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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 신종 코로나바이러스 치료해드릴게요. Allow me to cure your corona virus.

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How can i help you?

(I think I have a cold ...)

Oh do you have a cold?

What are your symptoms?

Have a fever


body ache


Do you have a lot of runny nose?

Because the corona virus is prevalent

Many patients come and ask if they have their own corona virus.

In fact, the corona virus, common cold, their symptoms are similar.

(Oh ... sleepy ...)

Well, if you get treated at our hospital, maybe you don't have a problem.

Let me wear some gloves.

I will wear a mask first.

(Be sure to wear a mask, everyone! Using a mask can significantly reduce your chances of getting a coronavirus!)

I put on my gloves

First of all, you need to see your ear condition before putting tingles on your ear.

Yes. That will be fine.

I'll burn the viruses in your ear.

Because there's nothing better than fire to kill the virus.

Don't be surprised

do not be surprised

The light goes on.

(I don't smoke)

I'll go into the other ear

Don't be surprised

(I was surprised that it suddenly smelled burnt ...)

Now i've sterilized your ears

This is a panacea we've been airing on Amazon.

Since you come often, i'll put it in your ear.

If you put this on your ear, you won't have any cold symptoms and you won't get sick in the future.

This is an extract from an amazonian tree that only comes out a few drops a year.

But one drop has healing power.

Have you seen Harry Potter for example?

The tears of the phoenix from Harry Potter treat the wound with tears when the snake bites him.

It's the same as that

I'll put this in your ear. I'll put this on the ear wheel.

First, I'll put it around your ear

Now it can be a bit irritating

I'll apply the medicine on your ear evenly, okay?

How is it?

Are you okay?

I'm going to the left ear

Overall, I've done all my ear care and I'll give you a shot.

I'll give you a shot this in your arm.

Isn't it scary to have a needle?

(No ... I'm scared ...)

Are you scared?

Cool. then I'll take out the needle and let go

I am an experienced doctor, so I can put medicine without a needle. believe me!



Now all treatment is over and I'll let you know

Please wear a mask when you go outside

This virus is often spread through saliva or runny nose.

Everything we can do at the hospital is over.

Thank you for your work today.

Please don't be sick and if you get sick please visit our hospital again.

thank you.

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