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Hi my name is Donnie P and Id like to tell you a little bit about myself.

Im 49 years old, I am a musician. I am fairly newly married, husband. My wifes

actually filming me and a Im also about a year ago almost top the day another 2 more

days I had a biopsy done cause there was some crackling sounds in my lungs the doctor heard

and uh I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis big shock just got married, what am I gonna

do , what is pulmonary fibrosis ? Well pulmonary fibrosis is scarring of the lungs, which makes

it hard to breathe and makes it hard for the body to a take in and assimilate and utilize

oxygen so it goes throughout your blood and all your cells and a Im making this video

series to try to help show and put an awareness on what pulmonary fibrosis is its not very

popularly known in the main stream like cancer and other awful diseases per say so theres

not a lot known about this disease and most people who look at me think Im perfectly

healthy its odd that when Im sitting down , Im able to speak , Im able to sing

, believe it or not I feel fine but when I get up and I move around my oxygen level starts

to drop , I start to get dizzy my fingers start to turn blue and it just doesnt feel

so good ! Um currently in the mainstream world of medicine all they can offer this disease

I went to a lot of doctors is a medication thats uh possibly can slow the progression

of the lung scarring down but it comes with like a book full of side effects you have

to have your liver constantly tested it can possibly cause cancer I dont know, hell

it can probably grow a tail I dont know! And after that at that point the only other

alternative they they show is lung transplantation! So! Hearing all that, I decided that I wanna

take matter into my own hands. I just dont want to give up my life to medicine where

it is right now and I know that uh the body has an innate ability in the mind to heal

itself. I mean lets face it, uh we dont think about digestion, we dont think about

uh, our heart beating when we go to sleep, yet the body is taking care of that on its

own, and with our subconscious mind uh if you cut yourself how do you heal? All of a

sudden the body heals it eventually and you no longer have a cut?

So we know that the body has that ability and we also know over the years and years

that we have whats called the placebo effectwell why does that work? And if youve

never heard of that, thats where somebody, a patient gets a trial of a drug and they

are gonna tell the person this can cure you of cancer or this can heal you of this and

that disease . The person believes it so much with their heart and their soul and they take

the pill but its unbeknownst to them it s really a sugar pill and they heal themselves!

So I say, why is that? And thats because the mind is extremely powerful and has the

ability to do so! So I wann a make this series, hopefully you guys can follow me and cheer

me along? I definitely need the support! Of overcoming this uh disability and this disease

on my own. Im determined to heal my self um right now the doctors want me to be pretty

much on continual oxygen so you know, you hook up the cannulas to your nose and the

people wheel the carts around and everywhere you go, get on your oxygen but as Ive said

when Im sitting down like this, I can breathe just fine! When I go to sleep at night, I

do wear oxygen, it helps me sleep better. I was waking up in the past with severe headaches

from the lack of oxygen while I was sleeping and that definitely helps, so obviously there

is some good in you know whats out there in the medical tools and Im utilizing that

but I really dont like to go around in my daily day with carrying oxygen! Doesnt

really uh look to good I would think up on stage if Im performing a gig and uh its

bulky its cumbersome and Im gonna find a way to, to beat this! Uh one of the things

that I need to do first of all is lose weight. I currently, cause of depression partly, because

I love to eat and because I like to cook and so does my wife uh�. Yeah I eat a lot! So

I gained a lot of weight and Im up to about 253lbs! So what I wanna do is I wanna do different

things to make, put my body in the best uh state the best opportunity to heal itself!

And make myself feel better so, I wanna lose a tremendous amount of weight, I dont have

any diet picked out per say. Im thinking that uh, Im gonna cut down on my carbs

dramatically, drastically, Im gonna get rid of sugar for the most part. Im gonna

be drinking tons of alkaline water. So Im gonna work on that progress and show you guys

a video on a weekly basis of my weight loss and take it to a point where Im hoping

thats gonna allow me to breathe a lot better and Ill let you know about that as well

and Ill be putting in some videos showing how I do some of my gigs. I also own and run

a karaoke company, where I come out and Im the MC and I tell a couple of jokes, sing

some songs and then have people come up. In order to get through that gig, I have a special

DJ type of chair, where people dont even realize; it just looks like its part of the

show. If it wasnt for that chair I wouldnt be holding the mic Id be laying on the

ground! So Ill come out and put some of those videos together and just kind of document

what its like to live with Pulmonary Fibrosis! And Im doing this because other people

that have the disease or know other people that might have it? I wanna show people, if

I am and I know that Im gonna be successful at this that theres hope out there if you

put your mind to it! Theres other alternatives and just dont give up! Sure for some going

the conventional route might be what they wanna do and who am I to say not to do that!

For me No! I cant see doing it that way; I dont wanna be on these crazy medications!

I dont wanna think about a lung transplant! I wanna think about, while I still feel good

enough to even make a video like this, I wanna put my mind to work I have, (Im very blessed

and lucky) one of the best wives any husband could ever ask for! Im gonna tear up! And

shes behind me 100%. And Im gonna document my progress and this is uh.. This is the beginning,

this is the very first video so if you wanna help support me by watching and following

me along and being a cheerleader on the side? Id appreciate that!! And I would hope that

you would uh Subscribe to my channel down below and maybe put some comments in the comment

section and Ill gladly dialogue if I can with you guys and well see where this goes?

Until then I will tune in with you guys next week. Have an awesome week and uh again my

name is Donnie P thanks for watching !

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