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The human brain continues to develop to about the twenty-fifth year of age.

In particular, the front part of your brain and the sides

are only fully developed at a later age. Here you see the development of the

brain: the red parts are still in development,

yellow and green are developed more and blue is entirely


Although identical twins have the same genes,

they still show clear differences in brain development.

Apparently, environmental factors indeed have an influence on

the development of your brain, for example, how much you sleep,

whom you socialise with, but also sports, and nutrition

have an effect. That is how the differences arise in identical twins

who still have the same DNA.

Did you always wanted to know how environmental factors such as nutrition,

sleep and physical activity

can influence the functioning of the brain, and with

in particular that of adolescents? Are you curious if your way of upbringing

can have an effect? In that case, take part in this Massive Open Online

Course 'Adolescent brain, lifestyle and learning'. This Massive Open Online Course,

in short MOOC, presents environmental factors that could explain

differences in the development of the brain.

The course consists of seven short lessons that you can do in your own pace.

After you have familiarised yourself with the learning environment,

and read a broad introduction into the topic, you get to grips with topics

such as nutrition and learning, sleep and learning, and physical activity

and learning. The role of education in learning is also addressed.

Through application and integration assignments you dive into

the subject. Are you interested in research?

In that case you can do the elaboration assignments. The course is aimed at a wide

public: particularly parents of adolescents,

teachers and educationalists who would like to support the learning process.

You can find the MOOC 'Adolescent brain, lifestyle and learning'

at the website europeanmoocs dot eu

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