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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CÓMO EMPEZAMOS UN NEGOCIO EN CANADÁ: La Compra del Supermercado | Historia de Daniel - Parte 9

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ok well welcome back to canada at home again gathered all in

canada all in canada all swallowing nya delayed sucking cold

winter already recorded the truth that yes these arrived this week when

they came on tuesday a 3 days ago They arrived from Patagonia of Buenos Aires

they were also and had as soon as almost 40 degrees 30 30 30 and have arrived

here with minus 25 so if you add at least 25 the 30 are 55 degrees of

difference in temperature in a matter of 12 hours already brave and his

existence so that's why neither they could not do this

none of these videos because I was I was in Canada and they were still

in argentina that is the team for filming and this whole subject know him

they don't not inside me and these are and the last two episodes that had been

Recorded they had been recorded that we made

on airs before I travel so those two episodes are over

they were published and we were and had to wait a lot this is the video that everyone

they are asking for the next part of the story part 99 the first thing we're going to

record now that we are together in canada its part 9 and now we must

start taking out a good amount of video more security in a row and this is going to

leave when saturday today Friday and Saturday tomorrow

tomorrow I will avoid it today I get tomorrow doesn't come out tomorrow sunday

they are an asadito nanni abel already we are announcing prepare

get ready don't prepare get ready so if we go

to continue with the subject this where we had arranged

in quebec we were in montreal what I hadn't told them much

nothing practically how the subject was in canada especially the province of

quebec in those days and you know in the

Québec province is a province French and not

and there was always a very big touch between Anglophones and Francophones

English speakers and Francophones speakers and

I stayed since the time of the year 962 by 1970 he had serious problems

with a group theme which was called from release of

quebec effe l cut or front of release of

quebec they wanted a quebec e independent of canada is a great country

if they wanted to be a separate country and independent of the rest of canada true

They started in the year 62 and started a terrorist group because they started with

all kinds of acts of terrorism this one they put 950 bombs in that period in

Everywhere they put bombs in the bag montreal commerce offices

the Canadian mounted police in the municipality of montreal in short

a very well active group was this is not true

in the year 1970 they decided to take hostage

two to a diplomatic official English and a government official

Quebec Provincial true a minister and the tenants

East to French to French politician what

they killed to kill and to the English what they had prisoner like 60 days

and they released him later when he finished the whole crisis let's say it's not true it was

one of the conditions for it to end but all this happened

the one who lost for you the other one was called cross something

james cross here I have a note too then this was in the year 70 and it was what

which was called the October crisis because the father of Canada ruled that

rules now but father pierre elliott trudeau

he was a very good prime minister Canadian a statesman

and the province of Quebec and the city of Montreal asked for help because this

he was escaping from the right hand it was a terrorism thing all

days and these groups had already spoken terrorists they had had stolen

I don't know how many tons of dynamite for be financed they robbed banks

at that time Montreal was the capital World Bank Robbery Yes and Benahavis

warned that they were going to have 100,000 members in no time for the fight

navy then they happen to pierre all the

prime minister call this this the mayor of the city of montreal and the

Prime Minister of the province on governor if you want and ask for help

then the day on October 12 is the famous the

famous television interview to pierre trudeau that the journalist

ask how far are you willing to arrive with to combat this issue is not

true and the famous phrase that the context it was sguazzini this how would it be

Spanish notice let's say they will see they will see

true three days later what had been done

done twice in canada but only during the first world war and

during the second world war that is that he invokes the world mayors act as

would be of the war state measures that is to say that all

civil liberties and enter enter the armed forces that occupy the city

from montreal quebec city by course and an amazing thing because a

country like canada with which he sealed the tank soldier is armed all by

course in the middle of the city we don't

we were we arrived a little after

but what was that in which beck let's say to protect the city from

Montreal since seeing city were used troops of French origin

francofort regiments for no further aggravate the situation and given the pinch

between the English and the French not you are going to send them a speech troop

English to say this a troop of occupation or something uncertain

then well command the troops and this one starts the cleaning start at

raids this one is canceled all civil liberties

and well if they capture all of these two leaders from this group

terrorist and that's when you negotiate that in exchange for releasing the diplomat

English is given safe passage to this group of five than those who were the

leaders to the island of cuba fidel castro accepted and sends them to the

cuba island in a force plane Canadian aerial then they release

to the diplomat and give them this exit from country and the day when was this

in January of 71 the crisis ends and the measures of

the time of war measure and the situation to normal and there is

more or less controlled to the whole issue of what was the terrorism that was being

producing in the province of Quebec very similar to what was happening for

those times in some of the countries Latin Americans because I don't know if the

Latin Americans copied from those see how the ones we see were copied from the

Latin Americans with this type of bomb terrorism tactics and these

amazing things but well in a country as canada has happened and it was a whole

issue for the release of the province supposedly from the rest of

canada and that like that always remained that is that

that discomfort of certain of the French they wanted to separate and the rest of canada

it said well how are they going to separate if we they are going to cut the country in two that is going to

happen people who are in quebec that does not want to be part of

of separation a few years very conflicting and unfair to us

also a grab at that time because we arrived here in 71

in that sense I think we got my brother in 73 and 74 already receive

definitive and we had to live part of all that later became more complicated

because they won the elections provincial a political party that is

the little one but the quad park also with an east with a leader who

I wanted a separation the platform was the separation of the rest of

Canada two referendums were made in the

Quebec province was voted two referendums we had to see if it

separated from canada or not the first thing they lost by quite a margin

quite large but the second one I think in the year 98 he was lost by

separatists by 0.5 percent 50.4 yes

the rest of 49.6 here not even a half a percentage point and they lost the

referendum because the vast majority of emigrants and natives voted no

that is, but well, measures were taken be very serious in what it was all

relate the language the language passed some new laws

what they were quite restrictive for example the

that came as an immigrant to quebec no he had the right to send his children to the

English public school because there are two education systems English and

French right then there are the immigrants were forced their

children had to be educated under the french system i'm talking about

public system not private private one I could do what I wanted but the

public system all emigrants the school children this education in

French and even the French born in the province of Quebec had

to go to French school either they had no right to send the children to

schools and anglophones so good it produced all kinds of situations and the

thing was very thin do one still showed a very aspirant

big a crack if you want so much that we talk about the crack in some country like

Argentina had a crack but it was matter of

more than political issue it was a matter of whether they were still part of the country or not

later the more on the subject but that more or less give you an idea of

weather that was lived in montreal when we got there so then

the last part and I was telling them that we had bought the famous

this business with my sister to put an English store is called a combi

jenson no and well it operated mostly I worked locally because one

it was practically part of the counters there never went out and

after a year or so of having it my brother had to keep working

outside because the small business and what not generated enough for

we could all live on it so we decided that today we are going to sell

I put it on sale to get a interested a guy who wanted to buy it

Hindu nationality

and we were negotiating but no more than one month one thing is difficult to negotiate with

these people are negotiators but hard bone to crack until finally

Well, he was coming, he was stopping at me business stayed had a week all

the days next to me checking when it was sold per day in the business and well

the time came that in the end I know that the amount of papers was sold on

deal and a good sale because we have

bought that business very badly and rose and the price of course was

far superior to what we had paid and we set out to campaign for

buy a somewhat larger supermarket that we could all live this

so we spend not know these 15 months in the hunt to look for a good business

to buy and we could have started something from scratch but always with fear

that one did not want to fail the truth of what and what happens if it doesn't work or if

It starts very slowly and since we didn't have much capital we prefer then

buy something was already operating and with the guarantee that I had a client of

the law and it was going to cost us more expensive buy something of course but had more

security hit we were going to pay a right that as the key is said the

right of buying the business we didn't buy the

building or anything like that we bought only goodwill with all

the merchandise that was already of so well finally we found one

that I more or less agreed to our economic possibilities

we were out there too for weeks checking traffic and

how it moved and how many people came in and in short all that was verified when

made an offer of course it they verified the figures of

the accountant is not true that declared that trade as how it works

good we agreed it was checked

they signed all the papers and we made supermarket charge finally so

that the only thing people didn't know these people the owners were Sicilians the

business had started in the first who came to Sicily did not reach me

first and now I was waiting for him son and also the former of

main owner this bunch are millions

but of course it turned out to be that all the clientele they had were all

Sicilian family family friends unknown friends or friends were all

a group of people who didn't talk to you or A word of English or French

practically at most old no no He talked nothing and we met

with this business now that we had it to operate and we said good and now this

people to serve we will have What to learn to speak Italian

also so about you are you learned Italian that as Mexican gold know and

so we had to learn to speak Italian for Italians and Cillian were

the vast majority of the clientele great a place that was called

to the province of catholic agrigento the city down in sicily people

hardworking people but tough people difficult to negotiate with them difficult

to get a handle that fight negotiating price and thing now

I'm going to tell you an amazing thing that same then we bought the

supermarket and we decided that we were going to keep the vast majority of staff

I was there because they were already known years and good to customers

I knew they were also a little distrustful of these new types

what are they going to buy what are they going to do with the business will raise prices

then we leave everything calm as it was only that we were the

owners included for a couple of months they worked

former owners with us up show us very well how everything worked

and the cashier that was the owner's wife Younger stayed with us to

keep working at a butcher that I was in the part of the butcher shop that

I was already there and about 20 years ago too he stayed with us and we got another

Italian butcher too premieres politano fiorino and we already had 2

butchers and well we started to operate it living so it came a lot

meat because it was a supermarket that I specialized a lot in meat

but a subject let's say

the attention in the part of the meat department because

people came and asked for the cuts there immediately you couldn't have much

ready-made meat cut in counters because people wanted to see

that will be cut in front of them we sold many whole steers

that on the weekends practically was to prepare steers for

freezers because when you buy a full steer the price per pound the

pound is half a kilo here if it works a lot for pound

that is, the price per kilo is a lot is less than if one buys it is

heavy isn't true then the people of I said ok this weekend I want

to prepare me invite it and all cuts like this in tray with sealed to

empty and for the freezer work but one thing

this was operated six days a week and here in canada businesses open from

Monday to Wednesday we would have eight and a half until five thirty in the

late Thursday and Friday 8:30 until 10

of the night Saturday until 5:30 p.m.

but of course one closed at 10 in the night and then all had to be done

the cleanings inside to start the day next sometimes we would go home to the

midnight the other day one up early

a crazy job a lot of jobs but well that business also since what

we started to operate we did raise the sales figure be all the

sales volume we increase it well quite this was in 1980 that

we bought this supermarket with opera let's go with my brother

we had what we were 12 employees in total something like that we had two trucks

to do the cast and to go find merchandise and there came my sister who

had been living in the USA had married to my Colombian brother-in-law and

they were living in new jersey they there next to the city union and already

also tired of new york's problems and from the hustle and bustle

from that city they wanted to come to live in Canada and we as we had the

operating business was made the true claim as familiar to

through immigration she and they accepted that they could go to Canada I think

it was my sister who did the claim and she later claimed her

husband come like family it's like a ladder it's not true we don't

it took years to get to be all here inside and not everyone comes to be

in at the end but good of that after this yes then I worked my

sister my brother in law this one worked other people joseph e

is that he has dealt with the part of the fruit and vegetables we were a group

quite large and if it moved yes I walked wind until

when was this more or less in year 82 usa at that time

since the late 70s the US economy had taken half

typing saw there was inflation and Canada is a country that has so much

trade with us we are there next to everything that happens to us here

we say the United States sneezes and here nothing catches the flu but because as

we are boys in population what happens in the usa it affects this country a lot

and usa and canada had begun to have a fairly serious inflationary process

for these countries so they started with the settings and well of course the

adjustments meant that the economy is contracted and was paralyzed in 1982 to

canada you but a recession

since the las statistics there had never been a

recession of similar magnitude crudeness but hey we were still


the worst part of all this with the business was when you had to go to

central market on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings to look for

fruits and vegetables in winter

with 40 30 degrees below zero go to the market central at four thirty in the

tomorrow go out warm from bed first start the trucks that

are outside and sit in those seats that are but it seems that one is

sitting on top of an ice bar but you can't touch the steering wheel

no gloves because you stick cold and if we were going to go to the central market

to look for the fruit the vegetable did not arrive putting cylinder head truck against the

platform and it seemed that it felt all all trucks running

imagine you can't turn anything off it was common as a roar that felt

of all those machines walking at the same time and if we bought the fruit the

vegetables from there we were going to another place that were some Italians who also

they sold - from pretty targets to us and there we always arrived in the morning and

they received you with a coffee and made the leftover fruit made staples

of pota made us staple then you They said to d'angelo the fact does not love me

don't even take a glass and put us a glass staple for coffee for

breakfast and to give a little weak to body because you had to relive that

it was very cold in montreal the weather changed quite terminal for

those days of the serious thing and then well one arrived with the cargo of

business had to download all that and from there you had to go find everything

it was once a week orders warehouse products and then there were

to go to the places where they sold the meats to choose the best cuts and

then those who brought us the the steers of the other company and everything

this was a system but constant I don't know stopped a second of work let's say

we become him I say we we become human cranes or I never

I had lifted so many pesos and so many boxes like at that time

so good then we had the problems for

example with the subject of language the province is that you see they wanted to

be all francophones so

inspectors came to the business of end of the french lnd the office of the

French language and we came to verify everything was one thing we had to take out

everything that was written in English we had to get him out of business

and they came to ask us to put the products in the gondolas in the

shelves with the label part is looking towards the client

label scales have a English side and the other French and they

they wanted the English not to be seen for nothing that was only the Frenchman and I

I told them but I heard I used open the box grab the brand gun

tata tata tata price and put everything in the bookshelf if you have to read every

label facing the appointment in how much time will be delayed in recomposing in

fill the shelves and tell you to me if a problem passes it is not seen it is not my

problem and still not clear though I blood would help this forced us to

rename the trucks that we had the two trucks that were

painted well cute so said Roman many out in English no no that's

illegal understand that changed and write it in french

good but painting a truck is going to cost like 1500 dollars that they pay me

to your problem the name of the business from the outside sign also that

It has to change because it is in English and it has to be in French and the same

question and the cost so they asked me take out in the windows of the business

up there were some near aunt aunts those that are stuck that says the ring

cocacola that like a tape everything like that to along the glass drink cocacola bbva

cocacola agree they didn't take out because they were written in English

and they had to be 40 years old and know what it was like to get that out with a gilera

scratching it a very complicated situation had

put the thing quite serious so here now we start and we take half

hour or half an hour well so there we were working my brother me my

sister who had come to us my mom was already she was at home the

we had let him stay at home was already

as a successful withdrawal and if the situation was that the economy got

increasingly difficult not true and To make matters worse, a war began

of prices between the big chains of supermarkets that were the subway

the prodigal and which was the other one I fought and I don't remember the name

they grabbed because they saw when the crises come

there are companies that take advantage of the flown and they eat what the subject can say

true so good they started with a aggressive price war and of course these

guys like they were so big for example they could go straight to the

florida and bring a train loaded with boxes of oranges that bought it

directly to

wholesaler in florida and we as we were smaller saw from florida

I was going to the New York Central Market and from the central market of new york to the

central montreal market and in each place there was an intermediary who

I got in then when we we got to buy the product we

it cost 40% more expensive than they could buy these types for the volume that

they had we had it then they started with this price war

super aggressive and one of them the prodigal apart from all prices in

realization let's say in weekly deals they had when

one went through the box and paid to believe it they did not return 7% of the total

of you had bought in cash I don't know if I go to it was 100 dollars and I will

they returned 7 dollars and we how are you going to compete against that

so the situation began to deteriorate and our clientele is

people was most the vast majority of

men worked in the field of construction and women worked in

the item of clothing of the clothing factory and were two of the

items hit hardest and most they stopped with this recession of 82 as well

of course the same person was coming and that bought 250 300 dollars of

blow merchandise run out of she and husband work and they came to

business and they told you daniel we We know how it is in Italy at the time of

the war ate pasta with fried garlic and a little oil and we have to

do here not to lose the house and be able to continue making payments to the bank

we are going to have to do so sales but

were reduced and throughout the history of we had never sold this business

amount of pasta noodles saw the they bought the whole boxes they charge me

I did download what do I know 300 400 noodle boxes per week and the

I bought in everything to do one thing but of course the profit margin was

practically little and nothing in that is not true

so if we when we buy this business the previous owners

they had a weekly figure of 17 thousand dollars of sale and we

we carry as 25 27 thousand dollars a week we sold

so but to stay afloat I don't know

forget the business we don't buy it discounted we had a debt

with the previous owner and apart we had personal loans that

we had taken out to be able to enter the topic so good it started to get better

the sales issue because people are He had lost his job and started

fall from 27 to 25 to 20 to 18 17 to 12 to 11 to 9 to

7 to 6 and the last was $ 5,500 per week that is our ours

weekly expense to be floating in the water let's say not to sink

we needed almost 14 thousand dollars of weekly sales to cover and we don't

we had so web there began the tragedy because it began to stock up

the business because of course one could not replenish voice of the day and paid and then

had no common start drawing tea with payments you

begin to pile up the bills and the situation got quite complicated

so that was a difficult part of the whole process because we had been

fighting 12 years ago we've come to the united states to be able to

become independent and have something more or less that one said well not only we were looking for

we very good economic well-being we what we were looking for more

that nothing was have some freedom that has more

value that time money because that doesn't the time you lose is not recovered

you can buy it with nothing but so the plan was to say ball to which we are

established and that the business works and there is no debt and that we are operating

as we were with my brother both together because if good look take a

holiday month or fifteen days and I I stay and then I can leave today

we can go doing other kinds of things because the fact of having dedicated one

I thought and we did it get a job and dedicate yourself to

work and it will be a pretty life sacrificed number 1 and quite be

sad because they don't forget that we we could not finish the studies

that is, we could not point to any type of position

executive or some kind of we didn't have no profession that one said

also a doctor lawyer a neither get what we were going to be able to do

we were going to do more jobs or minus 20 and as he says he who does

really what you like you have a profession that has the call from the

soul and you can devote to that or that that is dedicated to doing something either going to

work to I don't know anything but with taste and that guy feels like prince

all day when he gets up but what has to go to work and

do something that these men hate they feel like slaves

and there is the big difference that is unfortunately 80 percent of the

world population does things it detests and why he feels like a slave

every day then we we sell escaping to say no

we will go to work but what we wait for the next 40 years is that

but also every day mark the card go out go home to sleep

get up we were looking for we had gone to through so much to reach the

united states and so we don't we were happy to say good yes here

here we come here let's finish and let's finish

doing something that we hate every days and when we could

we will feel trained to and able to do there is a little

a little better but there is always that the devil puts the tail saw many

times of each other's plans and there is also the destiny of each one that

that for more than one for more than one want to cover all the bases is

always the unknown x factor what I might end up melting at

people is who got into that guy more true situation or business

so go the problems started serious economic with the business the

banks called every day are in Red are in red when they will come

they will deposit today they will come they will come and I was not a juggler you pay to

Pedro but you don't pay Juande tomorrow from that box Juani won't pay you this

carlitos and started that game that is the what happen

through which all businesses that are in

situations serious but

good that we could do against the economy of a country let's say no

it is true that it began to erode itself started using a phrase here in quebec

striking because the la began situation was so bad economically

there was no work there was no but the companies closed the people of the

street but executives delivering daily and the phrase that began to be used was the

argentinization of canada because everyone knew here in canada what

what had happened economically to the Argentine Republic that had been a

rich rich country and ended up in situation like the one we all know then

started using that phrase the argentinization of canada and the joke was

how to become owner of some SMEs in Canada SMEs are small and

medium industry does not hit a business small as how can you do to be

Small business owner in canada and people said the answer is

buy a big business and see how it it's shrinking from that we had come like this

how good the government started to take measures to correct these situations

as I tell you the economy contracted they got fit from all sides and like

who says the country stopped, it was not left with a pact

floating in the water they saw the same new to nowhere this was like

they say here in english we say dead in the world dead on water like a ship

of these who lose spawn hips of they lose the wind and stay there calm

Chicha or Canada was calm chicha usa was a mess it was also

the era that the American economy everybody thought that country was good

it was also over because the who sees it from afar does not understand

but to be living in that situation tucked in here so what do we do

you could not continue as we were by than

there was no oxygen there was no work and the burden of the mental burden and the burden

psychological with which one was going through at that time was but not

we knew one looked like it was walking with two bags of cement

50 kilos on the back because when one is not an honest person and not

you can pay the people to whom you they supply that come they charge not

you have to find to have one situation like that is very unpleasant

very unpleasant an agreement one day we were fiorino at the butcher

at the butcher shop and we we bought the piter los los

the girls cows is what they are called steers to a company of about

Italians who were very rude these were serious things and we had given him a

bottomless check we gave him another and also rebotó el banco no lo quiso pagar y

estando un día y era una tarde me acuerdo que estaba fiorino en el banco

de carnicero salieron esos bancos de madera donde el carnicero corta la carne

todo y ve que viene el camión de reparto de esta compañía y nos dice luigi

d'angelo me esta enseña en la cámara fría donde están donde se cuelgan de las

bancas no ciertos 7 su andar de la magia se llama y bajo el tipo este bajaron del

camión con un bate de béisbol en la mano no sé para darnos a romper no todo no es

cierto y fiori no estaba con el cuchillo este era uno de estos pero buenísimos y

áridos napolitano y dentro en estos dos donde están donde estaban en todo el

como matar a golpe nos dieron un cheque que rebotó que esto del otro y fiore y

lo cortaba el hechizo no no eso no lo hago aquí no funciona un minuto

bueno están aquí hoy no vinieron y nosotros habíamos habíamos agarrado la

chaira para afilar el cuchillo y éste esa larga y adentro de la cámara fría la

manija que para abrir la puerta tener que empujar tiene un agujero que sigo le

metes una cosa así de afuera no te la pueden aires entonces le metimos la

salida en el agujero y nos escondimos atrás de una pierna de vaca que estaban

colgadas teníamos un 22 vitero creo que había ahí hasta que se fuera porque esto

nos agarraba que nos partía en la cabeza de un batazo de béisbol viste así que sí

y otra cosa que sucedió te lo voy a contar porque muchas veces

lo puede decir es coincidencia o es cosa una cosa rara vieron nosotros teníamos

ahí en la carnicería de la cámara fría no es cierto donde guardaba la carne era

grande era más o menos el tamaño de este de este cuarto

y por afuera era toda como de un material plástico y arriba de la puerta

había una de esas éste uno de esos postores vieron esas láminas

que muestran los diferentes cortes de carne que está la vaca en el centro y

dicen de aquí sale esto de aquí sé de aquello y esa lámina estaba vieja todd

amarillenta pegada con cinta scotch y estábamos haciendo una limpieza bastante

general y le digo a mi hermano che esa lámina que está ahí arriba a lado de

arrancar y la notica a la basura porque ya no nos sirve si dices alcalá la

arranque así y atrás de la cámara me abra atrás de la lámina pegada sobre la

la cámara fría me encontré con una placa más o menos de este tamaño color oro con

en un lado estaba ese dibujo del pentagrama conclusión más para el diablo

él inventa el símbolo es el del demonio pentagrama

manche temores llama y hay costado había a sentence

en italiano que era una oración generando al demonio y pidiéndole que

hiciera que ese negocio sea fructífero y que la persona le le

le decía que lo llevó a venerar en agradecimiento bla bla bla o sea esto es

algo que había traído el viejo siciliano de sicilia probablemente y le había

pegado ahí en la cámara fría y le puso la laminación o para que no se vea pero

era una era en una palabra le entregaba el negocio al al satanás o sea era una

petición para satanás para que lo ayude a que ese negocio sea un negocio y donde

la billo el arranque le dio a mi hermano que mira esto increíble y no era todo a

la basura vez que boom y créase o no en cuestión de cinco meses y nosotros

estábamos en esta situación no sé a qué

lo dejo a su criterio entonces bueno la situación estaba podrida no había otra

nosotros estábamos trabajando ya sin salario sin nada habíamos despedido a

gran parte del personal aquí en canadá ustedes saben una persona que estaba

trabajando tiene derecho al seguro de desempleo dependiendo los meses que ha

trabajado son los meses que puede recolectar así que a todos los a todos

los empleados se les llenaban los papeles para que pudiesen ir a recibir

su beneficio del salario de desempleo que creo que necesaria era como el 75 el

80% del salario real pero mi hermano y yo como éramos los ceos de la

corporación el negocio era una corporación el chief executive officer

nosotros no teníamos derecho nada cuando nos sentamos con los abogados y nuestro

abogado y empezamos a exponer el tema dicen muchachos ustedes lo que no pueden

hacer era pedir asistencia social que es lo más bajo de

la escala que se puede llegar en este país o que

vendrían a ser como un plan de welfare le llaman acá y

y no tienen derecho a nada más como un ejecutivo de la corporación usted no

tiene ningún tipo de ayuda así que para que vean muchas veces cuando la gente se

queja de los empresarios esto el empresario acá pero cuando hay que

arriesgar el dinero para invertir en un negocio es el empresario el que se

arriesga si funciona si no si gano si pierdo y cuando el negocio se pudre

prácticamente también el empresario que termina patas para arriba generalmente

el empleado tiene una en estos países al menos tiene la opción de decir igual y

dos por un año tengo un salario garantizado nosotros no cerramos la

puerta y al otro día cero en la calle ni y bueno nos reunimos con nuestro abogado

al preguntarle a ver qué podíamos hacer con el contador también y nos

recomiendan muchachos antes que esto I finished badly

cierren la puerta pongan mi número de teléfono y ahí se acabó el tema para

entender que no lo tratamos de vender y el cliente iba a comprar un negocio en

ese momento en que estuvimos tratando tratando nada entonces hicimos bueno

hicimos un súper ventas de todo se vacío el negocio de mercadería y lo

cerramos así que 12 años de esfuerzo de sacrificio de pelear la contra viento y

marea para que termine todo así volvimos al punto de partida lo único diferente

es que ya hablábamos lo idioma y teníamos la residencia canadiense pero

si no nos hubiésemos encontrado visa como el día que llegamos eeuu 12 años

más tarde así que y lo peor del caso lo que más me llevo

de todo eso fue de qué si hubiese sido mala administración si

nos hubiésemos ido al casino a jugarnos la guita no puede decir bueno esto

cabezas huecas no supieron cómo hacer las cosas pero no estuvo todo en manos

de algo que nosotros no podíamos controlar que fue la economía

la economía del país que se derrumbó y yo me acuerdo que muchas veces estábamos

trabajando en la carnicería y del lado del otro lado de la calle había una casa

que tenía un balcón en verano y salían dos muchachos jóvenes se sentaban en

esas sillas de playa en el balcón con una caja de cerveza la música azul y

ellos estaban viviendo del seguro social de webb ser un plan que les daba el

gobierno no hacían nada y nosotros lo mirábamos yo lo he admirado es un boludo

ahí en este país con todas las posibilidades nunca van a tener nada

nosotros con el esfuerzo nos matamos pero vamos a tener nuestra recompensa y

al final uno mira y dice pero la pucha aquellos rascándose el ombligo todo el

día no hicieron nada y nosotros terminamos prácticamente peor así que

bueno el abogado nos dice señores tienen que cerrar porque va a venir un

día de este le va pero un tiro así que dijimos bueno signo no vale la pena

vendimos todo no quedó nada en el negocio cerramos pusimos el nombre del

número de teléfono del de nuestro abogado y nos dice tiene que conseguir

un trust y un síndico para arreglar el quilombo porque comer una corporación y

había deuda y entonces eso lo tiene que arreglar un síndico no es cierto que es

el que se encarga de hacer y de desenmarañar digamos la bancarrota

tuvimos que hacer una bancarrota entonces vamos a verlo al síndico y el

tipo nos dice bueno les voy a cobrar creo que fue 1500 dólares en aquella

época por el costo de hacer todo este proceso y van a tener que hacer

bancarrota comercial que hubiese sido lo legal porque era una corporación o sea

que la corporación se hacía cargo de todo eso como funciona acá es legal más

cierto pero como nosotros habíamos signed

unas notas promisorias o unos préstamos personales que habíamos sacado eso

también entraba en la madeja y nos hicieron caer en bancarrota personal y

comercial que los dos que también una historia y que en

realidad no tendríamos por qué haber hecho bancarrota racional pero por algo

que hizo el banco y que nos obligó que no lo voy a contar ahora acuerdan y el

caso pero digamos que el banco normando en bancarrota personal o una deuda que

nosotros teníamos con ellos pero que la que la cobraron pero como era ilegal

cobrar las porque ese dinero tenía que ser repartido entre todos los que

estaban como acreedores nos dijeron bueno nosotros cobramos pero

no les decimos nada a nadie y ustedes tampoco o sea que van a tener que y

bancarrotas personales por esa deuda que terminó la terminan pagando no le

debemos nada a ese banco pero quedamos con esa deuda nunca se pagó o sea que

esa fue otra vivada del banco que por razones x la tuvimos que aceptar

nosotros no y bueno en bancarrota me acuerdo que le dimos los

de 1500 el síndico nos cobran si fuimos a verlo a nuestro abogado a maicon y le

decimos michael acá están los 1500 dólares para que le pague al síndico y

que se va a ocupar de todos y muy bien yo me arreglo que estuve el otro fuimos

a la oficina del síndico lo primero que te dice es todas las tarjetas de crédito

no teníamos tarjeta de crédito yo tenía límites de crédito por 15 mil dólares en

aquella época teníamos un récord de crédito pero perfecto a nosotros

síndico agarró la tarjeta con una tijera chau chau chau cuando haces bancarrota

personal aquí en canadá quedas inhabilitado por 7 años para tener

ningún tipo de crédito de préstamos ni una tarjeta de crédito no puedes ir a

una tienda a pedir que te den comprar algo al crédito totalmente inhabilitado

es como un castigo que le dan a las personas por haber caído en bancarrota

no se así que bueno nosotros caímos en that situation

al cabo de un tiempo te llaman cuando el síndico arregla todo el quilombo un

acuerdo que hicieron una reunión de acreedores que tuvimos que estar

nosotros presentes o sea que la oficina del síndico vienen todos los que se le

debe plata necesitamos una mesa grande hay una mesa

of tea de escritorio nosotros ahí delante de

todos y claro todos puteando te gritando te debes de esto que cuando vamos a

pagar que esto que les tuvimos confianza y tiempo de es decirle vete estas hay

delante de toda esta gente y te están tratando como si fueran cuasi criminal

porque el país se vino a la economía del país se vino abajo que no pudiste seguir

esperando así que

una situación jodida recuerdo que yo había comprado un auto nos iba bien y

con mi esposa y hemos comprado un lindo auto un chevrolet os móvil rom del año

1980 0km un autazo y

u2 lo tuve que vender de urgencia porque si no el auto ese también entraba al

paquete de deuda y yo le debía alcalde la leb y el dinero todavía general

motors había comprado financiados así que agarré lo lo vendí lo había pagado

casi 18 mil dólares y lo vendí por 7.500 para cancelar la deuda con general

motors y por ese lado quedar por lo menos se lo llevaron al auto nuevo

estado así que mi hermano también tuvo the same problem

nos quedamos pasajero East

al cabo de un año te llaman de la corte para la liberación de la bancarrota qué

significa todo esto uno tiene que ser liberado de la bancarrota para que en el

futuro todos los acreedores no puedan venir a tocarte la puerta una vez que el

juez dice bueno esta bancarrota queda liberada

nadie puede tratar de cobrarte esa deuda voy a quedar limpio y me llama el

síndico un día y me dice pero cuando me van a pagar lo que me deben por el

trabajo que yo estoy haciendo y yo le digo pero como si yo le dejé el dinero a

mi abogado para que se lo entregue a usted y él me dijo y se logra entregar

dice no a mí nunca me pagaron entonces yo lo llamo al a maicon

leyó michael pero me está llamando el síndico diciendo que el dinero que yo te

dejé no se lo entregaste es a él para que le

me dice bueno si lo que pasa que usted es una vez vinieron aquí al estudio de

abogados y hicimos uso de la mesa de conferencias y eso tiene un costo y

después me llamaron un par de veces más por teléfono o sea que en definitiva el

tipo vio el árbol caído y hasta nuestro propio abogado que hizo madera de

nosotros se quedó con la guita y le tuvimos que volver a pagar al síndico

porque si no no te liberan de la bancarrota

que todo el tema fue así que si el único que cobra sí o sí y le tienen que

pagarlos los que están haciendo la bancarrota en

ese caso es el síndico el sí que no trabaja gratis ni le tiene que pagar la

cornada entonces bueno le pagamos al cínico como pudimos y nos dan la cita

para la corte viste y ahí en la corte me acuerdo que nos fuimos y una jueza me

tocó a mí una sala enorme llena de gente todos haciendo bancarrota y te hacen

pasar ahí es una vergüenza no es cierto como uno se siente un criminal te hacen

pasar ahí en un banquillo como los acusados viste juzga que esto que lo

otro si te empiezan las preguntas de todos a ver si era una bancarrota

fraudulenta o si era una bancarrota legal la verdad no es cierto entonces

ellos tienen todo lo que es el resúmenes de cuentas bancarias cuando empezó esto

a funcionar más al menos y se dieron cuenta que no había nada trucho así que

says good queda liberado de estas deudas y ahí se

terminó la historia ahora había comprado a car

bimba auto viejo tu mamá trabaja mi esposa trabajaba y necesitaba el

vehículo para ir a trabajar y como nos quedamos en el vehículo ese que tuve que

vender les digo bueno este tu próximo salario vamos a ver si conseguimos un

vehículo económico para que te puedas movilizar ya no podía tener ni un auto

nombre misional entonces vamos y compramos el famoso mucho relé impaga

of the year

88 sobre el año 67 viejo y lo pagues 350 dólares o sea que

la batata era una bestia pero claro había que buscar ruedas lo cierto y algo

para movilizarse y fue lo único que se pudo conseguir económicamente estaba muy

embromado concierto y después bueno así que así terminó la historia después de

12 años de sacrificio de trabajo de haber perdido uno la adolescencia porque

una de las cosas que uno en el caso mío de mi hermana melliza habíamos perdido

el vivir normal de una adolescente de ir a la escuela los amigos terminar ir a la

college todo eso para nosotros ese se había

perdido porque hemos tenido que empezar como ya saben desde los 16 años así que

mi hermana melliza se había ido a vivir a españa y ya había conocido una persona

se casó y estaba viviendo ella en madrid mi hermano y yo estábamos en montreal mi

norma de crianza también estaba con los dos chiquitos que muchos preguntan qué

les pasó ellos también vinieron y mi mamá también estaba en montreal con

nosotros pero ella iba y venía mucho hacia argentina pasaba temporadas allá

sí así que bueno entonces así quedamos en la calle otra vez prácticamente sin

saber qué hacer porque conseguir un trabajo en ese momento en montreal era

más fácil sacarse la lotería yo creo que poder era conseguir un trabajo

y no sabíamos qué hacer por qué habíamos regresado prácticamente a un

punto de partida y el destino una carta against

bien bien dura a veces porque quien se iba a esperar que justo nosotros cuando

decidimos lanzarnos al mundo de los negocios más o menos un poquito en

grande canadá que siempre había sido un país estable que nunca le había pasado

gran cosa parte de las guerras la primera es un gran guerra mundial pero

después había tenido una economía muy estable y justo cuando nosotros

decidimos embarcarnos en este proyecto un salta la liebre así que qué le vamos

a hacer este no podíamos parar porque realmente como dicen cuando uno está

atravesando el infierno no puede detenerse debieron entonces había que

seguir adelante y buscar alguna alternativa y seguir empujando y no nos

íbamos a dar por vencidos así que bueno esa es más o menos la situación de lo

que sucedió con este con nuestro negocio no lo llegamos a tener tres años

prácticamente un poco menos de tres años fueron y

paramos aquí y ya llevamos una hora porque vamos a parar acá y el próximo

les vamos a contar qué hacemos y qué vamos a hacer estamos nosotros también

como la economía canadiense saltos arriba el agua así que bueno

paramos aquí

See you at the next one


The Description of CÓMO EMPEZAMOS UN NEGOCIO EN CANADÁ: La Compra del Supermercado | Historia de Daniel - Parte 9