Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Big or small bike? - KTM Duke 690 vs Yamaha FZ1 motorcycle comparison and test ride

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Should we switch bikes?

When you open the throttle on this one, you do take notice of it, of course.

But when you're on the Duke,

you feel like you're sitting more exposed.

- Is it because it shakes?

- Yes, maybe a little.

- I thought it was shaking constantly.

- Yes, but I think it's shaking less ...

... below 4000-5000 rpm.

- I noticed that when I drove around on this lot,

you could drive around in circles.

You can do it on the FZ1 as well,

but the weight of it makes it scary.

- You feel that the Duke is much easier to handle.

The Duke is more of a moped for adults.

- Moped for adults?

- Yes, it certainly is.

Now, you've got a better feeling about the difference between them.

Haven't you?

- The Duke is better for having fun on country roads.

And in the streets around town.

- What do you when you're having fun on the Duke?

- It's much easier to curve,

braking, accelerating and accelerating in curves,

braking in curves,

stopping and starting.

Getting on and off the bike.

- So you can't do that on the FZ1?

- Yes, but it takes much more effort.

Like I said, it's more of a moped for adults.

- What's the difference between them in higher speeds?

- With the FZ1, you can hold ...

... much higher speeds and being more comfortable.

The Duke becomes more uncomfortable above, let's say, 110km/h.

That's my opinion.

The Duke isn't any fun at those speeds.

- It noticed that it became shaky when engine braking in higher speeds.

- Yes, but that wobbling has actually gotten worse ...

... after I had the new exhaust fitted.

- You have removed something from under here?

- The catalytic converter did weigh a bit,

and it helped lowering the center of gravity,

so the wobbling wasn't that distinctive.

The wobbling is more prominent now when it's off.

- If you were to go 9000 km in two weeks, which bike would you choose?

- That would have to be the FZ1.

- And if you were to commute in the city every day?

- Then I would go for the Duke.

- Then you'd take the Duke.

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