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With the update aquatic coming closer and closer to its official release, and with all of the new and exciting features that it's bringing to the game.

Suddenly we have to wonder where the game is going after the update aquatic is officially released, as the oceans have drastically needed an update for years..

We're finally getting it. with Mojang's obvious focus on being to revitalize and improve on dead content,

maybe it's time that the nether be officially focused on in an update.

Maybe even in 1.14.

In this video myself and writer and editor for this video michael mcchill and his friend allen have come up with some great ideas on how the nether could be updated to give new life to this desolate wasteland.

So without any further ado, Let's get right into it.

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So first things first, the nether fortresses need updating big time.

I get that it's supposed to be a confusing maze of hallways and corridors, but it needs more of a draw for players to really be worth searching for right now.

Now the only real reason to go to a fortress is to locate blaze spawners chests with random loot, and wither skeletons, and that's really it.

It's not exactly the most fun place to travel to and whenever you do find it, it feels like a chore sorta speak. for something that pops up kind of frequently in the nether it seems like it should have more of a use.

Another thing that should finally be added is nether villages. the end has end cities. the overworld has villages so why not the nether? We've got loads of pigmen in the nether that roam around and do nothing until they're attacked, so why not give them some form of place to live?

it would certainly make the nether more interesting to run around and explore than just seeing a bunch of red blocks that take up your entire screen. Needless to say, the nether needs more structures.

Another thing the nether drastically needs is more mobs. A good example of this could be to add a new boss mob for nether fortresses among many other things.

Do you remember mob D from the Minecon earth video?

I know that everyone voted for mob B, and I do firmly believe that it was the right choice

But why not have something like that? the end has the Ender Dragon, and the overworld has the Phantom.

And the nether doesn't really have anything else. you could argue that the nether has the wither, but let's face it.

Nobody fights that thing in the nether

Another idea that could be used if Mojang didn't want to use Pigman for another villages could be to create a new

Pigman villager like mob. illagers, witches, and zombie villagers exist so why not create more villager

Variants. the nether would certainly be more lively if we had more structures and more mobs to inhabit them

but who says that we have to stop there the nether also drastically needs a

farmable mob - kind of like cows chickens

And things of that nature an idea that Michael Mcchill and Alan had was netherwart cows as a variant of mooshroom cows

Upon them googling it they actually found that I did a mod review

Way back in the day of a mod that actually had this as a feature.

Needless to say people do think that they should exist and why a mod for it was actually made

Nether golems as a variant to iron golems could also exist on top of that lava dwelling enemies could make the massive oceans more

Lively and dangerous to traverse

Tamable nether mobs could also exist kind of like how we have with wolves cats horses and parrots

In reality the sky is the limit as far as mobs are concerned, or well the bedrock ceiling anyways

New ore should also be added into the nether all you can really find right now is

Quartz and glowstone the nether is kind of boring to dig around in

Because there's so much risk in mining in the nether some of these new ores should probably be better than

Diamond the new ores could certainly offer new tools new armor and way more we just got the Trident

So it looks like new items aren't entirely off the table for Mojang if Mojang adds Pigmen villagers

They could also create an ore similar to emeralds to trade with

Emeralds obviously wouldn't work to trade with these villagers because it would be in a different dimension

Meaning that you'd probably use a different currency

You can't spend American money in Europe

So why would you spend emeralds in the nether?

Let's also talk about


the nether needs something to build with like wood a trait that this wood could possess is that it would have the ability

To not be burned as its home is in the nether

This material could be used to create things like boats that could traverse the lava without burning up hence making those lava dwelling creatures

More fun to fight the nether should be more hospitable

Not a desolate wasteland

More biomes should definitely be considered to make the dimension more interesting

Another idea that Michael Mitchell and Alan had was that the nether could have varying temperatures

The ores that you could obtain in the nether could be used to create armor that could withstand the differing heat

kind of like in Nintendo's Legend of Zelda breath of the wild

Biomes and minecraft already have temperature values that determine if it's going to snow or rain

So why not do something similar with the nether it's something that could definitely be looked into and toyed around with if Mojang's so desired

More farming should also be heavily considered in the nether right now nether wart grows on soulsand

and that's really it more options should definitely be given to players

An interesting idea could be to utilize soul sand as the main block that grops crow on

But just adding more crops overall lava could be used as a source to grow certain crops like water is used in the overworld

Another variant of sugarcane could also exist giving players the ability to make different kinds of paper to create an evil esc

who knows these bookcases could be used for more powerful or even darker enchantments

maybe this bookcase is how players could give negative enchantments such as the curse of vanishing or the curse of binding or

Enchanting items or armor made out of the ores from the nether either way. It's just an idea

Like I said before the nether drastically needs an update

Whether or not these ideas in specific get implemented. The nether really should become a priority

maybe even as soon as 1.14. These new opportunities in the nether would also give map creators so much more potential to create fun and

Inspiring maps and would give us as players so much more to do rather than just aimlessly walk around the nether looking for blaze rods

So hopefully something in that regard happens soon

But what do you guys think do you guys think that the nether should be updated next or do you think that?

Something else should be updated

Let me know in the comment section down below

But other than that that just about does it for me for now if you guys enjoyed this video

Please consider leaving a like on it because it would really help out myself and Michael McGill who co-wrote and edited this video

The channel and the video quite a lot, but anyways guys

I hope you all enjoyed my name is antvenom and I bid you all farewell

Thanks so much for watching

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