.

This is

one airplane ticket with your name on it

but there is no date

and no destination on it.


That's right.

Then you can go anywhere any time,

no matter what the destination is,

return flight is also OK.

And I hope that you let yourself

relax a bit,

and you have a very nice relaxing vacation

on your own trip.

Is it good?

Thank you.

This is so awesome.

I was shocked at that time,

why did someone treat me so well like that?

It's really warmed my heart.

So awesome.

Bring this with you when you travel.

That's right.

That's correct. It's just right.

It's done.

Everything is here.

Then bring a handbook to note down every single day,

and wear a red rope, have good luck.

That's right.

And then record.

That's right. Write down on your hand book in the evening,

the next day you go out

you encounter a romance.

That's pretty good.

That's right.

OK. It's Vila Fan's turn now.

The first thing is

this time we made sweet and sour fish

and I give you our cook book as a gift.

Yesterday before making it I made a sample of

sweet and sour belt fish's cooking method, and there are photos as well.

And the whole process of how to make spring rolls,

there are photos as well.

So considerate.

Actually if you want to eat the food with your mom's flavor

a lot of dishes that you mom cooked, it's OK.

In the future, if you want to eat something, you can just tell me.

Then I will teach you how to cook it.

I'll send the recipe to you and after that you can add it in here.

You can have your own family tradition recipes

in the future.

You can give it to your daughter in the future.


has mother's flavor inside.

Thank you.

There is more.

There is definitely more.

Yes, there is.

cellphone, cellphone as a gift?

How is that possible!

What are you doing?

Firstly I need to find it.

It went through a lot of hardships, passed through many hands.

Because we, female, actually

all have a same thought.

Sometimes we actually need a lot of encouragements.

I know what it is.

I also know what it is.

Hello Peng Rujing, I'm Wowkie Zhang.

Hello Peng Rujing.

I'm Wowkie Zhang.

I heard that you're so good,

so high-end,

you are only happy when you listen to my songs.

Then I hope that my songs

such as "Sun Shine Rainbow Little White Horse"

can help you feel the

power of life.

Because good things will always go away

which means the better things

are going to happen.

So, in 2020

I hope that the better things

will happen in your new year.

Let's us be "Sun Shine Rainbow Little White Horse" together.

Master Wowkie Zhang sent blessing himself.

So awesome.

Peng Rujing, whose variety show do you like the most?

Wowkie Zhang.

Yes. I like Wowkie Zhang a lot.

When I heard Master Wowkie Zhang's voice

I was so touched,

there was a feeling in my eyes that

my tears were about to pour out.

But I think that my tears today

are very happy tears.

Because when I felt down and despair the most,

it's Master Wowkie Zhang's music which always accompanied me.

I'll send this video to you.

You watch it once a day.

These are happy tears.

Vila Fan is so considerate.

Thank you, Vila Fan.

This is so cool, Vila Fan.

This is so great.

Since her mom passed away a year ago,

she became habitually silent.

So what do you want to change the most?

The thing I want to change the most is probably the thoughts in my mind.

When Peng Rujing's mother was still alive,

her mother took care of her very well.

You grew up without cooking for yourself at all,


Your parents cooked food?

Yes, they did.

My mom was responsible for

three meals a day for me.

She prepared it all for me.

I don't know my own size, I don't know anything at all.

Because my mom bought it all for me in the past.

She knew my size.

What Peng Rujing needs right now is

our sincere help.

I think if your mom sees you like this,

she definitely will be very happy.

That's right.

It's true, isn't it?

You've learned how to cook it yourself.

Besides, I'm learning to cook the dish that she liked to cook for me.

Do you like it?

I like it.

I want to look at myself more.

I think Peng Rujing, from this moment on, should learn

to grow up.

Very beautiful.

Very cool.

It helped me feel very light-hearted,

very happy.

I'm so thankful to the "You are so beautiful" team.

They brought to me surprises

and changes

that I really didn't imagine.

Just like what they said,

the feelings when they first met me

and me today

are totally different.

I'll remember this.

Happy New Year.

A few hundred sets of clothes, more than one hundred pairs of shoes.

How many clothes do you actually have?

This is very saturated.

She likes these kind of

colorful pieces joined together.

We use her current clothes to pair up,

to keep the colors that she likes.

We're going to use the colors that she likes to make a subtraction in style.

Just resign if you don't agree with me.

I hope that she does her job well,

does it well,

doesn't expect from others.

I quit my job long a ago.

You grandma doesn't know that you're unemployed now.

That's right.

I want people to see the real her,

see who Xia Ming Ming is.

I hope that you'll get better and better.

You see, so different.

So beautiful.

Grandma, I want to be an actress.

This is what I really want to do.

I really hope that

you can understand me.

Can you support me?

The Description of 【ENG SUB】《你怎么这么好看》第6期 完整版 母亲离开女孩勇敢走出阴霾 昆凌学说长沙普通话 You are so beautiful【芒果TV生活风尚频道】