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(upbeat intro music)

(music fades)

- Today we are unboxing the brand new PlayStation 5.

I'm so excited to check this out.

It's console season, tech season,

it is all of the things right now.

Let's stop talking and let's just open this thing up.

(knife swooshes)

(relaxed bass music)

Power cable.

(packaging rustles)

Are you ready? Are you ready?

Are you ready? Are we all ready?

I'm ready, I'm ready.

Oh my gosh, everyone's ready.

I don't know if I am ready.


(packaging rustles)


(packaging crinkles)

When they first revealed this...

I know people have their opinions,

But mine was that it looked pretty awesome.

It's like a spaceship!

(styrofoam tears)

Oh dude, wow! Wow!

It just looks cool.

Like this is cool

This is big.

(plastic scraping)


(plastic scraping)

Look at this.

Oh my gosh, the inside of here,

it has tiny little PlayStation buttons on it.

So it has like the square, the triangle,

the circle, but very, very, very, very small.

We're gonna need to get a macro

in this to even get the shot.

So here it is, the PlayStation 5!

This is just an unboxing

so not only are we going to unbox the console,

but I do have some accessories as well.

I think this looks cool.

It's not a typical look for a console.

It's... It's futuristic. It's fun.

If you don't like it, that's not my problem.

I like it.

Let's see what else we have.

We have the HD camera.

We've got the new DualSense wireless controller,

which, this also came with one, so this is exciting

that we have two.

And we have a DualSense charging station,

and we've got the new PULSE 3D wireless headset.

This actually is a really cool headset look.

I wonder if I can use these for other things.

(cardboard tears)


(wires clatter)

Instructions, paper.

Whoa, here they are.

These look so cool!

Here's the headphones.

Do I look cool?

- [Crew Member] Do you have the right on the right ear?

- I don't know.


HD camera,

personalize your gameplay sharing,

1080p capture, background removal tool.

If I ever cut myself, make sure you switched to 120,

so you can really get the shot.

(packaging whooshes)

Oh, look at you! Aren't you cute?

(plastic crackles)

Here we go.

Now we're opening up the Dual charger.

This is great because this will free up a USB slot for you.

(packaging crinkles)

Charger, charger, charger,

charger for your charger.

This feels... That's a nice weight.

Oh my gosh, these buttons feel really nice.

That's... Oh, the triggers are so smooth.

(buttons clacking)


Now we need another controller,

so it can join its friend.

(knife slashes)

(box thumps)


Ah! That same pattern that is on the inside of the PS5,

with like the little controller buttons, are also on here,

but it's so, so small.

Like it's very hard to see.

Oh wow.

Yeah, so cool.

(buttons click rapidly)

(relaxed electronic music)

So, it's interesting

because there's really not much adjustment

that you have to do to this to fit your head.

So, you can see this little headband part,

this just automatically kind of slides up and down,

There's like these little clips right there

that'll allow it to slide.

So depending upon, I guess the size of your head,

this just will automatically just fit like magic.

These are pretty comfortable,

but they do feel a little bit heavier

than I thought that they were going to feel.

I love the look of this.

Like, it just looks so futuristic.

I'm looking at myself in the second monitor

because I'm so hyped about 'em.

Look at this!

I look like I'm about ready to command a spaceship.

Maybe not, but just let me dream.

So all of the controls are on the left side,

you have your game and your chat,

so you can decide which you want to hear more of.

There's the off and the monitor button

which this will allow you to switch on or off,

if you want to hear your voice.

There's a volume button, a microphone mute,

USB-C, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack,

and the on and off button.

So, on the front of the console we have two USB slots.

There's a USB-A, a USB-C.

We have an eject button and the power button.

And this is for the disc drive.

And then on the back, we have two more USB ports,

ethernet, HTMI, and this is where the power goes.

I like the cut-out logo, this looks awesome.

It's minimal, but it's also not minimal.

It's like somebody walking in and like whisper yelling,

"Hey, look at me."


- So I'm sure some of you guys have seen the tear-downs

of both the Xbox and the PlayStation console,

but you guys can see that this has the cooling vents

all around the side.

You can see it goes all the way around the top.

And then also all around, down the side.

I can't wait to plug this in and actually try it out,

but not yet.

So, here's the new controller, so excited to test this out.

I love these buttons.

It just looks really sleek.

It actually feels really good.

And the buttons feel very, very smooth.

I'm excited to try out the haptic feedback,

and the new adaptive triggers.

It also has a built-in microphone and it feels...

(buttons click rapidly)

It feels nice.

I like the little kind of slight grippiness

that they have added here.

Do you want to touch it? Just give it a...

- [Crew Member] Yeah.

- Just give that a...

Put your, put your paw on that.

Feel how smooth these triggers are.

Like, so smooth.

So these adaptive triggers,

like it's really cool because they,

in one of the demos that they were showing

when you're like pulling a bow back,

you actually feel the tension.

And so like, if you have a sword or something,

you'll be able to sort of feel what that feels like.

- [Crew Member] What?

- There's entire departments that have been dedicated

to just programming these triggers

to give you that feedback.

So here's the little stand

that you can put the PlayStation on.

This is a very tall console, so I think a lot

of people are probably going to want to lay it down.

(console clicks)

Go just like that.

So that's all I have for today.

I will be doing a followup video,

so if there's anything else

that you guys would like me to test out

or any games that you'd like to see me play,

leave those in the comments below.

I will also be streaming on Twitch.

I've been streaming there a little bit

since the whole pandemic started.

So you can check that out at

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We cover a lot of tech stuff here,

not just specific to gaming,

but phones and drones and everything in between.

So I will see you guys in your subscription box,

if it is working.

Okay, let's go throw this on now, I'm done.

I'm done, I don't want to talk anymore.

I don't want to talk, I just want to play games all day.

(upbeat closing music)

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