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Good morning Dwelling Place family

What a privilege it is to share with you a message this morning. I feel a little bit like Paul

Sharing an encouragement to you in Bukit Beruntung, of course. I'm not in chains

But I'm so far away yet. I feel

so much part of you I

Feel like a father to you

The Dwelling Place has always been a family Church the leaders share your joys and

They know your down times

You know you are in good hands. You're never alone

Toong Onn and Chui Mie are feeding you well

to strengthen you in the Word of God and Rockie and Cindy are doing all they can to

take the gospel to every

part of

Bukit Beruntung. Which we call the gospel town

You're fortunate to have such committed dedicated and faithful loving

Leaders, don't forget creative leaders

And now a little on our family news David and I have been in Colorado Springs

Since 2013. We are loving

Spending our time with Glenn and his family which were Tracy and her family who are in, Jacksonville, Florida

we attend New Life Church where Glenn is a senior associate pastor and

Tracy is in Florida. As I said earlier and loving her time

as professor of psychology in the University of North Florida

We are enjoying giving hugs to our grandchildren

But not at this moment because of the shutting and so we give our hugs and kisses

Via FaceTime and Marco Polo. Yes. Thanks to our grandchildren Marco Polo

So hugs and kisses to our six grandchildren

Through FaceTime and Marco Polo

So what's the topic today? The topic that was given to us is taken from Colossians

Set your heart or mind, in some version say on things above and not on things of this world

This is Colossians 3:2 when I read this I thought

Okay new life. That's so exciting something we love to talk about

Out with old and in with the new it's going to be fun

now I

Don't want you to think

okay, I have to take off turn off my laptop, but pastor David's gonna ask me to

give up all that I like doing and

I just want to pray and it's gonna tell me pray read your Bible

more and more

Wait a minute

Walk with me and you'll find out how Paul

encourages the Christians in Colossae and you'll find its no different for you in Bukit Beruntung or

us in America or any other part of the world

So tell us a little about the background of the church in Colossae most certainly, you know

Paul was writing to a church there was fairly young in their faith. So

He was writing to them about how to put down Roots

familiar put down roots

Karmen and I actually have been trying to grow some flowers in Colorado Springs

But if you didn't know Colorado Springs is a rocky

Ground, it's almost impossible to grow anything

it needs a lot of good soil and

constant care

Constant care you might ask our lifestyle like that, isn't it?

Unless we constantly care about how we live. We will not be living as Christ wants us to

This can sound as if I'm going to give you a list of do's and don'ts

far from it

just as Paul wrote to

encourage and strengthen

The Colossians I'm speaking like a father to encourage you in your walk

So the Christians in Colossae had become followers of Christ. Now what that's right

They knew that Jesus was supreme

There was only Jesus but how are they supposed to live?

How are we supposed to live once we become Christians?

Sure, some of us might think well be Christians now

That's the end of the story but this is only the beginning of a new way of a middle

Now we know Jesus is our Savior and King

How then should we live?

Paul tells the Christians and callosities

Now with this now with you being under the kingship the rule of Jesus Christ. There are certain practical

Implications to living under Christ we cannot just accept the good news that Jesus died for us

Rose from the dead but then go on as if that nothing has happened

The whole world has turned upside down

We are brand new as you discovered when you became Christians

we're not brand new because of a new job or

because of a new situation in our lives. We are brand

New because the risen Jesus Christ has raised us to a new life. Amen. Amen

Let me tell you my story. I was born a Hindu

but then something happened in my life when I became a true follower of Jesus


everything changed from that point on I see a true follower because in my 20s

I became a Christian in university because in one of my early dates with Karmen

she said that she would not marry a

Non-christian, I thought ok. No problem. I'll become a Christian. It's so simple, right?

But I was wrong

so wrong, we married six years later, but it was much later that became a

Born-again believer in Christ. I was at in Ted Bates at that time as Account Director

Right, my colleagues had suddenly noticed that my life was not the same

Something had changed in David Packiam. Something is different about him

He's quieter

He's praying and he's not joking

He's not behaving the old way something had happened

So they used to come, He is still joking but not joking the way they use. That's right. That's so true

That's so true. So they came and some of them came to seek me and say

What must I do to have a better life and I said

Just took them through the Bible shared my life

Shared what Christ did for me and we prayed and they had some of them had some

Prayer needs in their family situations and they came and sought me for prayer

and that God answered their prayers God met them and indeed this was so

Encouraging to my early walk and growth in Jesus Christ

but there was also other

Instance like I had a client a major client was a marketing director of a big company

now he used to cost joke and

make fun of

people and situations

But when he learned that I was no more the same. He noticed that I never laughed at his jokes. I never participated

in his comments

He stopped cause joking he changed his behavior in my presence

He respected my changed lifestyle


Let me say this

Change was a process that I was happening. I was still in Ted Bakes

But nothing that the office situation had not changed but like my life was slowly

Being changed as I kept my determination

Focus on wanting to be different for Christ so they all began to see the change in me

right, they began to see God working in my life and

The death and resurrection of Christ is so important. I began to tell them that and I began to

Realize that and believe that but it was not enough to say Jesus died for me. I

Discovered that I had died with Christ the old David had died

It is not enough to say that Christ rose from the dead. I

Rose with Christ the new David was raised with Christ

It's important that I continue to recognize and know what Christ

Did for me

This is the reality of our new life. We say this in our church every Sunday and

The impact of it hits us each time. That's right. We died with Christ

So true, the old David died with Christ, right?

We are raised with Christ

The old David was raised with Christ so true and we will become


You are in the process now of becoming like Christ

Now becoming like Christ is called

Spiritual formation some of you might be familiar with this

It's just sounds like a big term but spiritual formation is very simply the process of becoming

Who we already are in

Christ so

Spiritual formation the process of becoming like Christ

Happens in the everyday. It doesn't just happen in church. You hear a sermon or you go up

To respond to an altar call. When your're reading the Bible spiritual formation the whole idea of

Becoming who we already are in Christ

It happens in each and every moment of our lives

But how does this happen? It's not automatic. It's not

Instantaneous. Mm-hmm. Let me give you a familiar image

Actually, this was David's idea. He came up with this this idea

The idea of Superman now, we're all familiar with Superman, right?


Now, in case you're getting ideas now, especially the young ones we are not Superman

We don't take off our old clothes and put and put on a new super image only in public

And when we're alone we go back to playing Clark Kent go back to an old image

It's so true

The point is in this whole Superman image is that we don't play

two roles one

For the public that is one for church

one when we have lighthouses, I hope you're still having it and

the other life for private

Is it easy?


the key phrase words are to be


To be focused to be consistent

and to practice

But we cannot achieve this new life on our own, you know

we we learned that we began to find that out early in our

Born-again experience and walk with God thanks to some pastors who helped guide us through this

We need Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I'll get to that later and

We also need each other in the church it is so important the community of the church

Family, that's right. Paul tells the christians in Colossae

This is in Colossians chapter 2 if you're following us with your Bibles

Colossians chapter 2 verse

20 to 23

You have died with Christ


didn't go to Colossae but he's telling the Christians in Colossae through a letter that

You have died with Christ in him and he has set you free the spiritual powers of this world

So why do you keep on following the rules of the world such as don't handle this don't taste don't touch

Such rules are mere human teachings about things that deteriorate as we use them

These rules may seem wise

Because they require devotion


self-denial and

severe bodily discipline

But they provide process no help here in conquering a person's evil desires

So true so true a new life is not about following a religion

it's not about rules and

Regulations. It's not about us trying to impress God

In Colossae, it was very dangerous to become a Jesus follower if we didn't know that

Every ancient city had various gods and people had to appease them and if bad things happen to them

the neighbors would say you didn't do this or that

does this sound familiar in our environment today

So when they became Christians the same pattern followed

The bad things happen neighbors would say

That so true see you make the gods angry

I think you understand what I'm saying

So in my early life as a baby Christian. I

Was confronted by many voices each telling me how I should live. Does that happen to you at all?

The voices are both from both Christians and non-christians

I had to make a stand I had to

leave my Hindu practices and my old lifestyle and

Embrace the life of Christ

Some Christians were teaching your prayers are not answered because you're not fasting

You're not praying enough

And so on and so on

They still do it today

When you're new you're struggling I was struggling and it cost me a lot of confusion. I'm sure you can relate to all that

It's the same in Colossae a they have heard many voices as to how they should live this new life

So Paul is saying in Colossians 2:23. Don't listen to these

people do not live

Your new life by following a self-made religion

self-made religion only leads to judgment

Nothing self-made will lead to growth. That's what we all need to do

We need to grow in Jesus Christ

And it takes effort

So, how do we grow

How can we be intentional and focused these are the practical?

Implications or hard talks about how do we grow

firstly let's be

Intentional to love with God that's really in our walk with the Lord you would think

You know David and Karmen is so fine. They in their walk they can just do it like that. Oh

No, that's a foot. That's so far from the truth because

both of us have to continue to be intentional be intentional to love what God loves

God that's a good word intentional, right? So what is pleasing to God?

One we might ask. So what is pleasing to God?

Well, what is pleasing to God is found in the Word of God. Amen

And the Holy Spirit will open up our minds to understand the word

Sometimes it can be difficult to read the word daily and we still find it difficult you pick up your Bible

You read a few minutes and your mind you're distracted your mind wanders all over

Come back your mind goes away


It helps to follow a guide some of you might be

Reading through the Old Testament. Some of you might have decided let's I want to read through the Gospels

Some of you might say I want to read through Paul's letters whatever it is find a guide that works for you

This is very practical a very practical how

all of us

Even you might want to read through the sounds

Let's do it

Let's do it for a time that that we are able to

alright, and so

this helps us to have what we this helps us to have a

Consistent rhythm of prayer and devotion the key here is to have that consistent


So it helps it helps to have a certain time it helps to have a certain place if you don't need that

That's fine. Do whatever works for you, but firstly be intentional - not for dogmas

secondly focus on Jesus


15:45 says abide in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit in itself

Unless it abides in the vine

Neither, can you

Unless you abide in me

I am the wine and you are the branches he who abides

In me and I in him bears much fruit for without me you can do nothing

And so we find that fruitfulness can only flow from Jesus not from our self-made religion

Not from advice that the friends tell us Christian or non-christian do this do that. No, a new life without Jesus

only leads to a life without

If we try to live this new life on our own strength

Our plans will most likely crash or become like I have to do it

I must do it and have this guilt complex. I can't let Jesus down only. I'm a Jesus follower

Now I have to do it instead

Why don't we adopt this position stop with this as a foundation?

I'm a daughter of Jesus. Or

I'm a son

Of Jesus and I'm deeply loved. you cannot go wrong if you start with this foundation

Do not start at the foundation with I have to do it, I have to do it or Jesus will get angry

Start with hey, I'm a son of Jesus. I'm a daughter of

Know what you did yesterday or five minutes earlier? I am deeply loved

And so help me Holy Spirit to live this life

so the third thing is we said be

consistent in your walk

right if we are the same person in church and

outside the church

Remember we are not Superman

living like Jesus

Gradually as you do it these rhythms and practices as we talked about

Becomes part of your life, right? It's being

Intentional it's being focused on Jesus and being consistent

Consistency is so important. You gotta keep telling yourself. I am the

Beloved of the Lord Jesus is there for me, right?

So when we struggle and we will let me tell you come on. we know it that struggles everyday

Right. So we take one day at a time, right? So

we we and we must realize that we will and we need to talk to someone sometimes and

Most of the time even so we don't live as a Christian in isolation

We live as a community of believers as a family

We celebrate as a family when things bring joy to us or there's a good news

We grieve as a community when someone something bad happens to one of us

Our lives are a reflection of Christ. We help each other to

Live this new life. We don't bring them down. We encourage one another

Right. Our lives are a reflection of Jesus on the other point

It's easy to think of living for God only in prayer and reading the Bible. That's all I have to do, no

What if we begin to think that God is in?

Every area of a life what if we begin to think that as we go to work?

Jesus is with me when you're cooking

for the wives

Jesus is there with you helping when you're washing the dishes when you're taking care of your children?

These are are all holy

Practices and rhythms all these things can take place where we can be consistently

living for Jesus

individually or as a community is



Today and tomorrow. Yes, there will be distractions and fourthly the one more thing that wraps this up is practice

How do we practice this new life?

read Colossians

3:5 to 9 it tells us about

putting an end as some version say or putting to death and to be done away with

And strip away the old

way of living

Do you know Paul talks about this in most of his letters dying to the old man and putting on the new men?

So it's nothing new we are constantly reminded

Because we want to leave the old way, right so

So, how do we practice this new way of living

Right if we keep doing what is right at home and at church and in worked we need to be consistent

How we live right be consistent in your practice be intentional in your practice

Be focused in your practice

All these are tied together there one all these four are one we cannot help each other. Get back to our

Feet we need to have the holy spirit. We can't help each other. Yes, we can with the help of the Holy Spirit

let's not have

Impossible standards, let's not give another person high standards, right? It's ok, if we fall


Jesus said in John 15 abide in me. He is the vine

We are the branches right we get what we need from him

We draw our strength from him. We draw our joy from him

We draw our peace from him gradually. We'll begin to think like how Jesus thinks it is

Not a linear line. It is an up-and-down

Walk daily with God soon. The Downs will become less

That's what consistent is. That's our hope so Paul puts it very clearly in chapter 3

Colossians chapter 3 verse 1. He says as you received Christ

So live in him Paul is saying ok now that you have a new life live it

centered around Christ

We don't have to manufacture things. Keep reminding yourself. My old self is dead

And every time you find yourself going back to what is not pleasing to God say my old self is dead now

This is not a mantra

It's just the psalmist did this a lot they lamented a lot where your God and your forsaken be and so forth at the end

It always reminded themselves the God

was always with with them. And so we have to tell ourselves that we don't have to do this alone

This is this is such a strong point here that we don't walk this walk alone we have the church to walk with us you have

The dwelling place to walk with you amen and so as I said earlier

we stopped this foundation that

I'm a daughter of

Jesus or I'm a son of Jesus and then we begin this

Abiding abiding in Christ now

Jesus says in John 15 when you abide in me. This is not a yoke. It's not another way to measure up

This is I'm the vine

I'm the vine. So the power is not in what we do because sometimes

sometimes we think we have to work it out we have to do it but

The power is not in what we do the power is in Jesus

So when we abide in Jesus, it is the Holy Spirit

who will they who will enable us to do what we need to do and when we

Abide in him. It is Jesus who?

Would produce the fruit fruit. So for all of us I say let's stay close to Jesus. That's right

So true so true

Let me tell you another story right? Let me tell you another story

We were in Portland and Glenn was about 12 or 13 years old at that time and he received a prize

For coming up with a new logo for the youth group. His prize was a CD a

Christian rock CD at that time

Christian rock CD I

Didn't like it. So

I said to him. So what next Glen?

Christian's cigarettes

But but you know

Fortunately, I found out


Later that he told me that

He had grown closer to God and

I said well you can keep it if that draws you closer to God and that's exactly what happened

He kept it. Yes later. He said that that was wisdom

He taught Glenn that whether in relationship or whatever he had to do

drawing close to God is

The goal that's for all of us as a good reminder

Even for me to remind myself not just for you. It's for me. It's a daily

What's the goal like living in Christ can sound


but being



consistent and practice can be

Overwhelming can be overwhelming as well. Yeah, that's so true. Right but remember that

This change this desire to set your mind on things will happen


Because it is the Holy Spirit who can transform our minds and our hearts

Right. What is our part there is always our part right? And I have a role to play

So have you right we have a role to play?

Right, we are not

Passive followers of Christ. We are active participants in

the spirit and

He enables us to change by thinking God's thoughts and loving

What God loves I think the lie of the church. Is this that?

Try harder. Just try harder and

Don't believe this life because the gospel is not try harder try harder does not help

imagine if you're a student in school trying to solve an algebra problem and the teacher says

Just try harder now, that's not helping. Let's hope let's look at another scene imagine

you are trying to play a difficult piano piece and

Pastor Rockie smiles and says try harder try harder. It doesn't help

but when the teacher or pastor rockie comes alongside and says

Let me show you now that helps

and so similarly the gospel is not about

Try harder do this try harder, but is also not do nothing

It involves living out the gospel life living out the Jesus life

involves our

Participation and the gospel declares that Christ in you is the hope of glory. Amen

It is Christ through the Holy Spirit who enables us? Yes


So when Paul says set your mind or set your heart

He is saying do this as a response to his death and resurrection

Jesus died for us because of his love for us

Yes his love for us and so our response is a response of love to him

because Jesus died and rose from the dead we have died to the old life and

risen to the new life in other words

Our new life is not because we have to but because it is our love

Response to what Jesus has done for us

Jesus died for us for you and me the old me died the old you died

Jesus rose from the dead the old me has risen to life the the old you

Has risen to new life. That's right. Yes, so there's no need to be anxious

we have the ability to say no to the things that God does not love and

Yes to the things that God loves Jesus said in John


The Holy Spirit will teach you everything

and will remind you of

Everything I have taught you. That is a good constant

reminder for all of us

Right. He is our counselor

The guide that's who the Holy Spirit is. He is our advocate. He will give you the words to speak when you don't know

what to say

He's here to help you and me. He will guide you and me

Let's trust him together

Believe in him together and obey Him together. Let's encourage one another

He will never lead you or us


Let's pray in closing

Let's be still before the Lord. Let's breathe in slowly and

Focus our scattered senses on the presence of our Lord God Almighty

Help me to focus on you God and on your life

the things of this earth

Cannot bring me closer to you

if I focus on earthly things I

get self giving love and

I will struggle

But if I focus on you, you will work all things out

Come Holy Spirit, I need you every day

Thank you

god bless you all and

Have a good walk with our Lord Jesus Christ who loves all of us

There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ

amen, amen

We love you.

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