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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reviewing My Oral Surgery!

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Well, hello ladies

Gentlemen, and everyone watching I'm your host the reporter of the week and I want to give you this little bit of an update

In regards to how I am doing

One thing that you might notice right off the bat. I'm talking a little funny. That's because I had two teeth removed

very very recently

Just a couple days ago. Really. I was if you saw I did a video a couple days back

Saying how I had these two

Molars that had this bad dental work done and whatnot

Well, they got pulled out

No, my even if you can't tell

I'm a little swollen and I can't talk perfectly. There is some pain but overall

Everything is going good. I know it must kind of be comical to the well hear me talking in this way, but

It'll it'll get better soon. I promise you here


Here's what they have to say in regards to the procedure to do a little bit of a yet. I don't know

What a what do you call it a dental?

Oral surgery review. Here's what we've got. I

I was so nervous beforehand. Let me just say that I was so nervous. I

Was just I mean really bad anxiety, you know, I have this dental anxiety


Having that just you know for like a cavity or something

Now I have to get two teeth pulled. Forget it

So I had all this anxiety beforehand. I was gonna get caught under

with you know, the strong anesthesia, and it was just to know all these what it's I've I've never had it done before I've never

You know what's gonna happen?

What if it all goes wrong?

What if I remember everything is there gonna be a lot of pain

What about the aftercare? What about dry socket all this stuff? You know, it's like what's gonna happen?


The day of I figure well, we just got to bite the bullet. Nothing. I can really do go over there get it done

Let me just say first and foremost

If you're getting

Anesthesia say general anesthesia or even IV sedation?

You have nothing to worry about

my experience with that was

It's almost indescribable. It was like

You know I go there to get the two teeth pulled out. I just didn't really want to be awake

I didn't want to be conscious for it

It was just because I was so I was so nervous about it, you know, it was like I don't want to feel them

Rooting around in there and holding this stuff out you knows. So what they did was I

was talking with the doctor and the nurses that were there went to an oral surgeon and

You can kind of actually see in my arm not really but right there it's where they hooked the

IV up they said all right, you know from you but needles bother you this is gonna be the worst part

they put it in and

All right. Yeah, so all right, and we're just we're getting everything ready. Oh

yeah, just you know, I'm talking to one of the people there about the YouTube believe it or not and

So, you know, I'm sitting now I'm talking to them I'm saying, you know, I do the videos a you know

A couple times a week and then the next thing I know

Someone's hand is in my mouth


Putting gauze in and it's over

and it was like

The way people describe it it's always the same

At the way like some anesthesia, especially the stronger types

It's crazy it's it's not like

I'm just talking and I'm feeling a little sleepy and my eyes just start slowly closing and

You know it all fades to black it wasn't like that

And it wasn't like I'm feeling dizzy, you know, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or any of that stuff

it was like

I'm talking to them about the youtubes

And he knows like a jump cut, you know, you see a jump cut in the video, it's just from one moment to the next

instantaneous no transition



That's what it was like

One minute. I'm talking to them. The next everything is over. I'm patched up

They're putting some gauze in and that's it

No recollection whatsoever. I

Didn't wake up. I

Didn't feel a single thing. I

mean it was

Smooth as possible. I mean just as smooth as can be I mean, I I gotta give him credit it did its job

It wasn't a bad experience hook. I didn't look forward to getting this stuff done. The recovery is what it is

Procedure itself was absolutely flawless

Out of ten easily easily a nine out of ten

I would I would rate them being because again smooth procedure

It got rid of my fears got rid of my anxieties got rid of my worries

Didn't feel anything no pain. It's done very


So they're the extractions themselves went by very very smoothly

uh, so far these next couple of days, you know, it's been

You just got to manage things. That's what it comes down to you. Got to manage the pain

You got to do it responsibly number one

number two

Got a watch your diet

Right and you have right now this swelling in the jaw in the gums?

Which is why I kind of sound a little weird talk and it'll get better though. I promise and I can still articulate myself

You know, you just have to be very careful you don't want to get the dry socket

You don't want the you know, everything that they've done

because they took the teeth out and they filled the socket with um,

Bone Mike material as a bone graft. So then when I get the implants going forward, you know have something to hook it into and

Get the new teeth put in right so as a result

Because of all that you don't want that to be disturbed you don't want everything to fall out right you don't want to

Have that all undone. You just got to be careful. I mean, I'm probably talking a little too much as it is

I think it'll be okay though. It's been three days just can't use the straws. That's a little I like my straws

Just can't avoid

When you have to avoid some of the real solid foods, no chips, no popcorns, you know, none of that stuff just yet mostly been

feasting on jell-o



baby food

healthy little nutritional

supplement drinks

etcetera and

Yeah, yeah, of course. I want to get I want to eat a pizza

you know, I want to have some nice burgers or something, but

Hey, you know what? It's alright not the end of the world and

the last thing I want us to just rush things and you know get into it and then

Reset everything by a couple weeks and mess it all up. So I wanted to get that pizza a little too quick. So

The most frustrating thing is just trying to you know maintain a certain diet, which is it's totally doable though. And

Otherwise everything is going smooth. Yeah, you stay active you stay healthy and

You got to rinse it out with some salt water here and there, you know, you got to brush the teeth around

it's just got to take care of yourself, which if you're able to do that, you'll recover just fine and

Just got to take it easy for a little bit really but all in all been a really smooth process

Smooth recovery so far fingers crossed that it stays that way

I'll keep the guys posted going forward and

in the meantime just want to let everyone know that I'm alive that well that I'm doing good and


Procedure to get these teeth taken out was a success

And I'm not in any sort of excruciating pain. Everything is being managed

accordingly and

Yeah, really smooth as a job done

No doubt by professionals and did it. They did a great job and

Great success right there. So I'm very happy with that. I wanted to keep everyone updated. Also, I

Really want to thank you all for the support that's come in

It's it's so crazy every time

and I know it almost feels soo me like

back in November, you know, I had my accident and

It feels like Here I am again

Down for the count a little bit

It just seems a little silly. Like it's just one after the next hopefully all about hopefully this will be it for a while

But I just want to thank you all so much for your support. Just again seeing the messages seeing the emails

Seeing all the comments. It just it blows me away. Thank you so much to everyone out there

who's I've just been wishing me a

smooth and successful recovery so far

It has been just gonna take a little go take it easy with the food reviews and whatnot for a bit

But once I can use the straws again, maybe I'll do some smoothie reviews. You name it?

But just thank you all so much for your support. It means so much to me. I really really appreciate it. So, thank you so

Yeah, honey. Yeah on a final note

I just had to get some water and then by the time I got that I usually have it here

I forgotten then had to reset the camera a little bit

But yeah on a final note

Everything seems to have went good

everything seems to went smooth and

Yeah, hopefully it'll stay that way. Hopefully things just be on the up and up. Hopefully the

Swelling will go down a little bit soon, and I don't be able to sound a little more normal. Talk with a little more ease

And in the meantime just taking it easy. But yeah, I'll be keeping you guys posted

Thank you, though for your understanding. In the meantime. I just kind of give my teeth a little bit of a break

I'm gonna get a lot of fun videos out

Gonna try some different things just ever yeah have a good time. Make the most of it make the best of it right so

that's what the plan is looking like and

interestingly enough

Got some interesting stuff in the mail might want to do a little bit of an unboxing type of video going forward

We'll see and maybe some just other types of review videos

miscellaneous talk

It's just gonna be fun. Give it a shot

Give it a chance and I just wanted to keep you posted on how things went. But look


Anyone has any dental work coming up? I?

Know that some dentists are better than others. I know that some

Doctors are better than others. Look, I mean in 2016. I had a run-in with a really bad one

But just know this

Check the reviews

See what people are saying

If you go to a good doctor

it's gonna be a breeze trust me there a

Lot of us have dental anxiety I do

but this procedure is something I was worried so much about

When the time actually came I was nervous about the anesthesia. I was worried about the process

Aftercare, it goes by so quick so flawlessly

There's things that make it better

And you know if you just give yourself a little bit of a break

Give your mouth just take it easy eat some soft foods, you know some smoothies, you know, you name it?

it's all gonna be good and I promise you they're so

Everything's going good. Everything's going all right. I just want to keep you guys updated and

I'll see you again in a couple days with another video. Thank you and take care

I'm your host the report of the week with a dental update and the surgery review. Thank you

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