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Hi Sara Goldberg How are you i'm good you're 20 yes i am 20 Years so what do you think

Selena dreaming of You Whenever you're ready i no longer

late at Night When all the World is sleeping

i stay Up and think of You and i wish on a star

That somewhere You are

Thinking of

Me too

cuz i'm

Dreaming of You tonight till Tomorrow

I'll be Holding you tight and there's nowhere in the world i'd Rather be

Than Here in my Room

dreaming about You and me

Ask You a question yeah do you in your Heart

Really think you can Sing nah

Okay That's honest okay so why are you here

I'm not a singer

You are polly you're Looking at Him and you're Laughing at me

No i'm looking at Laughing Wait so you came did you wanted to be on tv

no Why are you why are you here i

Know i'm gonna Get out Emotion

I'm not a singer no with that Fat

You Know i really love to say i really do and my friends Make fun of me all The time Because i'M Tone-Deaf

but Yeah well sure That's true i

Don't mean to hear you Say i know okay Fair?

Even if i don't think i can Be the next American Idol Why and you want to know why yeah

- no, you wanna know what yeah because i've never sung before

And so you can teach me how to sing

huh yes i think i practice i practice with like Music right i can't believe i bribed george i

Think you don't have to say to be an American i know i really don't i

Think Paris Hilton can't Really Sing i think he's not an American Idol

I'm Actually aware i know that you don't realize it but

Just Turn Around See these five Winners They had one Thing in common They were all Great Singers This IS a Singing Competition?

It's not a competition of Like Trying to find the best person that can't sing But Really Wants you know What Randy

yes these People can Sing so yes they can but i could be the only American

Idol Who is never Saying before hey i can't

Sir i don't think There's anything Left to say i think you actually Said it all you entered a Singing Competition

And You don't sing so what do you think we're gonna Say We have to we have to go yes or no well no

Paula Yes or no sorry for that it's a no Sorry

and I'm sorry That You're Upset you guys

so you got What you wanted you got something about it That's about What i wanted are you Kidding i

Wanted to be the next American idol

Thanks Sarah

No it's not the beginning That's Pretty obvious

Well At Least She's not Harboring Any resentment Towards The Judges it's absolutely Rude like You are people we are people too

Just Because we don't have a million Dollars if we don't have singing Deals Doesn't Mean That we don't

Have Lives and Doesn't Mean That we don't. Have important Things in our Lives New York is Weird Today me as the Weird day today

with These Guys

and Build a Security guy because i Am Betty or Forever

and you know What They told me that these People went out last night Drinking in New York City in Jail

AnyWay an Extremely Good vocalist a Thing Like Friends of Christ's sake i can Sing Like Cyndi lauper and Gwen Stefani

so you know you don't get any more versatile Than That

I've Got The x factor Because i'm a Natural raw Talent

I've Got the looks i've Got the body Really at the end of the day i deserve it i Just - God Damn Good

What's your name Rachel Rachel and Would You do for a Living nothing I'M lazy at the moment do you ever sing professionally

Been singing all my life all Around The towns and everything okay do you think that you're capable of winning this contest

Yeah and how Good from one. To ten would you rate Yourself

Ten Whatever song You want me to sing i'll do It Gwen stefani i can sing prince i can sing sheila e

Kiley dad i probably could do Danny as Well i hadn't Seen fatter Than Madonna You're Better

Yeah nothing go on then

Alright Can I have a Microphone man Please

you're Holding a stick above my Hands it'll find you

Where it come from This Place Called Heaven

Please Well the Good Children go

Sour Silver the strips account but the small way you come from?

Massugu Walls

Not Sugar Walls oh

My Sugar Walls i

Was Good Wasn't It Let's face That


No, you've Got a really Bad attitude sweetheart

Everything i Wouldn't Want lazy Deluded Very Little Talent

Everything i Dump on

What you ask for an opinion sweetheart you get in one the way you like live Your life your all each Other

Is all to get where you want. To be and the truth of the matter is you and you know you

and That is the truth of the Matter Why did you come here Why don't you come

But You want to leave

Rachel i think you Should Go somewhere else

Nobody Does Cassettes anymore it's called a Cd so you

Just leave Now Kiss my blue please

I've never ever ever Seen Someone like That or speak like That It Was Fairy?

This is the fourth year never in four Years have we Ever had Anybody as

There she is i mean she scared me - don't touch me because i'll have you so full of Hatred?

and Anger

Major attitude Huge Ego no talent Didn't Want

To be told That Written vocal Style It's like pop rock Meets Broadway

Meets Jazz and R&B a Very Unique

Combination of all the three at least That's how i would describe it i'm going to walk in like i'm confident

no Head Up highs Threaten My Stuff not too much Threat though Because That looks Tacky i

Want This so bad there's no way that i'm not gonna get it

That's What They always Say in theater

Hello Mary Whoa very good

Are you doing to the tea right okay your name is

Mary Roach However if i do Make It to hollywood i'm gonna change My last name to guilbeau because it has more star quality

Mary Guilbeau That's right gui Lbe aux what do you do

Well i Plan on going to cosmetology School at The end of the month

Unless i make It to hollywood then i'm gonna Cancel My plans Because i would much Rather have a Singing Career Than A

Hairstyling Career Even though i Very Much love Hair and Makeup and Fashion as Well and Why are you here

I'm here because i want to be the next American idol and i want

To make It to Hollywood and it's Been My all-Time dream for a long time to become a Big famous singer and performer and

This is Just One Way to do it if i make It What are you gonna sing

I'm gonna sing i feel the earth move By carole King Well if you

Heart tremble we're not far

From Home oh Baby i'm gonna see your size melon Myself Man

Sound when you look at me That's where i feel the earth move?

I feel scared them Go into hell i feel my Heart Start


Near me and town Doesn't call My name and move my emotions

Certain Actions and Turns you Have oh?

Thank you

How do you think he did not too shabby box out of ten

Like Out of 1/10 scale how do you think i think i did eight

All Right Mary Honestly

One of The Boys i've ever Heard in my life the worst yeah Honestly

Are you Just Saying that to get on my Nerves are you totally Serious

Because something Tells me that i think you're Saying it to annoy me


What made You Audition for this competition

All my Friends told me that i was an awesome singer

What Mary you can't Sing a note i Mean not Only can you not sing a note in tune you have one of the the?

Weirdest Voices i've ever Heard in my life well weirdnesses originality too


yes Good Point well you know at least I'm not gonna Walk out iF you're crying like some People do

No i don't want. You to marry or be like hey Whatever?

yes yeah

Would You like me to sing like Myself i have a ton of different Voices?

Right Well What were those

You don't want to Hear Him give a Lot of Voices huh?

Are they talking all the time yeah i think so what are they Saying Now

They're Saying

I didn't Know Judges on American Idol Would Actually think i was terrible They're also Saying Mark Mcgrath Is a Hottie

They're also Saying

Um oh

Y'all look different in person i pictured you to be bigger i

you're prettier Than i thought you were

you Look Thinner Than i thought you were

The soundtrack to this Section i think Should Be Violin Music?


i think we're Just gonna Say no and and Wish you lots of Luck a Beauty School Yeah definitely

You Seriously Think i'm one of the worst things you've ever Heard i actually do Mary Yeah yeah?

Thank you i really thought i was gonna make it to hollywood and i can't believe the outcome but


Amy mani

So thank you thank you thank you so much

I'm never gonna pursue my fever again ever

I'm gonna Just Go to Beauty school That's all Good

you're not gonna lose i

Am Not gonna lose or what i do I'm not gonna lose I'm not gonna start Crying

I've Heard from Many Many Many different People that i have an Amazing Voice

All My friends Have told me that i had an Amazing Boy Brandon People i don't Know told me that i can Really Sing so?

All That Would tell me that They're wrong?

But Still the fact that They Said That

That Doesn't Make me want to pursue any Kind of singing Career Not unless i'm gonna be a Lead singer in a Rock Band

Now i want to say Big to simon and

Randy and Martin Grethe even though He's a hottie i won't Deny That

Although I'm Not gonna Say Paula Because at Least she Was nice and at Least she Was Sweet She's such a Sweetheart

And i can't Say anything Bad about her oh?

We've got off her chest meri collected Herself enough for one last performance

But you know you lied then We Weren't right You insist that we were wrong Why didn't you realize

My and

Now i'm burning in my personal Hell

I've made sure that i've Warmed up my body i do a Bit of Meditation a

Lot Of different Styles and pull them off When i walk in the room i'm going to go in their own space i

Absolutely Believe

so i can Make It as a professional performer

and as night Falls it's time to find out Aerial can Impress the Judges

Jewel Which is extraordinary Good Luck

I am not a Number i'm a Human Being

That's okay My name is Ariel I'm a Holistic vocal Coach

I'm a Generalist

Not specialist a Generalist But most There's a Lot of Things so i was a Little Bit

Confused as to what sing cute little something all right

Right okay you're not a Number you're a person you're a

Tell me What you are again a Holistic vocal Coach What Does that Mean I'm a vocal Coach i work holistically

give me an Example i

Take Into account

People's Body he pulls emotions Yeah People's Thoughts and People's Energy and Who he taught Who's Who's Been Successful


Matt took from bullet for my valentine

Right and i obviously believe That you think you could win this yeah of Course yeah could you send on the x please interview

Is there a problem with that no there's not a problem with that but can i get a listening please

Yes i Mean the area you do Whatever you want

John Sat On flutie Highs or if you wanna found the flower

i got the super sexy Sweet Thing that you Just can't Know

You want to hear something you want to hear me?

That Was a complete and utter nightmare

The idea behind it Was that you get to understand That Every line Is a different style

Okay all right if You're Just Saying You something else i've i don't you know if i came to you for Holistic

Vocally i Would Be Scared of You you're Actually Really quite scary

By The Way you walked over to me i thought we were gonna have a scribe you've Obviously never Been a Rock singer love no

No, era it Was a nightmare i don't care What you were trying to do it was Just Horrific The song was atrocious

Everything Even Even The Hair so the piece that i have Just performed to you It wasn't a piece Is an Academic

Construction It is not a song no It wasn't it is something. To show you what my voice can do we Didn't like it

If you didn't i wasn't something to be liked It Was something to be understood from an Academic perspective

Would Be Obviously you're not an Academic no and you're not a Very Good singer

We are proud

i shall Say Good Bye to you


By Two Years But That's before

Advise you that you might want to

is stupid

AnyWay Yes or no

Yes i don't need simon cowell to tell me i sing because i have degree in it

Cheers Youngest Woman in the World that she Was Just


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