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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I Should Probably Get a Lawyer, Right? - Days of our Lives

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>> Gabi: Rafe, I know I confessed in front of a dozen

witnesses, but I should probably get a lawyer, right?

>> Rafe: Yeah, yeah.

Well, I know you have the DiMera fortune at your disposal, but I

don't see how all the money and power in the world is gonna get

you out of this one. >> Gabi: Well, thank you for the

vote of confidence. >> Rafe: You just copped

to everything in public, sis. >> Gabi: And I drove Eli

straight into Lani's arms.

[dramatic music] ♪

>> Eli: I forgot what this felt like.

>> Lani: I didn't.

>> Steve as Stefano: Hah. Yes, Rolf, thank you so much for

doing that for me, and thanks for the provisions.

[distant clattering] I must go.

Kayla's coming. [cell phone beeps]

Ah. >> Kayla: You know, I still

don't understand why you're making me stay here.

>> Steve as Stefano: I told you. It's for your own good.

>> Kayla: But I don't have my phone, so I can't call anyone

and tell them where I am or that I'm okay, and I'm sure that

Justin is worried sick about me. >> Steve as Stefano: Enough

about Justin, all right?

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