Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GTA 3

Difficulty: 0

I've parked my car in the middle of the street

and I've ruined this guy's entire life.

He can't get passed it

I can still hear him honkin' in the background

yeh we be cops, yeh we be jerkin them off

and suckin on their cocks, yeh, motherfucker

RADIO: Would you like a giraffe?

DUNK: Yeh! :D

RADIO: Have one delivered!

DUNK: oh.

Time to die!

Time to -- what the hell?

The pistol sucks DICK

A classic film...uh.. great performance by

Robert Downey Jr.

uh... Good job.

Alright, I'm getting back in my van

You can resume your life again


She's on dunder

and was the captain of a bingo ship

DJ: "I've done a lot of crazy things, I can tell you that."

♫ ♫

DJ: "But I've never been on fire!"

♫ ♫

What the hell is this music?

I can't take this... (referring to song lyrics:) Exactly!

What kind of reverse reality is this?

The best music you can hear is the rap music.

I've got the bomb all set up.

Here we go.

God damn it.

Heh, This guy is gonna have a Merry Christmas,

I'm gonna send him sky-high with this one. Hehe.

(MOCKING PEDESTRIANS) "We're going to Aruba"

(MOCKING PEDESTRIANS) "We're going to Aruba"

(MOCKING PEDESTRIANS) "We're going to Aruba"

This guy is going to Aruba when he gets in the car.

It's not... Going off!

Did I not park it good?

Fuck. OK. I'll park it again.


I'm going to Aruba.

This guy sounds like DMX when he was 15.

Gotta keep on risin' to the top

Gotta keep on risin to the t-- ♫

Don't do it.

Don't get in there.

ooo -- UH


I guess he's rising to the top!

I guess he's goin' to Aruba

Oh - haha -

They can't get passed it on the sidewalk either.

These people are fuck.

Stop bumpin' into me!

You're really pushing me --

to the limit here.


Alright, watch this.

I'm going to push these guys to the limit with my baseball bat.

Hey you guys better get the fuck outta here

Why don't you go to Aruba or something?

Eh, get the hell outta here, this is my laundry



It's for me! I have a beeper!

Hi, El Burro.

Oh, oh, you're charming

You say that to everyone that picks up the phone, I bet.

What happened to this woman's face?


Alright, I've got a new strategy this time.

That's them sitting in the car right there -

Before the mission even starts

Hey guys!


Gimmie this fucking thing

I'm crazy

We're Crazy Taxi

Wee Hah

Here we go!

Give me the 'Woody's Topless Bar'

'Woody's Topless Bar' comin' right up

Where'd you say again?


Ok. Ocean.

The Description of GTA 3