Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Sync Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with Android using DejaCloud and CompanionLink

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In this video we'll show you how to sync Outlook to Android using DejaCloud.

On your Android phone, install DejaOffice from the Google Play Store.

See the link in the description if you need help doing that.

The first time you run DejaOffice you'll see a setup wizard.

You can accept the default options on the first two screens.

When you reach the screen that says "Sync with your computer" choose the option for

"DejaCloud Sync".

Tap on Next.

On this screen, enter your DejaCloud login and password.

If you don't yet have a DejaCloud account, tap on the link for "Create an account" on

this screen, to create a new one.

Once you've entered your DejaCloud login info, tap Next until you finish the wizard.

Now we'll need to set up CompanionLink on your PC.

If you need help installing CompanionLink, see the link in the description.

For now, we will assume you've already got it installed.

Open Companionlink and hit Settings.

Select "Microsoft Outlook" in the left hand menu, and select "Android" and "Sync via DejjaCloud"

in the right-hand menus.

Click on Settings and enter the same DejaCloud username and password you entered in DejaOffice

on your device.

Click OK, to get out of Settings, and you'll be prompted to start the synchronization.

Once the sync completes on the PC, the devie will automatically pick up all the data from

the cloud.

Once sync has been set up, Outlook and your Android device will stay in sync, so that

any changes we make in Outlook will automatically sync to the device, and any changes we make

on the device will automaticalyl sync with Outlook.

Let's add a new calendar event in Outlook and watch this work.

Within just a few seconds we can look on Android and find the new event we added to Outlook.

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