Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dallas ZOO LIGHTS Drive is Underway!

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Sean: Were coming up on our fourth year doing Zoo Lights and what a year its been!

For two-and-a-half months the Zoo closed.

In my thirty years, Ive never seen anything like that.

We were able to quickly pivot in a pandemic and create

a whole new experience for guests to come out this year.

We took Zoo Lights and transformed it.

In a short time we designed this 1.25 mile course.

Weve taken a million lights, weve taken all the inventory,

and weve added a whole new section of the Zoo.

Youre going to drive through and see different areas of the park

that youve probably never set foot on before.

You can see animals. You can go by the flamingo pond and see some beautiful, beautiful birds.

Weve got Animal Ambassadors that you can see from your car window.

Well also have Santa. Some other costumed characters.

The creativity of the team has really made it exciting.

Carmen: Weve really just pulled it off.

It takes elements that weve had in the walking experience and weve reimagined it.

Were actually driving through the campus in a way that has not been done before.

Weve re-used the lights, weve placed the lanterns in a different scenario.

We had to construct a roadway in an unused part of the Zoo.

Having an opportunity to reimagine the Zoo Lights

really gave us something to give back to the community.

The installation team worked in all types of weather.

There were days over 100 degrees, some really cool days where they had lots of layers on.

Working through the rain was challenging, but they powered through.

Sean: Reliant has been a great partner with us since day one.

Zoo Lights wouldnt happen if it wasnt for Reliant in year one, year two, year three,

and this year, in a pandemic, they stepped up as well to partner with us to put this on.

This event really symbolizes a lot of hope,

a lot of renewal for us here at the Zoo, and enthusiasm and creativity.

Carmen: Weve had tremendous support.

It just fuels the energy to make this as great as we can.

Sean: To drive through the Dallas Zoo for the first time ever,

its going to be a unique experience for sure.

The Zoo has been around since 1888.

Its going to be a really exciting 2020 for Dallas Zoo Lights

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