Practice English Speaking&Listening with: STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order - Movie Edition

Difficulty: 0

[low-pitched rumbling]

[metallic groaning, creaking]

[TIE fighters screech]

PROBE DROID: [warble]

[♪ exotic metal song]

[crash] PROBE DROID: [warble, beep]

[♪ exotic metal song continues]

[♪ song fades] PRAUF: Listen, I don't wanna upset your rhythm, Cal, but the boss wants a word.

PRAUF (offscreen): Could be good for us...

PRAUF (offscreen): Here he is, chief.

DROID FOREMAN: An error has been detected on line 10-A. Hauler clamps are jammed.

DROID FOREMAN: I need two workers to climb up and secure the cables.

CAL: That's not an easy maneuver...

DROID FOREMAN: The guild will double your pay for this shift.

PRAUF: C'mon, Cal... a little extra score - that couldn't hurt, huh?

CAL: Okay.

PRAUF: [chuckles] All right. Let's go!

DROID FOREMAN: Get to work!

PRAUF: This way!

CAL: I'm right behind you!

[indistinct chatter]

PRAUF: Sorry, Cal!

CAL: Don't worry about it!

PRAUF: Up here!

PRAUF: After you, kid.

[TIE fighters screech overhead]

[distant thunder]

PRAUF: Will you look at that?

PRAUF: A Separatist ship... Haven't seen a Lucrehulk in ages.

CAL: Yeah... ages.

PRAUF: Breaking *her* will be big money!

PRAUF: All right. Let's go.

[cargo barge rumbles]



[crash] PRAUF: The hell?!

CAL: Hey, you okay?

PRAUF: Yeah, I'm good.

PRAUF: Ladder's out, though...

PRAUF: Gonna have to find another way.

CAL: Yeah, no problem. I'll improvise.

PRAUF: See ya there, pal.

DROID: Depart this barge immediately! You are not approved trash.

CAL: I'm trash. Just not approved trash.

MALE SCRAPPER 1: Look! The ship cutter is here. There it goes!

[laser cutter crackles]

MALE SCRAPPER 2 (offscreen): Hey, we should get moving. MALE SCRAPPER 1 (offscreen): Yep, good looking out.

[distant clank, rumble]

MALE SCRAPPER: Hurry! We gotta finish before they start cutting this wing.

FEMALE SCRAPPER (offscreen): [alien language]

MALE SCRAPPER (offscreen): I'm working as fast as I can!

PRAUF: Cal! Use the manual override lever below.

CAL: Got it. Your turn!

[mechanical whir]

PRAUF (offscreen): [grunts]

[clunk, hiss] PRAUF (offscreen): Hold on!

PRAUF (offscreen): All right! Clamp secured!

[thud] CAL: Whoa!

PRAUF (offscreen): You okay?

CAL: Still here!

PRAUF (offscreen): Agh! Gave me a fright there, pal!

[click] CAL: Done!

[mechanical whir] PRAUF (offscreen): Hang on, I got this!

PRAUF (offscreen): [strains with effort] [clunk, hiss]

PRAUF (offscreen): We're done. Get on up here.

PRAUF: Come take a look at this.

PRAUF: It's a Jedi fighter!

PRAUF: What a score! It's a real scrapper's payday!

PRAUF: I mean, this heap's been here... what, four years?

CAL: Five...

PRAUF: Ha! Whoever flew this went down in a blaze of glory!

PRAUF: Those Jedi... Real tragedy.

PRAUF (offscreen): You know, I-I've always said - they couldn't all be traitors.

CAL: Yeah, maybe.

PRAUF (offscreen): [sighs] I guess it's just our lucky day.

PRAUF (offscreen): Empire's gonna get a lot of good material out of it.

PRAUF: Ya know... here we are, scrapping these ships from the war just so they can turn around and make new ones.

PRAUF (offscreen): What a racket, huh? All of us - risking our necks for the bosses.

PRAUF: And the pay was better back during the Republic, too.

CAL: Hey, you really should watch what you say. Prauf: Listen to me...

PRAUF: ... Finder's fee like this? Could be your ticket off this soggy rock.

CAL: What makes you think I want outta here?

PRAUF: [laughs] C'mon, Cal. You're a young guy...

PRAUF: You don't wanna end up like me.

PRAUF: [sigh] Eventually, you gotta move on and live your life. Find your destiny.

[laser cutter activates]

CAL: Whatever you say. Hey, we should get back down.

PRAUF: You're not listening to me now--

[clang] PRAUF: What was that?

[cable creaking, snapping]

[grunt] PRAUF: Cal, look out!

[metal groaning]

PRAUF: [groan]

PRAUF: [cries out]

[creature growls]

CAL: Prauf! You okay?

PRAUF: Cal! I-I can't climb up!

PROBE DROID: [warble] CAL: Prauf, just hang on!

PRAUF: I'm slipping!

CAL: No! Don't let go!

PRAUF: I... I can't hold on!

CAL: Prauf! No!


[clang] PRAUF: Oh!

CAL: You okay, Prauf?

PRAUF: I... I'm all right. Just pinned down.

CAL: Pilot's gone!

CAL: I'll get us out of here! Just hang on!

PRAUF: Watch out, Cal! [creature roars]

CAL: Look out! [crash]

CAL: This thing is barely flying!

CAL: Hold on!

[loud crash]

CAL: Prauf, you all right? Prauf: [grunt] Yeah...yeah.

[both grunting, straining with exertion]

[loud clang]

PRAUF: (with effort) Okay... we gotta... Cal: We gotta move. C'mon.

PRAUF: [groan] The hell happened?

PRAUF: [labored breathing]

PRAUF: What was that back there? Was it-- Was that you?

PRAUF: Wh-- Th-that was the force, wasn't it?

CAL: Just forget what you saw, okay? Please, trust me!

PRAUF: No, I've seen them... I-I've... I've seen the stories, I've heard it.

PRAUF: There's bounties out on people like you! Cal: Prauf, I know!

CAL: ... I know.

PRAUF: [shaken] Yeah...all right.

PRAUF: Uh... we need to be careful.

CAL: (quietly) Yeah. Prauf: Yeah.

PRAUF: You holdin' up okay?

CAL: [sigh] Good, yeah. You?

PRAUF: Yeah. [soft chuckle]

PRAUF: [sigh] Cal...

PRAUF: I've been working with you some time now...

PRAUF: I've never seen you do anything like that before.

PRAUF: Hmph, we've been through some hell together... [chuckle] So...

PRAUF: I know the risk that you took for me.

PRAUF: I just... I don't know how to repay you.

CAL: (hushed) Don't mention it.

CAL: (hushed) And I mean it.

PRAUF: Um... you don't have to worry about me...

PRAUF: Bu... but this place...

PRAUF: ... it's not safe.

PRAUF: Maybe you should, you know, disappear.

CAL: (hushed) Just gotta head back to my place, grab my bag.

CAL: (hushed) Tabbers owes me a favor.

PRAUF: Mm. I heard he was up on, uh, Nar Shaddaa?

CAL: Yeah...

CAL: You won't be seein' me for a while, Prauf.

PRAUF: Yeah... yeah, okay.

PRAUF: Okay, Cal.

CAL: [exhales softly]

CAL: Prauf?

[door control beeps]

CAL: Prauf, wait up.

[door control beeps]

CAL: (confused) Where you goin'?

[door control beeps in error]

[door control beeps in error]

ASTROMECH DROID: [whistle] [beep]

[alarm blares]

CAL: [gasps]

CAL: [cries out]

JARO TAPAL: Apprentice, mark well and listen.

CAL: (shaken) Master...

JARO TAPAL: Trust only in the Force.

CAL: [gasp]

CAL: Train is stopped.

PRAUF: Yeah...

PRAUF: Something's goin' on.

STORMTROOPER: Everybody up! Identification ready.

STORMTROOPER: Move out and line up!

PRAUF: Probably just another contraband inspection.

[ship screeches overhead]

[♪ ominous]

SECOND SISTER: Is this all of them?

PURGE TROOPER: Yes, Second Sister.

SECOND SISTER: We seek a dangerous fugitive.

SECOND SISTER: This is no common anarchist...

SECOND SISTER (offscreen): ... but a devotee of the treasonous Jedi Order.


SECOND SISTER (offscreen): Failure to turn over this traitor...

SECOND SISTER: ... will result in a charge of sedition.

SECOND SISTER: Turn yourself in...

SECOND SISTER (offscreen): ... or everyone present shall face summary execution.

[panicked breaths]

PRAUF: (hesitantly) I think... it's time someone came forward.

CAL: [tense breaths]

PRAUF: I, uh...

PRAUF: I've been workin' on this heap a long time.

PRAUF: Way before the war.

PRAUF (offscreen): We refit and rebuilt ships. Best in the galaxy.

PRAUF: Then came the Empire.

PRAUF: And engineers became scrappers.

PRAUF: The workers... [shaky breath] ... just started getting worked.

CAL: (hushed) Prauf...

PRAUF: But we all know the truth...

PRAUF: We're just... too afraid to say it.

PRAUF: To the Empire, we're all just expendable!

SECOND SISTER: Yes... you are.

PRAUF: [groan]

PRAUF: [whimper]


CAL: [cries out in anger]

SECOND SISTER: Look at this... a lightsaber!

CAL: [groan]

NINTH SISTER: I found the Jedi!

CAL: [yells]


CAL: [groans]

STORMTROOPER: What was that? Checking out the disturbance.

CAL: [groan] That hurts.

STORMTROOPER: Hold it, don't move!

STORMTROOPER: How'd you get here?

CAL: Easy now...

STORMTROOPER: Got a stowaway.

CAL: Wait, you don't need to call this in.

STORMTROOPER: Quiet! This is TK-8190...


STORMTROOPER 1: Did you hear that over the comm?

STORMTROOPER 2: (surprised) A Jedi? Stay sharp.

STORMTROOPER 1: They won't get past us.

STORMTROOPER 1: It's the traitor! Blast him!

STORMTROOPER 2: I can't hit him!

STORMTROOPER 2: How did you kill- [groan]

STORMTROOPER 3: Contact confirmed. Shoot to kill!

STORMTROOPER 4: Just you and me now!

STORMTROOPER 5: Break's over!

STORMTROOPER 5: All right, get him!

STORMTROOPER 6: I've sealed the cargo door!

STORMTROOPER 6: Guess I'll get all the rewards for this!

CAL: One way out....

CAL: Get to the front. Stop the train.

CAL: Whoa, no!

CAL: Need cover!

CAL: Gotta move in between bursts.

CAL: Now!

CAL: Faster!

STORMTROOPER: He's here! I'm ready for you, trait--


CAL: He shot the coupling out...

CAL: Gotta get down!

CAL: Agh!

CAL: [cries out]

CAL: [pant]

CAL: No no no no no!

CAL: Aah!

CAL: Whoa! This is bad!

CAL: Only way is up...

[explosions] CAL: Whoa!

[distant blaster fire]

WOMAN: We're here to help!

CAL: Who are you?

WOMAN: No time! Keep moving! We'll pick you up when we can!

[♪ exciting]

STORMTROOPER: I found him!

STORMTROOPER: Let's take him on!


STORMTROOPER 1: G-Get the Jedi!

STORMTROOPER 1: Someone else attack him! [cries out]

STORMTROOPER 2: You're not getting out of here alive!

STORMTROOPER 2: [cries out]

STORMTROOPER 3: Enemy position reached!


STORMTROOPER 4: I'll get you!

STORMTROOPER 4: [cries out]

STORMTROOPER 5: You! End him!

STORMTROOPER 6: I'm watching you!

STORMTROOPER 6: I can beat him!

[bang, screech] CAL: What now?

CAL: Train's stopped...?

CAL: [gasp]

CAL: This can't be good...

CAL: Whoa!

CAL: Agh!

WOMAN: Jump now!

WOMAN: Hold on!

[blaster fire]


[♪ tense]

DROID: [wails]

SECOND SISTER: Going somewhere?

SECOND SISTER: I recognize that stance. Perhaps you've had some training after all.

SECOND SISTER: Who was your master, padawan?

SECOND SISTER: Someone I killed, perhaps?

SECOND SISTER: What Jedi gave their life so that *you* might live?

CAL: [cries out]

CAL: [forceful grunt]

SECOND SISTER: Do not test my patience.

CAL: Ugh! Oh! Oof!

CAL: [groan]

WOMAN: Get on board!

CAL: [groan]

WOMAN: Captain!

[lightsaber activates]

[controls beeping]

CAL: [gasp]


PILOT: [exclaims]

PILOT: [grunt]

CAL: [shaky breaths]

PILOT: (delicately) Okay, shut that thing off and grab some seat.

CAL: Thanks for the help. But who are you people?

WOMAN: My name is Cere Junda.

CERE: And this is my captain, Greez Dritus.

GREEZ: How you doin'?

GREEZ: Yeah, the Mantis is my ship, but you better pay attention to this lady here.

CERE: So, who are you?

CAL: Cal... Kestis.

CAL: Who was that back there?

CERE: An Imperial Inquisitor.

CERE: She's a Force user hunting Jedi survivors.

CERE: And now that she knows who *you* are, she will not stop until she destroys you.

CAL: How do you know so much? And why'd you help me?

CERE: We track Imperial communications.

CERE: We heard the Inquisitors were heading to Bracca, so we made our move.

CAL: Oh yeah?

CAL: How much is the bounty on Jedi these days anyway?

GREEZ: That's gratitude for ya!

CERE: Look, I get it.

CERE: You've been surviving on your own for so long that it's impossible to trust anyone.

CERE: And it's what's kept you alive...

CERE: ... but this is about something bigger than just surviving.

CAL: Like what?

CERE: Like rebuilding the Jedi Order.

CAL: You two?...

CAL: Anybody else?

GREEZ: Oh, we're not good enough for you?

CAL: The Jedi Council?

CERE: They're gone.

CAL: (softly) Oh.

CAL: So I'm all you've got.

CERE: Captain, set a course for Bogano.

GREEZ: Aye-aye.

CERE: In the meantime, try and relax.

CERE: Go. You're safe.

CERE: For now...

PRAUF: (echoing) You gotta move on and live your life...

PRAUF: (echoing) Find your destiny.

PRAUF: (echoing) Cal, look out!

CAL: [gasp]

GREEZ: You were talking in your sleep.

GREEZ: [chuckle] Weirdo.

CAL: [soft groan]

[♪ strums notes on instrument]

[♪ plays melody]

CERE: That song...

CERE: I wrote it, years ago.

CERE: You touch an object and witness events connected to it.

CERE: You *feel* its history.

CAL: It's an... echo in the Force from the object.

CERE: Not many Jedi have that skill.

CAL: How would you know that?

CERE: [deep sigh]

CERE: I was once a Jedi...

CERE: But not anymore.

CAL: Do I know you?

CERE: No...

CERE: But I knew your master, Jaro Tapal.

CERE: He was a true guardian of the Republic.

CAL: (guarded) He was a hero.

CAL: Listen...

CAL: Something happened to me during the Purge.

CAL: I survived, but...

CAL: My connection to the Force is damaged.

CAL: When I meditate, if I let my guard down I lose control... and it's like I'm back in that moment when--

CERE: You survived, Cal.

CERE: And you're not alone. Not anymore.

GREEZ (over intercom): We're comin' up on our destination.

[♪ breezy]

CERE: This is Bogano.

CERE: A Jedi I knew discovered it before the Purge.

CERE: You won't find it on any maps.

CAL: The Empire doesn't know this place exists? CERE: No.

CAL: So, what's the plan?

CAL: We... hide out here?

CERE: We're done hiding, Cal.

CERE: See that structure over there?

CERE: I believe that vault holds the key to rebuilding the Jedi Order.

CERE: But... it requires someone strong in the Force to pass its test.

CAL: And since you're not a Jedi anymore that's why you need *me*.

CERE: I know you don't trust me.

CERE: And I'm not really sure I trust you.

CERE: But we have a common enemy, and a common cause.

CERE: I'll share more of my plan after you reach the vault.

CERE: But, until then...

CERE: ... there's someone here I think you should meet.

CERE: May the Force be with you.

CAL: Guess I'm looking for a Jedi, then.

CAL: But if there's already one here, why does Cere need *me*?

CAL: This looks like a safe place to meditate. Just need to focus my mind.

CAL: [heavy breaths]

DROID: [beep, trill]

CAL: Hey... BD-1. I'm Cal.

BD-1: [whistle]

CAL: Uh, yeah I'm okay. I'm just... I'm looking for someone.

BD-1: [inquisitive boop] CAL: No, not you.

CAL: I'm searching for a... a Jedi. I think.

BD-1: [excited beep]

CAL: Hold on, y-you know the Jedi? What do you know?

BD-1: [excited whistle] CAL: Wait, hold on!

CAL: Did you just slice that...? Thanks.

CAL: That's the vault Cere mentioned. Whoever I'm supposed to find must be waiting there.

CAL: Any ideas? Gotta get across this gap somehow.

BD-1: [whistle, beep]

CAL: A zipline?

BD-1: [affirmative boop]

CAL: (excited) Whoa!

BD-1: [jubilant chirp]

CAL: How'd you know that would work? BD-1: [boop]

CAL: Wait... you didnt?

CAL: Careful over there! That doesn't look safe.

BD-1: [enthusiastic whistle]

CAL: Just like back at the scrapyard.

BOGLING: [screech]

BD-1: [angry beep] CAL: Hold on, BD-1, I'm coming!

BOG RAT: [hiss]

CAL: Hey! That was pretty brave. You okay?

BD-1: [sad warble]

CAL: Wait. I can help you with that.

CAL: Will you let me?

BD-1: [curious beep]

CAL: (startled) Oh! [laughs] Okay!

CAL: Hmm...

CAL: Well [sigh] your scomp link is busted, but this should help you get moving for now.

[tool crackling]

CAL: Okay. Try that.

BD-1: [lively whistle]

CAL: The vault... Yeah, that's where I was headed, too.

BD-1: [whistle, beep]

CAL: Okay, well... first we gotta figure out a way outta this place.

CAL: Uh, BD... That's a little small for me.

CAL: Don't worry, I'll find my own way out.

CAL: Tight fit, but this should work.

CAL: [cries out]

CAL: [groan]

BD-1: [concerned beep]

CAL: Yeah... I'm all right. [grimace]

BD-1: [beep, trill]

CAL: (surprised) Oh.

CAL: A healing stim?

CAL: You're full of surprises.

[healing stim hisses]

CAL: [relieved sigh]

CAL: That's better. Thanks, little droid.

BD-1: [beep-beep]

CAL: Okay, let's try this again.

CAL: (surprised) Oh, uh...

CAL: Okay. [laughs]

CAL: Here. Hop on board.

[♪ jaunty]

CAL: That's where we need to go. I can feel it.

BD-1: [boop]

BD-1: [beep-boop]

CAL: You've mapped everywhere we've been!

BD-1: [eager beep]

CAL: I can't make it over there. We gotta find another way.

BD-1: [sad boop]

[♪ foreboding]

CAL: Hey, BD-1!

BD-1: [boop-boop]

CAL: See something in there?

[lizard feet pattering]

YOUNG CAL: [grunt] JARO TAPAL: Try again.

YOUNG CAL: [sigh] It's difficult, Master.

JARO TAPAL: Yes, the path is difficult.

JARO TAPAL: It may seem impossible, but with persistence and the Force as your ally, you will overcome any obstacle...

JARO TAPAL: ... You will master any path.

JARO TAPAL: Now, do what you must to reach me.

JARO TAPAL (offscreen): Good. Again!

JARO TAPAL (offscreen): Now, reach my position.

CAL: I did it! With persistence and the Force as my ally.

BD-1: [inquisitive beep]

CAL: Just remembering old tricks.

CAL: Think you can show me that shortcut again?

BD-1: [enthusiastic beep]

[♪ intrepid]

CAL: Race you there?

BD-1: [excited trill]

CAL: [chuckling] Whoaaa! It's on!

BD-1: [taunting beep] CAL: We're not finished yet!

BD-1: [indignant beep] CAL: Okay, okay. You probably woulda won...

CAL: ... Probably.

[♪ mysterious]

[deep rumbling]

CAL: [soft exhale]

CAL: [quiet gasp]

CAL: Amazing...

BD-1: [excited whistle]

CAL: Hmm...

CAL: You all right, BD?

HOLOGRAM: Well done, whoever you are.

HOLOGRAM: You have passed the test I left behind...

HOLOGRAM: ... and gained access to the Vault and this recording...

HOLOGRAM: ... one of many encrypted logs stored in the droid.

HOLOGRAM: I am Master Eno Cordova.

CORDOVA: I may not know your name but I know your purpose.

CORDOVA: The fate of the Jedi Order lies in your hands.

CORDOVA: This... placethis... Vault is a sacred temple...

CORDOVA: ... built by a vanished civilization known as the Zeffo.

CORDOVA: Meditating here I was granted a premonition through the Force...

CORDOVA: A vision of doom.

CORDOVA: I have placed inside this Vault a Jedi holocron...

CORDOVA: ... containing a list of the names and locations of young Force-sensitives throughout the galaxy.

CORDOVA: Ahead you will find the inner chamber of the Vault, but also another test.

CORDOVA: I can only trust this holocron to someone who has followed my path and understands.

CORDOVA: Seek out the hidden tombs of the Three Sages...

CORDOVA: ... and learn to perceive the mysteries of the Force as the Zeffo once did.

CORDOVA: In this droid you will find everything you need to succeed on this journey.

CORDOVA: Go to the Zeffo homeworld.

CORDOVA: There... you will find peace in the eye of the storm.

CORDOVA: Good luck, Jedi.

CORDOVA: And may the Force be with you.

CAL: I guess you were the someone I was supposed to meet.

BD-1: [affirmative beep]

CAL: (softly) Hm.

CAL: [inhale] You know I've been alone for... a while now.

CAL: Without any purpose, just... hiding.

CAL: It's no way to live.

CAL: Not for a Jedi.

CAL: Or a droid. [soft chuckle]

CAL: Maybe Cere was right...

CAL: Maybe we're done hiding.

CAL: [quiet sigh]

CAL: Hey...

CAL: You wanna meet some, uh...

CAL: Friends of mine?

BD-1: [elated whistle]

CAL: [laughs softly]

CAL: I think I found what you wanted me to see.

BD-1: [beep, whistle] CERE (over radio): Sounds like you did. We'll be waiting.

[sound of door opening]

CAL: This hilt belonged to Cordova.

CAL: Feels weird to say about someone I've never met but... it's kinda comforting.

BD-1: [boop]

CAL: I agree. This place *is* special.

CAL: I added his hilt to mine. I wanna keep a piece of him with us.

BD-1: [curious beep]

CAL: What's that?

BD-1: [whistle, boop]

CORDOVA: My friend, it appears the Zeffo had some interest...

CORDOVA: ... in Dathomir.

CORDOVA: Strange...

CORDOVA: ... for such a peaceful culture to have any sort of fascination with a place so dark.

CERE: You passed the test.

CAL: So you knew about BD-1.

CERE: (pleased) Come on board. We'll talk inside.

CAL: Oh. BD-1, this is Greez. Hey, Greez!

GREEZ: What is that?! BD-1: [beep]

GREEZ: Get off my sofa! Get... Get off my sofa! Go! Get outta there! Get out!

CAL: *That* is BD-1. He's with us.

GREEZ: I don't care who he's with! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get oil stains out of potolli-weave fabric?

CAL: Not really.

GREEZ: [frustrated sigh] I hope you found something better out there than this droid.

CAL: Oh, calm down, Greez. He did.

CAL: Tell us, Cal.

CAL: The Vault was built by an ancient civilization called the Zeffo.

CAL: A Jedi named Eno Cordova hid something inside of it.

CERE: What did he hide inside?

CAL: A holocron from the Archives.

CAL: It contains a list of Force-sensitive children.

CERE: [brief chuckle] The next generation of Jedi. I knew it!

CERE: Ah, Cordova, you old fool. [chuckle]

CAL: You knew him?

CERE: Yes! A long time ago.

CERE: I was his apprentice.

CERE: Cordova was a loner. That little droid and I are probably the only ones that know about Bogano.

GREEZ: Hold on. Wait a minute- wait a minute. A holo-what?

CERE: A holocron.

CERE: It stores information but only accessible to Jedi.

CERE: Hang on, I think I have one around here.

CERE: Use the Force.

CAL: [exhale]

RECORDING: This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

RECORDING: I regret to report that both our Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen.

CERE: With that list of Force-sensitives, we could rebuild the Jedi Order and defeat the Empire.

GREEZ: Okay, no problem. Let's get it!

CAL: Well, except the holocron is hidden deep inside the Vault and to get it we have to follow Cordova's path.

CAL: He mentioned something about the planet Dathomir and a Zeffo homeworld.

GREEZ: Well, where're we going? Now, I'm just asking 'cause I was thinking of maybe making some food.

CAL: Look, before we do anything... I need to know something.

CAL: How come you're no longer a Jedi?

CERE: I had an experience that... [sigh] changed my perspective.

CERE: So I cut myself off from the Force.

CAL: But you still wanna rebuild the Order.

CERE: I believe that rebuilding the Order is the best chance we have against the Empire.

CERE: What do you believe?

CAL: I believe I can't keep hiding from the Empire so I don't really have a choice.

CERE: Cal, as long as you're alive you will *always* have a choice.

CERE: Are you with us?

CAL: We're in. BD-1: [boop-beep]

GREEZ: Dathomir or Zeffo? It's your choice.

GREEZ (offscreen): Ah, Zeffo. My favorite place.

BD-1: [beep-boop] CERE: You remember me...

CERE: I came to Bogano looking for my former master, Eno Cordova.

BD-1: [friendly warble]

CERE: Hi to you, too.

CERE: You two must have spent a lot of time together alone on that planet.

BD-1: [sad boop]

CERE: He must have left right after you were activated.

CERE: [inhale] Do you remember the last thing Cordova said to you?

CORDOVA (recording): Good luck, Jedi. May the Force be with you.

CERE: The log left for Cal...

CERE: Nothing else?

BD-1: [dejected boop]

GREEZ: All right, kid. Sit down, we're here.

GREEZ: Heck of a storm brewin' down there. This might not be the best time to land.

CERE: Ah, something's strange. Those winds are interfering with our comms.

CAL: Hey, Cordova mentioned something about "peace in the eye of the storm"...

CAL: Well, I can just make out a settlement in the middle of it.

CERE: Then we have to get there.

GREEZ: Copy that. [keys clacking]

CAL: [grunt]

GREEZ: Couple bumps ain't gonna kill ya, kid. [chuckle]

GREEZ: (muttering) Unless the wind picks up.

BD-1: [woop-beep-beep] GREEZ: Can you tell that bucket of bolts to keep his opinion to himself please?

CERE: (firmly) I'm sure everything's under control.

GREEZ: Of course it's under control. It's just a little tricky.

GREEZ: Okay, hold on... hold on... hold on!

[loud thud] [all groan]

GREEZ: Ha! Perfect landing. [chuckle] Greezy money, baby.

CERE: Uh-huh, but I'm still getting a lot of interference on the comms.

CERE: It's gonna take me a minute to get them back up.

CAL: I'll search for signs of Cordova in the meantime.

CERE: Good. I'll be in touch... once I crack this.

[♪ enigmatic]

[blaster fire]

STORMTROOPER 1: Charge forward!

STORMTROOPER 2: I just need to focus...


BD-1: [beep-boop]

[radio static] CERE (over radio): Cal, can you hear me?

CAL: The Empire... they found Zeffo.

CERE (over radio): If they were following the Mantis, we would've been swarmed already.

CAL: Could they be looking for the tombs?

CERE (over radio): Let's hope not.

CERE (over radio): Just got our comms working. I'll try the same workaround to crack into theirs.

CAL: Whoa. That's gotta be one of the Zeffo.

BD-1: [boop-boop] CAL: Guess we're on the right track, huh, BD?

CAL: Whoo! Wasn't expecting this.

BD-1: [inquisitive beep] CAL: It's a giant Zeffo statue. Kinda thought there would be Zeffo stuff inside.

BD-1: [affirmative whistle]

BD-1: [beep-boop-beep]

CAL: A scomp link?

CAL: Yeah, you're rightI think I could replace yours with this.

CAL: Let's get you fixed up.

[tool crackling]

CAL: Hows... that?

BD-1: [approving woop]

CAL: [laugh]

STORMTROOPER 1: Ugh... why are we even still here? There's nothing on this planet!

STORMTROOPER 2: Well, maybe there're some historic artifacts or something. I mean, we *are* digging.

STORMTROOPER 1: Ah, who cares about rocks and pottery anyway?

STORMTROOPER 2: Obviously the Empire doeselse we wouldn't be here.

STORMTROOPER 1: Ah, shut up!

[controls beeping]

HOLOGRAM: In accordance with the Emperor's will, we've occupied Zeffo, redistributing its inhabitants.

HOLOGRAM: This planet has failed to yield significant data or relics for Project Auger.

HOLOGRAM: It's electromagnetic winds have rendered the bulk of our mining technology useless.

HOLOGRAM: Meanwhile, more stormtroopers lose their lives to dangerous fauna.

HOLOGRAM: We will not be able to fulfill our directive here.

HOLOGRAM: It is my recommendation that we disband the project and leave a token outpost to keep scavengers from stealing our technology.

CAL: I found something.

CERE (over radio): What do they know?

CAL: No mention of Cordova. I don't think the Empire knows he's been here.

CERE (over radio): Then we have the advantage. For now.

STORMTROOPER 1: Hostile! Get ready!

STORMTROOPER 2: [cries out]



[♪ foreboding]

CAL: There's a storm up ahead.

CAL: Something about it crippled the Empire's equipment.

CAL: I can feel something pulling me there... Beyond the storm.

CERE (over radio): Follow it. Let the Force sharpen your instincts.

CAL: All right. I'll do my best.

CAL: I've never seen a storm do that before.

BD-1: [amazed whistle]

CAL: Yeah, it's incredible.

BD-1: [boop]

CORDOVA (recording): My friend, I believe this to be the earliest Zeffo site we've uncovered yet.

CORDOVA (recording): Despite my reservations, I cannot chase the Bogano Vault from my mind.

CORDOVA (recording): Its visions shaped the direction of an entire culture!

CORDOVA (recording): I must understand why.

CAL: I'm in the tomb. It's massive.

CERE (over radio): And the Empire?

CAL: No sign of them down here.

CERE (over radio): What about Cordova?

CAL: [sigh] Still not sure what I'm supposed to find. He's a little...

CERE (over radio): Eccentric? [scoff] Tell me about it.

CERE (over radio): But he wouldn't send us here for his amusement. Keep an open mind.

[rumbling, sound of grinding stone]

CAL: [groan]

CAL: [groan]

YOUNG CAL: [groan]


JARO TAPAL: The Jedi do not seek aggression, but we stand against it.

JARO TAPAL: The Force is there to shield us.

JARO TAPAL: The obstacles in your path define the path.

JARO TAPAL: What stands in the way becomes the way.

JARO TAPAL: Now, try again.

YOUNG CAL: [deep breath]

YOUNG CAL: [forceful grunt]

JARO TAPAL: Good. Continue.

JARO TAPAL: Faster now. Complete the test.

[rocks crumbling] CAL: What stands in the way becomes the way.

CAL: I did it!

CORDOVA: My friend, take a look at the detail on this bark!

CORDOVA: The distinctive striations...

CORDOVA: It can only be a wroshyr tree from Kashyyyk.

CORDOVA: It's time to call on an old friend.

CORDOVA: If the Zeffo had contact with Kashyyyk...

CORDOVA: ... there is a good chance Chieftain Tarfful will know about it.

[♪ intense]

CAL: Hyah! BD-1: [beep-boop]

[deep resonant ringing]

[deep resonant ringing]

CAL: Moving out.

[resonant ringing]

[resonant ringing]

CERE (over radio): What did you find?

CAL: The Zeffo went to Kashyyyk. Cordova mentioned someone named Tarfful.

CERE (over radio): Mm. A Wookie chieftain. They were old friends.

CAL: Think he's still around?

CERE (over radio): There's only one way to find out...

CERE (over radio): We have to go to Kashyyyk.

CAL: Did we just open the way for the Empire?

BD-1: [uncertain beep]

[loud bang]

STORMTROOPER: Get down here!


STORMTROOPER (in distance): I'll take you down!

STORMTROOPER (in distance): Target has the high ground!

STORMTROOPER: Your efforts are meaningless!

STORMTROOPER (in distance): I need to reload.

STORMTROOPER: No one's ever escaped us!

STORMTROOPER: [cries out]

CERE (over radio): Cal! The Empire's identified you as the Jedi from Bracca.

CERE (over radio): They're searching for the Mantis as we speak.

CAL: Can't you move the Mantis?

CERE (over radio): [sigh] It's too risky to start the engine. Its power discharge will draw their attention immediately.

CAL: I'll be back as fast as I can.

CERE (over radio): Cal, we've got a walker firing on us, and our weapons are down! [distant blaster fire]

GREEZ (over radio): Is that him? Tell him he better get his butt--

[blaster fire over radio]

CAL: Hold on, I'm on my way!

GREEZ: Nice work out there, kid! Hey, you got some real moves on ya. Ha!

GREEZ: Just tell me that this visit wasn't for nothin'.

CAL: I found the tomb of a Zeffo Sage.

CAL: They definitely used the Force.

CERE: An advanced civilization of Force-wielders who mysteriously vanished...

CERE: No wonder Master Cordova became so obsessed with them.

CERE: What else did you find?

CAL: Before they disappeared, the Zeffo journeyed to the planet Kashyyyk.

GREEZ: [groan]

CAL: Cordova had a Wookie friend named Tarfful. Maybe we can find him.

GREEZ: Kashyyyk? I- Look, things are really bad down there.

GREEZ: The... The Empire's muscling in on those Wookies big time.

CAL: Then we better get ready for a fight.

GREEZ: [irritated sigh]

CERE: I think this lifestyle suits you.

CERE: Fighting that walker seems to have made you more confident.

CERE: [sigh] So... how are you holding up?

CAL: You mean with the Force?

CERE: Yes, with the Force.

CERE: I know you said it could... be overwhelming.

CAL: Haven't gotten myself killed yet. [exhale]

CAL: Rather not talk about it.

CERE: Yeah, well... I understand.

CERE: More than you realize.

CAL: Well, why'd you choose to stop using the Force?

CERE: When the Purge started, and our... clone troops turned against us...

CERE: ... my Padawan and I took several younglings and we went into hiding.

CERE: But... we didn't last long.

CERE: Imperial patrol was about to discover our location so...

CERE: I tried to lure them away from my padawan, Trilla.

CERE: She stayed behind with the younglings...

CERE: But... they caught me...

CERE: And they tortured me.

CERE: They wanted to know about the others and how many were left, but...

CERE: Mostly they wanted to know about...

CERE: ... Cordova. And where he went.

CAL: But you escaped.

CERE: (softly) Yeah...

CERE: There was a prison riot.

CERE: I saw my opportunity and I took it.

CERE: But they almost broke me...

CERE: And I am not the same as I was, Cal.

CAL: Your padawan...

CAL: Did she survive?


CERE: But that's why we can't give up.

CERE: We can't let the sacrifice of those closest to us... [inhale]

CERE: ... be for nothing.

BD-1 (offscreen): [musical noises]

GREEZ: Wait, what? Wh-what is that thing saying?

GREEZ: I don't know why people have droids.

CERE: Tell that to *him*. He can understand you.

GREEZ: He can?

BD-1: [boop-beep]

GREEZ: Look... [sheepish chuckle] I didn't mean anything by it.

BD-1: [beep]

GREEZ: Droids just freak me out.

BD-1: [sad boop]

CERE: What doesn't?

CERE: You sound like an Imp. They deactivate droids just because they can.

CERE: That makes him one of us.

GREEZ: Huh. Well... Tough break.

GREEZ: I take it back. You're all right, buddy.

BD-1: [happy whistle]

GREEZ: All right, kid, sit down. We're here.

[♪ dramatic]

CAL: [exclaims] Tell me we're not running that blockade.

CERE: Only as a last resort.

CERE: I've rigged the Mantis's transponder to transmit Imperial signals. Hey Greez...

GREEZ: Yeah? CERE: Keep your power signature low and act like we belong.

GREEZ: Just like Bracca. No sweat.

GREEZ: I don't need another set of hands. Just please, keep your eyes on the scanner. Please?

CAL: All right, all right.

GREEZ: All right.

CAL: I don't see anything.

CERE: They're preoccupied with something on the ground. We're clear.

CAL: That doesn't look good.

CERE: The Empire is devouring Kashyyyk for its natural resources.

CERE: Wookies have been enslaved. Or displaced.

GREEZ: [grunt] That was a close one, kid! Aren't you supposed to be watching the monitors?

CAL: Guerrilla fighters. Wookies and off-worlders ambushing an Imperial convoy.

CERE: Walkers approaching their position!

CAL: Tarfful could be with them!

GREEZ: Tarfful could be anywhere...

GREEZ: Like deep in the ground, like we're gonna be if we get caught up in that battle down there!

CAL: We don't have any other options, and...

CAL: And they'll die without our help.

CERE: So what's your plan?

CAL: Sabotage.

CAL: We used to scrap walkers on Bracca.

CAL: I'll just jack one.

GREEZ: Ha! Get a load of the kidhe thinks we're back in the Clone Wars!

CAL: Captain... Greez: Eh?

CERE: Get us near those walkers.

GREEZ: Wait, what?

CERE: Listen. Those walkers double as troop transports, so once you get inside, be careful.

GREEZ: Time for No-Freeze Greez to work his magic!

CERE: Hey, do me a favor...

CERE: Stay alive down there?

CAL: I'll add it to the plan.

CAL: [exclaims]

GREEZ (over radio): All right, if you're jumpin', you better do it now, kid!

CAL (shouting): You ready for a swim, BD?

BD-1: [enthusiastic woop]

CAL: Whoo-hoo!

BD-1: [boop-be-be-beep]

BD-1: [woop-beep]

CAL: [gasping breaths]

[fighters buzz overhead]

[distant blaster fire]

CAL: Whoo!

CAL: You ready to do this?

CAL: That was close.

BD-1: [concurring whistle]

CAL: Wonder how we get inside...

BD-1: [inquiring boop]

CAL: Yeah, I'll try the leg.

CAL: Okay. Now where?

BD-1: [beep-boop]

CAL: Just a little more.

BD-1: [boop-trill]

CAL: Thanks, BD.

CAL: Let's climb to the top.


STORMTROOPER 1: There's no pulse!

STORMTROOPER 2: Your turn to report fatalities.

STORMTROOPER 1: It's the Jedi!

STORMTROOPER 2: C'mon, let's get him!

STORMTROOPER 1: That's it... It's all over now!


STORMTROOPER 1: [cries out]

PILOT 1: Reading a new ship on scanners.

PILOT 2: They brought more firepower than we thought.

PILOT 2: How's our hull looking?

PILOT 1: Badly damaged. We're at 70 percent hull integrity and falling.

PILOT 2: That should still be enough to stomp out these insurgents. Keep us steady.

BD-1: [whistle] PILOTS: Huh?

CAL: [grunt] PILOTS: [groan]

CAL: That actually worked! BD-1: [whistle]

CAL: Okay, uh... throttle...

PILOT (over comm): Report! What's happening over there? You're in violation of... BD-1: [defiant jabbering]

CAL: Can you shut that guy up?

PILOT (over comm): ... Imperial protocol 3207. Stand down or we will--

BD-1: [boo-woop] CAL: Better.

CAL: [laughs gleefully]

CAL: Let's do this!

CAL: That's the blasters....

CAL: That's out of the way.

BD-1: [approving boop]

MAN: [grunt]

MAN: [knocks on glass] Hey! Who are you?

CAL: Someone who just brought an AT-AT to the table.

CAL: Who are *you*?

MAN: Someone making the Empire angry.

MAN: [exclaims]

MAN: We're advancing on an Imp landing pad up ahead. I wouldn't mind fire support.

CAL: Copy that.

CAL: Let's make 'em even angrier!

CAL: Took out the bridge!

CAL: There's the landing pad.

CAL: We gotta take them out.

CAL: They just keep comin'...

CAL: He's headed for us. Can you do anything?

BD-1: [frantic beep]

CAL: Hold on! [grunt]

CAL: [groaning and gasping]

CAL: [gasp]

CAL: Brace yourself, BD!

CAL: [cries out]

CAL: [groan] BD-1: [shuddering beeps]

CAL: [panting]

BD-1: [relieved whistle]

BD-1: [boop-boop-beep]

CAL: Yeah, I'm okay. You all right?

BD-1: [enthusiastic beep]

CAL: (chuckling) No, we are not doing that again.

CAL: [grunt]

MAN: You just wrecked a perfectly good walker.

MAN: Got a name?

CAL: Cal Kestis.

MAN: Saw Gerrera.

SAW: What are you doing on Kashyyyk?

CAL: Looking for somebody. What are you doing here?

SAW: My companions and I came to Kashyyyk to disrupt Imperial supply lines.

[roar of Mantis overhead] CAL: Hey!

SAW: So, who are you looking for?

CAL: A Wookie chieftain named Tarfful.

SAW: Tarfful is impossible to find.

SAW: There's a reason he's evaded the Empire for this long.

CAL: He's a freedom fighter?

SAW: He's *the* freedom fighter.

SAW: A symbol of the Wookie resistance. Striking at the Empire from the Shadowlands.

CAL: Huh...

CAL: Cere, Greez... this is Saw.

GREEZ: How ya doin'?

SAW: What do you want with Tarfful?

CAL: Jedi business.

SAW: The Jedi are dead.

CERE: Not all of them.

CAL: [clears throat]

SAW: You get that off a corpse?

CAL: My master gave it to me.

BD-1: [sad boop]

SAW: This pad supports an Imperial refinery that runs on Wookie slave labor.

SAW: Intel suggests that some of the captives there are guerrilla fighters.

CAL: I should help them. One of them might know how to contact Tarfful.

SAW: It's possible.

GREEZ: Whoa, wait a minute- Hold on, wait a minute.

GREEZ: The Mantis works wondersI mean, it's a great ship, excellent pilot...

GREEZ: But, it is not built for close support.

CERE: We'll stay here and monitor Imperial transmissions.

CERE: With a bit of luck, we'll intercept any distress calls.

SAW: Appreciate it.

SAW: My lieutenants and I will scout ahead to prepare the attack. Join us when you're ready.

SAW: Go! Go!

CAL: Glad you're all right.

GREEZ: Yeah, yeah. Good to see you, too.

GREEZ: (muttering) This place is a dump.

CERE: Your plan worked.

CERE: And now you want to follow Saw?

CAL: You don't like that idea?

CERE: I'm concerned you're jumping from one risk to the next.

GREEZ: Wait, what?

GREEZ: I fly my ship into the middle of a battlefield and *now* we're talkin' about risks?

CAL: Well, why didn't you stop me?

CERE: My job is to guide you on your path, not choose it for you.

CERE: So here's my advice...

CERE: The Empire's overtaken hundreds of worlds.

CERE: There's a reason Saw chose Kashyyyk.

CERE: Saw's goals may not be the same as ours.

CERE: We should be careful.

CAL: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

[♪ militaristic]

CAL: (whisper) Hey.

SAW: Imperial sap refinery lies dead ahead.

CAL: What does the Empire want with tree sap?

SAW: Nothing good.

SAW: They refine the sap into a powerful compound, and they're rushing to expand production.

CAL: We have to stop them.

SAW: That's the plan. We don't know their endgame, but they spread themselves too thin...

SAW: This map we recovered proves it.

BD-1: [beep-boop-beep]

BD-1: [trill, inquisitive beep]

CAL: Here you go, bud.

SAW: These refineries double as brutal prison camps.

SAW: We'll use those cutters to create a distraction...

SAW: While you take your lightsaber and free the Wookies inside.

SAW: We need their help to stop the Empire.

CAL: Understood.

SAW: Watch yourself in there.

WOOKIE: [roar]

CAL: You hear that? He said he needs my help. BD-1: [excited whistle]

CAL: C'mon, buddy.

[TIE fighters screech overhead]

STORMTROOPER 1: Over there! One of the cutters turned on.

STORMTROOPER 1: Up there! [cries out]

STORMTROOPER 2: Moving back!

STORMTROOPER 3: He can't do that, can he?!

[door controls beep]

IMPERIAL DROID: [startled beep]

IMPERIAL OFFICER (over loudspeaker): Attention, all units. We've lost contact with our troops stationed at cargo pad 119-Grek.

[stormtroopers cry out]

STORMTROOPER: Assail the intruder!


STORMTROOPER: It's the Jedi!

STORMTROOPER: I knew this was a bad idea!

STORMTROOPER: [cries out]

[door controls beep]

MALE REBEL: Watch out! FEMALE REBEL: Let me out--

MALE REBEL: [cries out]


PURGE TROOPER: This is what I've trained for.

PURGE TROOPER: Are you shaking, Jedi?


BD-1: [beep] SAW: Keep going! I'll rendezvous with you shortly!

SAW: Looks like you're blocked. I'll fix that.

SAW: Never seen a trooper like that before.

SAW: You gotta get these Wookies out of lockup. Keep moving, Jedi!

SAW: Vent's open. Go!

STORMTROOPER 1: I just heard from the captainthey're coming.

STORMTROOPER 2: [despondent groan] This is it.

STORMTROOPER 1: At least we have the high ground.

[rumble] STORMTROOPER 1: What was that? STORMTROOPER 2: Another hijacked cutter!

STORMTROOPER 1: Reporting a live cutter near the cellblocks. Immediate aid requested!

STORMTROOPER 1: It's breaking through and destroying everything!



CERE (over radio): You still alive in there?

CAL: So far. Almost to the prison.

CERE (over radio): Good.

CERE (over radio): Imperial distress calls are going out across the planet.

CERE (over radio): If you don't get the prisoners soon...

CAL: We can do this. I promise.

STORMTROOPER: Enemy contact!


STORMTROOPER: I can't get him!


STORMTROOPER: Get up here, hurry!

STORMTROOPER: How are we supposed to hit him?

CAL: Hyah!

STORMTROOPER: [cries out]

CAL: Come here, BD-1.

[door controls beep]

CAL: No guards...

WOOKIE: [weak growl]

CAL: (softly) Hey. WOOKIE: [growl]

CAL: We're here to free you. You're not alone.

WOOKIE: [soft growl]

CAL: (startled) Huh? SECURITY DROID: Visitation is not permitted.

CAL: [yells]

CAL: [grunt, cries out in pain]

SECURITY DROID: Cease deflecting attacks.

SECURITY DROID: Scanners failing.

SECURITY DROID: You cannot escape.

CAL: Hyah!

BD-1: [beep, trill]

WOOKIE: [growl]

WOOKIE: [roar]

[Wookies growling, roaring]

WOOKIE: [roar]

CAL: (surprised) Oh! Ha-ha!

CAL: Glad to help.

WOOKIE: [growl]

REBEL: Who's ready to fight some Imps?!

[Wookies roaring loudly]

REBEL: All right, let's help these Wookies get back in the fight!

REBEL: Great work, Jedi.

[♪ adventurous]

CAL: Saw's up ahead. We must be close.

BD-1: [beep]


SAW (in distance): We're pushing them back! Keep it up, we almost got 'em!


BD-1: [trill]

CAL: Mmm... Need to charge this.

CAL: Thank you.

SAW (in distance): They've got reinforcements! Fall back to the prisons!

BD-1: [whistle]

SAW: To the prisons! We need to Wookies to finish this!

SAW: Hurry!

FEMALE REBEL: They've got reinforcements!

SAW: Go! Go! Go!

MALE REBEL: The door's jammed!

MALE REBEL: It won't budge! We're trapped!

BD-1: [urgent beeping]

CAL: We gotta get them out of there.

SAW (offscreen): We need the Wookies to win this!

STORMTROOPER: I've got him!

SECURITY DROID: Departure is surrender.

SECURITY DROID: You will regret that.

SECURITY DROID: Attack neutralized.

SECURITY DROID: Sudden movement unforeseen.

SECURITY DROID: You'll be sorry.

SECURITY DROID: Your odds of survival are low. Very low.

CAL: [forceful grunt]

STORMTROOPER (through glass): You! Get up!

SAW: You've done it! The Wookies are free!

SAW: Get to the roof!

WOOKIE: [roar]

STORMTROOPER 1: You can't overpower-- [cries out]

STORMTROOPER 2: Your turn-- [groan]

SECURITY DROID: Unproductive, human.


STORMTROOPER (distant): Insurgents!

STORMTROOPER (distant): Really?!

SECURITY DROID: You'll regret that.

SECURITY DROID: Avoidance identified.

CAL: Get ready, buddy!

STORMTROOPER: [cries out]

SAW (over radio): Jedi! We don't have the firepower to breach its hull!

CAL: We're on it! BD-1: [boop-beep]

[♪ triumphant]


SAW: Everyone!...

SAW: These have been hard years.

SAW: We've lost comrades... friends...

SAW: ... family... to the Empire.

SAW: Dark times...

SAW: And yet, the fire still burns.

SAW: Hope still burns.

SAW: The Jedi are not yet lost.

SAW: We are not yet lost!

SAW: Kashyyyk is not yet lost!

SAW: For the cause!

[loud cheering, whooping]

SAW: You've seen what the Empire has done to Kashyyyk.

SAW: These stories are playing out all over the galaxy.

SAW: My Partisans could use a Jedi on our side.

CAL: I'm honored, but...

CAL: We have our own mission I can't walk away from. Not yet.

SAW: The offer stands.

SAW: Keep it in mind.

REBEL: Cal, I'm Mari Kosan...

MARI: And this is Commander Choyyssyk.

CHOYYSSYK: [growl, roar]

CAL: U-Uh... Sorry, I'm not quite fluent.

MARI: Choyyssyk says he'll do whatever he can to find Tarfful and vouch for you.

CAL: Do you think he's still alive?

MARI: Have faith, Cal.

MARI: We'll be in touch with your ship.

MARI: For the cause.


CAL: We did it.

SAW: (chuckling) By the skin of our teeth.

SAW: It'll be harder without your help.

CAL: I know...

CAL: But I can't abandon *my* mission.

SAW: I understand.

SAW: I got intel that might help you.

SAW: A few rotations ago my people searched an abandoned Wookie village nearby.

SAW: No sign of Tarfful, but we did find out the safest route to the Shadowlands is through this refinery.

CAL: A built-in escape plan if this didn't work out.

SAW: You catch on fast.

SAW: When you're ready to find Tarfful, that's the way to go.

CERE (over radio): I've been monitoring Imperial communications, and I've picked up something.

CERE (over radio): Project Auger has been reactivated.

CERE (over radio): The Empire may be close to finding another Zeffo tomb.

CAL: Looks like we still have work to do.

BD-1: [eager beep]

CAL: You think Saw and the others will be okay?

BD-1: [boop, whistle]

CAL: Always lookin' on the bright side, huh?

BD-1: [warble, woop]

CAL: Hey, uh...

CAL: Thanks... for everything.

BD-1: [warm trill]

GREEZ (offscreen): Here we go: Zeffo.

GREEZ: Back to Zeffo, huh?

CERE: The Empire might have found a Zeffo tomb.

CERE: We can't waste any time.

GREEZ: Well... pity.

GREEZ: Heard about a high-stakes game from one of Saw's fighters.

GREEZ: A few extra credits couldn't hurt, ya know?

CERE: (disapprovingly) Gambling?

CERE: Greez, use your head.

CERE: One of these days, the Haxion Brood is going to catch up with you.

GREEZ: Hah! Those schlubs? I'll hear 'em comin' from a parsec away!

CERE: I don't need your gambling habits causing us more trouble with murderous criminal syndicates.

GREEZ: You're right, you're right! I know it.

GREEZ: I just wanna blow off some stress every once in a while, ya know?

GREEZ: Anyway, all of that is in the past. I'm sure it won't be a problem.

[♪ enigmatic]

CAL: Cere, there's a transport ship leaving the Empire's base.

CERE (over radio): I heard. They plan to bring Zeffo artifacts to Coruscant.

CAL: Does that mean...?

CERE (over radio): That the emperor is interested in Zeffo?

CERE (over radio): Maybe...

STORMTROOPER 1: Saw a squad get overtaken...

CAL: You got this, BD.

STORMTROOPER 1: ... by a group of Scazz the other day. STORMTROOPER 2: Whoa, what a terrible way to go.

CAL: You make that look easy. BD-1: [boop-beep]

STORMTROOPER 1: That's what happens when you don't follow--

STORMTROOPER 3: Look out! I've got him!

STORMTROOPER: I won't let you kill me!

STORMTROOPER: Converge on the target!

STORMTROOPER: Block all you want! I only--

CAL: You, uh, know any jokes, BD?

BD-1: [boop-beep-beep-woop]

CAL: I dunno. Why?

BD-1: [wee-boop-beep]

CAL: Ha! Classic.

CAL: There's gotta be some information on their excavation inside, right?

BD-1: [boop-boop]

CAL: Always looking on the bright side.

CAL: Thanks, buddy.

[roar, blaster fire]

JOTAZ: [roar]


STORMTROOPER: Can't track him!

STORMTROOPER: All of you, watch it!

[stormtroopers cry out]

STORMTROOPER: You're too quick!


STORMTROOPER: [cries out]

STORMTROOPER 1: I didn't see the skungus there or I wouldn't have shot it.

STORMTROOPER 2: Oh, sorry. I can't hear you through my busted eardrum!

STORMTROOPER 2: I should move back!

CAL: No match for you, right?

PURGE TROOPER: I see you, Jedi!

PURGE TROOPER: Ah, some finesse!

PURGE TROOPER: Not so easily defeated!

PURGE TROOPER: You're no match!


PURGE TROOPER: You will not escape this!


CERE (over radio): Any sign of the tomb?

CAL: No, and the Empire's been stepping up security.

CERE (over radio): Keep your focus.

CERE (over radio): Watch out for him, BD.

BD-1: [boop] CAL: Okay, we'll keep looking.

[distant thunder]

CAL: You see the star destroyer? It's a Venator.

CERE (over radio): There could be useful intel inside.

CAL: I'll try to find a way to it.

CAL: I think we're getting close.

BD-1: [boop-beep]

CAL: I noticed it earlier. This feeling in the pit of my stomach.

CAL: At first I thought it was Greez's cooking.

BD-1: [giggle]

CAL: Now it's getting even stronger.

CAL: I think the closer we are the worse I feel.

BD-1: [apprehensive boop]

CAL: It can't mean anything good.

SECOND SISTER: Cal Kestis...

SECOND SISTER: How predictable.

SECOND SISTER: Oh yes. I know your name...

SECOND SISTER: Your past...

SECOND SISTER: And most importantly...

SECOND SISTER: ... about Cordova.


SECOND SISTER: Where did he hide the holocron?

SECOND SISTER: Outstanding.

SECOND SISTER: I'm the superior fighter!


SECOND SISTER: Are you really a Jedi?

SECOND SISTER: That was nothing!

SECOND SISTER: You can't run forever!

SECOND SISTER: You can't win. Accept it!

CAL: [groan]


SECOND SISTER: You're learning.

SECOND SISTER: Not quite as gifted as Cere's last apprentice, but not bad.

CAL: (with disdain) You've been keeping count.

SECOND SISTER: I'm surprised she didn't tell you. Cere was never good at keeping secrets.

CAL: And you know her so well, huh?


SECOND SISTER: She was weak...

SECOND SISTER: Cracked in an Imperial torture chair...

SECOND SISTER: Surrendered the location of her naive padawan.

SECOND SISTER: They would never have found *me*...

[helmet hisses]

SECOND SISTER: If it wasn't for her.

SECOND SISTER: She betrayed me.

CAL: You're Trilla...

TRILLA: [soft chuckle]

TRILLA: In the flesh.

CAL: I won't let you manipulate me.

TRILLA: So sure, are you?

TRILLA: When faced with the choice to protect herself or her padawan...

TRILLA: ... she chose self-interest.

TRILLA: She'll sell you out, too.

CAL: Well, I can handle myself.

TRILLA: [dismissive chuckle]

TRILLA: Can you afford to take that chance?

TRILLA: Your new master harbors great darkness.

TRILLA: The look on her face when she saw what they had done to me, as I am now...

TRILLA: She turned, exposing her true nature.

TRILLA: She used the dark side.

CAL: She cut herself off from the Force.


TRILLA: How long before she cracks and betrays you, too?

TRILLA: Is that who you want beside you when you find the holocron?

TRILLA: What would Jaro Tapal say?

CAL: You have no right to mention his name!

TRILLA: I wonder...

TRILLA: What would he think if he could see his padawan now?

CAL: [angry growl] TRILLA: Skulking in the shadows with a betrayer.

TRILLA: Granting her access to a legion of impressionable students.

CAL: No! I won't let anyone touch them.

TRILLA: I thought the same thing once.

CAL: Thanks for the help back there, BD. You saved my life.

BD-1: [boo-woop]

CAL: And got us closer to the tomb.

BD-1: [excited whistle]

CAL: We found it.

CAL: It feels... different than the other tomb.

BD-1: [inquisitive beep]

CAL: I dont know...

CAL: But I don't like it.

CAL: I found it, but...

CAL: Cere...

CAL: Why didn't you tell me?

TRILLA (over radio): Because she's a liar.

CAL: (angrily)

TRILLA (over radio): I re-routed communication the moment you tried to contact her.

TRILLA (over radio): Slicing encrypted transmissions was always a past-time of hers.

TRILLA (over radio): She taught me once.

TRILLA (over radio): There's no technique Cere has that I haven't perfected.

STORMTROOPER 1: I don't like the look of this thing. Don't touch it.

STORMTROOPER 2: I... have no desire.

[faint hum]

CORDOVA (recording): My friend...

CORDOVA (recording): These devices appear to simulate this planet's gravitational pull.

CORDOVA (recording): I can't help but see it as a motif.

TRILLA (over radio): (tauntingly) You're running out of time.

CAL: For what?

TRILLA (over radio): My scouts located an artifact of interest at the rear of this tomb.

TRILLA (over radio): Even now, I'm studying it. Learning its secrets.

TRILLA (over radio): It seems Cordova was rather taken with these Zeffo.

TRILLA (over radio): Perhaps enough to hide the holocron amongst their bones.

CAL: (with contempt) Yeah, we'll see how much you learn.

TRILLA (over radio): More of my soldiers breach this tomb every minute.

CAL: Afraid to face me yourself?

TRILLA: Had your droid not intervened, I would have killed you with ease.

BD-1: [indignant beeping]

CAL: It's okay, buddy. Just ignore her.

TRILLA (over radio): Imagine the artifacts the Empire would have missed if it weren't for your...

TRILLA (over radio): ... intervention on this backwater planet.

CAL: Sure it's worth the cost?

CAL: I hear Project Auger came at a high cost.

TRILLA (over radio): Stormtroopers and workers. Expendable resources.

CAL: You're a monster.

TRILLA (over radio): I am what Cere made me.

STORMTROOPER: I think I saw a Jotaz near here...

STORMTROOPER (offscreen): Get him!


STORMTROOPER: Assail the intruder!


STORMTROOPER: He's blocking!

STORMTROOPER: I'll make you pay!

TRILLA (over radio): I've taken the artifact back to my ship for analysis.

TRILLA (over radio): Pity you couldn't make it in time.

CAL: It doesn't matter what you steal. You'll never understand it.

TRILLA (over radio): Yet you do?

CAL: You'll find out soon enough.

TRILLA (over radio): I'll take those odds.

[♪ foreboding]

CAL: They haven't seen us. Keep your guard up.

BD-1: [boo-woop]

TRILLA (over radio): I noticed something while examining this sarcophagus.

TRILLA (over radio): It's a very convenient location to dispose of nuisances.

CAL: You lured me here...

CAL: Was this your plan all along?

TRILLA (over radio): You truly have the wits of a scrapper.

STORMTROOPER: Take position! Don't let him escape!


PURGE TROOPER: You'll pay!

STORMTROOPER: I just need to focus!

PILOT (over loudspeaker): Don't let him escape!

PILOT (over loudspeaker): Death to the Jedi!

JARO TAPAL (offscreen): Padawan... [young Cal groans] ... where is the Force?

YOUNG CAL (offscreen): Everywhere. It is within me. It surrounds me.

JARO TAPAL (offscreen): Just so. It connects you.

JARO TAPAL: There will be times when emotion, pain, or exhaustion trick you.

JARO TAPAL: You will feel cut off... isolated...

JARO TAPAL: This is an illusion.

JARO TAPAL: Your lightsaber lies there, out of reach.

JARO TAPAL: But you remain connected through the Force.

JARO TAPAL: Feel that energy around you...

JARO TAPAL: ... and summon your weapon.

YOUNG CAL: The Force is within you, around you...

YOUNG CAL: Connecting you to your weapon.

JARO TAPAL: You must ignore all distraction.

[♪ tranquil]

CAL: The Force is with me. It connects us.

BD-1: [inquiring boop]

CAL: Yeah, I think so.

[sarcophagus rumbles]

TRILLA (over radio): You survived.

CAL: Not part of your plan?

TRILLA (over radio): Luckily, I always allow for contingencies.

[reverberant chime]

CAL: Nice!

CORDOVA: Here it is...

CORDOVA: I have finally found an intact representation of this sacred Zeffo artifact.

CORDOVA: My friend, look closely.

CORDOVA: This is Miktrull at the Vault on Bogano.

CORDOVA: You can see an object in their hand.

CORDOVA: Based on this imagery I believe this object allows a Force-wielder to perceive the mysteries of the Vault.

CORDOVA: This is the key and the guide...

CORDOVA: The Zeffo Astrium.

CORDOVA: But who would destroy images of it, and why?

CORDOVA: [inhale] It requires more research.

CORDOVA: However, our next step is clear...

CORDOVA: Find an Astrium, if any still exist.

CAL: An Astrium... you ever heard of it?

BD-1: [boo-woop]

CAL: Me neither.

CAL: But a key...

CAL: Yeah, I understand that.

CAL: Looks like we know what we have to find.

TRILLA (over radio): Very good, padawan!

TRILLA (over radio): You've cleared the way.

CAL: What are you talking about?

TRILLA (over radio): [laughs]

TRILLA (over radio): I needed this tomb raised.

TRILLA (over radio): And now that I have what I need, you're of no use to me.

BD-1: [beep]

CAL: Can you reverse what she's done?

BD-1: [trill, boop]

CAL: Thanks. Hope this new encryption keeps her out for good.

BD-1: [beep-beep]

CAL: [sigh] We should check in with the Mantis.

CAL: Trilla probably knows where they are.

BD-1: [boo-boop]

[radio static]

CAL: You sure the comm's fixed? They're not answering.

BD-1: [boop-beep]

CAL: Something's wrong. We need to get back.

[♪ suspenseful]



BOUNTY HUNTER: Ah, catch me now!

CAL: [groan] BOUNTY HUNTER: Got ya!

CAL: [moan]

CAL: [sigh]

CAL: (weakly) BD... where are we?

CAL: BD-1?

CAL: Little buddy?

CAL: Where are you?

CAL: (shouting) BD?

CAL: Gotta find a way outta here. Wherever here is.

CAL: Something back there...

CAL: That a power cable?

CAL: That did it!

CAL: Air's cold. Stale.

CAL: Might be deep underground.

CAL: That did something...

CAL: Door opened up.

CAL: (straining) Let's see if I can find a way out of here.

CAL: Feels like I'm being watched...

CAL: What happened to them...?

BD-1: [beep, whistle]

CAL: BD? BD-1! Is that you?

CAL: I found you! Are you okay?

BD-1: [boop-beep-whistle]

CAL: Let's get you outta there.

BD-1: [delighted woop]

CAL: Hey!

CAL: Oh! I'm happy to see you, too!

CAL: Let's get that restraining bolt off of you.

CAL: Jerks.

BD-1: [cheerful beeps]

CAL: Poor droids. BD-1: [sad boop]

CAL: Let's get outta here before the same happens to us.

CAL: Good work, BD. BD-1: [boo-beep]

BD-1: [boo-beep-beep]

CAL: Do your magic, BD.

CAL: It's got power now.

[muffled music] CAL: Hear that?

CAL: Sounds like someone is home after all.

[♪ exotic metal song over speakers]

[cheering gets louder]

HOLOGRAM: Ah! Finally, he arrives!

HOLOGRAM: We had action on how long it would take you to get here.

CAL: And who are you?

HOLOGRAM: [cackles] Who am I?

HOLOGRAM: I'm Sorc Tormo, baby!

SORC TORMO: I'm the boss of this operation.

SORC TORMO: You have Greezy Four-Arms to thank for bringing us together.

CAL: I will. As soon as we get outta here.

SORC TORMO: We have a special challenger for you tonight!

SORC TORMO: An enforcer from a bygone era...


SORC TORMO: Let's see what he's got!

SORC TORMO: Oh! Somebody get baby his toy.

SORC TORMO: [mischievous chuckle]

CAL: You want a show?

CAL: I'll give you a show!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): [sniff] I smell blood and money!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): Tonight, we celebrate those fallen challengers of the past...

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): And the great sacrifice they've made...

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): To make us all...

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): Rich!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): Okay, he likes to play rough!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): You get the hang of it quick!

CAL: Maybe you should come down and face me yourself!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): [laughs] I'm too busy counting my credits!

BD-1: [boo-boop-beep-beep]

CAL: I agree. He talks too much.

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): Painful!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): Look at the Jedi go!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): Oh! I'd like to see that again!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): Look out! Oh!

WYYYSCHOKK: [shriek]

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): You think that was hard? Just wait.

JOTAZ: [screech]

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): That was one of my favorites!

JOTAZ: [low-pitched moan]

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): The best is yet to come!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): I believe you know our next challenger...

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): The Haxion Brood is gunning for ya!


BOUNTY HUNTER: Ugh! It's just a scratch!

BOUNTY HUNTER: Come on, just hit me!

BOUNTY HUNTER: Got somethin' for ya!

BOUNTY HUNTER: I can't wait to come and join you!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): What do you mean, "incoming"?

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): It's the Mantis! Blast it!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): There's no escape!

SORC TORMO (over loudspeaker): I'll chase you across the galaxy if I have to!

[♪ exotic metal song]

[♪ song ends]

CAL: Hey, Greez...

CAL: You're famous down there.

GREEZ: (sheepishly) Yeah, they're an ugly group, huh? They smell like used droid oil. [chuckle]

CAL: [frustrated sigh] GREEZ: At least you're okay.

CERE: Yeah. A complication we could've avoided. Luckily, we found you.

CAL: We have another complication: the Empire knows about the holocron.

CERE: That's not good...

CERE: The entire mission is now at risk.

CAL: And I had a nice chat with the Second Sister...

CAL: Trilla.

CERE: What did she tell you? CAL: She told me...

CAL: She told me you betrayed her to the Empire.

CAL: Is it true?

CERE: She'll say anything to jeopardize this mission--

CAL: (forcefully) Is it true?

CERE: She was my apprentice...

CERE: Before the Purge.

CAL: You should've told me!

GREEZ: We're getting an encrypted message from Kashyyyk.

CAL: [angry sigh]

CAL: Mari.

MARI: Cal, we found Tarfful, and he is willing to meet you.

MARI: But that's not all...

MARI: The Empire overran our position at the refinery.

MARI: Saw retreated off-world.

MARI: Some of us have joined the Wookie fighters in the forests.

MARI: Be careful.

CAL: You, too.

CAL: [deep breath]

CERE: Later.

CAL: Later.

CAL: We have our lead.

GREEZ: (muttering) Okay, this is fine...

GREEZ: Everything is gonna be fine.

[door hisses open]

GREEZ: (softly) Hey, kid.

GREEZ: Hey, wake up. CAL: [groan]

GREEZ: Can we talk?

CAL: [sigh] (groggily) What?

GREEZ: (louder) Can we talk?

GREEZ: I don't know what's going on between you and her.

GREEZ: I mean, I figure it's some kind of Jedi thing...

GREEZ: But... I don't think it's the right time for it.

CAL: It's not any of your business. [sigh]

GREEZ: I think it's my business.

GREEZ: An- we're all in this together, aren't we?

GREEZ: (softly) Hey, Cal...

GREEZ: I made a mistake.

GREEZ: And I almost got you killed.

GREEZ: I'm sorry.

GREEZ: I mean, we all... make mistakes, right? [soft chuckle]

GREEZ: Well, maybe not you.

GREEZ: Hey, why don't you cut her some slack?

GREEZ: I'm not sayin' do it for me, but...

GREEZ: ... you two are the best thing that ever happened in my life.

GREEZ: Before you came along all I cared about was a tight hand on a stiff heater.

GREEZ: That's a game term.

CAL: I know what it is.

GREEZ: Cal, life's not a game.

GREEZ: [heavy sigh]

GREEZ: Before you two all I cared about was myself.

GREEZ: (glumly) Easy money...

GREEZ: Now it's different.

GREEZ: You know, even after all the action you two bring, I still get a thrill watching the games.

CERE: Eh, as long as you keep your habits in check.

GREEZ: Oh, yeah. No, of course. I'm... I'm just a spectator. Heh.

GREEZ: No gambling, or... nothing goin' on.

CERE: (dubious) Really?

GREEZ: Yeah, we're talking pure entertainment.

GREEZ: Nothing gets me going more than watching a couple of slubs square off.

GREEZ: Just slick moves and brute force. [makes fighting noises]

CERE: Captain, I am slightly troubled by your enthusiasm for something so... barbaric.

GREEZ: Oh. Yeah, I mean... I, uh... It is. True. Totally barbaric. But still...

GREEZ: Kind of entertaining.

TRILLA (voice): Normally I wouldn't waste my time with the likes of insurgents...

TRILLA (voice): But I'm looking for a Jedi padawan...

TRILLA (voice): And I know he's been here.

TRILLA (voice): And for that...

TRILLA (voice): All of you...

TRILLA (voice): ... must suffer.

[lightsaber noise] REBEL (voice): [groan]

MIRIENNA: Choyyssyk and Mari drew a map to your rendezvous point with Tarfful.

CHOYYSSYK: [growl]

CAL: Mari said you were overrun.

CAL: I didn't realize it would be this bad.

MIRIENNA: It's always this bad with the Empire.

MIRIENNA: But there's still a chance for your quest.


CAL: I'll find a way to help you.

MIRIENNA: You've done more than your share. Thank you, Cal.

[♪ wondrous]

MARI (over radio): Cal, do you read me? Cere gave me your comm frequency.

CAL: Mari, are you okay?

MARI (over radio): I'm safe... unlike too many of the others.

MARI (over radio): Did Mirienna give you our rendezvous coordinates?

CAL: She did. I'm on my way.

MARI (over radio): Good. We're just reaching them now, but we can't stay long. The Empire is looking for us.

CAL: I'll be there as soon as I can.

(echo) [blaster fire]

FEMALE REBEL (echo): Keep going! We're almost to the Shadowlands!

CAL: That's where we're supposed to meet Tarfful. BD-1: [beep-boop]

CAL: Hang on!

BD-1: [excited trill]

CAL: Omph!

MARI: Glad you made it.

MARI: This is Chieftain Tarfful.

TARFFUL: [roar]

CAL: I'm on a mission from Master Eno Cordova.

CAL: He was looking for a Zeffo artifact.

CAL: Finding it could help save the Jedi.

TARFFUL: [growl, roar]

MARI: Cordova found wisdom at the top of the Origin Tree. You should seek answers there.

CAL: It's massive. I don't even know where to start.

MARI: Well, you might be able to find a way up through its root system, but most of it's underwater.

MARI: You'll need this breather.

[breather hisses]

CAL: Thank you.

CAL: What will you all do now?

TARFFUL: [roar]

MARI: The only thing we can...

MARI: Keep fighting.

CAL: Good luck...

CAL: Hope we meet again.

BD-1: [boop]

[blaster fire]

STORMTROOPER: Kill 'em already!

CAL: Not even Tarfful could keep them out forever.

BD-1: [sad woop]

CAL: They won't stop until everyone's wiped out.

CAL: Do you think the Empire would've come after Kashyyyk so hard if we hadn't intervened?

BD-1: [beep-boo-woo]

CAL: The Jedi are supposed to be symbols of hope, but...

CAL: I led the Inquisition here.

CAL: Mari and Tarfful put their trust in me.

CAL: Did I just endanger them again?

BD-1: [equivocal beep]

STORMTROOPER (distant): So-called Jedi killed my old commander on Zeffo.

PURGE TROOPER: Annoying adversary!

STORMTROOPER: [scream] PURGE TROOPER: He's here, inform the Inquisitor! I'll keep him busy.

PURGE TROOPER: Good! They were just in the way!

PURGE TROOPER: Yes, Jedi! Again!



PURGE TROOPER: [cries out]

[ship engines roar]

NINTH SISTER: [sinister laugh]

NINTH SISTER: What's this? A Bracca scrap rat playing Jedi?

NINTH SISTER: I told the Grand Inquisitor you wouldn't be stupid enough to show your face here again...

NINTH SISTER: Especially after we wiped out that feeble resistance.

NINTH SISTER: [sigh] Love it when I'm wrong.

[♪ frenetic]

CAL: Hang on!

BD-1: [distressed trill]

[creature roars]

CAL: What is that thing?

BD-1: [uncertain boop]

CAL: The Ninth Sister's searching for us. I should call--

CAL: On second thought... She listens to their transmissions. Let her find out on her own.

BD-1: [bee-woop]

[♪ wondrous]

[creature warbles] CAL: Shh! We don't know if it's friendly.

BD-1: [cautious boop]

CAL: That's the thing that took down the Ninth Sister.

[creature bellows]

CAL: Whoa!

[creature bellows, roars]

CAL: Always findin' stuff!

CORDOVA (recording): My friend...

CORDOVA (recording): As Tarfful led us here he spoke of a glorious creature called the Shyyyo bird.

YOUNG CAL: [grunt]

JARO TAPAL: Get up, try again. YOUNG CAL: [groan]

YOUNG CAL: [frustrated sigh] I just keep failing, Master!

JARO TAPAL: Do you? Good!

JARO TAPAL: Keep failing, keep getting back upthat is the only way to succeed!

JARO TAPAL: Do not allow yourself to be weighed down by ego and pretense.

JARO TAPAL: Let go of what you fear to lose and rise up!

JARO TAPAL: Now... again!

JARO TAPAL: Good! Now reach my position. You can do it.

CAL: You just gotta keep getting back up, BD.

CAL: As long as we get back up, we're still in this fight.

BD-1: [enthusiastic woop]

CAL: I'm finally back to where I was before the Purge...

CAL: Before Master Tapal died.

[thud] SHYYYO BIRD: [screech]

BD-1: [boop-beep-boop]

CAL: It's hurt. Think we can help it?

BD-1: [whistle, beep]

MYKAL: [screech]

MYKAL: [shriek]

MYKAL: [screech]

MYKAL: [shriek]

[log creaking]

CAL: From the Clone Wars.

BD-1: [woo-woo-boop-beep]

CAL: The war never ended here.

CAL: Everything we did... Did any of it matter?

SHYYYO BIRD: [low-pitched bellow]

BD-1: [boop, whistle]

CAL: (quietly) We can help, but we have to be careful. I don't wanna spook it.

CAL: (louder) Hey, it's okay. We're not here to hurt you.

CAL: We're friends, understand? Friends.

BD-1: [boo-woo-woop]

CAL: It's okay.

SHYYYO BIRD: [pained moan]

BD-1: [trill, whistle]

CAL: It's a piece of the Ninth Sister's ship.

CAL: We'll need to remove it.

CAL: This is gonna hurt, okay?

CAL: I'm sorry.


BD-1: [whistle] CAL: [grunt] Thanks, BD.

BD-1: [warble, beep]

CAL: Here you go.

CAL: Whoa, haha!

SHYYYO BIRD: [friendly purr]

CAL: It's the least we could do.

SHYYYO BIRD: [huff, screech]

SHYYYO BIRD: [warble]

SHYYYO BIRD: [low-pitched purr]

CAL: You're giving us a lift?

[♪ majestic]

CAL: There's still so much the Empire hasn't touched!

BD-1: [whoo-boop-beep]

[♪ continues]

[♪ crescendos]

SHYYYO BIRD: [warble]

[♪ fades]

SHYYYO BIRD: [echoing squawk]

BD-1: [boop]

BD-1: [woop]

CAL: Let's look.

CAL: Looking for something?

CORDOVA: At last...

CORDOVA: I found my quarry.

CORDOVA: The Astrium...

CORDOVA: Used by the Zeffo Sages millenia ago.

CORDOVA: I hold in my hand a piece of galactic history.

CORDOVA: [takes breath] Oh, I will never be able to thank Tarfful enough!

CORDOVA: Do you know what this means, my friend?

CORDOVA: No need to return to Dathomir!

CORDOVA: The darkness clouded every attempt at finding the Astrium inside Kujet's Tomb, but the Force...

CORDOVA: The Force has provided a new path.

CAL: Huh...

CAL: Kujet's Tomb.

SHYYYO BIRD: [soft squawk]

SHYYYO BIRD: [trill]

SHYYYO BIRD: [quiet purr]

CAL: [cries out]

SHYYYO BIRD: [shriek] CAL: No!

CAL: Ah!

NINTH SISTER: Found you again.

CAL: You're done hurting this world!

NINTH SISTER: I don't know what's got Second Sister thinking you're so important.

NINTH SISTER: She likes her souvenirs, but...

NINTH SISTER: ... I'm not in it for the memories and honestly...

NINTH SISTER: ... you're not worth my time.

NINTH SISTER: So let's make this quick!

NINTH SISTER: That was nothing!

NINTH SISTER: [cries out]

CAL: [yells]

CAL: [groan]


CAL: [grunt]

NINTH SISTER: Not bad for trash!

CAL: What about for a Jedi?

NINTH SISTER: Is there a difference?

NINTH SISTER: [sigh] CAL: It's over!

NINTH SISTER: Being an Inquisitor taught me that no setback is too great.

NINTH SISTER: When you've already lost yourself...

NINTH SISTER: A limb's easy.

NINTH SISTER: You know, I was a Jedi...

NINTH SISTER: It'd be fun to bring you in...

NINTH SISTER: Watch you crack like the rest of us!

NINTH SISTER: [sigh, chuckle] Angers you.

NINTH SISTER: Just wait 'til the isolation!

NINTH SISTER: Torture! Mutilation!

NINTH SISTER: And your friends...!

CAL: I won't let you touch them!

NINTH SISTER: You can't stop the Empire!

CAL: I can stop you.

NINTH SISTER: [cries out]

CAL: [panting]

BD-1: [be-boop]

CAL: Yeah... We just took down an Inquisitor.

SHYYYO BIRD: [roar] BD-1: [cheerful whistle]

BD-1: [celebratory woop] CAL: Hey!

CAL: We thought you were dead!

SHYYYO BIRD: [soft bellow]

CAL: Glad you're okay.

CAL: We should get back. Cere and Greez are expecting us.

CAL: [grunt]

BD-1: [beep-beep, whistle]

CAL: Cordova believed the key to the Vault is on Dathomir.

GREEZ: You find your Wookie?

CAL: Yeah.

CAL: Things are bad down there.

CAL: Empire's everywhere.

CERE: Inquisitors?

CAL: Well, Trilla--

CAL: The Second Sister...

CAL: Is gone for now, but she's still chasing us.

CAL: I defeated the Ninth Sister.

BD-1: [boo-beep]

CERE: [pleased gasp]

CERE: Cal, when I was captured by the Empire...

CERE: I resisted.

CERE: I swore to myself that I would die before I would talk.

[spoon clatters]

CERE: But then this...

CERE: ... dark shadow came.

CERE: And he was worse than any... nightmare I could've imagined.

CERE: And I *still* fought.

CERE: But in the end, I came apart.

CERE: And I gave them Trilla.

CERE: And I know there's nothing I can do to make that right.

CERE: But Cal, there's still a chance we can save the others on the holocron.

CAL: Okay, look...

CAL: The Ninth Sister said something about becoming an Inquisitor like...

CAL: Like it's inevitable.

CAL: But you went through the same thing she did...

CAL: And you didn't join them.

CERE: Cal... CAL: It's okay, Cere!

CAL: We'll find Cordova's holocron.


GREEZ: Get your lasers off my lunch!

BD-1: [bo-boo-woop]

GREEZ: (reluctantly) We're Dathomir-bound.

CERE: I'm surprised Cordova went there.

CERE: He must have had good reason.

GREEZ: I am staying put on the Mantis once we arrive.

GREEZ: Red sunlight cannot be good for your skin.

CERE: This place used to be home to a powerful cabal of Force wielders known as the Nightsisters.

GREEZ: They used the Force?

GREEZ: What, like Jedi?

CERE: No...

CERE: These witches served only themselves.

CERE: Their powers focused on deception, illusion, manipulation.

GREEZ: Hah! Sounds like someone I used to know.

CERE: During the Clone Wars the Nightsisters made a deal with a Sith lord who betrayed their trust.

CERE: In the end, they were nearly wiped out in a massacre.

CERE: Dathomir is a deadly place.

CERE: We should be careful.

GREEZ: Don't have to tell me twice.

GREEZ: Hey, Cal.

GREEZ: You and her...

GREEZ: Is everything all right?

CAL: I don't know...

CAL: That's not what's important right now.

GREEZ: You know, Cere believes in you.

GREEZ: And to tell you the truth...

GREEZ: I didn't really think that much of you at first.

CAL: I noticed.

GREEZ: I mean... She got me to follow you to the scariest place in the galaxy, soo... ya know...

CAL: Huh, yeah. That's true.

GREEZ: Well, I hope you two can sort this thing out soon so we can finish this quest and go relax somewhere.

GREEZ: I know a great castle on Takodana that makes the best Bloody Rancors in the galaxy.

CERE: Cal, do you have a moment?

CERE: You've come a long way since Bracca.

CERE: But the path is far from over.

CERE: I want you to know the difficult challenges ahead.

CAL: I can handle it.

CERE: I know what you can do. I'm not denying that.

CAL: And I know what has to be done. I've done it before.

CERE: Cal, even the strongest of Jedi...

CAL: I'm not Trilla.

CAL: I'll be fine.

CERE: I know you're not. I didn't say that.

CAL: I'm not asking you to say anything.

CAL: It's okay, Cere. Really.

CERE: Just be safe, Cal...

CERE: ... that's all.

[rocks crumble] CAL: Whoa.

CAL: Good thing we weren't standing there.

BD-1: [woo-beep-whistle]

CAL: What is that thing?

BD-1: [boo-beep-woop]

CAL: I wouldn't count on him being friendly.

NYDAK: [roar]

NYDAK: [snarl]

CAL: Hyah!

CAL: Hey, BD. Let's go.

CAL: Looks like the Zeffo were here.

BD-1: [boop]

CAL: This place seems abandoned, but...

NIGHTSISTER: You trespass... Jedi.

CAL: You must be a Nightsister.

CAL: I had heard you were all dead.


NIGHTSISTER: Dathomir is forbidden to you. Leave at once!

CAL: Well, I'm afraid I can't do that, but perhaps we could help each other.

CAL: You see, I--

CAL: Easy. I'm not your enemy.

NIGHTSISTER: Your actions say otherwise.

CAL: Wait, hold on. I'm not here to--



[♪ mysterious]

WANDERER: Oh, a fellow wanderer.

WANDERER: I see you've met the resident Nightsister, but uh...

WANDERER: Unlike most, you're alive. [chuckle]

WANDERER: Oh, a lightsaber-- No, no, don't hide it.

WANDERER: That would explain your survival.

CAL: Who are you?

WANDERER: Oh, no... no. No one to fear, no.

WANDERER: I'm just a traveler...

WANDERER: Studying the nature of... [pauses] ...

WANDERER: ... extinct cultures and dead philosophies.

CAL: You studying the Nightsisters?


WANDERER: I study many things.

WANDERER: But yes. That...

WANDERER: ... Nightsister, oh.

WANDERER: She was only a child...

WANDERER: ... when the war came to this world.

WANDERER: She had to watch her whole family perish.

CAL: What do you know about those ruins?

WANDERER: Mm, oh- oh! [chuckle]

WANDERER: Ancient beyond belief.

WANDERER: The Nightsister and her warrior kin...

WANDERER: ... were seduced...

WANDERER: ... by the power that lurks within.

WANDERER: Uh- Avoid the ruin...

WANDERER: Or suffer the same fate.

NIGHTBROTHER: Brothers, end this!



CAL: Looks climbable. But not without equipment.


CAL: Aaahh! NIGHTBROTHER: You'll rot in the swamps!

CAL: Whew!

CAL: Can't believe we made it!

BD-1: [excited beep]

CAL: You sure know how to have fun.

NIGHTSISTER: You will go no further.

CAL: Stand aside.

NIGHTSISTER: No. He was right about you.

CAL: Who? What?

NIGHTSISTER: Jedi are thieves and liars who bring nothing but death.

CAL: Back off. If you attack me again I will strike you down.

NIGHTSISTER: Oh, I won't do a thing.

NIGHTSISTER: But my murdered sisters...

[ghostly whispering]

UNDEAD: [snarling]

NIGHTSISTER: (echoing) They will have their revenge!

CAL: [gasp]

UNDEAD: [growling, snarling]

NIGHTSISTER (voice): You will pay for their deaths.

CAL: How does that Nightsister keep following us?

BD-1: [boop-beep]

CAL: Cere called them Force wielders...

CAL: But I've never seen it used this way before.

CAL: We better stay on our toes.

CAL: Wait... Do you... have toes?

BD-1: [boo-boo-beep]

[sound of flapping wings]

GORGARA: [roar]

CAL: That thing looks like trouble.

NIGHTBROTHER: Stop him from moving!

NIGHTBROTHER: You cannot defeat our might!

NIGHTBROTHER: You cannot break me!

CAL: Over here, BD.

UNDEAD: [growl]

CAL: Hyah!

NIGHTSISTER (voice): Only death awaits you here.

BD-1: [eager woop]

CAL: Wait up. It might be dangerous.

CAL: [grunt]

CAL: [strains with effort]

GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [shriek]

GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [screech]

GORGARA: [screech]

GORGARA: [howl]

GORGARA: [howl]

GORGARA: [growl]

GORGARA: [screech]

GORGARA: [screech]

GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [shriek]

GORGARA: [howl]

GORGARA: [howl]

CAL: Hyah!

GORGARA: [growl]

[distant screech] CAL: I think it's gone.

BD-1: [boo-bee-boop]

GORGARA: [roar]

CAL: Stay low, buddy!

CAL: Don't let it hit you!

BD-1: [anxious beeps]

GORGARA: [roar]

BD-1: [distressed trill]

CAL: We're gonna die!

CAL: [grunting, struggling]

GORGARA: [roar]

CAL: Aaahh!

CAL: [grunting with exertion]

GORGARA: [screech]

CAL: Ah!

GORGARA: [howl]

CAL: Aah!

GORGARA: [howl]

CAL: (breathless) Ah! Aah! Aah!

CAL: [gasp]

CAL: Here we go again!

GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [roar]

CAL: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait!

CAL: [cries out, groan]

CAL: [grunt] GORGARA: [screech]

GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [screeching, howling]

CAL: Ah...

CAL: Get ready, BD!

CAL: Jump!

CAL: I don't know how we're gonna get down from this!

CAL: It's a long drop!

GORGARA (distant): [roar]

BD-1: [boo-bee-boo-beep]

CAL: Jump again?

BD-1: [confident whistle]

CAL: Okay, I trust you.

CAL: Aah! BD-1: [beee-oop]

CAL: Aaaaahh!

CAL: Gah! GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [roar]

GORGARA: [howl]

GORGARA: [shriek]

GORGARA: [gasp]

CAL: [cries out]

CAL: Whoaa!

CAL: Wha-!

CAL: Aaahh!

CAL: [panting]

CAL: You okay?

BD-1: [lively beeps]

CAL: Yeah... I'm great.

CAL: Wish I could say the same for this creature, though.

BD-1: [boop-beep]

CERE (over radio): Cal, have you found the tomb?

CAL: Close, but got a little sidetracked.

CERE (over radio): [sigh] Greez is acting strange.

CERE (over radio): He swears he saw someone outside the Mantis.

CERE (over radio): Hmph, Dathomir is getting to him.

CAL: Pretty sure that's who he is.

CERE (over radio): Are you all right?

CAL: Well, I'm not seeing things, so... yes?

CAL: Hoping to get back on track.

CERE (over radio): Sounds like you're handling yourself.

CAL: Yeah, BD and I got this.

[wind blowing]

BD-1: [trill]

CORDOVA (recording): My friend, we've reached the Tomb of Kujet in search of an Astrium.

[ghostly hum crescendos then fades]

CAL: Whatever that was, it's gone.


CLONE TROOPER: Ready for a rematch later?

YOUNG CAL: Yeah! Any time.

CLONE TROOPER: Sounds good. On your way to training?

YOUNG CAL: Always.

CLONE TROOPER: All right, then. I'll see you later.


CLONE TROOPER 1: I heard we're getting new orders soon.

CLONE TROOPER 2: Heh, finally. I'm ready to be gone from this dump.

YOUNG CAL: We're leaving Bracca?

CLONE TROOPER 1: Possibly.

CLONE TROOPER 2: Don't get his hopes up with second-hand gossip.

YOUNG CAL: [chuckle] That's okay. I'll believe it when Master Tapal says so.

CLONE TROOPER 1: Speaking of your master...

YOUNG CAL: Oh, yeah. I better go.

CLONE TROOPER: You're in a rush.

YOUNG CAL: Master Tapal's called me for training.

CLONE TROOPER: You got this, kid!

YOUNG CAL: Master Tapal?

JARO TAPAL: Padawan, it is time for instruction.

YOUNG CAL: Yes, Master?

JARO TAPAL: Reach our position. Do not keep me waiting.


YOUNG CAL: Whoa! Heh!

YOUNG CAL: Cheap shot, Commander!



JARO TAPAL: Were you concentrating you would have anticipated this distraction.

JARO TAPAL: Better, Padawan.

JARO TAPAL: Join me.

JARO TAPAL: We will begin with physical preparation.

JARO TAPAL: First, though... we have orders.

JARO TAPAL: Bracca is secure.

JARO TAPAL: We move out for Mygeeto shortly.


JARO TAPAL: We must--

JARO TAPAL: [gasp]

HOLOGRAM: Execute Order 66. YOUNG CAL: Master, are you okay?

JARO TAPAL: (breathless) Something is... wrong.


JARO TAPAL: [panting]

YOUNG CAL: What's happening? Why did the Commander just...

JARO TAPAL: [strained breathing]

JARO TAPAL: Padawan, something terrible is happening.

JARO TAPAL: The clones have betrayed us.

JARO TAPAL: There are no answers to your questions. Not yet.

JARO TAPAL: We need to get off this ship.

JARO TAPAL: Quickly!

JARO TAPAL: Get to the escape pods. Use the maintenance halls.

JARO TAPAL: We trained for us. Do you remember?

YOUNG CAL: Yes, Master.

YOUNG CAL: W-well, what about you?

JARO TAPAL: I will create a distraction and meet you.

JARO TAPAL: If I am not there when you arrive, depart without me.

JARO TAPAL: I will find you on Bracca.

JARO TAPAL: Do you understand?

YOUNG CAL: Yes, Master.

[muffled explosion]

JARO TAPAL: They're coming.

JARO TAPAL: I will seal the blast doors. But if any cross your path, do not hesitate.


JARO TAPAL: And may the Force be with you.

[distant blaster fire]



CLONE TROOPER: There he is! Shoot to kill!

YOUNG CAL: No! Stop!

ASTROMECH DROID: [beep-woop-whistle]

CLONE TROOPER 1: Tapal's on the move.

CLONE TROOPER 2: We're gonna need backup.

YOUNG CAL: Need to pull that to get through.

YOUNG CAL: This doesn't make any sense. What's going on?

CLONE TROOPER 1: Do we have eyes on the Jedi?

CLONE TROOPER 2: No sign of the little one.

CLONE TROOPER 1: Search everywhere. He can't have gone far.

CLONE TROOPER 2: Air's off again.

CLONE TROOPER 1: Wait! What's that noise?

CLONE TROOPER 1: Hold this room. I'll search the area.

CLONE TROOPER 1: Reporting casualties. Tapal has taken out multiple squads. Shoot on sight.

CLONE TROOPER 2: Copy that.

YOUNG CAL: I don't understand...

YOUNG CAL: What changed?

CLONE TROOPER 1: What was that?

CLONE TROOPER 2: Someone's in the maintenance halls!

[muffled explosion] YOUNG CAL: I think I'm near the turbolift.

YOUNG CAL: Not much further after that.

[muffled explosions]

[turbolift noises]

[alarm blaring]

CLONE TROOPER: I have eyes on the small padawan! He's in the turbolift!

YOUNG CAL: I've got this.

YOUNG CAL: Just need to keep moving.

CLONE TROOPER: Let's take him out! Then we go after Tapal!

YOUNG CAL: There's too many--

YOUNG CAL: [groan]

YOUNG CAL: [cries out]



JARO TAPAL: Padawan, your lightsaber!

YOUNG CAL: Sorry, Master!

JARO TAPAL: Keep climbing! I'll meet you up ahead!

[muffled explosions]

[sounds of fighting below]

JARO TAPAL: There's an override just ahead.

JARO TAPAL: You must activate it if we're to escape.

YOUNG CAL: Yes, Master.

CLONE TROOPER: We have Tapal pinned in the airlock. Send backup.

CLONE TROOPER 1: Jaro Tapal is on the other side of that door?

CLONE TROOPER 2: Yeah, but he won't be gettin' through.

CLONE TROOPER 2: Take him far too long to cut through