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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Baby Goat Births

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Jason Clear Creek farm it's already been out a long day I'm going to go back

and I'm going to show you some video this morning out of three dos kidding

three does kit last night or this morning starting about 12:30 in the

morning and going to about 3:30 in the morning it was one right after another

so I'm going to bring you along and show you guys a video I took of the DOS


so out of the three dose two of them ended up having triplets one ended up

having quads we lost one of them in the process of pitting before I even got out

here we ended up having four bottle babies out of these because the first

one that kidded them babies were super cold when we noticed on the cameras that

they were this is miracle she had a set of triplets when you said herself we

have two of them on her now there's a buck and a doe on her now there was one

buck in the house from her she's doing fine the babies are doing fine

this is sugar she ended up having triplets and she had with this is the

dough that we put the babies in the house because they were super cold

we ended up draft drafting a kid on to her she's taking care of it well being a

good mom so that's always a plus one last battle baby we end up having we

can't tell the one bottle baby well from last week there's stolen here throwing


this is PIP she ended up having quads we took engrafted one over to this to

sugar and she has two on her there's one in the house which is a little doline

that one's not as in good as condition it was the last one born it was super

small probably only wait a couple pounds and we're dealing with a few other

medical issues on her but these babies here are doing fine the one over with

sugar is doing fine so I guess that's not too bad so three days kids

so think that we're coming along with me as I showed you what our adventures were

this money started about 12:30 and I think he got back into bed about five

after we took care of all these dough's the kids and got them all their vaccines

and stuff that we always do so you guys have a great day and see you on the next


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