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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English from the News - Unwanted gifts from parents to children

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students are you ready for another live

YouTube lesson about English in the news

I hope you're watching today with me

live if not you can watch the recording

later so today I have an article that's

about gifts from parents to children but

these gifts are not wanted so let me

explain about this article that I read

in the newspaper and then some of the

words and expressions that you can learn

so the article said that a lot of people

right now are starting to retire in the

US what does retire mean retire is when

you stop working because you are usually

65 years old or older so most people

work throughout their lives and then

they reach a certain age sometimes it's

65 in some countries maybe it's 67 or 62

it depends on the country and then they

retire because they are too

not too old to work but they have

completed their work and now they can

receive retirement benefits which is

usually money from the government or

they live off of their savings so this

action of stopping work when you're 65

years old or around that age is the verb

for it is retire so retire is the verb

form if someone has already stopped

working because of their age then you

can use the adjective form and say that

the person is retired so for example my

parents are retired they have already

passed that age where they stopped

working and we also have a noun form so

retire is the verb retired with a D is

the adjective so you can talk about I am

retired or my parents are retired and

then we have a noun retiree so a retire

is a person who is retired okay I think

you got that word but it the article

said that a lot of retirees people who

retire in the United States are trying

to downsize downsize in this context

means to reduce the size of your house

and the quantity of your possessions so

downsize might mean for example that my

parents who are over 60 might move from

a bigger house into a smaller house or a

smaller apartment so in this context

downsize means to reduce the size of

your house and reduce the number of your

possessions we also use the word

downsize when talking about companies

and when a company is going to downsize

it means it will reduce the size of the

company which means that a lot of people

are going to lose their jobs okay so

when you hear a person downsizing it

means reducing the size of the house and

possessions and when you hear or read

about a company that's downsizing that

means it's going to reduce the size of

the company and reduce the number of

employees got it so a lot of people are

retiring and thinking about downsizing

so that they can live in smaller areas

and with fewer things fewer material

possessions and so one of the things you

do when you downsize is you try to get

rid of clutter let me tell you about

this expression so get rid of means to

either throw away or give away if you

get rid of something that means you

don't use it anymore or you don't have

it anymore so for example if I'm

cleaning my room and I find some old

documents that I don't need anymore I

would get rid of them meaning throw them

away throw them in the garbage but get

rid of can also mean to give away or to


eliminate do something so that you don't

have any more so for example if I have

clothes that don't fit me anymore I can

get rid of them by donating them so

instead of throwing them away I can

donate the clothes to people who maybe

would need them so get rid of just means

to eliminate from your possession

whether that's throwing it away or

giving it away and clutter refers to

things that just take up space in your

house so clutter is things that maybe

you don't really need or you don't

really use but you still have them and

they're just kind of occupying space and

making your house or your apartment


okay you can describe a house as


that's the adjective form with Edie at

the end you can say this house is

cluttered if the house is just full of

things and disorganized and there are

just items everywhere so when people

retire they want to downsize reduce the

size of their house and number of

possessions and part of that process is

getting rid of clutter eliminating those

extra things that just cause your house

to be very full and disorganized and so

what they are trying to do these

retirees they're trying to give those

items to their children in this case

their children would be adults right so

if someone is 65 or 70 years old then

their children will be 30 or maybe 40

years old so they're trying to get rid

of the clutter by giving the items to

their adult children and the article had

several words for items those are all

here number four and they're each a

little bit different so I'm going to

explain them some of these items some of

these things are antiques an antique is

something that is old and valuable so

for example if I have a clock that was

made in let's say the nineteen

twenties and it's a very fancy and

special clock because you can't get them

anymore they were all made a very long

time ago that clock would be an antique

clock okay

the thing with antiques is that they're

valuable so it's not just anything old

that's an antique it's something that's

old and it's usually well made and it's

considered to be valuable antique can be

a noun or a verb so you can buy some

antiques okay that would be an example

of using it as a noun

I'm sorry antique can be a noun or an

adjective not a verb so you can buy some

antiques that would be an example of

using it as a noun or you can have like

I mentioned in the example an antique

clock or an antique table in that case

antique is an adjective for the word

clock or table so some of these items

are antiques some of them are heirlooms

notice that the first H in this word is

silent we don't say heirloom okay that's

not correct its heirlooms an heirloom is

something that has been passed down in

the family for many generations so for

example maybe a necklace that my

grandmother had and she received it from

her mother and then she passed it down

to my mother and my mother gave it to me

that is an example of an item that would

be an heirloom something that has been

in the family for many generations the

other word for items that was in this

article was knickknacks what is a

knick-knack it's kind of a funny word

okay you'll notice that the K at the

beginning of Nick and knack are both

silent so we say knickknacks knickknacks

are just small items that are not really

useful they just maybe they're small

decorative items or things that I don't

know you just have around the house

sometimes they're things they're

souvenirs that's items that you bought

while traveling or things you received

as gifts and you don't really use them

but you just kind of have them because

you don't want to throw them away okay


an example of a knick-knack so that's a

informal word but let's review again the

difference between these three when

talking about items so an antique is

something old and valuable an heirloom

is something that an item that has been

in the family for many generations and

has been passed down throughout the

generations and then knickknacks are

just informal items usually small items

that aren't really useful but you just

kind of have them around the house so

parents are trying to give these items

to their adult children and the children

are taking a pass on them what does that

mean to take a pass if you take a pass

or if you say I'll pass that means I

don't want it or I don't want to

participate okay so if my mother gives

something to me and I say no I'll pass

that means I don't want it it's a little

bit of a diplomatic way to say it

instead of saying directly I don't want

this you can just say oh that's okay

I'll pass or I'll take a pass so what's

happening is the the older adults are

trying to give these items these

antiques these heirlooms and these

knickknacks to their children and the

children are taking a pass they don't

want the items why not well some of the

items are outdated what does it mean to

be outdated if something is outdated it

means it's not modern it's old-fashioned

and it's not in fashion right now so for

example maybe in the 1970s it was

fashionable to have lots of bright

colors in the decoration but nowadays

people prefer white black gray and blue

so if my parents give me some decorative

item from the 1970s I might say oh

that's kind of outdated because the

colors that are being used are ones that

were in style many years ago but now

they're definitely

in style okay so that's what it means to

be outdated something that's old and not

in style anymore

and a lot of the items unfortunately are

junk okay what is junk junk is another

word for garbage

so sometimes older adults think that the

items are valuable they think they're

antiques or heirlooms but actually

they're not valuable they're just junk

and so that's why the children don't

want them so I thought this was an

interesting article talking about from

one generation the older generation to

the newer generation the older

generation of adults is trying to give

these items to the newer generation and

the newer generation is saying we don't

want them they're outdated they're junk

they are useless meaning that they're

not going to be used or they're not

useful and it's causing some tension in

some families because the parents want

to give these gifts but the children

really just don't want them so I thought

this is an interesting article for

learning some of this vocabulary and if

you have any questions please leave a

comment on this video I'm giving the

video live right now but the recording

will be posted on my youtube channel

after I'm finished probably about 15 or

20 minutes later all right

if you'd like to learn more vocabulary I

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will add a link to the vocabulary

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today's lesson I will see you next time

bye bye

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