Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Frankreich Freakout Trip - VLOG TAG 1

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Hey guys, what's up?

The preparations are going good.

The bikes are already stored.

This one with four lashing straps,

my bike with the famous 1 strap technique.

Philipp is also ready, show your biceps.

Nothing to see there. *Laughter"

And of course the clothes.


Now we're about to pack all that stuff.

Tomorrow morning the trip starts!

So we are at home.

The cats are hungry.

A shake for me.

We're packing on short term as usual.

This bike is also gonna come with us,

as well as some fitness stuff.

Something to eat, tuna, proteins, smacktastic.


Omega-3, oat flakes.

Short live test. Julian Zietlow if you see this,

No whey tastes awesome.

Short backpack ad.

Good night.

Just prepared some electronics.

These two are also gonna miss me.

Bus is fully stored.

Here you can see a body builder preparing for a competition.

Now we're in france right?


So that's how you do it these days? There's a toilet couple meters away.

Ok, let's continue.

Does the 8Bowl taste good?

It was worth the 8for sure.

Yea, thank you.

Cheapest hotel in lyon.

Bro you're gonna take the upper one.

Stinky in here.

But it's just for one night.

The room looked a lot bigger on the photos though.

bystanders, bystanders, bystanders.

I guess we reached our spot.

It's getting wild as you can see.

Ok guys, some angry people scenes incoming.

We've been driving for 6 hours to france to ride,

we weren't even on our bikes yet and now we have to search for another spot:D


Look at this view! Too bad I couldn't make a picture of my bike in front of it.

Instead I'm vlogging this right now.

Enjoy your meal guys!

Bon appetit!

They're making a selfie.

We just reached the second spot after we had to leave the first one.

Go, go, go.

Let's go!

Yeah, yeah!


Short update.

It just started raining.

What are your thoughts about the current situation?

A bit wet.

It's raining so hard but it makes a lot of fun out here.

No joke, it's too sick!

He likes it too.


No, no, NOO!

Oh damn, I have to accelerate.


We're freaking out and it's just the first day of the trip.

All of these bikes are sick!

The 300 makes so much fun!


I hope you can also get the feeling of this through the video.

And how much fun this is.

Despite the rain, we keep pushing.

So sick.

Here you can see some instagram stuntrider in their natural habitat.

*And here you can see a Youtuber in his natural habitat"

And here you can see a Co-Assistent in his natural element:D

Our camera man right there.

The pictures will be sick af, just saying.

Unbelievable pictures.

Alright guys, I just posted a picture.

Now I'm sitting in the bus and can't even realize how awesome this day was.

Here you can see the grenzgaenger shorts in blue:D

Perfectly matched to my protectors.

We're asking for water because we didn't even buy ourselves some:D

Sick hoodie by the way.

There he leaves, our photographer.

Look at this sick bike combined with the hoodie.

So fresh.

He put the saddle on the highest spot.

Did you hurt yourself?

My battery is on 1% so I'll end this here to get some food.

Guys, I still got internet.

We just got ourselves a taco.

And chicken nuggets, ok now the battery is almost empty.

Welcome back guys, my internet is working again.

We're just chilling here.

I ate 1 and a half tacos and some chicken nuggets,

It was crazy.

I guess that's been it for todays vlog.

Keep following us the next days for sick videos and pictures.

Good night and see you tomorrow!

The Description of Frankreich Freakout Trip - VLOG TAG 1