Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [YTP FR] Caca enc*le !

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Warning! Poop f*cks!

F*ck your health.

It's not warm/hot.

Temperature goes down in the night. **IMAGE: Indeed, no-one gives a f*ck**

It doesn't last three days or more... suck...

Risks exist for your poop.

The heat-stroke and the hydration

Of which/whose warning signals (symptoms) are:


Fever greater than three degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius

Usual tiredness

Momo the d*ckhead

Dizziness, nausea

Coherent words

For protect you, adopt a baby


For protect you, make good actions

Drink steadily some alcohol. LOL

YOU FARTED !!!!!!!! No

If you are pregnant, drink alcohol

Wet you alcohol several times a day while having a certainty of a slight ventilation

Eat a baby in sufficient quantities several times a day in a fresh place, the day and the night

Spend time in your relatives

If you take medicinal products, f*ck your doctor, or your pharmacist or a baby

If you see a victim, dial 15

This was a message from the health ministry and from the INPES

You are constipated

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