Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Battle of The Trench In Medinah [Eng.Subs.] معركة الخندق في المدينة

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What is this trick, O Amr?

They have duck a trench around the whole of Yathrib (Medinah).

Save your anger, O Abu Sufyan.

And fill this trench with your HATE to Muhammad, so that victory will be on your side.

Come, O men!

Hold your positions! Do not retreat! Do not abandon your posts!

Is there not any man amongst your soldier, O Muhammad?!

I used to admire your faith and fixity.

O Muhammad! They say that you came with the Women of Medina to face us.

I wander if there is any man amongst you, O Muhammad!

What happened to your Hell and Heaven that you speak of?

I, too, believe that there is no man amongst them.

Their Doctrine is built upon falsehood, O Abu Sufyan!

Is there anyone amongst you who can silence the voice of this infidel?

Is there anyone amongst you who can silence the voice of this infidel?

Is there anyone amongst you who can silence the voice of this infidel?

This is the saying of the Prophet of God!


O Lord of the Worlds, In Badr you took away Ubaydah from us and in Uhud Hamza

And this is Ali, the brother and cousin of your Prophet

Take his hands, O Allah, and give him victory on his enemy.

God is Great!

Look! We will extinct them!

There is no man amongst them!

O Amr, it looks like there is a man amongst them after all!

The whole of Islam has gone out to face and fight the whole of infidelity.


Ali, son of Abi Talib?!

O Lord, there is nobody on this Earth except this young knight who carries Your Name and the continuation of Your Message.

He wishes to strive in spreading it. It is not strange that these men (who love You) have come to fight the enemy so that there would be nobody but Yourself in the hearts of the People.

I have left Ali on this state, so fix his feet and provide him with strength and courage by Your blessings.

We do not (wish to) spill the blood of anybody.

So, return to your tribe and sheathe your sword now (while you can).

Even when Abu Sufyan is with, even he would not have come to these Trenches.

Do you know me very well?

Yes, I know you very well

And I am certain that you would not forget the strike of my Sword in the Battle today.

So, show your bravery. Let those present here know that you know the basics of bravery. (get off the horse)

O Abu Sufyan, this young man has put me before 2 choices;

Either to become Muslim and leave you alone, or to fight him.

So, stay where you are so you witness our manhood (bravery) and witness this giant who frightens even the wild Lions!

You have boasted well, but from atop your horse.

*This strike that Imam Ali (a.s) received from Amr was so mighty that it cut the top half of the shield into two pieces, opened the Imams helmet in two halves and buried his feet into the ground*

God is Great! God is Great!

I have severed your leg so that you feel the pain of the poor horse that you hurt.

Hurry, young warrior

Comfort me from this great shame.

No man has ever seen until now a Person like me lying on the ground.

Behead me!

Where are you going? Comfort me from this torture!

O Ali!!

I know the impacts of your Sword in the battle of Badr very well.

I knew that amongst the Arabs there is no equal to me except Ali.

I spat on you so that I anger you and cause you to kill me quickly so that you comfort me from my pain and the stares of these people (at me) with mockery.

We Ahlulbayt (family of the Prophet) do nothing that is not for the sake of Allah.

Your disrespect has indeed caused anger within me.

If I reacted quickly and put out my anger by killing you, then I would have put my satisfaction before the satisfaction of Allah (swt).

I walked a little. I regained my self-control, and then I asked forgiveness from my Lord.

And now I will resume my action towards you for the sake of Allah, in the name of Allah.

Where are you fleeing, O cowards?

You must resist!

The strike of Ali in Khandaq (the battle of the Trench) is better (in the eyes of Allah) than the worship of Both Weighty things (Thaqalain).


The Description of The Battle of The Trench In Medinah [Eng.Subs.] معركة الخندق في المدينة