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Hello everyone. OK here we are with Android 4.2.

It's still Jelly Bean but it's an update.

So, the most immediate changes, we're checking this out on the Nexus 7 tablet

is new lock screen

which has widgets available.

So you can now add

currently three different types of widget,

a clock, a calendar and gmail.

And you can flick between them. We'll just go back to that lock screen again.

Because the other change

is user accounts.

So, what you can do is have multiple users on one tablet device, it's only

available on tablets, this feature.

If you notice, when I press there it switches the background to show

that's it's using a different user.

At the same time these widgets change as well, so there's no widget there.

If I switch to this one, there's the

calendar widget.

Really really nice. If you want to enable that you can pull down here,

into this new settings menu, that drops down

it then shows you your logged in user here and provides your quick

settings. Go into settings,

and go to users.

And here you can trigger the new user option.

Basically you add a user, it

creates the new user we are going to set up now.

It then logs you all the way back out basically

and then when that new user logs in,

they get the welcome screen as normal. Really, really nicely done.

One of the other new areas is the notification tray which now instead of

requiring two fingers to pull out a marker in the notification area you can use one finger and

just drag, which obviously makes a lot more sense. God knows why they did that the other way but

that's a much much

improved usability feature. Interestingly as well if you want the

developer options

which I know a few people do, go into settings in the right place,if you want the developer option, go to about tablet,

find your build number and keep

tapping, until you 'you are now a developer'.

You can then come back and get your developer options.

Now, one interesting thing

and I don't know if you're spotting this in others,

in other Jelly Bean builds,

Force 4x MSAA, the Ellison technique.

You can turn that on now.

We'll see over time what difference that makes when we play some games.

Those are the major changes.

Generally everything feels quite fluid, there is a new clock available by the way.

Let's just bring that up.

So, this new clock

which has

a new font that is quite groovy.

You've also got a start and stop timer

and countdown clock as well which is represented by an egg timer.

Works quite nicely.

Overall, it just sort of feels like a bit of spit and polish on everything and a few things

sort of added in that maybe weren't quite ready for Jelly Bean 4.1.

Not bad at all.

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