Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Professional Travel Photography Tips: Episode 2 - Yuya Matsuo

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Hi, I'm Brit and I am here at White Black Lake in Durmitor.

It's minus the mountains with clouds today, but it is still beautiful.

And I'm here with my new friend, Yuya. He is international photographer exraordinaire from Japan.

So, hello to Yuya.

Yuya: Hello.

I strongly encourage you to check out his work. It is amazing photography

and we are going to have a tip from Yuya here in just a minute.

But first we are going to ask Yuya,

Of the top 10 favorite countries you have in the Balkans, would Montenegro fit somewhere in that top 10?

Yuya: Yea, yea. I would even say it's in the top 5.

Brit: Top 5! There you have it. We all wanted to know. So it is top 5.

And I also wanted to ask: Yuya, you have done a lot of shooting throughout Europe and throughout the Balkans.

Share with us one good thing that you must do or must not do in photography.

Yuya: Uh, OK.

So, what you must do is that...oh, I don't have my camera...

Yuya: I think that a lot of people when they take photos, they take photos like this.

But you can actually do like this (squats down)

or like that (raises camera above head) and actually that makes a lot of difference in your photos.

Or you can move around. If you move a step back or a step forward.

And that makes a lot of difference in the photos too.

So, try out different things.

Yea. Not just like this (standard photography position).

Brit: So you have been able to see several places here in Montenegro.

Tell us about one of your favorites that you have been able to spend time in.

Yuya: Ok, so I have been staying in Kotor for a few months now.

Two months last year and one month this year I am staying.

And Kotor is great for photography.

You can take photos of a hill, mountains, and you get the sea as well.

And also you get the reflection of the sea. All of the Boka Bay.

And the Kotor Old Town also is amazing to take photos of as well.

So all these combinations of photos...

Branomir: Zdravo momci. (Hi guys.)

Je li hladno? (Are you cold?)

Brit: Branomir?

Branomir: Yea.

Brit: Branomir, why do you have my gunj?

Branomir: Good luck!

Brit: My gunj?

Brit: I'll get that later.

Yuya: Yea.

Alright, so check out Yuya's work and be sure to catch Branomir's film coming soon, it's...

Ice Skating on White Black Rock Lake

Thank you.

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