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When you travel, you need this.

Let's talk about that.

♪ [theme music] ♪

Good Mythical Morning!

Mythical Beasts, you have questions, and the only way to get those

questions answered is to travel to Answer Island.

So, you pack your bags, set your email to "Auto-reply", and hop aboard

Rhett & Link Airlines for a non-stop flight.

Take-off goes smoothly, until all of a sudden, the captain turns on

the "Fasten your seat belt" sign, because the plane has hit

a patch of rough "turb".

[both laughing]

– "Turb", huh? – The steathe steal bird shimmies and

shakes. You panic and begin to overshare all the weird things you've done

throughout your life to the stranger seated next to you.

Like that one time you threw up week-old spaghetti in your dad's

work boots and blamed it on your dog, Muffins.

UGH-ee. – But then the plane steadies, and you

land safely. Do not make eye contact with the person next to you.

You've made it to Answer Island.

Now: it's time to kick back and enjoy a coconut water from an

actual coconut, – [Rhett snickering]

and watch the Answer Sun set.

– [slurping] – The Answer Sunoh, I love watchin' that.

– [more slurping] – We asked you if you needed us to

give you any travel advice, and Jaymie Nunnery replied: "No thanks ;)".


[abashed] Oh. Okay.

Okay. – [sardonic] I guess Jaymie Nunnery

doesn't need any advice because she's the greatest traveler in the world.

[also sardonic] Yeah, I bet when Jaymie Nunnery drives ato athrough a

toll plaza, I bet they give HER 75 cents.

I bet that Jaymie Nunnery always gets an extra packet of peanuts from the

flight attendant, WITHOUT EVEN ASKING.

Yeah, I bet Jaymie Nunnery never gets startled when she flushes

an airplane toilet. WHY IS IT SO LOUD? – It'sit's scary; it's like a

jack-in-the-box, – I-I kn-kn

no matter how well prepared you are!

I know it's gonna happen, but I'm like, "Aaaah".

I bet Jaymie Nunnery has never bought an eight-dollar bottle of SmartWater

before going through security, and then been two sips-oo into it, when

[correcting self] two sips INTO it – [off-screen giggle]

when a TSA guy says,

[mock authority] "You're gonna have to hand that over",

and then guzzled the whole thing right there in front of him!

Yeah, I bet Jaymie Nunnery has never once forgotten to pack her shaving cream

and had to shave her face with cream cheese from the hotel's

continental breakfast.

Ew. [crew laughing off screen]

I bet that Jaymie Nunnery has never taken a Greyhound bus

from Duluth, Minnesota to Albuquerque, New Mexico while sittin'

next to Luther, who is trying to recruit her to his cheese cultwho also happened

to have breath that smelled like a possum had crawled into his throat and DIED.

So here's to you, Jaymie Nunnery,

[both] the greatest traveler in the world!

Oh, [dink] we "dinkin'" first? – Yeah, let's "dink", Link.

Now let's asklet'slet's read a question that someone asked...

'cause they wanna know an answer! – Yeah. [crew laughing]


Who is this? – [Rhett and crew laughing]

Famyz Hameem asks: "What are some important travel equipments [sic]

that you MUST have while traveling???".

Well, in order to know what the

"important travel 'equipments' that you must have while traveling" are,

we have scoured the internet, and put together another installment of

Weird Products You Must Have: Travel Edition

Okay, typically wewe only highlight one item, but you're in for

a real treat today, travelers. – This ain't typical.

[Southern accent] This ain't typical at all.

[Southern accent] No, nothin' typ'cal about these traveler devices.

We have two of them. – [Rhett chuckling]

First, I'm pleased to admit

[both and crew laughing]

Admit it, Link. Just admit it. – I just wanna admit that

What's first, man? Just admit it. – we have a travel item.

I'm pleased to PRESENT— –Oh.

Yeah, that's the word I was lookin' for. – Yeah.

Well, you can admit it; I don't care.

[Link in announcer voice overmellow music ♪]

The Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidetit's for all of those people whocan't

leave theirbidets at home. [Rhett chuckling]

I thought you were going to say, "bidets behind".


I should have said that. – That was youI mean you

I screwed up the WHOLE thing! – You did the perfect set-up.

"Can't leave your bidets behind!"

Well, youthey say, "You can't take your bidet with you".

Butbut that's... that's changed now. Um.

It'sit's out of the box. – Ooh, nice box.

But, oh! [mock discerning] Look at that. – Ooh, nice bag.

Take it outta there. Um... "Take clean wherever you go".

Don't take that wherever you go.

You just take this satchelhoo!

Pull that tight. – Don't pull it TOO tight.

Loosen this. Now, – Oh, gosh [laugh and cough]

The— – It's a travel bidet?

Yeah. – That's just, like, a water bottle

with a spigot on it.


Um, I have not tested this thing out. – Pff.

I've been saving that for you guys. – Well, have you everbut have you ever

actually bidet-ed?

No, because I'm not European.


But... this may be my gateway drug to bidet-ing.

[Crew laughing] Especially if it's bacon scented.

I think— – I'm justI'ma give it a squeeze.

Well, sqturnturn itdon't

Well, it's got holes right there.

Yeah. Hold onit's leaking! Your bidet's leakin'.

– [crew laughing] – Is it?

There's aoh!

[crew laughing off-screen]

So, what do you do? You go this... this way?

Nomanwell, you

Well, you put it... next to your butt crack. It's what you'll

– [Link giggling] – Okaylook, look

Look, here's what you would do. – Well, don't put it next to

your butt crack.

If yourif your butt crack was down there...

just say this is my butt crack, right here,

Fromfrom— – and I would go, "Ooh, yeah".

[water trickling] [crew and Link laughing]

But then, if I was like, "You know what?

I'm thirsty".

[Link and crew laughing]

It's goin' into— – Try it.

[giggly] It's goin' into your mug.

That's why immaimma— – Tr-try it. Try it. Try to



Mm! – How is that bidet water?

It's very fresh. – It is fresh.

Andand, uh, once it's empty, you just refill it in the airport bathroom

and no one's gonna give you a weird look.

[Rhett laughing] Look at that guy; that guy's got quite a

nozzle on that botwater bottle. – [Link making water-filling noise]

Okay. That's not the only pr— [laughing], product we have to "admit". Heh.

[both laughing]

I admit that I have another product. – [Link giggling]

[Rhett in announcer voice overmellow music ♪]

For the person who doesn't wanna wear a bikini just

on their BODY... it's... the Facekini! – [Link laughing]

Okay. II see where you're goin' with this.

Link, you got one of those over there, dontcha?

Yeah. – Apparently, this is all the rage

in the Asian countries.

[Rhett] The women don't like their face in the sun.

[laughing] Look at this, guys!

Yeah, it's doin' some weird stuff with my lips and my beard hair.

[clears throat] My lips come right out of there perfectly.

[crew laughing]

– [Link] Look— – [Rhett] Look at what's happening

– [Rhett] with my— – [Link] Where are your lips, dude?

[laughing] You've gotten kinda— [giggling]

Unh-unh. [intense growl]

I mean, they have aa vibrant Facebook page full of

I can't say Facebook "PAGE", because of the way it's pullin' on my

But seriously! Apparently, there— – where they're selling these things

there are a lot of peoplethrough their website.

who are sreally scared about their faces getting... [laughing] UV rays.

[crew laughing] And this is one way to stop it. But you

[giggling] Become a luchador, basically!

Well, you know, the other interesting thing about this, is that

if somebody came up and tried to attack you with a travel bidet, you just

[Rhett laughing] [Link giggling]

You just— [crew laughing]

Uhyou cyou didn't feel that, did you?

– 'Cause it just hit the Facek— – I didn't evenI— [laughing]

I didn't even know you did it! – It justit just hit the Face

Okay! – It just

Glaawh, stop! – It just hits the Facekini, see?

[chair squeaks on wet floor] Itoh-ho [laughing]

– [Link] Ungh! – Ititit always travels over before it

– [Rhett] hits theugh. – [Link] So, uh, we've expanded it to

not just be sun protection, but [laughing] also rogue bidet protection.

[crew laughing]

Uh, the tip of my nose is gonna get sunburnt!

[through fabric] I just put the trap in my mouth.

[Rhett] You don't need a nose hole.

Yeah, that's what you gotta do, right there.

– [Link] Huh. – We should be a tag team.

[Rhett] Wewe could kick some butt.

– [Link] Oh, yeah. We could— – Or we could BIDET some butt.

– [Link laughing] – We come out therewe're like— [laughing]

It's— [laughing] What if you put the two together?

– [Rhett chuckling] – And wepeoplewe'd bidet people

at theby the pool!?

No— – With these on.

We're the wrestlers. And— – We'd totally get tips.

And our signature move is, we, like, stick it down their WHOO!

[both laughing]

We win everything.

You can buy these; they're like, what? 16 bucks? ♪ [mellow music] ♪


[in unison] This has been: Weird Products You Must Have!:

[Link] Travel Edition.

Okay. Movin' right along... A question from Briana Hartman, who asks:

"How should I pack the perfect suitcase?".

Um, Briana, thatthat is a great question, and I have a theory when it comes to

packing suitcases that... you know you've done a great job of packing your suitcase

when... uh... I can't see out of my glasses, first of all,

Oh. Okay. – so I'm tryna make it where I can see.

You gotta clean a little bit. – Where, if someone were to

steal your suitcase,

and then open it up, they would know EXACTLY where you were going,

and EXACTLY what you were gonna do when you got there.

Right. And so we have designed a game to play along those lines that we

like to call: For Which Place, Is That Suitcase?

Okay. This is how it works: we have each prepared a suitcase for the other.

Yes. – And there areuhwe have never seen

these things before, – Nope.

but there are items in the suitcase, and you're supposed to be able to

we're supposed to be able to look at the items, and guess where we're going,

and what we're doing when we get there. – Alright.

Just by looking at the items in

the suitcase. Okay? – Alright.

Cancan I go first in guessing?

You can, and here is your suitcase, Link. – Oh!

Look at that.

[Link] Looks kinda like, um, a briefcase.

It's kindait'syou went vintage. – Spice.

Yeah. It's a small suitcase.

Okay, I'm not gonna be goin' anywhere for LONG.

Mm. Yep. – That's the firsthow do I open this?

Weekend trip. – Hm!

Alright. I'm going to look at the items; I'm gonna guess where I'm going,

what I'm gonna do when I get there. – Yep. Alright.

Alright. ♪ [game show music] ♪

First we've got... what's this? A floral arrangement... necklace.

[Rhett sarcastically] That's what they call those: a floral arrangement necklace.

Alright, so, um... I'm immediately thinking... Hawaii?

Hm! – But I'm notI'm not gon' guess

until I've... uh, gone through all the items. Alright...

Second one... it's ait's a Harry Potter ball.

"Harry Potter ball". [crew and Link laughing]

Exactly. That is the official name for that.

Aa wicketwhat's it called? Um...

A Snitch.

A Snitch. And this is the... Golden Snitch, which is the

as we all knowit's the one that matters.

[Rhett] Right. It's the one you want.

Okay, so... this has nothing to do with Hawaii.


[Link] Next thing I got here... uh, garlic.

Mm-hm. – So I'm thinkin' more...



[Link] Like, vampires? Ooh. Especially with...


I got auh... some blood.

[mocking Link] "Some blood". [Link laughing]

That is my blood.

Oh, this is your blood? – I'll needI'll need it back.

'Sa lot of it; that's a half a pint.

Um. Hm. [clack]

Alright, so... that's it. That's all I've got.

Uh... I'm goin' somewhere tropical...

Th-this right here makes me think "vampire".

I'm going somewhere and I'm doing something....

I'm going to HHarry Potter World.

What does this have to do with it? [crew laughing]

I'm going to... a blood bank...

Am I close?

You were closer at one point.

Harry Potter World? Hawaii.

Huh! – I'm going to Hawaii... uh...

I'm going to a Harry Potter... slash Twilight... convention.

That sounds fun. – [Link laughing]

But if— – You know how those audiences

really overlap. – Yeah, yeah.

You're actually goin' to Hawaii to play Quidditch with... Dracula.

[rattle] And this is my peace offering?

You give that to him as a gift,

and you use this to keep away. – And then I keep him away.

And you use this... – I use this...

to play. – Okay.

Yeah, wasn't bad, though! – Alright, that was

Wasn't bad. – I was almost there!

Alright, I got one foryou, too, Rhett.

– [fake surprise] Oh, really? – Uh, 'cause you're notyou're not

comin' with me on MY trip to Hawaii.

But rest assured; you're goin' somewhere amazing.

Oh. – Here you go.

This is, uh, very sporty. [Link laughing]

[mock observational] You're very sporty today, Link.

Alright, s-see if you can figure THIS out.


♪ [Elvis-esque music] ♪


A camel. – Mm-hm.

Camels are in... the desert. – Okay.

In the Middle East. But you typically don't TAKE a camel with you.

But. YOU may think that that's what you should do.

Right. Why get a souvenir there when you can take it with you?

I got a t-shirt. That says, [laughing] "It's Bo time!".

[Link laughing] – [Rhett] That's Bojangles'.

[Rhett] Not a sponsor. But one of my favorite restaurants in North Carolina.

Fried chickenCajun fried chicken. – [Rhett] The South.

And biscuits. – [clearing throat]

We have a Ouija board. – Yeah.

Turn THAT around. – [confused] For communicating

with the dead. – Okay.

[Rhett] You CAN get heart disease from eating at Bojangles'.

[crew laughing] Maybe they won't be a sponsor NOW.

[both and crew all laughing]

[Link mock laughing] – Whoops. Heh.

What else we got in there, Rhett? – Okay, let's see.

And I've got... a sammich? – Got a snack!

A peanut butter, bacon, and... bananaElvissss.

Mmm. You're thinkin' Elvis, huh? – This is Elvis's favorite sandwich.

He actually liked mayonnaise on it; I don't see if there's any on that, but

Very Elvis. – How would you know?

"Blue Suede Shoes"! Uh-oh, okay. Okay!


Those are nice. Like, the budget of the – [Rhett exhaling]

show just went through the roof, just to— [laughing] just for those.

[crew laughing]

I am going to Bojangles' [laughing] – [crew laughing]

to communicate with Elvis....

I am going to a Bojangles' in the Middle East.

[crew laughing] – The first EVER Bojangles'

in the Middle East.

I'm gonna tellI-I want you to get this one right, so I'm gonna give you a hint

thathold up the Bojangles' thing?

Like, th-these ARE a unit. So, you're right.

You're communicating with Elvis... on the other side. But there's somethere's

another combo here that you're missing.

This and this.

What did you say about THIS?


Is... where?

Inthethe first ever Bojangles' in... – [crew laughing]

the Middle East. – I know that's your guess;

that's not right. So, I'm giving you another hint.

Buies Creek?

Campbell University?


I'm going to Campbell University to communicate with Elvis...

To communicate with Elvis?

[snap] Yes! [Link and crew laughing]

You had it, baby! You're goin' back home!

I'm sendin' you back home, man! – Oh, there's a Bojangles' on campus,

isn't there?

Well, it's justBojangles' is— – No, there's not a Bojangles' on campus.

Bojangles' is back home, and the Fighting Camels

is the collegeThere's a Chick-fil-A on campus.

in our home town.

I thought you'd be EXCITED about that

I am! I'll s— – Goin' to

goin' back to your home town.

[singsongy] I'll see you later!

Thanks for packing. – Oh, you're going right now?

[Rhett] Yep, yep. Hold on; give me that bidet.

[crew giggling]

You takin' that with you? I actually don't know where it is.

Oh, I got it right here.

– [Rhett] Thanks. – [laughing] Yeah, take that with you.

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