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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #082 English Money Vocabulary- Warren Buffett ESL

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welcome to speak English now podcast

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that will help you to speak English

fluently with no grammar and no

textbooks hello everybody I'm Georgiana

your English teacher and founder of

speak English podcast calm my mission is

to help you to speak English fluently

speaking English is easier than it seems

you just have to use the right material

and techniques today I will talk about

one of the wealthiest people in the

world his name is Warren Buffett born in

1930 in Nebraska Buffett is a

fascinating character because of his

inspiring story as a child Buffett

showed interest in stocks he was writing

stock prices on the board in his

father's office his father was a

stockbroker and a future congressman and

while nowadays most children play video

games Warren bought his first stock at

the age of 11 and filed his first taxes

at age 13 because like many children of

the Great Depression Buffett grew up to

respect the value of money he became so

frugal that when he moved to New York to

attend business school he lived at the

YMCA to save money YMCA is short for the

Young Men's Christian Association I also

used the word frugal which refers to

someone careful when using money or food

for example you could say a frugal

lifestyle or a frugal meal of bread and


however you can replace the word frugal

with the words economical or sparing

let's continue Buffett started working

at the age of thirteen as a paperboy

delivering newspapers in the morning and

afternoon after graduating with a

Bachelor of Science degree he enrolled

in Columbia School of Business where he

graduated with a Master of Science and


only five years after his graduation

Warren started Buffett partnership

limited in 1964 he took over Berkshire

Hathaway which was a profitable business

with millions of dollars in revenue to

take over means taking control of

something especially by buying a company

at the age of 60 he became a billionaire

and in 2006 Buffett promised to give

away over 99% of his fortune yes I told

you before that he was a fascinating

character only in 2018 he donated 3.4

billion dollars much of it to the

foundation of friends Bill and Melinda

Gates what an amazing business man he's

certainly an inspiration there are not

many people willing to donate 99 percent

of their fortune great now you can

practice your speaking with a mini story

a mini story is very simple I give you

information using phrases and then I ask

you questions I recommend that you

listen several times until it's easy to


start Warren Buffett hire jack to count

all his money was Jack hired or tired

hired Jack was hired he wasn't tired did

Warren Buffett hire anyone

yes Warren Buffett hired Jack Jack was

assigned only one job he had to count

all of Warren Buffett's money did Jack

have more than one job

no no Jack didn't have more than one job

he was assigned only one job was he

counting all of Buffett's coins

yes he was counting all of Buffett's

coins and Bill's whose money was Jack


warren buffett's he was counting warren

buffett's money there were so many

dollar bills that Jack had counted for

20 years and still not finished where

they're just a few bills


no no there were in just a few bills

there were many bills has Jack counted

the money for 21 years

no he hasn't counted the money for 21


he only counted for 20 years when he was

about to finish a gorgeous woman entered

the room and said hi to Jack who entered

the room Warren Buffett

no no Warren Buffett didn't enter the

room where did a gorgeous woman enter

in Jack's room a gorgeous woman entered

the room where Jack was counting the

money did she say bye-bye to Jack

no no she didn't say bye-bye to Jack she

said hi to Jack Jack said hi to her and

stared at her did Jack say anything to


yes Jack said hi to her what did Jack

say did he say get out of here

no Jack didn't say get out of here he

said hi who stared at her

Jack he stared at her when she entered

the room when Jack counted again he

realized he lost count did Jack count


yes he counted again what did Jack


he realized that he lost count did he

lose count

yes he lost count he lost track of the

money he had counted so Jack had to

start counting again 1 2 3 what did Jack


Jack started counting again did he quit

his job

no no he didn't quit his job he started

counting again who started counting


Jack our poor friend started to count

all the money once again perfect it's

the end of this mini story as you can

see through questions and answers you

can practice and improve your speech if

you want to get hours of audio with many

stories and point of view stories I'd

like to recommend you my fluency course

you can get it at fluency dot speak

English pod comm well I think that's

enough for today try to listen to this

content several times I'll see you next

week take care bye bye did you enjoy

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