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Now Im going to talk to you a little bit about the Armani line, Armani glasses. Armani

is divided up into two categories, one being Giorgio Armani which is a little bit more

expensive and Emporio Armani which is a little bit more affordable, probably a little bit

more geared to younger men. What you are going to find in the Armani line is a lot of styles

or classic frames for guys probably has in terms of the high-end designers Armani is

really focusing on plastics. You are going to find the square black Buddy Holly look

glasses that we get a lot of requests for, so that is where their main thrust is going

to be and a few frames, like this one is a mens frame, for a guy, thicker metal, but

you know, fairly thin on the frame, fairly thick on the sides so its got a plastic

backing thats got, this is a gray color, but with a metal front so its kind of a

combo piece so to speak, again nothing too over the top with Armani, its not going

to be something that is going to focus on a lot of flash, a lot of glitz but theres

going to be subtle differences. This Emporio Armani here, plastic all plastic on the front

but then on the sides they do a little cutout here and then put the little Emporio Armani

logon on the, in the, in a little space in-between. Just a little bit different, a little bit

of a different accent than lets say your Calvin Klein piece. Again these guys are focusing

more on plastics for guys, they are probably giving you upwards of around at least twenty

or thirty different mens plastic style pieces to choose from so if youre interested

in plastic pieces I would try with the Armani collection first.

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