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My name is Katie and I am a part of the Faculty of Arts

Right now, I am flipping pancakes at the pancake breakfast.

The best part about volunteering for WOW is meeting all these new students coming in and

just sharing the great experiences I've had with them!

My name is Paul and I am in Materials Engineering.

My name is Tahra and I'm going into my fourth year at Campus Saint-Jean for Science.

My name is Oswaldo.

Emily Alex

Veronica Jenny

Kevin Hannah

Nathaniel, and this is my first year

Second Year

First Year Third Year Second Year

First Year

Fourth Year

First year volunteering and my last year of

university so I'm kinda sad I didn't do it earlier.

Right now, we're in front of clubs fair, we're playing a super fun game -- they have to try

to navigate [the ball] up all the way to the top.

In my role, we present to all the new students coming in, tell them what's up, give them

some first year tips and get them comfortable and get them in the groove for the year to come.

Right now, I'm a general volunteer for Week

of Welcome, and I'm taking the night off and enjoying comedy night.

Currently I am giving a tour of our Students' Union Building to our new students.

I am currently working in the Beer Gardens, roaming around in front of the mainstage.

My favourite thing about volunteering for WOW is the energy.

The amount of stuff you are actually able to do just within a volunteer role.

All the great people you meet and you get to work with.

New people that I wouldn't otherwise have met.

And I feel way more prepared and way more confident in myself.

We are the first impression of this University for first year students.

The fun experiences and memories you get to make.

And because you get to do a bunch of cool shifts and hang out with a bunch of awesome people

You should volunteer for Week of Welcome because

you're gonna meet a lot of really cool people who are gonna show you the right place to go.

Having that moment of growth with people who

support you is definitely amazing. You get to help new students with their transition

into the University of Alberta from wherever they come from.

It is a great leadership opportunity and you can grow a lot within the program.

It is kinda a stepping stone into the campus life.

You should volunteer for Week of Welcome because it is a great way to make new friends, get

connected to your campus community, and to make a difference in the lives of both new

and returning students.

Volunteering for Week fo Welcome is awesome. You should do it too.

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