Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dior x Judy Chicago couture collaboration

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See, I think this is a better view.

You can actually see them building the entrance

of what will be a mother goddess figure.


In 1977 I designed a mother goddess sculpture.

When Maria Grazia invited me to collaborate with her

I proposed that Dior build the goddess figure

that I had never been able to realise

and that the show be held inside the body of the goddess.

Heres where we are right now, were close to the belly

and then theres the breast and theres the head.

When we walked through the Rodin museum

I became acutely aware of itsmasculinessnature and how the museum

and most of the sculptures are kind of a paean to masculinity

and now here behind the museum is a paean to femininity,

thats why the guy is goingoh my God I never thought this would happen!’

Purple, I love purple. My toenails too.

I decided to change the colour of my hair when I turned 80.

Purple is a royal colour.

So thats about as close as Im getting to royalty.

This is the interior.

Theyll be twenty banners on which will be posed a series of questions.

If women ruled the world, would buildings resemble wombs?

Have you looked at the buildings all over?

Were so used to seeing phallic structures

that people dont even recognise what they are.

And then those banners were actually fabricated

in a school for embroidery for women in India that Dior supports.

In India, men are the primary embroiderers, so this is a way of empowering women

around the globe, which is of course what Maria Grazia and I both believe in.

It will be like being inside a warm, enveloping, safe environment,

like the world should be.

The Description of Dior x Judy Chicago couture collaboration