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Welcome back, in this episode I am going to show you how to sharpen a knife using a wet-stone.

Now it's pretty simple, here's how. Soaking the Wet-Stone

First important thing is you have to leave the wet-stone in a water bath for about 15

minutes just to let all the water soak into the stone, and this is important that's why

it's called a wet-stone. Leveling the Wet-Stone

The second important step is to get the stone completely level.

Draw a Pencil Grid Over the Stone What you want to do is you just want to draw

some lines with a pencil, just to create a grid so that you know what sections of the

stone are sharpened or not. This is very important because it's very misleading to just look

at a stone you just can't see it -- there we go.

Use a Lower Grit Stone to Level your Higher Grit Stone

Okay, we simply take the other stone and your rub it against it, up and down just to get

all corners, like this, you can simply start seeing where the valleys and troughs are.

Now yes you can see it because this is dirty and that's not, but if it was all clean you

wouldn't know where it is. After Removing the Pencil Grid

Alright, so once you have sufficiently flattened the surface what you want to do is just taper

the edges off. Now We Can Begin Sharpening

Okay, so we start our sharpening process on the lower grit, so this one is 1000 this side

and the other side is 8000. Now I do recommend you have one stone in between 1000 and 2000,

and another stone of between 7000 and 10,000. That's the two separate stones you want, you

are also going to have many steps in between but I don't think it's necessary to have more

than that. Ways to Sharpen a Knife

Japanese Way: There is a couple of ways you can sharpen a knife. This is the strict Japanese

way which is forwards and backwards and holding it at the exact same angle all the time.

Western Way: The western way which is you start at the back and bring it to the front

and then to the back, to the front, to the back and to the front. Basically go through

the entire motion of the blade. My Way: I like to do it at about a 45° angle

and it's very important to hold your blade at about 10° so put it flat on the ground

and then just lift it up a little bit. You're looking for about half a thumb's width up,

okay, and you just want to hold it at that level and you just bring it backwards, lightly

forwards, bring back, relax, bring back, relax, and you want to just keep doing this and just

move up and down the blade slowly. You just want to listen to the sound, just

keep the same sound all the time. You see this residue is falling here on the stone,

you want to keep this on it, you don't want to wash it off every time. It's not the stone

that grinds down metal but this metallic residue. Keep doing the same motion, same angle.

About 10-minutes Later Now you just feel a burr or the edge slightly

curling over on this side, right now that's a perfect time to switch over to the other

side, and it's the same process. Repeat the Process Two More Times

Tips to Sharpen: You are always keeping exactly the same angle and this ensures razor sharp

edge. It's important that when you pull the sharp side of the blade on the stone that

you relax your hands and then you slightly push when you pull away, okay. Now you just

slowly move up and down the blade. Now the tip is the most difficult part I find to sharpen

because you have to vary the pressure and to keep the angle you slightly lift the back

up. Now do it all again on the Higher Grit Stone

(8000 grit) to get the Edge Razor Sharp After about 25 minutes of sharpening on the

1000 grit wet-stone, the knife is quite sharp. But it's still not where I want it to be,

even though that is razor sharp it can be better. So now we flip over to the 8000 grit.

What you're doing is you're polishing the edge to its final state. Now put a little

bit of water on it, keep that same 10° angle, now you simply just drag back, relax, drag

back, relax. Don't put too much pressure, drag back, relax. You slowly move down to

the belly of the blade, which is this side to the tip.

About 20-min Later... Once you feel you've finished completely polishing

the blade, what you want to do is a couple nice and simple strokes on either side throughout

the entire length of the blade just to unify the entire surface.

How Sharp is the Knife Now? Alright so now that I've sharpened this knife

the question comes, how sharp did it become? Now, this is a very difficult question to

answer without any scientific equipment so I have devised a little household test of

items you can easily find at home. So the first is a sheet of paper. So here we have

a crème brûlée recipe I don't need any more. Try to do that at home with a knife

you have, just this motion here. That's just impossible without a sharp blade.

Okay now, a wet sponge, you can buy it at your supermarket, get some water, it's still

wet -- that is how sharp it is. And now a tomato, that's not that amazing....without

touching the tomato let's make some cuts. I think I go thinner than that. Okay now,

if your knife can do this at home you have a sharp enough knife. Now the Miyabi knifes

actually come this sharp from factory, you can just buy one and it will be at this level

and you can use it at least for the next two or three months before you have to sharpen

it. If you want more information about cutting

stones click here, if you want more information about this killing machine, I call a knife,

then click here. That's about it, I'm just going to leave you here with these two links,

just click on them whenever you feel comfortable. Have you still not clicked on the link -- alright,

fine I'll take them down. Alright next week I either have the choice

of the Spicy Tuna Roll 2.0 here, or the Cucumber Roll 2.0 here. Now, leave your choice of which

roll to make next week in a comment below and the winner will be made and the loser

will fade into history as a forgotten never made sushi roll. Sad-sad place for any sushi

roll...yeah. One Last Thing to Sharpen...!

Alright, so that was how to sharpen a Japanese style chef knife and now we're going to move

on to sharpening a Samurai Sword. Oh, sorry I'm being told that we're out of time, so

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