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(upbeat music)

- Hey everyone.

It's Barry.

Welcome to my virgin kitchen.

I hope you are well.

Today is the last recipe I am filming

in this kitchen.

Well, unless it all fails

and then I end up moving back here.

You never know.

'Cause we're renting the house out.

Who knows, in 20 years time I might come back

and just be like, "Yeah, you remember this place?"

So yes, this is the last recipe in this kitchen.

We've had a heck of a lot of memories here.

So many alterations to this house as well.

The next video I'm doing after this is actually a montage

I'm gonna put together of footage throughout the years,

which should be quite fun and also save me

having to film because I'm gonna be moving house

in boxes, in boxes like that.

I know some of you are gonna be like,

"That's not a lot of boxes,"

but we haven't even started packing yet,

and we should be.

Luckily, the gas and electric has not been cut off yet,

so we can finish off with one recipe.

And I decided to pick one of my favourite ever recipes

from the archives for a few reasons.

One, it is one of the best tasting recipes I've ever had.

Literally, this is my favourite ever, ever, ever

method of making chips.

Two, it's minimal ingredients.

Three, I really want chips.

Four, there was a four.

Oh, yes, also when I originally did this

the quality was awful and it looked like

it was actually filmed on a potato.

And also I didn't type up on my website

with the whole method and ingredients

like I do with all my other recipes,

so I'm gonna do that so you guys can do it too.

And we're gonna have a jolly old,

good old emotional time.

So as the pugs settle down for one last time,

Lizzie's already away in storage,

Homer's there again, let's do this.

So for a thrice cooked chips/fries,

we cook them three times, hence the name.

Ding ding ding ding, ding ding ding ding.

Oh, think thrice.

'Cause it's another day for you and me in para-thrice.


You're gonna need groundnut oil.

You can use any other type of oil you like.

A lot of people will have vegetable oil

or sunflower oil in their house,

but groundnut oil is very, very good for frying.


Don't worry about it if not.

You can get away with doing this

with pretty much any potato really,

but I like to use some good waxy potatoes.

These are Charlotte potatoes.

And last, but not least some really awesome seasoning.

And you guys are absolutely raving about it.

I'm not sponsored by these folks in any way,

but if you're watching please do 'cause I love you guys.

Maldon salts, but particularly the smoked salt.

My mind's telling me no.

Let's do it,

Don't worry about that if you do buy groundnut oil,

it just kind of settles like that, okay?

You can shake it up and all that, it's fine.

First thing I'm gonna do is get a saucepan.

A saucepan, fill it up with water

and slowly bring it on to boil while we do our other step.

Our other step.

One man, one pan.


Alright, so a little low flame going on there.


Just do its thing.

Alright, I need to shut my drawer.

Hey, that was almost, almost, yeah that's better.

When you slice a potato, as you know

and I've told you in the past,

you kind of get starch residue,

and I tend to pat dry it.

So that's what we're gonna do.

And first of all we're gonna cut our potatoes

into the chip shape that you desire.

This is the cool thing.

You can make wedges if you want.

Cut it into any shape.

Confuse your guests.

Cut it into the shape of Tetris.

I don't care.

I do care actually.

I like to have uniform chips,

but for you, you know, you might like irregular shapes,

and that is fine folks.

Now if you want you can go a little wider

and keep the skin on so you've got a nice rough edge,

a bit of rustic-ness on your potatoes.

I like to do that, but for today I'm not going to.

And if you're gonna be like that,

what you can do is use these off cuts,

and just boil them up and make mashed potato with it.

You'll have enough, trust me, if you use all these potatoes.

That's what I'm gonna do tonight for Mrs. Barry and I.

So you've got a block there like that,

and I don't know if you can pick it up

on the camera too well, but that's really wet, that surface.

So I would normally pat dry the potatoes,

but we're gonna wash them today as well.

Gonna really wash it all off.

But first we'll get it into a chip shape.

So I want them quite chunky.


Now you can see that, that's really wet now, okay.

And there we go.

That's my fries.

And as you can see, you've got a little bit

of potato skin on the end.

I quite like that.

It reminds you that it is a potato.

I'm just gonna do that to my other potatoes.

Mrs. Barry, you alright?

I'm making us chips.

- I'm packing boxes.

- So my water's still boiling away

and I've sliced up my chips now.

I'm hoping this will show you the starch in there, okay.

So let's, we've been doing a lot of starch recently,

haven't we With the clear recipes?

This is normal, okay guys?

This is normal.

I did try making clear french fries/chips

on the vlog, some of you guys might've seen that.


I do have another clear recipe in mind.

I just don't know where the ingredients

have gone that I got.

It's in one of these of boxes.

You'll see.

Alright let's turn the tap on.

It should get cloudy.

Oh, there you go.

You see that?

That is very cloudy, indeed.

Mrs. Barry is on the phone, sorry if you can hear her.

Trying to make chips here Mrs. B.

What's going on?

- That was about a parcel you ordered.

- What I'm trying to show you

is look how cloudy that water is.

That's crazy.

It's like a really foggy mist, isn't it?

We're gonna keep washing it with the tap.

So it might take a good five minutes

until this water is pretty much clear.

That's when we'll know most of the starch is gone.

Kind of like a shower for your spuds.

See how much better that is?


Okie doke.

The fact that this water isn't simmering yet

isn't necessarily a bad thing

because when we add these chips

it's gonna drop the temperature down anyway.

All we want to do now is simmer those

for around about 20 to 25 minutes until they've softened up.

Obviously, if you've gone for bigger chips

it's gonna take a little longer for them to fully soften.

Alright, that has been 25 minutes

and those potatoes are super softened.

They're gonna be delicate so please be careful.

And here's a little thing.

I don't know if many of you guys have ever spotted this.

This has been our slotted spoon for like the last two years.

(laughs) Professional set up guys.

Obviously you should do this over a sink,

but for some reason I'm gonna show you,

draining the water off.

Gonna do it quite low to the pan

so that it doesn't damage the potatoes.


I'm just carefully taking them out here

because they're very, very delicate.

Oh, yeah looks like we got a casualty.

Alright, so here's our chips.

Just gonna pat dry them.

They feel almost gummy because a lot

of the moisture is out of it now.

But by freezing it, which we're gonna do,

it's gonna help firm it up

and create these different layers when we fry it,

but also take more moisture out of it.

So just transfer your chips to a chopping board

or a plate or something that can fit in your freezer.

Luckily our freezer is pretty much empty at the moment.

There we go.

These are gonna go in the freezer for about half an hour.

And for those of you asking,

don't worry, we are taking that fridge/freezer with us.

In the meantime, it can be wok and roll time.

You got your wok?

We're gonna fry.

So we're gonna get our groundnut oil in there.

Straight in there like so.

If you're using a deep fat fryer,

obviously you can control the temperature a little bit more.

Alright folks, I'm doing a little bodge

because if you have a deep fat fryer

it will tell you the temperature.

You can normally do it by eye,

but just to be sure we want to get

to just over 130 C.

I'm just using my candy thermometer.

Really, really useful tool.

I definitely recommend getting one of these.

I've got some kitchen towels lying to one side here.

I've got my drill over there

to take down the wardrobe in a minute.

And I've got two pugs that are kind of doing nothing.

So we're gonna take the chips out the freezer now.

In batches, we'll fry them at that 130 C,

put them on there, and that's it.

Alright, so there's me chippies.

Just gonna slide them in.

Just a teeny tinge of brown, that's all you want.

So you just want to keep your eye on them.

It will take a couple of minutes though

with it being so cold as well.

But effectively, what you've got

is a really soft cooked middle,

and then you're just sort of firming up,

giving it like a little shield on the outside of it.

Please be careful when you do this

and take your time because it is worth it.

Once you've done this first fry,

which is the second cook,

you can actually freeze them if you wanted as well.

So although this is quite long winded,

you could do this like in bulk, like massively,

and keep it in your freezer.

But you can see it's starting to change.

A lot of people always ask

what I'm gonna do with it once I'm done,

but this oil I'll just reuse to make more chips.

Alright, just to show you

that is one chip at the stage I'm happy with.

It's just a very, very light tinge of brown on it.

Down on there it goes.

Scoop the rest out.

Oh yeah, just dump them down.

There is like a skin on it as well,

but anyhow just fry up the rest of them now, okay.

I blooming love these chips.

For reference, the chips took about five minutes

to get to the dry enough stage.

Just gonna give them a little dab.

I'm not doing a dab.

No it's all about pat today.

Giving it a pat.

It's a very English joke.

When you go in a chip shop here in the UK,

I pretty much, when I get them,

they are kind of like this colour.

I feel they should be a different shade,

which we will take it to.

So these are now at room temperature.

I've put them back on the board for the freezer.

One last time for a good half an hour.

And that was officially the last time

you'll ever see me put something

in the fridge/freezer in this kitchen.


I need a pug hug.

Tell me everything is gonna be alright.

Everything's gonna be alright, yeah.

Nothing like overreacting is there?

In all seriousness though, we are excited.

45 minutes later, these are nice and firmed up and cold.

It's time to heat our oil to 180 C,

which is very hot, indeed.

Be careful as we make the world's best chips.

Spread them around a little bit

and cook them to the colour that you want.

So we've got that super soft layer,

that fried layer initially, which to be honest,

is okay as it is, but we're now

crisping up that crisp layer.

Oh yeah!

That's actually quite a nice light golden colour

on that at the moment, but I'm gonna push it a little more.

Here we go then, folks.

The camera is not doing that justice.

That is a lovely gorgeous golden brown colour.

You'll see it when you make this recipe,

which you really must.

Come on, it's my last video here, come on.

I'm taking these out now.

That is a lovely sight.

Alright, obviosuly this oil I'm just gonna leave that

in that pan to cool down.

Be very, very careful.

If you knock that over,

you're gonna scream like Michael Jackson.

Hee hee!

That's my smoked salt flakes,

and I'm just gonna crumble them

from a great height on there.

Oh my gosh!

Really salting these chips up.

Salt and vinegar is my favourite thing on chips normally,

but a good seasoning here.

Oh my goodness!

I cannot wait to taste these

because I know, I know they taste amazing.

We've got no ketchup left in the fridge,

but we have got salsa.

Those my friends are the greatest chips in the world.

Here we go!

Dunky, dunk, dunk, dunk.

Oh my gosh!


Mrs. Barry's getting a stool for one last time

so she can join me.


Alright? - Yeah.

- Oh we're still.

Oh now you're too tall.


- Salsa?

Why not ketchup?

- Salsa because I couldn't find ketchup

because we emptied the fridge.

We've got like half a little

(imitates bottle squirt) in it.

If I did it on camera.

I've done us a nice recipe, alright?

I've gone to all this effort,

I've got a nice recipe,

and I was gonna go (imitates bottle squirt)

and the ketchup go everywhere. - Okay.

- So I did salsa.

- Did you say it was ketchup?

- No.

I was honest.

Oh my gosh, the crunch. - Wow.

- Mmm ahh so good!



- They're good.

- You've got this really soft, fluffy middle

and that crisp, the crunch is so good, like.

(fry crunching)

Do you hear that?

Do you hear it?

- I've never had chips like it before.

(doorbell rings)

(dogs barking)


My shoes.

- Shoes? They're addressed to me.

He said Mr. Lewis.

- It better say Mrs. Lewis on them.

- No idea, they're high heels.

Anyway, this is a great finish

to my last video in this kitchen.

(sniffles) Kitchen.

But for one last time here,

that was stonking.

- It was stonking.

A good recipe to finish on.

- It's time to make a whole new load of memories.

Thank you for seven years plus of fun here.

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- Let's go back.

- Yeah.

- Bye. - Bye.

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