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(lighthearted music)

(dog growling)

- Hey everyone, it's Barry here.

Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen.

I hope you are well.

Today is a giant food that has been requested

for quite a while.

In fact, maybe I should say kinder a while.

Kinder Egg.

Yes, we are attempting to make a giant Kinder Egg.

I am egg-cited about it because we are going to make

a custom mould that I can reuse again with Easter coming up.

I'm gonna do a giant Easter egg very soon after this

if it works.

So Ashton told me that Kinder eggs aren't allowed

in America.

Something about having a toy encased in something.

Is that right?

I don't know.

I was on Google maps, whoops.

Wrong app.

Maybe there's a place called Kinder Egg Islands,

I don't know.

Are Kinder Eggs banned in America?

Yes, the chocolate treats with a little toy

in the middle, which before you say are too big

to be a choking hazard, Kinder Eggs are actually made

by the same firm that looks after Nutella.


They've been outlawed in the States since the 1930s

because of an old act, which deems it violates both

Consumer Product Safety Commission and

Food and Drug Administration regulations.

It outlines that any food with a non-nutritive object

embedded, hence the toy, is strictly illegal.

Apparently in 2011, 60,000 Kinder Eggs were seized

by U.S. customs.


So yeah, it kind of like is, well you can pull it apart

just about, you got a milk chocolate outer.

A white chocolate innard, which we'll copy,

and a toy inside.

So we'll try and replicate this whole thing.

I think Ashton's told me that you can get eggs

that are just slightly not sealed together, like that.

Alternative versions in America.

But yeah, it's quite a thin chocolate.

Kids love it.

Big kids love it.

Let's do it.

First things first, the mould.

You might remember from the giant Cadbury's Creme Egg,

that was actually made out of a lampshade,

which was expensive and still actually available

in the range here in the U.K.

A lot of people buy it and speak to me and go,

"Oh Barry, I bought the egg mould."

This is a big balloon.

And it costs something like one pound on eBay,

and it gets big.

It's even quite hard to get your mouth around that.

So we're gonna blow this up for our mould.

I'll get Homer to help me.



It's getting big.

But it's got a bit of a teat on it.

We want more of a rounder, okay?

I just let some out, damn it.

Incidentally, I'm also getting loads of requests

to make a giant chocolate button.

Right? One of these.

All I would do with that is get a giant hula hoop,

fill it with chocolate onto some baking parchment.

If you really want me to do that, maybe the new house

in the garden, actually.

I'll do it but, hey.

Yes. That's an egg shape, right? Kind of?

Yeah, that'll do.

Oh, it's really hard to tie a knot.

My hands are so slippery.

Damn it this is hard.

Stage one done.

Knot in balloon, not as easy as it looks.

Stage two, I'm washing out a bowl because we're gonna make

some papier-mache.

I think this'll do it, tacky PVA glue.


I'm just trying to remember the ratio.

I feel like I'm gonna break and open that toy,

but there'll be time for that in a bit.

papier-mache ratio water.

- [Phone] 3/4 white glue to 1/4 water,

option 3:1 part flour to one part water.

Stir together.

And option two, cook method.

One part flour to five parts water.

- Alright.

Oh yeah, that's the bad stuff.

I better be opening some windows in here soon.

I feel like I'm flying around this room in a minute.

See that.


Worst dumbbells ever.


Alright, that'll do.

Alright, that's all blended in.

That'll do nicely.

Alright, so I popped to the shop and got five newspapers.

They're identical newspapers.

That doesn't matter because we papier-macheing this thing

down there.

So I got so much newspaper because one, I wanna

coat that in a couple of different layers.

And two, I need to protect my table both from this

and for when we do the wrapper.

For this first day, we're going quite arts and crafty.

Crikey, I was gonna do some birthday shout outs,

but they're all bereavements.

Won't do that.


Doing the strips.

One thing I gotta work out is how the heck

I'm gonna get it to stand up.


(lighthearted music)

That's pretty big.

Look at that.

Looks a bit like a Death Star, doesn't it?

I'm gonna keep going, wrapping bigger sheets around it.

We're done.

We are done.

There are four layers of newspaper on this thing.

I'm just gonna let it dry.

The next step is making the wrapper.

We have this Kinder Egg Joy, I've never opened one of

those before.

Oh, wow.

That's weird.

Is that a spoon?

Oh, there's a toy in one half.

Oh wow.

Look at that.

Ah, okay.

So you got the white and then the milk under it,

in these sort of like bowl things.

Oh, that's naughty.

That stuffs effectively white Nutella, I think.

Anyhow, I'm gonna turn this into this.

So I've only got orange, white, and black paint,

but we'll have some fun with it.

We'll put a little cheeky Kinder pun on there, kinda.

I've just realised how wide this egg actually is,

and how little height I have with my foil,

so I'm gonna have to do it in two or three things.

Most important thing is to work out where the front

of the egg is gonna be.

So once I tuck it in, I have some extra spare foil

that I'll just paint orange to stick on the bottom,

and then white for the top.

But first, we're gonna lacquer our foil

because if you paint on foil as I found out

on the giant Daim Bar, it just peels off.

(classical music)

That was hard.

Kinda big.


That wrapper was blooming intense.

I am not Picasso by any means,

but I think I got it halfway up my arm.

This thing is still wet.

That's probably been about an hour and a half

it's taken me to do that wrapper.

So the next natural step is to cut this in half

to create our mould, and then we'll line it with

white chocolate and then the milk.

But as it's damp, I don't feel like putting a hair dryer,

I'm gonna let it dry naturally,

and just have a break.

Oh, I'm gonna open the toy.

I guess what I'm saying is if this goes into tomorrow now,

I'm kinda happy with my progress.

I just need to kinda tidy up a little bit

because Mrs. Barry's gonna rip my head off.

Before I do that, though, let's look at our toy.

And really the kids should be doing this.

DC Superhero girls.

Oh look, there's Wonder Woman on there, I think,

and Super Girl.


And we've got a character that I don't recognise.

It doesn't even say her name on it.

That's her. She looks like some sort of panther.

Toys used to be a lot more complicated and fun,

but this is literally just putting a torso together.

Sticking her in there like that.

I will put a toy inside this Kinder Egg,

I'm not sure if we're gonna get to that point yet.

I have literally been sat in this same spot

for about 15 minutes, just sort of taking a step back,

appreciating what we've already done.

But I don't think, let's not beat around the bush here,

that is a big balloon.

I wanna put more on it, so I'm gonna put two more layers on,

which will probably mean that this is now gonna

roll into tomorrow, but that's fine.

I'm gonna put two layers on but of good quality,

thick copier paper that I use for the printer,

again with some PVA.

So I'll do that in a minute.

Long story short, I've just got back from the shops

and bought some really good quality printer paper.

You know, not the stuff that you get at school,

the real decent thick like eight-ply stuff.

And I looked on papier-mache forum,

and apparently you're supposed to do layers every 24 hours.

I've never done that.

The good news is Mrs. Barry is about tomorrow,

so she can help me hopefully finish this off.

But we might go into the night a bit.

I don't know.

Also made the mistake of taking a picture of this

and putting it on social media,

and (inaudible) were like, "Oh my gosh, this is awesome."

So it better work now.

(upbeat country music)

Little update, Mrs. Barry's home.

Kids are home as well, watching the telly.

I realised it's been drying out.

I'm not that helpful, I'm not that hopeful

this is gonna firm up.

If you mix equal parts water and flour,

you get kind of like the same thing,

like a papier-mache glue.

So I've kind of created a top lid bit there

to seal that in, though it does look a little bit

like a baby's been sick on it.

I think that's fine.

I might still paint it later if it dries.

Hello, and welcome to another egg-citing edition

of egg watch.

It's 10:00 at night, folks.

I'm about to go to bed.

I was gonna paint it, but it hasn't completely dried yet.

I'm feeling it and I'm like oh, that's gonna be dry,

but it's really, really damp still.

So hopefully, as it dries over night,

they'll really cling together, those layers,

and give it some strength.

Because it's still a little bit mer-mer.

So maybe we'll paint it first thing in the morning

because that paint dries super quick.

More importantly than that, we can start to put

our chocolate in it.

But anyhow, I'm going to bed and I'll see you

in the morning.

It's pretty dry now, and I was gonna paint it.

I still might.

But what I found is some tape from the boxes

we've been doing for moving house.

I'm gonna wrap it in that.

Maybe not all of it, but some of it.


It's a bit harder than it looks.

I've kinda made something that looks a little bit

like Humpty Dumpty crossed with a Death Star,

run out of tape.

So I'm gonna paint the other white areas

with black acrylic paint.

Everything alright?

- Is that the tape for the boxes for moving house

that you just used all up?

- Nope, that's not the tape from moving house.

I'm turning it into a century egg, yeah.

Even adding the acrylic paint, apparently,

will give it some stability now that it's dried out.

It's not water based too, so I'm definitely doing this.

I'm gonna use a string and a spirit level app

I've got on my phone just to try and get

a relatively straight line so I can cut through it

carefully, and hopefully we will be left,

the shell will be left with two shells.

Mrs. Barry and I have just had a briefing.


We're gonna try and make this kinda stay level-ish

on some tea towels.


- Stop it.

- Such a kid, it's alright.

So that's on the top of it.

That's nearly bang on, that is.

That's gonna be about right.

Alright, we think we're central.

I'm not gonna cut it straight anyway.

It's a big old egg.

- It's heavy.

- It's heavy, man.

- Good for workouts.

One of these exercise balls.

- It just looks completely out of proportion to you.

Let the careful cutting commence with a butter knife.

Let the carefully careful butter,

let the careful cutting commence with a but,

let the careful cutting commence with a bread knife.

Nailed it.

Be right back, need some more knives.

You alright over there?

- Fine.

- This is a very sharp craft knife

that I've got for mini foods.

It's now for giant foods.

- That's better.

Oh, it's shrinking.

- Oh no.

The balloon's shrinking.

Oh no.



- Oh no.

- It's okay because I've got another balloon.

I just wanna open it up now, just to see what happened.

Oh, it would have worked, though.

- Yeah.

- It was just still so wet.

In some places, it's like fully dried and strong,

like this bit is really holding its shape,

but the other bit didn't.

So we're just gonna jump to doing exactly the same

that you've seen the last few days now.

Just got back from the shops,

we're gonna do a strong one this time, baby.

Contractors PVA, which they use on building sites,

really strong adhesive.

We're mixing that with flour, no water.

So it's just like,

also this is what my toy thing's gonna go in.

I'm paint this yellow.

This is Mrs. Barry's second time ever papier-macheing.

- Yeah, not a fan.

- It's going much better, though.

That mixture down there is so much thicker,

and we're brushing it on, okay?

And it's nearly dried, that top layer, already.

And we still haven't flipped it.

Yesterday, I was soaking it and it was dripping

and it was too much water.

This is just glue and flour.

(lighthearted music)


Alright, giant Kinder Egg, I was gonna be opening you today,

but I got scared from the first egg,

so I left it another day.

So instead, I just made these homemade British treats.

But the egg is now dry.


I might give it a lick of paint later,

and then we'll crack on.

This is your evening update.

- Hello.

- Hello. Phoebe is painting the egg for me,

now it's fully dried.

And we're gonna let this fully dry.

I can hear the balloon rattling in there,

but this is holding its shape.








We'll go again.

Now that was really strong.

I have one other idea where I'm gonna use

a wire mesh to help support the structure.

So I ordered five balloons on eBay two days ago

because I thought it could still fail.

So that's what I'm gonna do.


Explain to the camera what you just said to me.

- I said why don't you just try and save it.

- [Barry] Oh, it could still work.

- Maybe.

Just cut it like you wanted to.

- [Barry] That line's a bit straight now.

- Then go from there.

- Alright, let's try it.



There's the balloon.

It could work if we push it out.

Oh yeah.

- Yeah, here.

- Oh my gosh.

- What?

- We could push that out, I think it's, yeah.

- Yeah, look, look.

- Hey.

- Don't tell me we coulda done this the other day.

- We might have been able to do that the other day,

but I do believe that I should really next time

have put a wire mesh in it to give it proper structure.


Mrs. B.

- Yes, we don't have to do anymore papier-mache.

- [Barry] I don't know though, maybe we should.

- No.

- [Barry] Oh my gosh.

Like these areas that were popped,

you just push them back out.

- [Mrs. Barry] Yeah.

- I knew there was a reason why

I bought three of these rolls.

- Ah, what are you doing?

Careful, there's a sofa there.

- Cling film is the way.


- Like that?

- Yep.

- Okay.

Excuse me.

- Lookin' hysteric on the rear.

Basics white chocolate.

And it's scary that it's the same colour scheme

as a Kinder Egg.


Penny's dropped.

Don't worry.

- Why kind of scheme is this Kinder Egg,

isn't that what we're doing?

- [Barry] The wrapper.

- Oh.

It's done now.

(upbeat music)

- Don't.

This has been hard work.

We're nearly there, right?

- Yes.

- The pugs ripped up the wrapper.

- Ah.

- Alright, I kind of rescued it.

Damn you, pugs.

That'll do. That will do.

You forget that there's actually a yellow

Tupperware box in that.

A bit random, eh?

("William Tell Overture" by Rossini)

So we've just opened the bifold doors

to replicate a fridge to try and cool down the egg quicker.

It is working.

But it's blooming cold in the house now.


It's time to bring this video to an end.

- Oh, at last.

- The egg has set over night.

Our kids are kind of excited.

They don't know why they've got a hammer,

but they'll see.

We now have got to wrap this egg in a

partially savaged by pugs Kinder Egg wrapper.

- You know what, it's just felt a little bit like

it's not meant to be.

But you've done it.

You've saved it.

- It's meant to be alright.

- It's meant to be.

- It's egg-celent, this.

- [Chloe] Get it?

- Pardon?

- You get it?

- You get it?

- Egg-celent.

- Egg-celent, get it?

See, she's good.

So I'm gonna put the egg there, alright.

- Here.

- And then we'll wrap it.

You know, I think it's more authentic

with the fact that a dog savaged the wrapper.


- It looks like it's got like, yeah,

in the factory it's got a bit.

- Why would they even do this?

- It's a bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

- This house has been very much like

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.



- Oh my god.

- Hi.


- You look like you're actually in an egg.

- Look, I think it's my body.

- Let's see.

Hopefully we've got enough wrapper.

- I can't say.

- Alright.

Gonna need a little bit of tape, hang on.

We've got our artistic directors behind there.

Everything alright, kids?

- [Kids] Yeah.

- They say it looks alright.

- [Chloe] It says Kinder.

- It's still wet on there.

I did quite a lump of paint.

Alright, don't touch the blob.

- [Chloe] It says Kinder Egg, a big deal.

- [Phoebe] Kinda a big deal.

- Now that looks half okay if it were ready.

We'll get there.

Alright, we just had a bit of a photo shoot.

What do you think?

Big egg right?

- Yeah. Big.

- It's like as big as the whole wide world.

Well, not as big.

- [Barry] I think the rips in it adds kind of character.

- [Mrs. Barry] It makes it look more real.

- [Barry] Yes.

- [Mrs. Barry] It's, what's the world, authentic.

- Let's get this party started.

- I'm just gonna tear it off right there.

May I present the magic mirror.

- [Barry] Alright, and let's not get paint on the work top.



Is that a big egg, girls?

- Yeah, huge.

- [Barry] Is it egg-celent?

- Yes.

Get it? Egg-celent.

I don't want to.

- [Barry] Take it in turns, do you want?

- [Mrs. Barry] Oh.

- [Barry] Oh no, my masterpiece.


- [Mrs. Barry] She's going in.

Sounds like a drum.

Hi Kinder Egg.

- [Barry] Austin, what are you thinking, mate?

- [Mrs. Barry] He's like hurry up and drop some.

- It smells so nice.

- [Mrs. Barry] Were you expecting like--

(yelling and laughing)

- [Barry] Oh my god.


- Sorry.

- [Barry] You naughty children.

I've told you about smashing giant Kinder Eggs

in the house.


You alright?

- Oh my gosh.

- [Mrs. Barry] Want some chocolate?

- Yeah.

- [Barry] Oh look, there's a toy inside.

- Treasure chest.

- [Barry] What could it be?

- Careful, this is gonna topple over in a minute.

- Should I move this out?

- [Barry] Yeah, you take this out of the way, Mrs. B.

- Aw, it's like a baby.


- [Barry] It really is like a baby.

- I think this is heavier than Chloe.

- Oh my gosh.

- [Barry] Hey, Kinder Eggs inside Kinder Eggs.

I guess you guys are hungry for Kinder Eggs, right?

- Yeah.

- Happy Easter.

- Oh yeah, Easter.

- I think tomorrow's Palm Sunday.

- [Barry] Yeah, well we were gonna be giving this away

to some other kids.

We can't give that bit away.

But we can give that half away,

that'll be alright.

- And I think we can give some of these away.

- [Barry] Ah, yes.

Although, I think this guy is tempted,

and this one's just got a fetish for actually just

eating the wrappers.

Thanks for that, Amy.

Well, we've got some tidying up to do.

- And some eating to do.


- [Barry] Alright guys, is that the coolest thing ever?

- Yeah.

Best thing ever in my whole life.

- [Barry] Really? Best thing ever?

- Yeah.

- I love how Mrs. Barry and I are both dressed

as tea towels with the shirts.

- Coordinating today, aren't we?

- Yeah, well that was worth it.

Left me hanging.

- Sorry.

- Hope you enjoyed the giant food, folks.

Wanted to this one for--

- Phone.

- House phone.

- House phone.

- It's fine.

Yeah, not up to much, nah.

You're not eating all that, are you kids?

- No.

- Well, I'm gonna finish it anyway.

Check out the rest of the giant food playlist,

have a Barrathon, let me know any giant foods

you want to see down below.

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Say bye guys.

- Bye.

- I don't wanna poach any more egg puns,

but this video was kinda crackin'.

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