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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2019 World Series Champions: Washington Nationals

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[dramatic music]

[Narrator] Every October,

every club that plays for a World Series title

brings their own story to the saga.

As the month goes on,

it's inevitable:

The stories that come to an end

at the hands of others continuing on,

[Announcer] Astros headed back to the World Series!


[Narrator] Until there are just two of them left...

[Announcer] We'll have a World Series in the nation's capital!

[Narrator] ... and one stage

where the final chapter gets written.

[Announcer] Doesn't get much more exciting than this.

World Series, Astros and Nationals.

[music intensifies]

[Narrator] In 2019,

the best team in baseball over the last three seasons

came to the World Series

with a mission that had propelled them

since Spring training:

[A.J. Hinch] It felt like something

was taken away from us.

[Alex Bregman] It's time to be the champs again.

[Narrator] To take back the trophy

that they felt belonged to them.

[José Altuve] We want to take it back

and live that dream one more time.

[Narrator] To prove their blend of talent and brotherhood

was unbeatable...

Let's go, baby!

[Narrator] ...even amid the unpredictability

that always seemed to define this time of year.

[Announcer] That is about the last thing

I thought I would see.

[Narrator] So maybe it made sense

that they were coming up against a club

that epitomized that unpredictability.

[Announcer] When you think about what Washington

has gone through to get to this point,

it's unbelievable.

[Narrator] After all,

the mere fact that they were even here...

[Ryan Zimmerman] We got off to such a bad start.

[Juan Soto] Nobody'd think we could have made it.

[Sean Doolittle] We were able to start pointing things

in the right direction.

[Narrator] It was a testament

to just how much baseball you play

before October.

[Max Scherzer] Man, this is the ultimate prize.

This is everything that we've played for.

[Narrator] Just how much time you get

to learn who you are...

[Anthony Rendon] I mean, the guy's just got ice in his veins.

[Narrator] good you can be...

[Announcer] That 21-year-old kid

has been unbelievable this postseason.

[Narrator] hard you'll have to fight...

[Man] Finish the fight!

[Max Scherzer] We gotta finish the fight.

[Narrator] keep playing.

[Dave Martinez] We could be down, but they never give up.

[Narrator] The battles that ensue

in some World Series can be one-sided...


[Narrator] ...but often the series that emerge

as true fall classics

are the ones that change direction

every time you think you've figured them out.

[Announcer] They just keep coming back.

[Narrator] Those are the World Series you remember

long after the final pitch is thrown.

Come on.

[Soto] We gotta win, baby!

[Narrator] Those are the October stories you remember

long after the final chapters are written.

[Man] This is what baseball's all about.

[Man #2] Welcome to the World Series.


[dog barks]

[Man and woman] Oh...

Let me get a bigger bat, 'cause that's too small.

I'm saying it's too small. Let me get a different bat.

Time out. Time out. Water break.

[Woman] Show him how to stand, though.

A bigger bat,

for you to hit home runs.


This is your bat now.

[all cheer]

Oh, high five.

[dog yips]


[Man] Gimme five.

-Yeah. -He's got it.

This is family time.

Once I get in that car,

to go to the field, it's business.

Right now,

just chill, enjoy my family, enjoy my time.

Enjoy my pancakes.

These are really good today.

I gotta bring the camera tomorrow. [laughs]

I'm going to the World Series again.

Two out of three years. I mean, that's crazy.

And when game time comes,

every game is a must-win situation.

I mean, they got a solid team.

They've been playing great baseball.

They're hot,

which I think is the most important thing in the playoffs,

so, you know...

It's gonna be a fun series.

[Announcer] There's always so much excitement

and anticipation prior to game one,

and for great reason.

Look down at the trophy, and then come back.

Ready, and come back to me.

That's worth a smile, isn't it?

[Announcer] Stars at every position, and great pitching.

One team that's been there before,

and one team that has not.

Get up, get up.

[dramatic music]

[Announcer] Doesn't get much more exciting than this.

World Series, Astros and Nationals.

I think it's a historically great starting pitcher

this World Series.

We want to play against the best pitching.

We want to face the best guys in the world,

and that's what the World Series is all about.

We want to face the best to be the best.

[Scherzer] We're just playing good baseball together.

We're really firing on all cylinders,

and we got some mojo going.

That's the easiest way to describe it.

[Announcer] The first time that a team from Washington D.C.

has been involved in a World Series

since the Washington Senators, 1933.


[Man] Juan, you're 20 years old.

To the train.

You're hitting cleanup for the Washington Nationals

in their first-ever World Series appearance.

Do you feel like you're dreaming sometimes?


Sometimes, yeah.

[Zimmerman] I mean, all of us,

you work, sacrifice so much your whole career.

Everyone always talks about playing in the World Series,

and, you know, you want to be on the biggest stage.

You want to see what it's like.

[Hinch] I want the nerves.

I want our guys to be a little bit on edge.

I mean, we're playing in the World Series.

This should feel like a big deal.

[Announcer] I think the Nationals

have a lot of weapons to beat you with,

but it's gonna be all about the pitching.

Max Scherzer, one of the greatest competitors

in all of sports,

he's gonna try to set the tone for this Nationals ball club

against maybe the best pitcher in baseball this season

in Gerrit Cole.


[J.J. Watt] Houston!

Are you ready for the World Series?


[suspenseful music]

Bring it on!

[Hinch] Starting game one with him on the mound,

it was an electric atmosphere.

The fans are into it, the players are into it.

We feel tremendous about the spot we were in.

[Narrator] If the Astros and A.J. Hinch

had every reason to be confident in Gerrit Cole,

the 20-game winner who had not lost a game since May,

the big righthander's game one start began a bit nervously

with Trea Turner leading things off

with an infield single,

and then stealing second to give the Nationals an early chance

to take the first lead of the World Series.

[dramatic music]

[Gerrit Cole] The pressure was on from the get-go.

I expected them to put pressure on in the first inning,

and we were prepared for it.

[Soto] I see in his face he's, like, really confident.

He's ready to throw the fastball.

He wanted to throw it.

He'd throw it to everybody.

[Announcer] And that one blown right past Rendon

at 98 miles an hour.

Here's Juan Soto.

Some fans get to their feet

waving those orange towels.

[Soto] When I heard the crowd,

that was really loud.

I feel a little-- my legs a little shaky.

[Announcer] Hello. 97. Strike one.

[Announcer #2] Soto is one of the best high fastball hitters

in baseball.

Gerrit Cole has the best high fastball in baseball.

[Announcer #1] And the 0-2.

Swing and a miss! Got him on the high fastball.

That one at 99 from Gerrit Cole,

and the inning is over.

[Soto] He threw me three fastballs right down the middle,

and I was thinking, like,

"Welcome to the World Series." [laughs]

[Narrator] Fortunately for Soto and the Nationals,

they had their own weapon taking the mound,

and in the bottom of the first,

Max Scherzer looked to immediately get a feel

for the Astros' patient and powerful lineup

[Announcer] That is inside, ball four.

Just missed with the breaking ball,

and George Springer works out a leadoff walk.


[Announcer #2] A big hand for José Altuve

as he comes to the plate,

the American League Championship Series MVP,

with a walkoff home run.

[Scherzer] Pitching in Houston,

I mean, it's a hostile environment.

[Announcer #1] First pitch.

[Announcer #2] And that's lined into left field,

and that'll get down for a base hit.

Springer stops at second,

and José Altuve is aboard with a single.

First and second, I'm in a grind. [laughs]

And I got some really good hitters coming up behind there.

[Narrator] But Scherzer struck out Michael Brantley

and then Alex Bregman,

leaving him an out away from escaping the jam,

with Yuli Gurriel coming up.

You know, I haven't faced Gurriel before in my career,

and had him in a one-two count.



I threw a pitch that took strength of mind,

but he was able to beat me to a spot.

[Announcer #1] Fly ball into left.

It is off the wall.

Astros lead two-nothing here in the first,

on a double by Gurriel.


[Announcer #2] Astros do not miss their chance

in the bottom of the first.

[Hinch] You start taking the lead in these games,

and you just feel, like, invincible.

You feel like this is your game,

and as soon as you take the lead

the pressure goes to the other dugout.

[suspenseful music]

[Narrator] And in this case,

it gave Cole a two-nothing lead to work with

in the top of the second.

[Announcer #2] Two out and nobody on.

Here's Ryan Zimmerman, the longest-tenured National.

[Announcer #1] Franchise leader in hits, home runs, RBIs,

extra base hits.

He was the Nationals' first-ever draft pick

back in '05.

[Martinez] You know, he's been in this organization

his whole career.

He's waited a long time,

you know, to get to this moment.

[Zimmerman] First at-bat ever in the World Series,

I don't care who you are.

You're a little-- you're a little amped up

even as much as you try and calm yourself down,

but, you know, they went up two-nothing.

That's usually when those really good pitchers

start to settle in.

It was important to answer back right there

and not let him put up a zero,

being able to say, "All right,

I'm all in on a fastball right here."

[Announcer #2] Here's the wind and the pitch.

Swing and a drive hit well. Deep center field.

Way back goes Springer,

to the warning track, looking up,

and it is gone!


[Announcer #1] Zimmerman tees off

here in the second inning.

It's a two-to-one ballgame, and that was blasted.

[Martinez] He comes through in a big moment

to be the first guy to put us on the board.

It lifted the whole team up.

[Zimmerman] To be able to just show everyone that

"Hey, we can score off this guy.

Just keep grinding it out. Keep grinding it out."

And, you know, Max did a really good job

that game as well of keeping them at bay.

I just felt like I was in a battle the whole day.

[Announcer #1] It's the lack of command that is hurting him.

[Announcer #2] And the fact the Astros don't chase.

You have to beat them in the strike zone.

[Scherzer] It just felt like I was pitching at a stretch.

Just having to grind through every single inning,

and really trying to find my mechanics

and execute these pitches that I needed to execute.

[Announcer #2] Inside corner, strike three called.

Went back to the changeup, and a very big pitch.

[Announcer #1] It'll be at least 20 pitches each inning

over the first three for Scherzer.

[dramatic music]

[Announcer #2] So we go to the fourth inning,

Nationals trailing two to one.

It'll be Juan Soto facing Gerrit Cole.

[Soto] After the first at bat,

I was like, "He's throwing really hard.

Take a deep breath and focus.

It's just the pitcher and me."

[Announcer #1] And that's inside of the hands for a ball.

[Soto] First pitch he threw me the slider, up and in.

He missed it. Now he's gonna come with the fastball.

And I just get ready for that.

[Announcer #1] The 1-0.

Swing and a fly ball well hit to left field.

[Soto] When I hit the ball,

I was like, "Wow."

[Announcer #1] Way back goes this one. It's got a chance.

It's going, going, and long gone

up onto the railroad tracks.

20 years old and just bursting with power.


[Announcer #2] For those around America

who are seeing Juan Soto for the first time,

-hello. -Hello.


[Zimmerman] Literally since the day he came up,

he's been able to slow the game down.

Nothing really surprises us with Juan anymore.

[Announcer #1] Home runs by Zimmerman and Soto.

The old guy and the young guy.

[Announcer #2] And it's a brand-new game.

The Nationals two and the Astros two.

[tense music]

[Hinch] I think he's been so good for so long

that there builds this thought of invincibility,

that it's impossible to beat him,

which is why I want to give credit to the Nats.

I mean, they came in and put really good at bats up.

[Announcer #1] And that's grounded

right side and through for a base hit.

Down to second goes Suzuki,

and the Nationals have two on with nobody out.

[Announcer #2] Great chance for the Nationals

here in the fifth inning of a 2-2 game.

You don't execute against elite teams,

then no matter who you are,

no matter what stuff you're throwing out there,

eventually you're gonna get hit.

[Announcer #1] That's into right field.

In to score, Suzuki, and the Nationals are on top.

[Zimmerman] Luckily for us,

he did throw some balls out of the zone,

got us ahead in the count,

and then made some mistakes with his fastball,

which he hasn't done in four months.

[Announcer #2] Chance to add on

if Soto can come through with two outs.

Big spot of the game.

[Scherzer] There's no situation,

there's no moment that's too big for him.

He's very composed, very mature,

and loves to be in the box

with everything on the line.

You can't teach that.

[Announcer #1] Fans get to their feet waving those orange towels.


That's well-hit into left field,

back and off the wall.

One run scores.

Here comes Rendon!

And the Nationals now lead by three.

Soto delivers again.

Big damage done in the fifth inning

by the visiting Washington Nationals.

[tense music]

There's already been seven runs on the board,

and we're just over halfway through this thing.

Neither pitcher has been right on their game,

but these offenses can make great pitching have to work.

[Springer] I thought he actually threw the ball well, you know?

Just gave up a couple timely hits,

and that was about it.

[Narrator] Ultimately, Cole would go seven innings,

allowing no further damage.

Meanwhile, Scherzer's pitch count quickly rose,

and he was gone from the game after five.

[Announcer #1] Corbin is coming into the ballgame,

trying to pick up where Max Scherzer left off.

A 3-2 pitch.

Struck him out.

Once the game gets handed over to the bullpen,

it's just a countdown of outs.

[dramatic music]

[Announcer #2] The Astros will send the top of the order

in the bottom of the seventh, down by three.

[Announcer #1] Springer leads things off.

Tanner Rainey, the righty.

[Springer] You know, we're obviously struggling

to score some runs,

so any way I could help the team right there was big.


[Announcer #1] This is blasted left-center.

That ball's got a chance!

I kinda just remember hitting it

and hoping that that could spark something.

[Announcer #1] A home run for Springer!


[Announcer #2] And now it's Nationals five,

Astros three.

That'll get the crowd going.

Now there's a buzz in the building.

[Announcer #1] Crowd's back.

[Narrator] After a strikeout,

Tanner Rainey walked two straight batters,

prompting Dave Martinez to bring in his closer

earlier than normal.

[Announcer #2] Well, Daniel Hudson has been called upon

primarily in eighth and ninth inning save situations,

but here he's coming in to be the fireman,

to put out the fire.

[Doolittle] The Minute Maid was going crazy.

The Astros were throwing everything they had at them,

grinding out at bats.

[Announcer #1] Left side.

Kept on the infield by Turner,

and almost turned into an out.

The bases are loaded.

And it's the 22-year-old rookie, Yordan Alvarez.

Astros looking for a little old hit,

with maybe the game on the line.

Here's the 0-2.

He struck him out!

-[crowd gasps] -Oh, no!

Hudson comes in out of the bullpen,

and keeps on doing his thing.

[Announcer #2] The Astros trail five to three

at the end of seven.

[Narrator] The Astros would draw a run closer in the eighth,

but ultimately, that's all they'd get.

[dramatic music]

[Announcer #1] Into left center field.

Robles is there.

[Announcer #2] And the Washington Nationals

have stolen game one on the road.

[Announcer #1] Well, the Nationals

are a very confident bunch.

All they did was go out and beat the best pitcher in the planet.

That for Gerrit Cole,

his first loss since May 22nd.

[man trills] How y'all doin'?

[Scherzer] We understand what's at stake,

and understand how great the Astros are as well.

It's the World Series.

-Compete. Win. That's it. -Yeah!

Winning's the only thing that matters.

Let's go, boys!




[Man] We are live from outside of Minute Maid Park

on the day of game two.

Obviously, game one is in the books.

It went the Nationals' way, 5-4, last night.

[tense music]

[Man #2] Think about the fact that the Nats,

if they can win three of their next six games...

[Man #3 exhales]

[Man #2] ...will win the World Series.

[Man #3] I mean, listen. Houston is not going quietly.

-[Man #2] No. -All right? They are excellent,

but man, oh, man,

it is tangible, it is possible.

[Martinez] You know, like I tell the boys,

one day at a time, you know?

Just stay in the moment. Enjoy the moment.

You know? Have fun.

[Hinch] We have always, while I've been here,

been a single game mindset.

Today's all that matters,

and, you know, I believe in this team's ability

to show up ready to play.

Gotta get this win tonight.

No matter how we do it, we gotta get it.

-Hi. -Hi, Carlos.

Hey, Carlos.

[Kurt Suzuki] It feels great.

You know, I've waited 13 seasons for this,

you know, for this moment,

to be able to play in the World Series.

[speaking Spanish]

[Suzuki] You know, we're playing for it now.

I mean, you obviously see all the media

and the coverage that you get for the World Series.

Oh, you got the camera crew following you around?


It kind of pumps you up.

It's awesome.

[speaks Spanish]

[Man] Just play the tease,

and then we'll go to the scenics.

Stand by.

We're gonna plug in that tape.

Our first segment of the opening.

All right, here we go for real here, guys.

Stand by. Three, two, one.

Roll stripe. Go.

And go, Maddy.

[Announcer #2] Well, it's happened 25 times

that the home team has lost the best of seven opener.

Three times, only three times

has that home team come back to win the series.

Those are things that have made Astros fans a little concerned.

As we get ready for game two of the 2019 World Series,

from Minute Maid Park in Houston.

With that, we welcome you inside the broadcast booth

with Buck Martinez, Matt Vasgersian.

A 5-4 win for the National League Champs yesterday

in game one.

Another terrific pitching matchup

in store for game two.

If you liked the sound of Scherzer versus Cole last night,

you're gonna love this one.

Stephen Strasburg against Justin Verlander.

[Narrator] For the Nationals,

sending out Stephen Strasburg to the mound

in a World Series game

was in many ways the culmination of a ten-year story

that started with virtually unlimited promise.

[Announcer #2] Strasburg a former first overall pick

by Washington out of San Diego State

back in 2009.

[Announcer #1] And recently,

this guy's been one of the best pitchers

in all of baseball.

He has broken through in a big way.

[Doolittle] He's one of the best pitchers in the National League,

and I'm really happy for him,

the way that he was able to put it all together this year

and take his game to a whole other level.

[Announcer] Changeup for the strikeout. Number 11.

Swing and a miss! Another curveball.

That's number 14.

[Announcer #2] Here's uncharted territory

for Stephen Strasburg,

on in relief

for the first time in his career.

[Announcer #3] Swing and a miss on a changeup.


[Announcer #4] So three scoreless innings

for Stephen Strasburg.

[Martinez] What can I say about Stras?

He comes in out of the bullpen,

and shuts them down.

Gives us the chance to get back in the game.

[Announcer #2] Down 0-1 in the series,

this is guy I want out there.

[Announcer #1] Struck him out.

Stephen Strasburg has strikeout number 10.

[Announcer #2] Strasburg is adding to his postseason legacy.

[Announcer #1] Swing and a miss!

He struck him out with a changeup.

Stephen Strasburg fans three in a row.

[Announcer #2] The Nationals hoping they can continue

their outstanding pitching with Stephen Strasburg.

[Announcer #1] Expect to see some punchouts in this game.

[Announcer #2] Here's the 0-2.

[Announcer #1] Swing and a miss!

Stephen Strasburg fans a dozen St. Louis Cardinals

over seven innings.


[Announcer #1] And now on the other side

you've got Justin Verlander.

[Announcer #2] Verlander has been very good for the Astros

this postseason.

He's our guy. He's been our guy for the last three years.

The guy is unbelievable the way he prepares.

[Announcer #1] If you want to get back in this game

and you're an Astro,

you send Justin Verlander to work.

The 36-year-old eight-time All-Star,

former Cy Young Award Winner and MVP.

[Announcer #2] He's about as sure a bet

as there is in baseball.

It is the right guy on the mound.

He absolutely lives for this moment.


[Narrator] Even with his impressive resume,

Verlander was taking the mound

in search of one elusive accomplishment.

[Announcer #2] Justin Verlander

still does not have a World Series win.

[Announcer #1] He's 0 - 4 with a 5.67 earned run average

in the World Series.

In his last three World Series starts,

he allowed three home runs and seven runs in the first inning.

-Ball four. -[booing]

[Announcer #1] That is a four-pitch walk

from Justin Verlander

to start the night.

That is about the last thing I thought I would see.

[Announcer #2] Swing, and a ground ball, fair.

Adam Eaton slaps one the other way.

This is a chance for the Nationals

early to jump on them here in game two.

[Announcer #1] Rendon sends a ball to left.

Well-hit. It's off the wall!

Two runs are gonna score!

What a start for the Nationals.

Two-run double by Rendon

in a two-nothing game two lead.

[Narrator] It would stay two-nothing

going to the bottom of the first,

and there, the Astros' own star third baseman

quickly got a chance to reverse some momentum.

[Announcer #1] Well, here's the guy

that's gotta get going for the Astros.

Bregman was 0-4 with a walk

and three strikeouts yesterday.

In his postgame comments he was pretty hard on himself.

I don't know. For me personally,

I've just been horrible mechanically.

Better take my bat home, sleep with it.

Figure it out.

[Announcer #1] Their MVP has to

get out of the funk he's in right now.

[Announcer #2] He's ready for a 2-2 from Strasburg.

Here it comes.

And that's hit well into left field

-and you can kiss it goodbye! -[cheering]

[Bregman] I figured he would try and put me away

with his changeup, so I wanted to

see the ball up and stay inside 'em.

Now, I'm not trying to homer,

but I hit a shot to tie it up.

[Announcer #2] And Alex Bregman,

maybe he did go home and sleep with his bat.

He snaps out of his funk with a two-run home run

and this game is tied here at the bottom of the first inning.

It's the Nationals two and the Astros two.

[tense music]

It had been a rough start,

but after the first,

both pitchers returned to form.

[Announcer #1] Swing and a miss. Got him on the slider.

He struck him out.

And Verlander, the first pitcher

with 200 career postseason strikeouts.

Strike three!

[Announcer #2] Strike three called.

Five punchouts now for Strasburg.

[Doolittle] Over the next five innings,

he was able to use his changeup and breaking ball

really, really effectively.

[Announcer #1] Changeup got him swinging.

[Announcer #2] Looks like he's finding that pitch,

getting better as the game goes on.

Once he settles in, man, he becomes and animal.

You can't explain it.

Like, you just need to settle in.

Once you settle in,

it's almost on autopilot after that.

[Announcer #2] Swing and a miss.

[Announcer #1] Turning into the pitching duel

we expected coming in.

[Announcer #2] The pitching matchup,

it's basically a dead heat.

[Announcer #1] Which of these two starters will blink first?


And the crowd is getting a little bit noisier

as they feel the tide is turning in their favor right now.

We've got action and drama in the sixth.

The biggest moment of the night so far.

[Announcer #2] Strasburg in a jam.

Runners at first and second with two out

as the Astros look to take the lead.

[Announcer #1] 22-year-old Kyle Tucker

trying to deliver for Houston.

Three balls, two strikes. Strasburg ready.

The runners go with the pitch.

Strike three called!

[Announcer #2] Strasburg gets out of it.

We are through six here at Minute Maid Park.

It is still tied at two.

[players cheering]

[crowd cheering]

[Announcer #1] Seventh now, and Verlander back to work.

And it's 8-9-1 in the order,

beginning with Kurt Suzuki,

the Nationals catcher, who's one for two.

[dramatic music] [cheering]

[Announcer #2] Kurt has never had a postseason home run.

Here's the 1-0.

Swing and a long drive!

Left field! He's got one now!

Kurt Suzuki gives the Nationals the lead.


Running around the bases I said,

"I just hit a home run in the World Series."

I couldn't believe it.

It just felt like I was running on clouds, man.

It was just like, "Wow." I was in shock.

It was great.

[players cheering and chanting]

[Announcer #2] They certainly know how to celebrate

in that dugout.

[Announcer #1] They're feeling pretty good right now.

That was huge for us

with the game kind of hanging in the balance.

You know, the floodgates opened after that.

[Announcer #2] Ground into third.

Bregman knocks it down.

He'll have no play. A run scores.


[Announcer #1] That's into center field,

and a couple more will score.

[Announcer #2] And the Nationals, all of a sudden,

lead six to two.

Swing and a chopper, third base side.

Tough chance coming in.

Bregman bare hands the ball to throw to first,

throws it away!

[Announcer #1] And it's 8-2 here in the seventh inning.

This has gone from bad to worse for the Astros.

[Hinch] And contact's your friend in these situations.

They did a good job of making contact,

but clearly that inning didn't go our way,

nor did the next inning, nor did the next inning after that.

[Announcer #2] Everybody getting in on the act tonight.

[Announcer #1] 12-2 Washington.

[Announcer #2] And unleashing the plague of locusts,

sending these Astros fans to the exits.

Boy, the Nationals have certainly come to Houston

and flexed their muscles.

[Announcer #1] And that's the ballgame.

A blowout win here tonight in game two.

Twelve to three is the final.

[Announcer #2] The Nationals come to Houston.

[crowd booing]

They beat Gerrit Cole in game one.

They beat Justin Verlander tonight,

and are in a commanding position

going back home for game three Friday

with a 2-0 series lead.

-Yeah, yeah, yeah! -[cheering and clapping]

Let's go, fellas!

[Rendon] We know that the series isn't over.

For us to, obviously, steal two games from them

at their home field is great,

but we still have a job to finish

and we have two more to go.

Oh, man.

That felt good. That felt good.

[anticipatory music]

[Man] All right, it's finally here.

Game three of the World Series tonight.

Aníbal Sánchez on the mound for the Nats.

They got the two-zippy lead.

It's amazing.

It wasn't too long ago

we were at that wildcard game,

the three of us on the concourse,

-and they're four outs away... -[Man #2] Right.

... from being eliminated in the wildcard game.

-The squad. -The whole gang is back.

-The squad. -The gang is back.

And now it's gonna be electric.

[Man #2] D.C.'s waited a long time for the World Series.

Eighty-six years!

Eighty-six years.

[Man #3] And they actually now have an opportunity

to do something special.

They can actually sweep this thing.

But they need to win tonight, obviously, to get that done.

[Announcer] Almost 44,000, maybe more,

standing room only,

jammed in for the hottest ticket maybe ever

in D.C. sports history.

[Scherzer] We know how passionate these fans are,

how kind of crazy the atmosphere of D.C. can get.


For them to bring that type of support and love for us,

I mean, that just gives us the extra edge.

[Man #2] All the pressure's on the Astros,

'cause if they lose, it's done.

[Man #3] A lot of people think they're already done.

[Man #4] A.J., you talked about aggressiveness,

'cause you've won so many games

playing loose, free and aggressive.

Do you sense any indication of pressing at all from your guys?

Dramatic pause. Zero.


The reality is, is this World Series,

which we've been in before, is one game at a time.

It's a cliché. Don't like to use it.

But it is our reality.

We try to win today,

and we can completely flip the momentum of the series

back on our favor.

[tense music]

[Narrator] And with one out in the top of the second inning,

the Astros quickly began threatening

to grab that momentum.

[Announcer #1] That is headed for the corner.

Correa drives it to the wall,

and he will cruise into second base

with a one out double.

[Announcer #2] So he's in scoring position

with one out for Reddick.

[Announcer #1] Hitting .176 are the Astros,

with runners in scoring position

at the start of the night in this World Series.

I thought we'd actually hit the ball well

throughout the playoffs.

It's just this is a result-oriented time.

[crowd cheering] [crack]

[Announcer #1] In the air to left. Might drop.

That ball is gonna get down.

-Correa to the plate. -[crowd booing]

[Announcer #2] Soto's throw to the plate is airmailed

off the backstop.

And the Astros lead one to nothing.

[suspenseful music]

[Narrator] In the third,

the adventures of Juan Soto in left field

would continue,

all the tougher to swallow on his 21st birthday.

[Announcer #1] Ground ball, fair, down the third base line.

[Announcer #2] Extra bases for Altuve.

He takes a wide turn at second.

Now he's going for third, and Soto can't pick it up.

[Announcer #1] Oh, my.

[Announcer #2] He's at third base with nobody out.

When I tried to catch it,

the pad hit my glove and didn't let me catch it.

That's why the ball went by me,

and I was like,

"Nothing's going my way today, and it's my birthday."

[Announcer #2] So Soto, who was honored yesterday

as a Gold Glove finalist,

has had a couple of issues early.

It just happens.

I just try to forget about it and keep playing.

[Announcer #2] Now quiet in the crowd for the moment.

Let's see if these folks...

can get behind Sanchez, keep the noise level up.

Swing, and a ground ball deflects off Sanchez

toward the middle. Cabrera can't come up with it.

And that'll be an infield hit and an RBI single

for Brantley.

It's now two-nothing Houston,

and the Astros quickly cash in on the double, the error,

with an infield single.

[Narrator] But in the bottom of the third,

the Nationals started putting some pressure

on Astros starter Zack Greinke.

[Announcer #1] A single, two walks in the inning,

and the batter will be Asdrúbal Cabrera.

I thought in that inning,

we had an opportunity to tie the game.

[Announcer #2] Greinke is ready for a 1-2.

But Greinke, he made a great, great-executed pitch.

[Announcer #1] Swing and a miss! Got him on a curveball.

[Announcer #2] Cabrera's out swinging, and the Nationals

are unable to capitalize on a bases loaded situation.

[Narrator] Over three innings,

the Nationals had reached base six times,

but hadn't scored a run.

That would change in the fourth

when Victor Robles came up with a runner on.

[Announcer #2] Swing and a ground ball,

off the glove of the diving third baseman Bregman,

and down the line headed toward the corner.

This one goes all the way to the corner.

Zimmerman, racing for third, is gonna try to score.

He will. Robles digging for third.

He slides in with a triple.

[wild cheering]

Nationals are on the board here in the fourth inning.

It's now the Astros two, Nationals one,

and the Nationals fans are on their feet

and they love it.

[Narrator] But in the top of the fifth,

the Astros would quiet down the D.C. crowd

with more aggressiveness at the plate.

[Announcer #1] And that's hit sharply and in the left,

a base hit, and that one's going to roll onto the warning track.

Altuve headed to second base

with his second two-bagger of the game.

Michael Brantley, one for two.

He'd love to answer

after the Nationals scored in the bottom of the fourth.

[tense music]

Grounded to and through the right side.

They bring Altuve. There is no throw.

And the Astros get that run right back.

It's three to one.

[crowd booing]

[anticipatory music]

[Narrator] Then, in the bottom of the inning,

the Nats got back to work with two outs against Greinke.

[Announcer #1] Cabrera looking for a pitch to hammer

on three and one.

He does, into right!

It is off the base of the wall.


Eaton is gonna be held at third

on a double by Asdrúbal Cabrera.


[Announcer #1] Now A.J. Hinch out of the dugout,

makes the signal for Josh James.

[dramatic music]

I've said this before, like, we've won 107 games this year.

I mean, you don't do that

without having a talented bullpen.

[Announcer #1] James hasn't allowed a run

in five of his seven outings this postseason.

[Will Harris] We expect to pitch well.

So far it's worked out.

Hopefully it'll work out a couple more times.


[Announcer #1] Zimmerman could tie it with a base hit.

[Announcer #2] This place just waiting to explode.

Everyone on their feet to see what number 11

can do here.

[Announcer #1] Swing and a miss!

Struck him out on a changeup, and the inning is over!

Nationals had the tying runs and scoring position,

and they strand them both.

[Narrator] What started as a special night

for baseball in the nation's capital

wasn't unfolding as the crowd wanted,

and in the sixth, it would only unravel further.

[Announcer #1] One out, no one on for Chirinos,

who's one for two with a single.

[Robinson Chirinos] I was like, "You know what?

They maybe think that I'm taking a strike here.

I'm gonna take my chance and look for the pitch.

I can do damage."

And he threw what I was looking for.

[Announcer #1] And Robinson drills this one

down the left field line.

Ball is hooking, and that ball hits the foul pole!

A home run for Chirinos!

And the Astros go up four to one!

[Narrator] The Nats wouldn't answer

on a night when the big hit eluded them again and again.

[Announcer #1] This ballgame, the Nationals 0 for 10

with runners in scoring position.

We had opportunities early.

We couldn't capitalize, so it just didn't happen tonight.

[dramatic music]

[Announcer #1] Bottom of the ninth inning,

and the Nationals are down to their final out.

We did everything we could to try to get it going.

Just wasn't meant to be.

[Announcer #2] Two balls, two strikes.

And now the pitch.


Strike three called,

at 99 miles an hour, the game is over.

[Announcer #1] The Houston Astros get their first win

in this World Series

as they defeat the Washington Nationals

by a final of four to one.

Let's go, baby!


Let's go, baby!

[speaks Spanish]

[Narrator] For Robinson Chirinos,

as game four approached,

there was no denying the stakes for his team,

considering a loss

would put the Astros just one game from elimination.

To avoid that scenario,

the team knew they would need their star third baseman

to break out of his postseason swoon.

I just think I needed to do a better job

of putting together better at bats.

Now, whether I'm 0 for 200

or 200 for 200,

I'm still gonna walk up to the plate

like I'm about to do damage.

[Narrator] He'd get his shot,

immediately, stepping to the plate

in the top of the first inning with two runners on,

and a golden opportunity

to jump on Nationals starter Patrick Corbin.

[Announcer #2] Here's a chance for Alex Bregman

to make a statement.

He has really struggled since the start of the ALCS.

[intense music]

[Announcer #1] That's lined into left center field,

and that one's gonna get down for a base hit.

Altuve will score.

It's one to nothing Houston, on the RBI by Bregman.

[Bregman] I was trying to get a good pitch to hit early,

and I was just trying to use the middle of the field,

hit a line drive,

and it was huge. It broke the ice.

We were up one-nothing in a pivotal game.

[Announcer #1] And the Astros keep the pressure on.

Still only one out for Yuli Gurriel,

with runners at the corners.

[suspenseful music]

[Announcer #1] That's hit sharply.

Diving. Stop, fire and go.

Gets to his feet, goes to first,

not in time.

Brantley scores. It's two-nothing Astros.

[Narrator] So the Astros took the field at Nationals Park

with a two-run lead,

though in a series with some of the game's greatest pitchers,

Houston's starter in their biggest game of the season

was hardly a vaunted name.

[Announcer #1] Tonight it's José Urquidy

who gets the ball.

[Announcer #2] José Urquidy was available

to any team in baseball last December,

but tonight he will become only the third pitcher born in Mexico

to start a World Series game.

[anticipatory music]

[Announcer #1] Swing and a miss! Got him on a high fastball.

How about this 24-year-old right-hander?

[Announcer #2] 'Quidy's coming up big.

[Announcer #1] Between Cole, Scherzer,

Verlander and Strasburg,

Urquidy has been the most effective.

[Narrator] With Urquidy's surprising performance

holding the Nats at bay,

the Astros offense looked for more insurance,

and after Carlos Correa drew a leadoff walk

in the fourth,

up stepped a dad looking to impress his son

for a second night in a row.

[Announcer #2] He cranks one.

Left field, get up!

Get up!

It's outta here! Robinson Chirinos.

It's his second home run

in as many nights in D.C.

[Announcer #1] And it's a four to nothing Astro lead

here in the fourth of game four.

[Narrator] Down by four runs,

the Nats' hopes of seizing full control of the series

were slipping away,

but Urquidy had gotten tired,

leaving A.J. Hinch to go to his bullpen to start the sixth,

and breathing new air into the Washington offense

[Umpire] Ball four.

[Announcer #1] That's ball four.

[Announcer #2] Here it comes. He walked him.

[Announcer #1] Two in the inning,

and life for the Nationals in the sixth.

[Announcer #2] Right back off Harris,

and everybody's gonna be safe.

[Announcer #1] This Nationals team has come back in games,

they're never out of games.

They're hoping they can put together a monster rally here

as the crowd is absolutely begging

for Soto to do something.

He hit 34 home runs during the regular season,

three this postseason,

one in this World Series.

Tying run, with one out.


Swing and a bouncer, right side.

Fielded by Gurriel.

His only play is at first.

He gets the out there.

A run scores as Parra comes home,

and it's four to one Astros.

[Announcer #2] You'll take that result, won't you?

[Announcer #1] Absolutely.

[Announcer #2] So Howie Kendrick comes up.

So many clutch hits this season.

Howie looking for one more.

Two-two pitch.

-Struck him out! -[crowd gasps]

[Announcer #1] Got him on the cutter inside,

and the inning is over.

[Narrator] With the Nats held off,

the Astros wasted no time

in applying more pressure of their own in the seventh.

[Announcer #2] Here's the pitch to Brantley.

And he rifles this one up the middle.

That's a base hit.

Tucker will be held at third base.

That'll load 'em up

on Brantley's third hit of the ballgame.

[Announcer #1] You know who is salivating right now

for this at bat,

is the guy digging in, Alex Bregman.

[Narrator] Bregman had shown a promising sign

of breaking out of his slump in the first.

Now, though,

he was in position to break the game wide open

in the biggest at bat of a season

that already had had plenty of huge moments.

[Announcer #3] Grand slam!

Alex Bregman!

[Announcer #4] He has meant so much to that team.

[Announcer #5] Alex Bregman right there in the middle,

in that MVP conversation.

[Altuve] He's an MVP.

One of the greatest players I've ever played with.

[Announcer #6] That ball's ripped to left field.

[Announcer #3] It's got a chance. It's gone!

Alex Bregman with a two-run homer.

[Announcer #7] And A-Breg's run towards an MVP

takes a big step here.

[Announcer #8] The more you dig into Bregman in his season,


competitiveness, his defense...

[Announcer #9] Bregman, nice backhand.

[Announcer #8] ...and his raw production numbers

make him a very good candidate.

[dramatic music]

[suspenseful music]

[Announcer #1] Big opportunity for Bregman.

[Announcer #2] The Astros trying to cash in big time.

[Bregman] Bases are loaded, and I'm facing Rodney.

The night before, they walked Brantley

to let me face him with the bases loaded,

and he threw me a two-seamer down in the zone

that I grounded out on,

and kind of played that at bat back

a few times in my head that night

before going to bed,

and faced him again with the bases loaded,

so I had a chance to just drive a ball into the outfield,

into the air, to drive in a run,

and try to hit the bottom of the ball.

And hit the bottom of the ball.

[triumphant music]

[Announcer #2] Driven deep to left field.

That is a grand slam!

[Announcer #1] And the Astros' cleanup man just cleaned up,

and blows open game number four here in the seventh.

[Announcer #2] The Astros lead it eight to one.

[Announcer #1] That'll send a few folks out of the ring.

[Narrator] Two innings later, it was official.

[Announcer #1] And that is the ballgame.

And the Astros have evened this World Series

at two games apiece

with an eight to one win here tonight in game four.

[Man] Can you talk about how this team has come back?

You know, you lose the first two games at home,

oh, the dire predictions,

you're coming onto their territory now.

There was a lot of noise around losing the first two games,

and rightfully so,

and now we've outplayed them for a couple of games,

and now we have a three-game series.

The winner of two of three wins the World Series.

Let's go, baby!

It's all tied up now, man, huh?

-Hey. -Let's go.

[tranquil music]

[Man] The World Series tied 2-2 after game four.

Is this right where you thought it would be,

or are you bitterly disappointed?

[Man #2] It's not time to panic yet.

When you have a series of this caliber,

with two teams that are this good,

the rotations that are this good,

if I tell you ahead of time

that this series is tied up at two games apiece

and we got Max and we got Cole going in game five,

we're talking about how great a World Series this is.

Tonight, now, you have to hope Max Scherzer

is ready to grab the momentum back for you.

He needs to shut Houston down early,

so his team can jump out on top early,

and all will be well.

Before we get started,

I want everybody to know that Max will not start today.

[ominous music]

Yesterday he came in,

a little bit of stiffness, spasms in his right trap

and neck area,

got treatment, went home, woke up this morning,

and it was way worse.

[Scherzer] I couldn't get out of bed.

I had to basically fall out of bed,

and just couldn't even move my arm.

I couldn't even dress myself.

so I had to have my wife help me.

So, um, that's where I was at.

Well, we were sitting in the locker room just hanging out,

and I got an update on my phone

that said Max Scherzer was scratched,

and I went into A.J.'s office to ask if it was true,

because I wanted to prepare for whoever we were gonna face.

[Man] We got some breaking news for you.

Max Scherzer will not start tonight.

Scherzer was scratched with a right trap and neck injury,

so Joe Ross will start tonight for the Nationals.

[Scherzer] I'm as disappointed as I possibly can be

to not pitch tonight.

I mean, that's game five of the World Series.

I've pitched through so much crap in my career that, I mean,

that that would be easy to pitch through at this point.

This is literally impossible to do anything with.

[Martinez] Max is upset.

As you know, Max is very competitive.

Wants to take the ball every five days. This is hard on him.

But I said, "Hey, let's get you better."

I said, "You're gonna help us win.

I can guarantee you that, so just get yourself better.

Get yourself right. We got plenty of baseball left."

[Scherzer] I still have faith in everybody in this clubhouse,

and that's been our kind of motto this whole season.

At some point, somebody's name's gonna get called,

and you're gonna have to step up.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to step up today

and help the team, so we're gonna need other people

to do it as well.

[Narrator] Losing Max Scherzer

for the pivotal World Series game five

was undeniably terrible news for the Nats,

and even if there was hope

their ace could return later in the series,

for the time being,

the club now had to hope emergency starter Joe Ross

could step into the massive void.

[Announcer #1] Joe Ross walked out to start his game,

and the crowd went nuts.

You could feel the energy and the support.

[Announcer #2] They could give him the encouragement

-that he can do it. -[crowd cheers]

Four years in the big leagues,

has pitched in the postseason before,

so hopefully Joe can step up. This is his moment.

[Announcer #1] What he really has to do

is he has to get out of the first inning

and not allow Houston to get on the board first.

[Announcer #2] Crowd trying to get behind Ross at the start.

Here's the wind and the payoff pitch to Springer on the way.

[Announcer #1] Just outside,

and Springer works Ross for a leadoff walk.

[Announcer #2] Springer wins the battle,

and he'll put a little pressure on the Nats,

with José Altuve coming up.

Ross, out of the stretch, delivers.

Swing and a chopping ground ball towards short.

Turner has it. A flip to Kendrick.

Plenty of time. Throw to first.

-It's a double play. -[cheering]

[Announcer #1] All Ross needs to do

is get through the nerves of the first inning.

-[cheering] -That's gonna help.

And with the bases empty, two down,

it's Michael Brantley.

[Announcer #2] Swing and a ground ball.

Did they overshift? Kendrick in the outfield has it.

Almost slips, gets up, throws to first for the out.

That retires the side.

Heck of a job by Joe Ross.

A leadoff walk, a double play, and nobody left.

[Narrator] Ross may have gotten through the first unscathed,

but he had to know the Astros lineup was relentless,

and in the second, after a Yuli Gurriel infield single,

Houston's youngest star walked to the plate.

It was Yordan Alvarez's first road start of the series,

and he was still looking for his first October home run.

[Announcer #1] Batter now is Yordan Alvarez.

.313 during the regular season,

twenty-seven home runs as a rookie.

[Correa] He told me that he was feeling great.

I said, "It's your night, brother. Let's go."

[Announcer #1] That is hit into left center field,

back at the wall, and is gone.

Yordan Alvarez back in the lineup

for the Astros, and he goes deep

to make it two-nothing Houston in the second.

Alvarez's first home run of the postseason.

[Announcer #2] How about the guy that home run hit

out in left center field?

I mean, that's next-level.

[Announcer #1] So the Astros score first yet again.

They've done that in all three games

here at Nationals Park.

[Narrator] Two innings later,

Carlos Correa stepped up,

looking to follow up his prediction

by doing even more damage with his bat.

[Announcer #1] That is hammered into left.

It is gone.

A pair of two-run homers tonight for the Astros.

Alvarez and now Correa.

[Announcer #2] Carlos Correa, with a two-run shot,

gives the Astros the four to nothing lead.

[Kendrick] They just caught fire, man. It was crazy.

Homers, homers, homers, you know.

I mean, that's kind of like their team, you know?

Their guys definitely hit for power.

They got guys that get on base. They steal bags.

It just felt like we couldn't catch 'em here.

[downbeat music]

[Narrator] Making the Nats' task even harder

would be the man opposing them on the mound:

Gerrit Cole, eager to return to form

after his rough game one outing.

[Announcer #1] Swing and a miss.

He chased a curveball off the plate away.

[Announcer #2] That was a wicked breaking ball.

Looks like he may be locking in,

and that's not good for the Nationals.

[Narrator] Regardless of his struggles in game one,

Cole had enjoyed a tremendous season,

putting himself in the conversation for Cy Young.

[Announcer #3] Gerrit Cole, man.

He's got as good stuff

as anybody in this entire big leagues.

[Announcer #4] Cole strikes out the side.

Fourteen punchouts.

[Announcer #5] Man, oh, man,

this guy is something incredible.

He's one of the best pitchers in baseball.

He's had an incredible year.

[Announcer #6] There is a new single-season strikeout king

in Astros history, and his name is Gerrit Cole.

He was on a run of success

that was unparalleled historically.

[Announcer #5] Gerrit Cole, for the third consecutive game,

has struck out 14 batters.

[Announcer #7] Gerrit Cole is just firing nuclear missiles

into the strike zone,

and he's not trying to beat you.

He's trying to embarrass you.

[Announcer #8] I don't know what to say about it,

other than it's the most remarkable run I've ever seen.

It's the most dominant performance I've ever seen

for one pitcher in a season.

[Narrator] And in game five,

Cole was as dominating as he'd been all season long.

[Bregman] Gerrit's really good at preparing

and coming up with a game plan,

and after watching what they did against him in game one,

he went back, made some adjustments,

came out, and attacked.

[Announcer #1] And drops in for strike three!

-[umpire] Strike three! -A slider freezes Eaton,

and the inning is over.

Seven strikeouts for Cole.

He has set down the last eight in a row.

[Altuve] Even though he lost the first game,

we keep relying on him. He's that kind of guy.

He wanted to go there and pitch,

and he responded really good.

[Announcer #1] Strikeout number eight.

[Announcer #2] Easy gas.

Man, it just looks like he's playing effortless catch.

[Altuve] He did seven innings.

One run, you know, big homer by Soto.

[Announcer #2] Swing, a drive well-hit to left center field.

To the warning track, at the wall, he leaps,

and this one is gone!

And Juan Soto has the Nationals on the board.

It's now Houston four and the Nationals one.

But, you know, he makes us win the game.

Strike three!

[Narrator] Cole would finish the night

with nine strikeouts,

allowing just the one run,

more than enough as the Astros pulled away late.

[Announcer #1] Grounded by a tape measure home run

by George Springer,

and it's now seven to one here in the ninth.

[Narrator] In the three games in D.C.,

the Nationals never held a lead,

and were outscored 19 to three,

a thrashing that had put them on the brink of ultimate defeat.

[Announcer #1] That is the ballgame.

The Houston Astros are one win away

from a championship,

and the Astros celebrate a sweep here in D.C.,

and up three games to two headed home.


[Woman] Woo!

[Gerrit Cole] Thank you for coming.

[Man] Thank you, Gerrit.

How confident are you guys feeling

going back now to Houston with only one win to go?

We're not gonna take anything for granted.

It is nice to go home.

You know, I don't really want to talk about a second game.

I'd like to wrap this up as soon as possible,

and hopefully get one more win.

Good one, Georgie.

[Announcer #2] Now the Nationals have to pick themselves

off the campus.

This team has faced elimination three times.

They're three and 0 this postseason.

Hey, look, we had our backs against the wall

all year long.

You know, nobody thought we were gonna be here.

We're here, playing game six of the World Series,

so we're gonna fight. We're gonna finish this thing.

[Man] You happy to be home?

Glad to be home. Game six. Let's get it.

[Man] Closing it out tonight?

Hoping for it.

[tense music]

[Announcer #1] This is the 115th World Series,

and for just the third time

in the history of the Fall Classic,

the road team has won each of the first five games.

Tonight, it's the Nationals trying to force a game seven

tomorrow night, and for Washington,

it's kind of a story of been there, done that, isn't it?

[Zimmerman] During the season,

it was either try and win every game

pretty much each day,

or the season was gonna be lost.

-Thank you. -You're welcome.

[Zimmerman] I think going through that during the season

helped us in the wildcard game,

helped us against a team like the Dodgers

that were an unbelievable team,

so it's kind of fitting that we're down three-two now

after winning the first two,

and have to somehow find a way to win two games in Houston.

-Hinge your back. -Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Swing it.

[Announcer #1] The Astros playing

to win the World Series tonight,

but also to carve out a special place

among the game's greatest teams.

A win would give them two World Series titles

to cap three straight 100-win seasons,

done only twice before.

[Altuve] We want to go out there and make it happen.

This is like a dream come true.

We're happy. We're a little nervous.

Anxious about tonight.

We know how happy we were in 2017 when we won.

We know how good it feels,

so we want to take it back

and, you know, live that dream one more time.

[in unison] Boom, stripe!

Thank you, thank you.

You know, I'm wearing the "Stay in the Fight" shirt,

but another one of our mantras

is to go one and 0 every day.

And I think one thing that this team has done really well

is to be able to turn the page after some tough losses

and come to the ballpark ready to go the next day.

[indistinct chanting]

[Announcer #1] I gotta tell you,

of all the guys walking the planet right now, in 2019,

they have the guy they want on the mound tonight

in Stephen Strasburg.

He pitched an elimination game on the road in L.A.

They won that game.

Basically win every game he pitches in the postseason.

This guy right now is as good as it gets.

Their best chance is with Strasburg on the mound.

[Man] Davey, with the situation that your team is in tonight,

and as well as he's pitched all season long,

how comforting is it for you to have Stephen start game six?

[Martinez] Yeah, he's been one of the best all year long.

It feels good knowing that he's going out there

to start game six for us,

and he's gonna give us whatever he can

and keep us in the ballgame.

[transcendent music]

[Announcer #1] Let's talk about the other guy.

Justin Verlander.

He's done virtually everything you can do

in a big league career.

This is opportunity here tonight for Justin Verlander.

[Announcer #2] Well, he's one of the best closers

when he smells victory in the game.

He definitely had some hiccups, uncharacteristic luck,

but I think for Justin Verlander,

a win tonight cements everything that they could think about him

when he heads to the Hall of Fame.

[Announcer #3] If this series goes to game seven,

the Nationals' starting pitcher

will be none other than Max Scherzer.

After receiving a cortisone shot on Sunday,

and throwing on flat ground today,

he pronounced himself "good to go".

We got Stras and potentially Scherz

to throw game six and seven.

I mean, this is how we kind of lined it up anyway,

so let's go there and finish the job,

and get it done.

[Bregman] I see Justin Verlander going out and dominating.

I see the Astros winning the World Series in game six.

We were the champs in 2017.

Came up short last year.

It's time to be the champs again, and...

become a dynasty.

[wild cheering]

[anticipatory music]

[Announcer #1] Trea Turner is in the box,

Justin Verlander is on the mound,

and away we go.

[Narrator] As game six began,

the Nats were hoping two trends would continue:

success for the road team

and early issues for Justin Verlander.

[Announcer #2] Verlander has had first-inning problems

this October.

Five first innings,

nine earned runs allowed.

[Announcer #1] He rolls over Turner.

Bare handed by Bregman to first,

just in time to get a really fast man.

[crowd roaring]

And they're gonna want to take a look at that again.

Well, I don't think he's out.

And we'll see if the Nationals

ask for a challenge,

and they will.

[Announcer #2] Replay would indicate Turner's left foot

on the base before the ball

ever reached the first baseman Gurriel.

And the headsets have already come off,

and it is a safe call, so the call is overturned.

[Narrator] After a sacrifice bunt

moved Turner to second,

Anthony Rendon came up with his latest chance

to do just what the situation called for.

[Announcer #2] Swing and a ground ball.

Through the open right side,

and into right center field. A base hit.

Rounding third is Trea Turner.

He comes in to score.

And the Nationals accomplish what they were after

at the start of this game,

with their game plan: score early, get on the board.

And with nobody on the right side of the infield,

Rendon, a nice, easy swing

to drive in his third run of this World Series,

and his tenth of the postseason.

It's the Nationals one and the Astros nothing.

[intense music]

[Narrator] But the Astros knew

they'd had success against Stephen Strasburg

early in game two,

and came out looking to do damage

in their half of the frame.

[Announcer #1] And Springer drills this one

down the left field line, and that's hooking for the corner,

and it bangs off the out of town scoreboard.

Springer is on his way to second base

with a leadoff double.

-The Astros try to answer back. -[crowd roaring]

Springer hammers Strasburg's first pitch of the game.

[Announcer #2] A breaking ball in the dirt,

and Springer will take third on a wild pitch.

[crowd cheering]

[Announcer #1] That ball is hit in the air to left, fairly deep.

It backs up Soto right in front of the out of town scoreboard,

makes the catch. Tagging is Springer.

Here comes the throw home,

and Springer will score.

Sac fly for Altuve, and we're tied at one.

[Announcer #2] The fans are going nuts already.

[triumphant music] [cheering]

[Announcer #1] And that is drilled into left field!

[Soto] They hit it. I'm like,

"Oh, maybe off the wall," and then I saw it.

I'm like, "Oh, no chance. That's a home run."

[Announcer #1] And you can kiss it goodbye!

Into Landry's Crawford Boxes.

Alex Bregman goes yard,

and the Astros go up two to one.

[Announcer #2] I don't know if I've ever seen that.

He dropped his bat after he touched first base.

I don't know how many other folks on other teams

like to see that.

[Soto] I see him drop the bat at first base.

I've never seen that before.

I'm like, "Wow."


[Narrator] As game six progressed,

much like he had in game two, Strasburg settled in.

[Announcer #1] This is what I'm talking about,

how nasty it is.

That's the movement,

and you can't just pick it up if you're a hitter.

They put up runs early, but most of your big-time pitchers, man,

if you're gonna get to those guys,

you gotta get to them early,

and then the rest of the game they kind of settle in,

get in the groove.

[Announcer #1] Quietly, now,

Strasburg has set down nine in a row.

You know, Strasburg's out there, settles down,

and he holds it right there.

[Announcer #2] He fires.

Swing and a miss on a curveball. He struck him out.

So we go to the fifth inning.

It's still Houston two and the Nationals one.

[Martinez] And, you know, the boys pick them up.

That's what we've done all year.

[Narrator] The Nats had baserunners

in the third and fourth,

but no runs to show for them.

Then, in the fifth,

came a power surge

that tilted the balance of the game.

[Announcer #1] Swings, and it's one to deep right.

Down the line, going, going, gone, goodbye!

For Adam Eaton, his second home run of the postseason.

They both come here in the World Series.

Bang! Zoom goes Eaton.

It's the Nationals two and the Astros two.

[hopeful music]

So now Juan Soto.

Soto swings and hits one high and deep to right.

This is way back!

Going, going...

Into the top tank! Wow!

A tremendous home run for Juan Soto.

[Announcer #2] And Soto carried his bat

almost all the way to first base

before dropping it to Tim Bogar.

I think the Nationals took note of Bregman.


It just happened. I just did it.

[Martinez] Apparently he did it kind of to say,

"Hey, you know what?

We got this too."

You know? "We can do this.

We hit home runs too. We can do it."

[triumphant music]

[Announcer #1] Solo home runs the inning from Eaton,

and for Soto!

And it's the Nationals in front for the first time tonight.

It's Washington three and Houston two.

[Narrator] The home runs drove Verlander

from the game after five,

and the score would stay three to two

into the top of the seventh,

when Yan Gomes led off against reliever Brad Peacock

with a single, and then Trea Turner

hit a little bouncer that turned into a huge storm.

[Announcer #1] That's a tough play for Peacock.

-[crowd gasps] -And safe at first.

Ball gets away.

And the runners will advance to second and third.

And now they're gonna call the runner out

-for being inside the line -[crowd cheers]

and in the way of the throw.

And we're gonna get an argument now

as Dave Martinez is furious.

You know, honestly, I don't think Trea

could have done anything different.

He ran straight to first base.

Never deviated.

[Announcer #1] Turner was running in fair territory,

but as he gets to the bag,

Nationals are contending at that point

he was not in violation.

That's what really upset me.

[Announcer #1] Martinez is steaming,

pointing up the line,

saying this is where Turner was running,

right down the line.

[Kendrick] If you look at the replay,

I don't think he would have even caught the ball anyway.

You know, and Trea was already kind of by him.

[Announcer #2] They decided to go to the review.

[Announcer #1] This is an umpire's review.

[Announcer #2] This is the longest review

we've ever seen.

[Rendon] I was sitting down behind the on-deck circle

on the railing where the seats were,

and so I was just trying to relax,

catch my breath, and just take it easy.

[Announcer #2] Gary Cederstrom is coming out,

-and signals out. -[crowd cheers]

[Announcer #1] Instead of second and third with nobody out,

it's a runner at first with one gone.

You know, it didn't go our way,

but all of a sudden, here comes Anthony,

and picks us up with a home run.

[Announcer #1] Swing and a high fly ball left field,

sending Brantley back onto the warning track,

at the wall, looking up,

and it is gone!

Anthony Rendon puts it into the Crawford Boxes!

He was going high, high cutters, and away, away, away.

I think he just maybe lost that one,

and it crept over the middle.

[Announcer #1] Pitch ran

just over the inside part of the plate

and he absolutely drilled it.

[Kendrick] That's been him all year, though.

You know, Tony's always calm, collected, cool.

He's got that laidback Houston in him.

[Announcer #1] How about the Houston native, Anthony Rendon?

[Announcer #2] That's how you respond to what happened.

Then I thought everything was done,

and things got heated up again.

[Announcer #1] This is between innings.

This escalated,

where Chip Hale had to hold his manager back

David Martinez has been through a heart procedure.

In the second half of the season

they're trying to get him to take it easy.

Then he's thrown out of the ballgame.

[dramatic music]

[Narrator] If the umpiring had gotten to Martinez,

no one could rattle his starter,

as Strasburg stayed in a dominating groove

all night long.

[Doolittle] When the stakes are the highest,

when the emotions are the highest,

he's able to stay calmer,

it feels like, than the hitter.

And he's executing feel pitches

like his changeup and his breaking ball.

[Announcer #2] Swing and a miss! Struck him out.

[Announcer #1] What an excellent pitch

under the circumstances

of a guy that normally puts the ball in play.

[Suzuki] When Stras was rolling,

he became special,

and he showed it this postseason,

where the whole world got to see how special he is.

[Announcer #2] Changeup got him swinging

at a ball in the dirt,

and the side retired.

[Suzuki] Stras was doing some amazing things, where...

Not just punching guys out, but going deep into games.

[Announcer #2] Stephen Strasburg retires the Astros in order

on five pitches in the bottom of the eighth.

[Narrator] And in the top of the ninth,

the Nats got in a little more insurance

thanks to the Houston native

having a huge night in his hometown.

[triumphant music] [crowd gasps]

[Announcer #2] Rendon to right center.

Reddick on the run,

and that one's off the padding atop the wall.

It'll score two.

The big night continues

for the hometown kid, Anthony Rendon.

He has driven in five runs in the game for the Nationals.

Astros fans are streaming for the exits.

[tranquil music]

The Nationals three outs away

from forcing a decisive game seven

of the 2019 World Series.

[Announcer #1] Strasburg is back out there

to finish what he started.

[Announcer #2] Doolittle is now throwing

in the Nationals bullpen.

[Doolittle] When I was warming up,

I didn't think I was gonna pitch.

I'll be ready for game seven, though.

And then they came and got him after he got the first out.

[Announcer #1] What a night for big number 37.

Eight and a third for Strasburg.

Two runs, five hits.

Seven strikeouts.

That's so impressive.

It was--it was just an absolute masterpiece.

He had done more than enough for us,

so I was happy to come in and pick him up.

[triumphant music]

[Announcer #2] And the World Series game six-winning

curly 'W' is in the books!

[Announcer #1] This journey for the Nationals,

it's not over,

but it's been incredible.

[Man] Stephen, I know it was a long time ago

when the Nationals thought it was best

that you did not pitch in 2012 in the postseason.

And this postseason, a perfect five and 0.

What is the best thing about your pitching in this run?

You know, you just try and set your own standards,

and set your own expectations,

and for me, I mean, it's...

it's going out there and just emptying the tank

and giving everything I possibly have.

[wild cheering]

[Man] You got World Series game seven coming?

Nothing better. Nothing better!

[Man] Davey, can you explain, from your vantage point,

the Trea Turner play, what you saw,

and secondly,

what set you off in between innings?

This is not about me or the umpires.

This is about the Washington Nationals

and those guys in the clubhouse

coming to game six and playing lights out,

knowing that this could be it,

and I'm super proud of them.

That's all I want to say about that.

We got another game tomorrow,

and let's come back tomorrow, win again.

[all cheering]

We're gonna win the Series.

That's true.

Oh, my God.

[dramatic music]

[Man] As fate would have it,

game seven to win the freaking World Series.

[Man #2] It's amazing this is happening.

[Man #1] They've stayed in the fight.

Let's finish the fight tonight, Nats.

[Man #3] We have game seven tonight,

which is the sweetest two words in sports.

[Woman] Nerves for tonight?

Of course. There's always gonna be nerves,

every time we take the field, and...

they're good nerves, though.

It's gonna be a blast.

[Announcer #1] There's the regular season,

there's the postseason,

and then there are game sevens,

and that's an entirely different animal.

We're home. We get game seven of the World Series

in front of our fans.

Our boys'll show up ready.

[Man #3] There's never been a sporting event

in the playoffs in any of the major sports

where the first six games in the series

have all been won by the road team.

-It has never happened. -[Man #4] Wow.

[Man #3] Will it be seven here tonight?

Winner take all game seven.

I just hope we score one more run than they do.

-Game seven. -Game seven. Finish the fight.

Game seven. Finish the fight.

[chanting] Let's go, Nationals! Let's go, Nats!

Let's go, Nats! Let's go, Nats!

[music intensifies]

[Zimmerman] This is why you play the game.

This is why you watch the game if you're a fan.

This is what baseball's all about.

-[crowd cheering] -[Narrator] A s a sellout crowd

filled Minute Maid Park in Houston,

Come on.

back in Washington,

some rain didn't stop thousands of Nats fans

from gathering at Nationals Park...


Let's go, Nats! Woo!

[Narrator] ...for a giant game seven watch party.

[Man] Yeah, let's go, Nats!

-Woo! -Woo! We 'bout to win, baby!

[Soto] To be in the last game of the season,

the last game of the playoff,

is amazing.

[Man] Gonna finish the fight tonight?

We're gonna finish the fight.

[in unison] Finish the fight!

-Woo! -Woo!

[Announcer #2] Not that a game seven needs any extra sizzle,

but for the first time in World Series history,

there will be a game seven duel

between two former Cy Young Award winners,

Max Scherzer and Zack Greinke.

Well, you don't talk to Max on his start day.

But this was...

he was locked in.

I've never seen that look on his face before.

Game seven.

It was angry, it was...

determined and focused.

But he had this curl on his upper lip.

I can't even do it.

[tense music]

But his eyes were like...


And I was like, "Whoa."

[crowd cheering]

[Announcer #1] And they're on their feet in Houston.

Boy, it is loud in here right now.

As game seven is underway,

here in Houston.

[Matthew McConaughey] Houston, Texas,

are you ready?

The Houston Astros are ready.

Now there's only one thing to do.

Let's play ball!

-That's caught by Bregman. -[cheering]

A rocket hit to third by Turner.

So two out and nobody on for Anthony Rendon,

third baseman.

Greinke delivers.

And that's grounded softly, left side.

Charging Bregman. He's got it.

Throws on the move in time to get Rendon,

and it's a one-two-three first inning for Zack Greinke.

Eats just eight pitches.

[somber music]

[Narrator] Three days after Max Scherzer had woken up

with back spasms so bad

he couldn't even get himself dressed,

the three-time Cy Young winner was on the mound.

[Announcer #1] The shot he got in his back

will take care of the inflammation.

If it was in his arm or shoulder or elbow

I don't believe he'd be able to pitch,

but because it was in a muscle,

that's how quickly you can free that up.

[Announcer #2] Scherzer looks like himself

from what we can tell.

Swing and a pop-up. Into shallow right.

Eaton coming in and toward the line.

Makes the two-handed catch.

Bregman retired.

One inning is in the books.

[Narrator] Zack Greinke would again

quickly set aside Washington in the second,

leaving Scherzer to match another zero.

[Announcer #1] Yuli Gurriel, first up.

Here's two-one.

That's well-hit into left.

Back at the wall, it is gone!

[crowd roaring]

Gurriel and the Astros

strike first in game seven.

And listen to this crowd.

That's what they're hoping for to get the lead.

And Gurriel does just that.


Come on!

[Narrator] The Astros followed Gurriel's homer

with two straight singles,

putting them in prime position for a big inning.

[Announcer #1] It's two on with nobody out,

and the Astros have it cooking here in the second.

Great opportunity for the Astros

to put a crooked number on the board.

[Announcer #2] Now Scherzer delivers. He bunts it.

Pops it up. Foul.

Play for Gomes.

And he'll make the catch.

[Announcer #1] A big out for the Nationals.

That ball stays fair.

Hit the bag, and the runners advance to second

and third with two out.

And here's one of these early moments

that could decide a ballgame,

and tonight that means a championship.

Second and third, two down.

Pitch on the way,

and a fastball lined to left field.

When I saw the ball,

I thought it was gonna be right on my chest.

At the last moment, the ball just dived.

I was like, "Uh-oh."

[Announcer #2] A line drive left field.

Soto is there.

[Announcer #1] And Soto, did he make the catch? He did!

[Announcer #2] He lunges makes the catch on the grass

[wild cheering]

with the glove, palms-up.

I got it caught.

And I just landed on it,

and finally I made the catch.

[Announcer #1] And a couple of runners are stranded.

[Narrator] But Houston still had the lead,

and Greinke cruising against the Nats' bats.

[Announcer #1] Back to Greinke.

He's been a vacuum out there. Wow.


[Narrator] Also offering plenty of reminders

of his gold glove defense

[Announcer #1] Wow!

[crowd cheering]

on his way to five shutout innings of one-hit ball.

[Narrator] Meanwhile,

Max Scherzer was hardly as comfortable,

with the Nats' ace having to work around baserunners

in every inning.

[Announcer #2] In stark contrast

to how easily things have looked so far for Zack Greinke,

with Scherzer having to work hard.

[Announcer #1] High fly ball to center.

Robles is back.

On the track to win the inning.

[Announcer #2] Almost 400 feet away.

More runners stranded.

[Doolittle] Given what was at stake,

knowing where he was at physically

just a few days before,

he couldn't put his arm above his head to put a shirt on.

His wife had to drive him to the field.

[Announcer #1] Astros are 0 for 5 in this game,

with runners in scoring position.

Into center. Robles is there.

Now 0 for 6.

[Announcer #2] It feels like the Nationals are a bit fortunate

to only be down one to nothing,

but give Max Scherzer credit.

He's gotten the big outs with men on base.

[Doolittle] He goes out there with no room for error

against that lineup,

with runners on base every inning.

He was able to keep us close.

[Narrator] So the score would still be one-nothing

heading into the bottom of the fifth,

but then came more trouble for Scherzer:

a leadoff single and a walk,

and with his pitch count nearly at a hundred,

Houston had yet another chance to break through.

[Announcer #2] Davey Martinez is showing

a phenomenal amount of trust in Max Scherzer,

and Scherzer has obviously earned that right,

but given that he's coming off the neck situation,

given that it's game seven of the World Series,

it is kind of startling to see that at no point tonight

has anybody thrown a pitch in the bullpen.

[Announcer #1] That is fair!

One run will score!


Over to third is Alvarez, safe.

It's two-nothing Houston.

[Announcer #3] Just the hit the Astros were looking for,

and it comes from Correa.

[Announcer #2] The Astros' first hit in seven at bats tonight

with runners in scoring position.

The phone just rang in the bullpen.

Patrick Corbin is going to start throwing

in the bullpen for the Nationals.

Scherzer trying to finish this inning right here.

[Announcer #1] A swing and a miss.

The strikeout ends the inning.


[Announcer #2] Two to nothing Houston at the end of five.

Maybe the end of the night for Max Scherzer,

as he walks off the mound.

I'm so proud of him.

I mean, knowing what he went through for the last few days.

And he went out there, took the ball.

Gave up the early home run.

We fell behind two-nothing,

but he kept us in the game.

[solemn music]

[Narrator] The Nats were still down two-nothing,

and facing the prospect of Gerrit Cole

heading out to the bullpen.

[Announcer #1] During that last break,

Gerrit Cole made that long, slow walk

out to the pen, and now he's getting loose.

I thought all game long, I said,

"At some point, you know, he's gonna pitch."

[Narrator] But Cole would sit back down

as Greinke continued to look strong

through the sixth...


...and then came back out for the seventh.

[Announcer #1] As Zack Greinke now tries to make his way

through this Nationals lineup for the third time tonight.

[Martinez] Greinke, he's a craftsman. He really is.

The last guy I've seen do what he does

was Greg Maddux.

I mean, he was that good.

[ethereal music]

[Announcer #1] One out in the seventh.

Here's Anthony Rendon.

That is a rocket to left

and the lead is cut in half!

[crowd roars ecstatically]

Anthony Rendon has homered in

back to back games of the World Series

to make it a two to one Houston advantage.

[Announcer #2] And Rendon gonna do some dancing

-in the dugout. -[players cheering]

[players chanting]

[Martinez] All of a sudden Anthony comes up there,

hits the home run,

and everybody got jacked up, and here we go,

they're dancing.

And I said, "Okay."

Here we go. You know?

We got a point on the board. Let's do this.

[Announcer #2] And now Juan Soto comes to the plate

representing the tying run.

Soto battling Greinke here.

Here's the pitch.

Slow curveball outside. Ball four.

[Announcer #1] D.H. Howie Kendrick coming up,

and here comes A.J. Hinch.

When I saw A.J. Hinch coming out,

I'm like--I'm like, "Yes."

You know, it's kind of crazy to me

they took him out of the game.


[Announcer #1] Listen to this crowd. For Zack Greinke.

What a game.

[Announcer #2] The new pitcher for Houston

is right-hander Will Harris,

who until last night,

when he gave up a two-run homer to Anthony Rendon,

had been untouchable here in the month of October,

so if your question was,

"Is Gerrit Cole in play tonight?"

you now have your answer.

[dramatic music]

And the batter is Howie Kendrick.

Kendrick could really shoot the ball to right field.

The 0-1.

When I hit it, I'm like, "Stay fair. Stay fair."

I didn't know it was gonna be a homer.

[ethereal music]

[Announcer #2] And he hits it down the right field line.


I'm sitting there. I'm sitting there.

"Just stay fair. Just stay fair."

[Announcer #2] It's a long run into the corner.

[Soto] I see Springer running

really hard. I'm like... [inhales]


[Announcer #2] And it's gone!

It hit the foul pole!

-[wild cheering] -Howie Kendrick,

with a two-run homer.

When I saw the ball hit the pole I just...

I just yelled. That's it.

That was the best.

[Announcer #2] Howie Kendrick has done it again!

[Announcer #1] Unbelievable.

Amazing to keep seeing this team do it.

[Kendrick] He actually made a really good pitch.

It was a cutter, on the block, away.

Down, and, like, corner down.

I don't know how I hit it, but...

Hey, maybe God said it was meant to be, man.

It was supposed to happen, so...

[ethereal music]

[Announcer #2] Well, they gave us a game in game six,

and they are giving us one here in game seven.


Oh, that was awesome.

[Announcer #1] What a stunner here in game seven.


What a stunner for these fans. here in Houston.

[players cheering wildly]

They just keep coming back.

[players chanting]

-[Announcer #2] Well, he's-- -[Announcer #1] He will dance

and he will drive.

[chanting and cheering continues]

[anticipatory music]

[Narrator] One inning later,

the Nats looked for even more.

[Announcer #1] Base hit into right.


Eaton will come around third base and score.

Soto delivers again.

And it's 4-2 Nationals here in the eighth.


That 21-year-old kid

has been unbelievable this postseason.

[Narrator] The Nats now had a two-run lead,

and Patrick Corbin returning to the mound

for a third inning of work

following the pair of shutout frames he'd thrown

in the sixth and seventh.

[Martinez] Corbin. He was unbelievable.

We get through an inning. He comes out.

"How you feeling?" "I'm good."

Send him back.

Gets through that inning. "Hey, how you doing?"

"I'm good. I can go. I'm okay."

I said, "You sure?" He said, "Yeah."

I go, "All right. Let's go."

-Out! -[Announcer #1] Strike three

called on the inside corner, one away.

[Doolittle] Max is gonna get a lot of credit

for gutting it out, for keeping us right there.

Corbin was absolutely electric, too.

His three innings of relief were incredible.

[Announcer #1] A strikeout ends the inning,

and how about Patrick Corbin?

[Announcer #2] Three scoreless innings

for Patrick Corbin.

I mean, to me, he was like a savior, you know?

Because now we go to our ninth inning.

You know, we got Huddy, Doo, ready.

[tense music]

[Narrator] But before Dave Martinez had to even worry

about getting the final three outs,

the Nats mounted another rally in the top of the ninth,

looking to finish the fight with a final knockout blow.

[Announcer #1] That is up the middle!

-One run scores! -[players cheering wildly]

That's Gomes. They hold Robles.

Now send him

as Marisnick kicks it in center.

Two more runs and it's 6-2.

And they can smell it right there.

Adam Eaton has had a huge World Series.

[Martinez] To get those extra runs, you know,

in game seven?

Huge. Huge.

[somber music]

[Announcer #1] Bottom of the ninth inning of game seven.

And Daniel Hudson takes over.

[Doolittle] That's every reliever's dream.

To be on the mound when you win a World Series,

and your teammates come out to mob you.

And if it wasn't gonna be me, I wanted it to be him.

[Announcer #1] And that's a mile high,

on the infield for Cabrera.

One out.

[Doolittle] Huddy, he's an incredible teammate.

He's been through so much in his career.

Multiple Tommy John surgeries.

He's bounced around.

And I know how much that moment meant to him.

[Announcer #1] A strikeout for the second out,

and the Nationals are one out away.

[Soto] When he struck out Altuve,

I was like, "We got it.

We got this."

[Announcer #1] When you think about

what Washington has gone through to get to this point,

it's unbelievable.

Emotions were everywhere for sure, I felt like.

That might have been the most nerve-wracking part

of the whole series.

[Announcer #1] Here they are, one out away.

[chanting] One more out! One more out! One more out!

[Doolittle] Inside, I was...

Oh, my gosh, I was so excited, but...

I was trying to stay calm,

stay in the fight, as we say.

[ethereal music]

[Kendrick] The guys have been close, you know,

Scherzer, those guys, they've all