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hey guys it's just Dayton today we were

doing one of the most massive tech hauls

that I've ever done this unboxing is

absurd I got so many things over the

holidays and a bunch of the stuff I got

last year and I hadn't got a chance to

check out or open or review so I thought

let's do it all in one big massive crazy

video there's also two boxes on the

ground so we've got a lot of stuff to

cover today I'm gonna try to go sort of

quickly but also I just need to say a

huge thank you to guys for supporting my

channel for supporting me over the past

four freaking ever so while I'm doing

this unboxing of a lot of cool stuff I

also wanted to give you guys something

and I make this super simple I'll be

sending it to you directly from Amazon

I'll probably put in like an echo show

or like an echo dot or a couple of

things from the Amazon line this is not

sponsored at all I just felt like I'm

opening a bunch of stuff and a lot of

you guys are watching this and saying I

want something too we're just totally

normal totally fair so I see you I hear


all you have to do is like comment

subscribe on this video and then tweet

me some photo proof that you guys did it

my twitter handle is I just II and of

course you can follow me on Twitter as

well and you might as well follow me on

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winner on Instagram Wow let's really

make this a super silly crazy scavenger

hunt so with that being said my friends

welcome to my 1st 2019 crazy wild tech

haul there's so many random things in

here I gave also I got something here

from Lilly which I'm excited about I got

the Opel Lamborghini foam that I got a

long time ago and never really got a

chance to check out I got a Red Dead

Redemption little surprise here what if

we put these items off to the side are

you like how are you why are you rolling

me back oh this is not what I thought

was gonna be in this box

read and relax what is this there's some

lotion this is actually one of my

favourite brands of lotion too so that's

something did I just turn into a beauty

vlogger and I didn't know it mmm the

stuff is incredible in its lavender oh I

feel so relaxed already slippers I'm

gonna go put these in the bath right now

all new Kindle paperwhite Oh a reviewers

guide they sent me this a long time ago

so I feel like this has probably been

out for like 7 months are

with Bluetooth built-in listen to your

favorite wait a minute I can listen to

audible on my Kindle isn't even an

audible sponsorship my Kindle came with

bath supplies leave this what's in here

the city is gonna take me five hours to

film in 20 hours edit it smells really


is this from Russia this is from lush oh

my goodness if this is a bath bomb I'm

gonna be so I may have been held it not

just one we've got to this is a very

strong smell I think I'm gonna take a

bath later

I love lush may not seem like it but I

do freakin Rob okay well it looks like I

may have been out in the barn with my

robe but it's a very sweet gesture

God I'm spending five hours on this

Kindle oh I thought that was a sticker

but that was just the scream aside you

guys know I'm a huge Xbox fan I really

don't play battlegrounds that often I

did play when it first came out but I am

a huge huge fan of all the custom

controllers so thank you Xbox for this

this actually came out a while ago and

what I do love about this controllers

too is they will work with the news 10

and I have a Microsoft Surface laptop

that I use a lot when I travel so I will

use a controller and I came with a

controller on my PC I know it's

counterintuitive but I don't really want

to hear your judgement cuz I'm not here

for that even though this is the

internet and you're free to judge I just

don't care I used to care a lot more in

the moment they stop carrying things

when you start living so guess what I'm

gonna use a controller with my PC

although I do say that but then what I

was at CES I was checking out the Razer

Titan that they have it's basically a

keyboard mouse setup for your xbox pc

gaming with the controller mouse and

keyboard gaming on a console I don't

know I just wish that I had more time to

play video games I used to play so much

more but the good news is

at the time that I used to spend playing

video games I go outside I work out now

and I try not to watch Netflix so my

quality of life since I've played less

video games has actually significantly

improved that doesn't mean that I don't

love sitting and just playing a game and

completely losing myself but that's when

you need to try to have some things sort

of counterbalance is that like okay if

you just play games for five hours go

for a hike go for a walk go for a run

jog I don't know do something so that

was something that I had to learn last

year so hopefully I can instill some of

that go outside mentality suits you as

well echo show this is one of the newer

ones which I'm excited about because I

really do love the echo

I just I'm such a sucker for all smart

home devices and yeah if you're gonna

start jumping into crazy privacy issues

look the moment that you have a phone in

your hand you post anything on the

internet like you're basically giving

away your life so just just know about

it I judge you this the wrong way my

sister like lift it up like this oh I

guess so look at you look at you and

your little hat you've got a little hat


I used to wear that one Tiffany's tea

necklace all the time and a lot of you

guys were like is that an amazon smile

necklace mm no but I love animals oh wow

the screen is a lot bigger than the

previous version this is like one of my

favorite kitchen devices probably gonna

set this up and drop in on my friend ed

oh that is nomina sound so I guess while

that's happening we're gonna open up

this box from Lily I've got a little

note steak Hosey oh my gosh skittles yes


ooh what do we got here

oh it's loading

it's loading something's happening oh

this is super cute Lily these are

awesome I oh my gosh these are great I

love them I want a super cute jacket too

yes I could have used this drawing it

was past couple of weeks cuz it was

raining so bad this is so cute

thanks girl I was it gonna take a while

yes surface headphones super hyped about

that okay thank you huge clock it was a

stock oh it's a timer this is nice I can

put this in my gym little little what do

they call it sweat bands is that what is

that what they're called do people wear

those I sure think they do but they this

is the thing I'm gonna I'll put them in

the gym can i push the button okay hmm

water-resistant let's see what's you

guys got in here oh this fuse

like it supposed to be good charger in

there no there's a whole other level

here's the power station XL a little

mini guy I like this because it's more

the plastic feel some of the previous

ones they had is like a it's like a soft

kind of like material this is so much


wow what a cable hello yes please that's

still updating next up we've got some

surface headphones these are great I'm

so excited to add this to like my

surface setup I'm loving the new surface

studio it's such a great machine and

these are gonna look so great with it

Jenna has been using hers for a while

and I was like hey I gotta go open them

this case that's a big case this new

tech yeah they are I like the little

foam cups here those are super soft


these are cool I'm going to charge them


goodbye should just said goodbye I've

got a favorite one five millimeter

headphone jack just in case you decide

them in which is good because I'd

been needing some good wired headphones

for what I'm shooting videos are you

you're still not set up yet so this is

the Oppo Lamborghini collaboration Wow I

just I'm such a sucker for carbon fiber

whenever I wasn't ordering my car I was

like I need the carbon fiber trend

static Wow super fancy I just I've

already smudged it up oh oh oh we've got

accessory gosh I love braided USB cables

so much and this is a USBC one look at

this industrial not a plug that I can

use here but I guess when I travel this

little this will be lovely this is huge

it doesn't absolutely just absolutely

massive silver what are you oh look at


those are super super fancy and I like

that they don't have the rubberized

stuff on them the rubber stuff just it

kind of ends up actually hurting my ears

oh yeah these are these are nice I don't

think they're gonna quite stay in my ear

though I just got jammed in there a

little more maybe okay that hurt oh gosh

there's this is the gift that keeps

giving oh nice carbon-fiber lamborghini

case I love the accessories like this

just looks super fancy like now I want

to go out and drive a Lamborghini I had

zero interest in driving one previous to

opening this home isn't that kind of

like the reverse like and I want to

buy this phone because I'm super into

Lamborghinis no I just got a cool phone

those Lamborghini printed and he'll like

what a coat drive one of their cars I

don't know can we skip this because like

I don't I really don't want to I don't

want to see almost done well jeez it's

only five hours later next up this is

one that made this a long time ago this

is kind of cool it's called power pick

wireless charger it's a wireless charger

but it's also a picture frame she's

certified fast charger delivers up to 10

watts of wireless power why are the

charges repel

this is video saying your specialty in

editing is like nothing like it am i

doing this completely oh wait okay it

said okay lift here to open but that's

counterintuitive because it says list

here to open but it's also like upside

down wow look at this this is cool what

picture am I going to put here this is

such a cute idea what is this I'll

probably put a picture of my dog in here

drop in on Edie did you mean in Palumbo

yes hello are you doing the dishes are

you taking a shower are you peeing are

you okay are you you did let me see my

read that I feel like a super creep

right now it looks like he's out so

maybe I'll send him a picture of me at

his house that was super fun I had a

really great time in Ed's house while Ed

wasn't there let's move on to this when

I originally read the packaging I

thought it was like a digital photo

frame but it's like an actual real

picture frame but you can charge your

phone this is pretty exciting this game

in a bigger set of Red Dead Redemption

stuff but I had opened the other things

before the holidays and I found this one

that I hadn't opened yet I love candles

I love red dead I wished I would have

played more over the holidays my

family's internet was so bad that every

time I would go to play my xbox and I

would do an update that it would take so

long did by the time I got my update it

was time to come back to Los Angeles

oh my gosh I am so in love with it this

is an intercom this whole thing is a

candle oh my god it smells so good I'm a

beauty vlogger this whole thing

a candle blood-orange incense amber rock

rose smoked cedar sandalwood violet leaf

and juniper tar scented black wax candle

we've got a couple of other things here

these I'm really excited about

so also over the holidays I finally got

one of the razor 2 phones and it is a

really amazing phone here's a few of the

accessories that I didn't get a chance

to open yet this is the wireless charger

looks fairly simple oh yeah that looks

good my cord wasn't long enough to do it

was like pulling on the cable so that

looks cool also they send over their

hammerhead USBC headphones these are

awesome nice little carrying case oh

yeah look at that just like their

attention to detail is something that I

love so much like the headphones even

have little lights on them as well whoa

okay this is Wi-Fi has no internet

access I know because my infant sucks

like Time Warner spectrum I don't

understand how you're such trash love

this little carrying case so much that's

a little clipping everything super

overwhelmed Cydia is almost over next up

oh this is something that I was gonna do

an entirely dedicated video to and then

I ran out of time and everyone else

released their videos so I just never

did it this is the Google pics of slate

tada okay so first up let's keep those

accessories directions

nothing's charging brick of course USBC

hey whoa there was more things in their

head phone jack dongle how many hosts

should we see today my video cut because

sony a7s 2 only goes to 29 minutes which

is one of the things I really wanted one

of the newer cameras is so just please

not have a recording length for the sake

of my sanity and a lot of other people

sanity and every time I start filming

there's I mean are we looking for some

criminals are we looking for criminals

there's a helicopter if you can't hear

it should I say hi are you do you want

to say hi like what's happening out




I'm gonna go inside now because that's

pretty freakin close to

it looks like there may be some criminal

activity they were flying right above my

house the police were here so what you

guys missed in the unboxing because

everything basically shut off I unbox

the pixel pen the pixels like keyboard

and the pixel slate itself and there's

also one last thing this is actually our

last bit of unboxing I'm exhausted this

was a lot of stuff my recycling bin is

going to be super full rich Wireless

Keyboard take a look at wow this is

heavy this is super heavy ok no it's not

it was picking up the box so this is

another little keyboard option for your

pixel slate like right into it like that

so I think that I might like the other

one a little more because it's lighter

and this one is also just like a

wireless keyboard so it'll probably just

connect with Bluetooth it seems like and

I don't really like this little I don't

like that I don't like this at all

actually it does match very nice though

so that's a good thing but I think I

might prefer this other folio case

instead another thing that you missed is

I was struggling to figure out how to

get this to stand up because I didn't

read the directions

obviously I'm kind of used to the

surface or like the iPad like it's super

simple you just kind of like to go like

that or on the surface it has it built

in but you just had this case down and

then it magnetizes itself to the back at

first I was like it's an interesting

choice but now that I've been kind of

messing with it a little bit they of

course you guys would have seen it but

my camera cut and I'm kind of into it

magnifying glass look at this capture

region I'll capture that great great

screenshot well guys that was just a

very massive tech haul probably one of

the biggest I've ever done

a lot of this stuff like I said had just

built up over time and I just wanted to

share it with you guys and do a fun

unboxing and like I said at the

beginning if you guys wanted to enter to

win my Justina sending me something from

Amazon I don't know what it is surprise

gift box make sure you subscribe to my

channel like this video comment below

and take a screenshot of all of those

things and tweet it to me and I just


what's my heart rate it's probably

super-high kitten all aimed up control

this tech


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