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After a whole lotta waiting and a whole lotta hype, Playboi Carti dropped a visual for his

new track, “@ MEH.”

Whenever you get into the studio with Carti and just hear whats going on its hard not to

take a smile off your face and just vibe out. Thats “@ Mehdirector Nick Walker,

hes been in the game for years as a photographer and director and worked with everyone from

FKA Twigs to Beyonce. He sat down with Genius NewsJacques Morel to break down the visual.

Jacques: So what was it like working with Playboi Carti and making this video?

NICK: There is something really about coming off the hip

with it. Hes always super involved and its always a great collaboration.

And Nicks been working with Carti since theR.I.P.” music video forDie Lit.’

NICK: When we were making both the album cover and the video for theDie Litcover

and forR.I.P.,” thank God nobody got hurt. I think there is a shot in there of somebody

catching an elbow to the face.

The run up to the release was shrouded in mystery - in the days and nights before it dropped, a leaked snippet began

circulating on social media which clever fans Shazaamed - which many took to mean that the

cut was also about to be available on streamig services.

And although Carti doesnt actually say the words “@ mein the song at all, it

appears hes calling out all his haters on the cut.

Production credits on the track include Neeko Baby, Deskhop, & jetsonmade,

and it is Cartis first official solo release since 2018sDie Lit,’ though there

have been plenty of leaks.

Many believe these constant leaks eventually led to the delay of his next album, ‘Whole

Lotta Redwhich was originally slated to be released back in 2019.

When I do drop I just want people to know imma give you what you love, and then boom.

Whole Lotta RedIm just tryna prove to these folks that I can rap, man.

And while Cartis been giving us plenty

of hints on social media, for now, Stans are happy with any kind of new release.

Whatd you think of Cartis newest track? Let us know in the comments. Im Tia with

Genius News bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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