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FOX HOST: You should use this on Bernie Sanders.

ERIC TRUMP: I like that...

I like that.

Thats a good idea.

Thats Eric Trump.

Hes the presidents other son.

Hes blonde,

about yay high,

he wears a suit a lot,

he was the boardroom judge on The Apprentice

and hes the current trustee of the Trump organization.

Eric made his best career move in 1984,

being born in New York City to a rich family.

The son of Ivana Trump and her husband,

Home Alone 2 actor Donald J. Trump.

It it such an honor to be here for a man I love so so so so much- thats my father.

When Eric was just 7 his parents got a divorce after his fathers alleged affair with Marla Maples.

He definitely did it.

When Eric was just 11 he split from his father to live with his mother.

Eric remembers this awfully rough time:

Eric attended the absurdly expensive Trinity school in Manhattan

and then packed up from New York to escape the tabloids and the city spotlight

and head to The Hill School,

a prep boarding school in Pottstown, Pennsylvania,

with his famous brother, Don Jr.

During his years at Hill, Eric seemed to struggle quite a bit with schoolwork.

According to a classmate who attended the school with him,

Eric didnt understand Spanish, at all.

He once mistook a classmates gibberish for the language and even asked his Dominican friend,

At the time, Fidel Castro was not the King of Spain,

and he continues to never have been the King of Spain to this day.

A classmate and close friend said

For instance, during a school hockey game,

Eric and a few of his classmates were heckling the opposing team

when all of a sudden the arena went quiet and Eric yelled out,

From there on out, his buddies referred to the soon to be Presidents son asChoad,”

a nickname that was featured on the top of his yearbook profile.

The definition ofchoadis subject to much contention,

some say it means a penis wider than it is long,

and some say it means the area of skin between ones scrotum and anus.

Eric has yet to comment on which he meant.

He was also listed asbiggest moochin the same yearbook.

He would reportedly just hover around looking for extra french fries.

Once on an outing to see a movie, classmates recall buying Eric,

whose family had over 2 billion dollars at the time,

a $5 movie ticket.

Other students said Eric wasnt a Trump, he was just Eric.

Which is even worse.

He won the academic award for improvement, strength of resolve,

character and a desire to achieve during his time at Hill and graduated in 2002.

From there, he went on to Georgetown University.

Studying finance and management,

Eric liked to attend low key keg parties his frat, Delta Sigma Pi threw-

which is perhaps where he witnessed a waterboarding:

And then somebody complains when a terrorist gets waterboaraded-

which quite frankly is no different than what happens on college campuses and frat houses every day.

After attending frat parties that involved beer pong and a side of militaristic torture,

Eric graduated with honors in 2006.

Upon graduating, Eric earned a job at his fathers company.

Because, of course!

where hed eventually oversee golf courses and serve as President for the Trump Winery in Charlottesville.

Yeah, well thats a great question-

Listen, we focus on things that are sexy.

Thats what we do- we build the best hotels, we build the best golf courses in the world,

the best residential buildings.

If you look at wine, its just a sexy product.

Its something that everybody loves, its very romantic, its very cool, its very in.

OBAMA: Has anybody tried that wine?


His brother, Don Jr. is in charge of numerous building projects,

the construction and sale of condos in various Trump tower locations,

and is in charge of an array of renovations.

The brothers share a title, but its clear whos doing the heavy lifting.



Right after college, Eric and a few friends created The Eric Trump Foundation,

a public charity which raised money for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital in Tennessee.

And since its inception all the way to 2016,

the charity raised $16.3 million dollars.

but of course, not all of it went to the sick kids suffering from cancer.

According to Forbes, $1.2 million dollars that was supposed to go to the research of dying children

was instead, reportedly dished out to the family business-

some of it used for fundraising golf events.

Donors to Trumps charity were told their money was going to child cancer research,

but $500,000 was re-donated to other charities,

many of which were connected to the Trumps and their interests.

$25,000 of it was donated to a Louisiana artists foundation who painted a portrait of Donald Trump,

that painting later showed up in a 2014 Eric Trump photo shoot.

I run my foundation based on the principles my father taught me:

honesty, integrity, and values.

I expect other charities to be run by the same moral code-

not serve as conduit for personal enrichment;

not become a beacon of corruption and scandal.

The investigation is ongoing.

This wasnt the only run in the other Trump has had with controversy.

In 2011, Don Jr. and Eric went on a big game hunting trip in Zimbabwe-

where they murdered an elephant and a leopard

and then took some sick pics with their corpses.

Just days before the Republican National Convention in the midst of a rocky campaign,

at 1:48am, Eric Trump, 32 years-old,

was trying to trade his gun for another gun on a web forum.

His post asked if anyone was interested in a trade:

While Erics head was somewhere else,

his father won the presidency and now Eric stands by him through thick and thin

Mustve found the gun.

HANNITY: Democrats on Capitol Hill desperately searching for any evidence of collusion.

HANNITY: President Trumps sons- theyre now coming to his defense, speaking out, now with Eric Trump.

You know what, Ive never seen hatred like this,

and to me theyre not even people.

I mean, morality is just gone, morals have flown out the window.

When his father was accused of being racist - after he was racist -

Eric got up on television and said his dad can literally only see one hue.

My father sees one color: Green.

Thats all he cares about.

He cares about the economy.

Hes the least racist person I have ever met in my entire life.

Its unclear how few people Eric has met in his life.

The entire family has been thrown under the spotlight, ever since Trump ran and won the presidency.

In a recent interview, Erics wife Lara said her family members occasionally

pine for the old days”.

Luckily for Ericwho is on a team of controversy all-starshe has the option to do that.

Sometimes hes literally pushed out of the spotlight.

DONALD: Wait one secondEric, wait before you do this-

DONALD: We need a good picture [without Eric]

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