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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Backstage with Alicia Keys at the 2020 Grammy Awards | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

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First I was like, "Hell, no, I'm not hosting again.”

Didn't you all see that I did it last year?”

What in the world would make me do it again?”

Hey, I'm Alicia Keys

and you're behind the scenes with me at the Grammys with Vogue.

We're getting ready, it's about to happen.

I'm actually going on stage in, like, 18 minutes!

There's a lot of love, all my friends.

This is my oldest son, Egypt, right behind.

Look how handsome you look!

I'm really excited to see Billie Eilish. She's like a little sister to me.

For Lizzo, it's going to be a big night.

I'm excited for Rosalía, shes like another sister to me.

My day started with a beautiful meditation.

I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to get up early,

I wanted to meditate

and really call forth the energy of power.

And I really wanted to just create a warm environment around me.

Tonight's look is iconic Alicia cornrows,

but I'm gonna add a very modern, fun twist to it.

Oh, my God.

Alicia is an incredible human.

When you walk into a room with her, it's all about peace,

it's all about her incredible vibe.

The first time I went to the Grammys, I couldn't believe that I was there.

I literally felt

like I was like transported into this alien space

and I was on some spaceship that I didn't know how I got there.

It's so crazy, it was so thrilling, so exciting.

Obviously, what a big night for me that night.

I'll never forget it.

Today is a really, really difficult day for all of us

because we just lost Kobe Bryant.

We've been working so hard to revamp the show

to really properly honour him and his family in this time.

It's truly crazy, we're all heartbroken.

It's very hard, it's bittersweet.

It's exciting for all the artists

who've done this beautiful music this year, and then it's tragic.

And so, honestly, we're all over the place.

To describe Alicia's style,

it's quintessential New York.

Downtown meets Midtown meets Uptown meets old-school Harlem.

We did our final fitting

and Alicia puts on the silver chainmail Versace dress,

and she looks at me and she literally says,

This is my favourite dress I've ever worn.”

This particular look, it's quintessential Alicia.

It's edge, it's tough, it's sexy, it's strong.

I'm obviously still an artist,

so I really understand what they're feeling tonight.

You want to be great, you're scared, you're excited,

you're all these thousands of emotions.

So, I think being able, as an artist,

to kind of hold the space for all the people in the room

is just natural and it feels really good.

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